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A New Kind of Anzac Day


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by Mary W Maxwell

One hundred years of celebrating war is enough. We know now that we were all tricked as to the purpose of  World War I. Also known as “The Great War” (can you imagine), it was designed behind closed doors. The planning began around 1890 and then it was foisted on the British Parliament by Lord Esher. This has been clearly shown by Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor, a schoolteacher and a physician, in Hidden History.

I quote from someone named “conjunction” who reviewed the book Hidden History at Amazon:

“Britain amazed the world by allying itself with Japan in 1902. This was to pressurise Russia and soften them up prior to making an alliance with them against Germany.

“Sir Edward Grey, who in his biography claimed to have forgotten to mention to the cabinet his secret alliance with the French a number of years before war broke out, and who lied repeatedly to Parliament and almost everyone else on this matter, acted as a man only wanting peace in public, all the time committing his government without their knowledge to Machiavellian intrigue all with the design of making Germany look bad and crucially engineering France and Russia to force Germany into a position where she had to look the aggressor.”

Say, does that sound familiar or what – “acted as a man only wanting peace in public, all the time committing his government without their knowledge…” and made somebody “look like the aggressor.”

Turn It Around

Aussies, this is not something to celebrate.  This is not a reason to get up early on April 25,to stand in the dark murmuring prayers, waiting for the Last Post to be played.

No, the words “lest we forget” can now mean something else:


I don’t advocate doing away with the beautiful Dawn Service. On the contrary, I advocate we use it to help the bereaved families of soldiers mourn – they deserve support and consolation. The many wounded in recent wars, still alive, deserve our care. Actually, they deserve our apologies.

Here is a 10-minute recap of a lengthy teach-in on The Great War. You might watch the first minute to remind yourself of the way this nonsense was presented to us in school. No wonder boys were enticed to go off to war. It was always made to seem patriotic and noble.

Consulting New Zealand

The Gallipoli tragedy was one that was shared across the Tasman and has probably been a source of unity of Aussies and Kiwis. “We helped each other.” I am pleased to see that in the lead-up to the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli last year, Dr William Hoverd in Wellington wrote an article “Re-Thinking ANZAC Day”:

“This week we see the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign. The New Zealand Government’s investment in commemoration and production of cultural capital around this disastrous and horrific event has been significant. Writing from the Centre for Defence and Security studies on the Massey University Wellington Campus, I am situated on what has become sacred national ground, consecrated through the opening of the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, the Arras tunnel, the opening of a Sir Peter Jackson sponsored exhibit in the old Museum building and the laying of wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the Carillon.”

Hoverd recommends:

“Anzac day is a social construction that we need to revise so that our historical remembrance of ANZAC commemoration of Gallipoli informs where we, as a nation, have come from but does not drive where we are going.”


Righteo. So let’s think about where we are going.  How about high school teachers use the week before ANZAC Day every year to get the kids to put down on paper (paper? yep, paper) their idea of where we should be headed.

Never mind if they opt for something far-fetched, or give a too-focused picture of the immediate future. Anything will do, to stretch the brain.

Just where are we headed now anyway?

Shell Shock

This short video is worth watching for several surprise quotes made during the great war:

— Mary Maxwell writes for GumshoeNews and takes inspiration from certain insightful teenagers.



Photo - adapted from the abc.com


  1. ‘War is a Racket’.
    Read the speech by one of the most decorated US soldiers: Major General Smedley Butler. Written in about 1933.
    Try U-Tube for an impressive oral citation.
    Then have a look at: All Wars are Banker’s Wars by Mike Rivero at:
    Now there are two opinions that should be compulsory for all school students leading up to ANZAC day.
    The politicians and mass media never refer to either.
    My Mum told me about Butler’s little book when I was in primary.
    Some kids do have the benefit of informed Mums. Wonder how many informed Mums may be found amongst our politicians and presstitutes?

      • Dear Ned, For two years at Gumshoe I have been resisting your war comments. But now I accept your main point. Not about bankers’ wars (which i already accepted), but about the human-destroying nature of war.

        In the video above, it says that “shell shock” was considered, at first, to be physical — nerve damage caused by the bombs. But later it was seen as a psychological phenomeon. It occurred because “soldiers were encouraged to indulge in a kind of behavior that is thoroughly abhorrent to the civilised mind.”

