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Malcolm Turnbull and AFL Visit China


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By Dee McLachlan

In a SMH headline this morning “Malcolm Turnbull sets fire to footy, all the way from China,” the Prime Minister has entered the eternal debate on which football code is the best, and his verdict has ruffled feathers around China.

“I think as we all know, and I say this as a former mediocre rugby player, AFL is the most exciting football code.” Malcom Turnbull, The Age

Mr Turnbull is in China with one thousand Australian businesspeople, but the news this morning is about Australian football.

Dr Richard Day and Sport

In the the famous speech by Dr Richard Day in 1969, he had said that sport would be used a tool for social change and, in part, as a “way of de-emphasising nationalism.”  (Dr Day’s speech here.)

Emperor Qian Long’s Letter to King George III, 1793

But back in 1793, England decided to send Lord Macartney as an ambassador to the emperor in the hope of establishing safe and reasonable relations of trade. Qian Long [Ch’ien Lung], (r. 1735-1795) ruled China for much of the 18th century, and this is the letter he sent in response to a request from George III of Britain (r. 1760-1820) as conveyed by Lord Macartney for trade privileges.

portrait_of_the_qianlong_emperorQianlong Emperor

“You, O King, live beyond the confines of many seas, nevertheless, impelled by your humble desire to partake of the benefits of our civilisation, you have dispatched a mission respectfully bearing your memorial. Your Envoy has crossed the seas and paid his respects at my Court on the anniversary of my birthday. To show your devotion, you have also sent offerings of your country’s produce….

“Moreover, our Celestial dynasty possesses vast territories, and tribute missions from the dependencies are provided for by the Department for Tributary States, which ministers to their wants and exercises strict control over their movements. It would be quite impossible to leave them to their own devices….

“Swaying the wide world, I have but one aim in view, namely, to maintain a perfect governance and to fulfil the duties of the State: strange and costly objects do not interest me. If I have commanded that the tribute offerings sent by you, O King, are to be accepted, this was solely in consideration for the spirit which prompted you to dispatch them from afar. Our dynasty’s majestic virtue has penetrated unto every country under Heaven, and Kings of all nations have offered their costly tribute by land and sea. As your Ambassador can see for himself, we possess all things. I set no value on objects strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country’s manufactures. This then is my answer to your request to appoint a representative at my Court, a request contrary to our dynastic usage, which would only result in inconvenience to yourself. I have expounded my wishes in detail and have commanded your tribute Envoys to leave in peace on their homeward journey. It behoves you, O King, to respect my sentiments and to display even greater devotion and loyalty in future, so that, by perpetual submission to our Throne, you may secure peace and prosperity for your country hereafter. Besides making gifts (of which I enclose an inventory) to each member of your Mission, I confer upon you, O King, valuable presents in excess of the number usually bestowed on such occasions, including silks and curios-a list of which is likewise enclosed. Do you reverently receive them and take note of my tender goodwill towards you! A special mandate.”

Sourced from http://academics.wellesley.edu/. Full article here.



  1. “It’s a very exciting day for a very exciting game in the most exciting place in the world,”

    There has never been a more exciting time to be Chinese apparently. As well as the football, they also have our farms, our ports, our jobs, our profits.. what was it were we suppossed to be excited about again? ohh that’s right, Malcom had an idea about having ideas.

    I can hardly contain myself.

