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Are There Any Family Members of Victims Who Don’t Believe The Port Arthur “Story”?


matt_embassyMatt Campbell confronts a policeman after setting fire to a copy of the official 9/11 commission report outside the US embassy in London (September, 2014)

By Dee McLachlan

I have written before on the 9-11 family members who continually challenge the 9-11 official myth. I often mention Bobby McIlvaine, and Matt Campbell has been a contributor here on Gumshoe.

McIlvaine’s address in 2011 at the University of Hartford is one of the most moving speeches I have ever watched (the short version below). He has been challenging the mainstream media and the government’s official story for over a decade.

There are many family members fighting for a proper investigation into 9-11.

But the authorities are deaf to their pleas. No one in authority believes their version — and they refuse to have any further investigation into the crime.

If this was not bad enough, the mainstream media goes out of its way to trash their view of what happened. A past President even threatened them (indirectly) with, “Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.”

In Australia, a past Prime Minister (Julie Gillard) called the view of a critic “stupid and wrong“  when asked a question by Josh Frydenberg, the Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia. (Kevin Bracken video here) And ABC radio personality, Jon Faine, compared discussion of 9-11 to, “debating whether the earth is flat.“

Recently, Channel 7 and the Herald Sun have been most active in bringing victims’ family members back in the spotlight — to help propagate the Port Arthur / Martin Bryant story.

port arthur2Herald Sun article 

And like 9-11, the handling of the Port Arthur massacre deviated from normal procedure — resulting in no trial or even a  coronal investigation.

We can only wonder if there are any family members or victims out there that do not believe the official story, and want this cold case opened.

But I can imagine they do not want to suffer further — to now be called a gibbering “mouth-breathing moron.”

 andrew rule 2

We know these people suffered terribly, but I can only wonder how much pain it must bring if one believes there is more to this story. I imagine they do not want to be maligned by asking legitimate questions to discover what really happened.

They are free to contact Gumshoe.




  1. Dee, in a Feb 4, 2016 Gumshoe article, I stated the following, which shows that there is at least one family member who wants an investigation — Steven Howard, whose wife Elizabeth, an employee of Port Arthur, died in the Broad Arrow Café. I got this from Daniel Baxter’s website: blog.aractus.com. He published a letter that Ian Matterson [coroner] wrote to at least one family:

    “31 January 1997 PORT ARTHUR
    As a result of the outcome of the charges preferred against Martin Bryant in the Supreme Court of Tasmania, I write to advise I do not intend to resume the inquest that I opened on the 29th April 1996. I believe it is not in the interests of family, friends or witnesses to again traverse the factual situation to a public hearing, particularly when any finding I make must not be inconsistent with the decision of the Supreme Court.
    I have today written to the Attorney General advising of my decision.
    May I take this opportunity on behalf of the staff of my office to extend our condolences for your sad loss.
    Yours sincerely, Ian R. Matterson, Chief Coroners Delegate, Southern Tasmania.”

    Note: At his aractus website, Baxter says that Stephen Howard was interviewed by “A Current Affair.”

    Dee, I’m glad you offer to be contacted. If families can’t reach you, they can try writing to mary@ProsecutionForTreason.com.

    Note: Wendy Scurr is also a person who got hurt that day, via trauma, and she has long advocated an inquest.

    • So now i see that the BBC has done a big emotional 20th anniversary show on the Dunblane school massacre of March 2016. But as from Dec 2015 there has been a critique of it on Youtube by David Icke.

      Until I did my Youtube vid in Sept 2015 I don’t think there were any doubters. (I mean Sandra Uttley did doubt the Culen Inquiry but did not doubt that Hamilton was the murderer.) As far as I know, none of the families of the 16 children has expressed doubt. But one or two may yet come forward in anger.

      Icke claims there is only one “pedophile ring” and is worldwide.

      • I believe David Icke is probably correct. In order to “get away” with these sorts of activities, there has to be a barrier between the public lives of these individuals and their secretive activities. I’m sure there are at least several layers of protection, which pervades through the “legal systems” that we thought were designed to seek justice. Once someone gets caught up in this through whatever means, they have to participate in the protection of the others in order to protect themselves. The ring seems to be large that escape from its clutches is very unlikely. And one thing we know for certain is that very, very wealthy individuals are involved because creating a barrier of secrecy is very expensive.

    • I wonder how many families were interviewed – and how many of those interviews got cut from the show when they didn’t support the official narrative. Perhaps they may find Gumshoes and have a venue to tell their story, however, it can be difficult for them.

      I’ve talked to a number of people who were there and who don’t support the official story. It is shocking the way that the media has twisted the public’s attitude to alienate those people. It is so bad that a couple of them told me their own families don’t want them to talk about it as it may affect their lives – things like worrying about getting employment if the company found out that their relative was a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Imagine, being censored by your own family.

      Then there are the Police who were there and have given statements that contradict the official story – not surprising, nobody ever interviews them.

      I’m still wondering what all this recent MSM hype is about. Perhaps they have sensed some fractures in the ‘consensus reality’ and they are trying to shore it up by keeping up the alienation of the truth seekers. If so, I think they made a big mistake by bringing it back before the public eye.

      • I will be patient and observe if my recent comment is posted.
        As an aside how many of our federal politicians who sent our boys to the killing fields for the corporates are suffering from post traumatic disorders and are subject to suicidal tendencies?
        My bet is none, they are thinking of their re-election and if failing, their pension entitlements.

  2. I read Today that Derryn Himch is canvassing to stand for the Senate on a anti paedophelia platform.
    Well done Derryn, now if you care for kids what are your policies to protect kids from being killed in our wars in the Middle East, all planned prior to 911? [ref: interview Amy Goodman with General Wesley Clark 8th March 2007]
    So Senate candidate Derryn do you support the official government 911 conspiracy theory that it was done by 19 Muslims.
    What is your take on the alleged Saudi connection to providing 15 hijackers sponsored by the CIA per Michael
    Springman the US Consul in Ridayh.
    You want a vote? You care for children and condemn those who cover up such abominations. Well earn our vote and stop the bullshit.

    • Dearest Derryn,
      Where do you stand on the Royal Commission’s refusal to deal with Fiona Barnett’s incredibly shocking (and I am sure, true) statements of the satanic rituals ending in many deaths in NSW?

  3. I had never heard Mr. McIlvaine speak before. He really is impressive because of his passion. I appreciate that he has a very different perspective on the situation than anything I’ve heard before.

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