        So now I am wondering if — just maybe — the full scale mental “off-ness” of Western society is a result of the disconnect between our spoken norms of humaneness and the fact that we are killing people all the time.

        Could be, I suppose.

        • Mary, are you aware, of how much work goes into brain washing new recruits for the military, to delete what they’ve been conditioned to accept as normal, “IE, killing another human being is wrong, ” Much effort goes into the reprogramming the brains of these people, to be prepared to kill another at the drop of a hat, without question . It’s only when they come home and try to re-integrate into that society that instilled into them in the first place, it’s wrong to kill.
          How then, do these people get on with their lives ??? The Government that sent them off to do their dirty work, washes it’s hands of their responsibility and turns it’s back.
          The people of the nation, ALSO turn their backs to them and pretend they don’t exist. Yet, on ANZAC day they come out in droves, proclaiming to “remember them” to “never forget their sacrifice” at the same time, pretending the ones that lived thru the event are invisible and don’t exist ?
          What bothers me with all this, is the photo you’ve included with the little kids marching in something they have no understanding of, but being conditioned from such an early stage, to consider such events as normal for little kids.
          Now that’s dangerous indeed.

        • Mary
          Somewhere in your report of Dr. Day’s address you will find a couple of paragraphs referring to the planned conditioning of society to accept more violence in the civil sphere. Particularly on tv etc. ….. together with pornography.
          Clearly the NWO psycho control freaks and their mass media running dogs want to destroy civilised ethics…….. and they are presently being successful.
          Maybe a Senator Hinch will wake up?

          • Per Ned’s suggestion, here is a quote from Dr Day’s 1969 speech as reported by Lawrence Dunegan, MD, in 1988: I numbered these 73-75 to suit the format of our book, Truth in Journalism:

            73. Movies would gradually be made more explicit as regards sex and language. There would be pornographic movies in the theatres and on television. VCR’s were not around at that time, but he had indicated that these cassettes would be available. He said something like: “You’ll see people in the movies doing everything you can think of.” He said all of this is intended to bring sex out in the open. That was another comment that was made several times — the term “sex out in the open.”

            74. Violence would be made more graphic. This was intended to desensitize people to violence. There might need to be a time when people would witness real violence and be a part of it. So there would be more realistic violence in entertainment, which would make it easier for people to adjust.

            75. People’s attitudes toward death would change. People would not be so fearful of it but more accepting of it, and they would not be so aghast at the sight of dead people or injured people. We don’t need to have a genteel population paralyzed by what they might see. This was the first statement suggesting that the plan includes numerous human casualties that the survivors would see.

            [Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? NOW will you believe me that these guys are totally out of their poor little twisted minds?]

    • I could add her stories of her nursing days with many veterans of WW1.
      Perhaps some of our Mum politicians and mum mass media presstitutes should spend their time trying to repair those they have helped destroy?

      • Ned, I am putting this low on the thread so the Political Correctness Police won’t see it:
        When I ran for Congress in 2006 one of the planks of my platform was “No women in the military.”

          • There used to be a tee-shirt in America:
            A woman’s place is in the House

            Frankly, though, I can’t see that they do better than the chaps.
            In SA we had 2 good female senators, Jeannie Ferris and Janine Haynes. Ain’t gonna say more on that now. Sad ending. We also had a nice gal who quit: Natasha Stott Despoja. She was senator from 1995 to 2008. Maybe couldn’t take the pummeling.

          • IMHO, the ONLY reason our Government has made it legal for women to be in the military is because the numbers of volunteers has diminished. Simple as that. They need a certain amount of willing bodies to sustain the military in their wars of choice, other than a CONSCRIPTION, (which would over night bring down any Government that had the audacity to do that) just to maintain the numbers. The better educated the Australian youth become, the less volunteers the military will see.
            Simple as that. As for the women being on the front line, I spent my time in the infantry slugging thru the jungle with a massive pack on my back, I’m not saying women would be incapable of doing that, what I do say, is the numbers capable of doing so, would be limited. Also, despite what the experts say these days, boys will be boys and girls will be girls, we see everywhere today the results of mixing the sexes in the military. These are reported in Australia, American and even Israel, clearly demonstrating our politicians have the faintest idea of what they are doing, what do they care anyway ? Such women even if abused and assaulted doesn’t effect them one iota. There’s always a fall guy, or cut out to blame and take the fall.
            For my money, I certainly would not like to share my foxhole with a female, no matter how competent.

