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By Dee McLachlan

To date, GumshoeNews has published 677 articles. Not bad for a boutique “alternative media outlet.” In recent weeks we have given a disproportionate amount of space to the PAM (Port Arthur massacre). We are trying to be a counterweight to the heavily promoted false story.  It’s amusing how the MSM have provoked real new research discoveries on our part. Here is the latest from Mary W Maxwell.



  1. TheFreeDictionary offers this definition of NOLLE PROSEQUI

    “1. An entry made on the record, by which the prosecutor or plaintiff declares that he will proceed no further.
    2. In criminal cases, a nolle prosequi may be entered at any time before the finding of the grand jury, by the attorney general, and generally after a true bill has been found;
    In Pennsylvania, in consequence of a statutory provision, no nolle prosequi can be entered after a bill has been found, without leave of the court, except in cases of assault and battery, fornication and bastardy, on agreement between the parties, or in prosecutions for keeping tippling houses. Act of April 29, 1819.”

    This is the first I have heard of the bastardy exception but, as regards Australia, I recall that Ned wrote this in a comment to my January 7, 2016 Gumshoe article on the DPP:

    “I have been most reliably informed that these days the NSW office of DPP will not even acknowledge legal correspondence submitted for a Nolle Prosequi, let alone reply with a considered examination of the material.
    Before the DPP, such a submission went to the NSW Attorney General for consideration of a prosecutor’s advice and recommendation.”

    So there.

    • Well I’ve had one email from the US saying I should not be wearing the #BostonStrong tee-shirt in this video. i should be wearing #BostonFuckedUp.

      I suppose that’s reasonable but as Rumsfeld said, You’ve got to go with the tee-shirt you have.

  2. I’m starting to think that most people know what’s going down.The young generation, our children, that are being totally shafted by the fraud order are aware of the scam of the century. They realise that, unless one is connected, there is no fair go. Next time , your’e driving in suburbia, look at who is behind the wheels of the most expensive new vehicles. They are kids still going to school. Many things rotten in OZ and if it keeps going , the way things are headed, our children will be homeless in the land their elders built. We let this happen in 30 short years. Maybe we had no choice. Why should we enjoy stolen utopia when the CCP deserve it ( not ) . Maybe it’s our karma for what we did to the real locals of this ancient land. The european dominance here is over. Communism is the blueprint for the fraud world order. And our masters are backing the invaders. In business it’s called “changing the blood.”

    • Thank you, 56. What do you think would appeal to the young?
      I suppose they hear secret messages from an early age (such as “Your grandparents are jerks.”) so they don’t seem to do what we used to enjoy doing: looking up to a role model.

      Can anyone make a suggestion? How to get them to know there can be a much better way. I imagine many of them take as given the things we lay out on this website. But they accept it!

  3. Correction to the video: My statement has no validity. According to the Criminal Code Act of 1924 of Tasmania:

    (1) After the passing of this Act no proceedings in outlawry shall be taken, and no judgment of outlawry shall be pronounced, against any person.

    Well, it was a thought experiment.

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