  2. Dee refers to Dr Day and a link for it.
    However that link does not have paragraph numbers. That has been cured by Mary Maxwll in the Gumshoe book; ‘Truth in Journalism” at pages 94 to 117.
    So for study and discussion the link below at GS is for Mary’s citation of Dr. Day’s address logged here at GS on 27th december 2014…………..over a year past and probably at festive time where insufficient readers would have noted it.
    Please read carefully through every paragraph and note that over the last 50 years how Dr. Day’s prediction of the plan has been accomplished.
    Note the role sport is to be ‘played’ to distract the people from the reality.
    Note how the media has been amalgamated and owned by limited interests.
    Note ho Christianity id to be deliberately brought down, how families are to be disrupted and control of childfren by default going to the state for sumbed down education and absence of critical thought. (Politicaly correct agendas? Anyone)
    See how it all fits.
    Cash will be banned (as is being planned and even restricted in some countries) and the cfredit card/chip used to control all aspects of life, particularly for sustenance. Everyone will have to pay to have a bank account, so the banks will be the government in practice. re they not now: “Give me control of the money and I care not who runs the country”, Rothschild!!
    That simply means that the politicians will not run the country, which is the reality even now. Note paragraph 3: even the politicians will not have a clue as to what they are doing.
    In the present context in China and how China is buying up our sovereignty, note paragraph 2.
    One present example over the years is ‘privateisation’ of our infrastructure and control been given to unelected globalist corporations. Even medicine now is a corporate profit exercise and the demise of your GP is underway.
    Theer is at the moment the bureacracy that will control trucker’s rates and broadcasters like Alan Jones are blaming the unions. But he is not looking at the big picture as forecast by Dr Day. The unions are being used to destroy small business trucking families so that all trucking is under the control of the corporate trucking companies….in other words, a corpoarte monopoly is the end result and small business goes under. Just as the large retailers of food etc., have destroyed the small business and farmers are being pushed out to be replaced by corporate ‘Monsanto’ controlled farming.
    I could go on for pages. It is up to the Australian public to inform itself and get off your butts. Get rid of most of our politicians and put in genuine Australians who care that lives were sacrificed in wars for our sovereignty. PASS THIS AROUND AND TELL YOUR KIDS TO WAKE UP. That is a parental responsibility that some gave their lives for.
    Ban the mass media for a start, or at least avoid their advertisers.
    We have the wallets and decide how we spend our money.
    Note paragraph 1: Nothing to stop their plans! Well, it is up to Australia to see about that. Our politicians will not save us.
    Finally note that the NWO plan is supported by most who are in power in the world. Just search “new world order supporters’ etc.
    And many think: the commies lost, that the Nazis lost, that the fascist lost? I suggest that people think again………. why does the mass media not report It? Because they are in on it!!!
    Thus ends my rant……now read and with hinsight see the BIG PICTURE = FASCISM.

    • So true Ned,
      “It is up to the Australian public to inform itself and get off your butts” It does appear to be actually happening Ned, all be it slowly, and then quickly (im hoping) Get rid of most of our politicians (ABSOLUTELY, SMALL FED) and put in genuine (WISE) Australians (NOT DEVIATES & COWARDS) who care (AT LEAST ENOUGH) that lives were sacrificed in wars for our sovereignty (A HUM, FOR THE MONEY CHANGERS) and buy back the farm with Australian “currency” backed by that same farm, and stop playing this silly psychopathic game of fake monopoly. A sound currency is a sound society/nation, a paper ticket is a broken promise, IE: counter-fitting!

    • Read the Rothschild owned RBA website, regarding there charter/mandate etc. Setting rates, unemployment etc, this is a direct admission that they are running things not the Gobblement, or at least, not the big levers! The money changers have had some exquisite fun for over a century, now its time to put it all back into the middle of the board for all the reparations and future infrastructure needed going forward, and the sheep get an upgrade to being human beings, im sure there is something like this happening, given that the magnitude of false flags are kept at bay for long enough for this to find its place?

  3. These insider types are becoming more insulting by the day, i wonder if/when all this fiat worthless shite comes crashing down around their royal ears, they will still be talking shit and smirking of and on camera! Oh and hey Barnaby, that plant you so benevolently are allowing your sheep to “in the future” purchase from a criminal mafioso in big pharma, was already a gift from the peoples true boss, Earth, to the people, you arrogant wanna be, its beyond words, i cant find the words!

    On a different note: cannot received RSS, and have never received new comments via email???

    • Arrogance has led to more than one downfall. The Battle of Agincourt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Agincourt is one of those must reads of military tactics/blunders.

      The French snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. A simple flanking movement around the woods on either side would have led to a quick victory.

      If I had been Henry V, I would have sent the French a tennis ball after the battle.

  4. ” Fraud as a daily way of life . Everyone in the system maximizes his / her personal gain by going along with the current trajectory , even if that trajectory is taking the nation off the cliff “. Charles Hugh Smith

  5. Today the UN is dominated by the Chinese . It seems like their dictatorship is the role model for the NWO plan for the past 67 years .

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