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Mainstream Media’s Role in Manipulating The Australian Public


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The mainstream media (MSM) is unrelenting.

There seems to be no end to the deceit and manipulation — and don’t expect any change soon. Somehow, the people seem addicted to mainstream news — like a sugar rush.

And over the weekend, as if to counter any rumblings of dissent, the Herald Sun — via Patrick Carlyon — did several weekend specials about Port Arthur. The official story is dramatically retold — and expertly presented, using the very sad and traumatic stories by the victims.

I have written an article on Carlyon before. It was called — “Disgraceful Reporting.” In his article, entitled “Bullies, goons and body-snatchers” he went on about the body snatches at the MH17 disaster site — printed alongside a photograph of two officials dressed in blue uniforms collecting bodies and taking them to a train station to be sent off to another country.

The article was so far beyond honest journalism, I could hardly believe it.

Over the weekend Carlyon manipulated us into more rage against Martin Bryant — and obviously ignoring any questionable evidence in this “cold case.” He clever uses the trauma of victims to keep the official story alive.

My question: By not revealing the whole story, is this doing these victims and their families any favours?

But the MSM will make every attempt to shut down anyone asking legitimate questions. Herald Sun’s Andrew Rule wrote a few weeks ago:

 “…if the good guys want mainstream Australians to back them, they should stand well away from mouth-breathing morons gibbering that Martin Bryant didn’t do it.” [my emphasis]

andrew rule 2

 J. D. Heyes wrote an article in Investmentwatchblog yesterday, entitled, “Streamlined deception: Journalist exposes EVERYTHING you read in the mainstream media has been planted or approved by the government.” He writes:

“Simply put, the game is rigged, so to speak, and there isn’t anything fair or balanced about it, to use the marketing slogan of one major news organization. In fact, much of what we read and see in the mainstream media world is fabricated. [my emphasis]

RT did an interview (below) with Dr. Udo Ulfkotte:

“I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public.”

I wonder if Andrew Rule, Patrick Carlyon and the many other journalists, that mainly work for the Murdoch empire, will ever consider if they have been party to covering up the crimes of the real criminals of 9-11, Port Arthur and more.



  1. Dee, your articles about the media reveal that journalism has made almost a 180-degree turn. At this point it may be fair to say that there is no journalism in the MSM as we once thought there was.

    It simply is NOT their job to “get at the truth.” Heck, it’s not even their job to report what’s happening.

    After all, the collecting of 2200 signatures by Cherri Bonney at Change.org is an event that is happening. So they should report it. It’s interesting, local stuff. They’d be welcome to criticize it. (We like critical journalists, don’t we?)

    They could say: “2200 mouth-breathing morons have come up with idiotic comments like ‘I believe there are too many holes in the Martin Bryant story.’ Aw, come on, of course there aren’t any holes.” That sort of thing.

    Instead, MSM is nowadays ONLY a propaganda machine – as you say, a manipulator. The business of going over the victims’ injuries must serve some direct function of capturing people’s emotions.

    It also turns them away from thinking “Hey, was there a trial for the Port Arthur murderer? No trial? Gee that’s odd.”

    So, Dee, as to your last point: are they party to cover up? Yes they are the main generator of the cover-up. This is a crime under the heading of “perverting the course of justice.”

    In regard to Udo Ulfkotte’s confession that he wrote what the CIA paid him to write, I do know that he (and the Missus) suffered a lot of harassment from German authorities so far. Thus he may not wish to go through more pain, but I think it would be great fun if he would “turn himself in” as a criminal.

  2. I know it is the 20th anniversary, but I’m still wondering why they are pushing the massacre into the public’s consciousness. It seems counter-productive as people are more aware now and there is heaps of evidence to discuss. Why not let sleeping dogs lie?

    I feel there may be an agenda that we are unaware of. They started pushing the propaganda way back earlier with Willisee’s program, what was that 6 weeks before the anniversary? Now there is something every week.

    A simple memorial service on the day would have sufficed, but this is a prolonged propaganda exercise for some reason.

    • Good point, Terry. Maybe they are doing it to irritate us? or to prove to themselves that no matter how many Gumshoers there be, they do not know how to set it right?

      I learned a big lesson from the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia in 2011. (On Septmber 21 to be exact). Amnesty International had organized a petition. It got 660,000 signatures, and another effort got 3,000 clergy to sign. Plus Son of Georgia Jimmy Carter said “Please do not execute this man.”

      All to no avail. I think the big effort to rally for clemency was part of the educating of the public: “So you think there is strength in numbers? Ha Ha. We can do anything we like to you.”

  3. The link to the investmentwatchblog site brings up the main point and within the Investment watch article one might read the link to Rebecca Riffkin’s article from September 28th 2015. In that article Riffkin reports from a poll that the US experience is that confidence in the US is down from 55% (1998-99) to 40% in 2015. The fall is particularly noticeable with the under 50 year olds.
    If I was a used car dealer up the Pacific highway and I was presented with those figures as applying to my salespeople; to survive, most of my salespeople would have to be sacked and a more trustworthy lot employed.
    In Australia there are some statistics in the link below which refer to electoral reporting …. as of 16th April 2016
    Note the first column for the “A lot of Trust Category” added to the ‘Some Trust’ category. Not one of the print lot get above 42% in those two categories combined.
    In the individual “Lot of trust category’ no news print lot gets over 7% of a lot of trust.
    I suppose in any community one can expect that at least 7% have an IQ under 60.
    There you are print media! Stuff those figures on your front pages and tell us again how important you all are……………..you lot could not be trusted to sell volvo at half price in Lindfield…..with a free hat!
    Tell us again print media; who did 9/11?

  4. In the US the CIA has a program called Operation Mockingbird. It was and is a sustained attempt to plant “their” people in the mainstream media organs to ensure that those media stay on message; i.e. give the CIA’s version of events which may or may not bear any resemblance to the truth. It would be interesting to know how many of Australia’s mainstream ‘journalists’ have similar linkages. The incredible reluctance to go beyond the official version is just too sustained to be happening by chance.
    The second development began in the Reagan era when there was a rapid and sustained reduction in the number of diverse mainstream media outlets. Ownership became concentrated to the degree that there are now only five major media organisations in the US. (In Australia it is even worse).
    Apart from the concentration of ownership it is the nature of the owners that is interesting. All the US media organisations are now owned or affiliated to large conglomerates from the heart of the military industrial complex. They therefore have a vested interest in maintaining what Gore Vidal called perpetual war for perpetual profit.
    There are some encouraging signs. In all major western nations the old msm is going backwards at a rate of knots. Their readership is on a steep downward curve. This affects profitability, so they lay off staff which in turn accelerates the downward spiral.
    The other encouraging sign is the huge growth of alternative media. Of course there is a huge amount of crap published, and those outlets are not themselves immune to infiltration by government agencies. But there is enough worthwhile material printed (mostly on line) to enable us to keep reasonably well informed. Thank you Gumshoe for doing your bit.

    • Cherri,
      Indeed, psycopaths (criminals) are seeking control of humanity with fascist methods; lies, manipulation of thought, threats and even murder. Plus indoctrination of children with ant-family deceptions. Hitler had the Hitler youth propaganda machine and so on. We have been there and witnessed the consequences,
      Our mainstream media and their so called ‘journalists’ are mere running dogs in support of a fascist new world order.
      We must avoid financing the running dogs and starve them.
      To do this, there are non violent means and those means exist within our wallets.
      Avoid msm, shock jocks and their advertisers and do not believe cliches in headlines such as ‘INDEPENDENT ALWAYS’, (as on the SMH) the public are being wised up to the lies.
      The msm is OUR servant, we finance it and all we have to do is refuse to continue to do so.

      • Hey Ned,
        On the topic of media lies, what if the deception goes way beyond just media, but includes “re-written history”, bogus science and nonsensical financial, economic and monetary concepts. I recently came across a documentary series about World War 1 & 2,Germany and Hitler called “The Greatest Story Never Told”


        It’s broken into “bite size” 15min clips,but goes for 26 episodes. It makes a compelling case.
        It left my head spinning as to whether ANYTHING we’ve been told is true. It also points a finger at WHO the perpetrators are.

  5. ” There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking the laws.” Ayn Rand When satanists outlaw guns, only satanists will own the guns .

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