          • Not to mention the fact, Eddy, that many of these women leave a baby back home. That baby has no way of realizing the mum will return. He goes thru the same trauma he would if she died.

  2. Thank you to Eddy and Ned for helpful comments on war.

    Now I hereby post a correction to my Outlaw fandangle. (I also posted it on the relevant site.) Correction to the video: My statement has no validity in Tasmania. According to that state’s Criminal Code Act of 1924:

    (1) After the passing of this Act no proceedings in outlawry shall be taken, and no judgment of outlawry shall be pronounced, against any person.

    Well, it was a thought experiment. It helped me clarify the meaning of “the independence of the DPP’. Actually it is surprising that Outlawry was in effect as late as 1923.
    (Maybe some future legilators will reinstate it?)

  3. In 100 years , our soldiers have never had to defend Oz. How truly lucky we have been. The reality is that they have always been a mercenary attacking force for the crown. Good young men killed for no reason at all. All wars are bankers wars and now we even send women to the front lines. Our civilisation is regressing to Darwinism . Sure we must respect our fallen soldiers but the glorification of war must stop. Instead of spending $50,000 per aircraft bomb why not give it to people that need to eat but have no jobs. On Anzac Day please pray for peace for everybody.

    • Crikey, my father in law would be turning over in his grave if he could read this comment. He was a member of Australian’s Citizen’s Forces before WW 2 broke out, and when it did break out, despite the FACT, these Forces were never to be used outside Australia, he was sent off to New Guinea fighting the Japanese. It could be argued, that such an event was not defending OZZ, but New Guinea it’self. However rational thinking would negate that, as the path to Australia lay thru there. So Australian forces were actually used to defend the mainland in this case.
      Interesting to note though, those actions get very little mention these days, even on ANZAC day.

  4. Eddy, really sorry for non intentional offence. We all have relatives that have suffered and died in wars past all over the world. All I was trying to say is that war is pointless. There are no winners all lose. Why do we not remember also all the innocent civilian non participating lives murdered in the past and present. For example, today in Syria. Why does our Air Force bomb this sovereign land and people. It’s about guns and oiil and they don’t really care about us. Chemtrails are real we are all suffering.

  5. Just saw the front page of The Australian newspaper. Young woman, in full combat gear, with machine gun. She looks younger than 20 . What will her life be like serving in Iraq ? Our leaders are war lords, pure evil.

      • Quote, ” She didn’t have to enlist, did she?” Unquote. This comment really struck a chord with me, as I’ve heard it many times since my own enlistment in the Australian Army. I confess I did not expect such a comment to be made by you Mary, I was under the impression you were aware of the pressures our young folk are under, from the cradle to the grave, by our social manipulators and our politicians to ensure there is always a nice pool of willing participants to throw their lives away needlessly, just so the same folks can get fatter. Recently I posted a comment expressing my concern at the picture you posted with the little kids walking at an ANZAC parade. This picture demonstrates very clearly, when the brain washing begins with out youth, and from then on it’s relentless all their lives.
        We hear crap about honor, (pity not one politician even knows what the word means, so how can our youth know ?) the word duty, (really, what the hell does that mean as well, duty to what, whom, why, how about the duty of the Government and it’s elected representatives to ensure the well being of the community ? I guess when that duty is reflected to be “Honored”
        by our so called representatives displaying an “honorable example” then our youth could follow. ) However, in my 66 years, I have yet to see ONE such representative display any of the above.
        Given all the above, what/how, is a young person supposed to think then, when they have been exposed to this manipulation all their lives via their schooling, Government representatives and the Media, even the academics all jump on board to sing the same song to ensure the pool of willing participants is always ready willing and able to throw their lives away needlessly.
        YES, she did willingly enlist, BUT, was it really willingly, or was it PERSUADED by all the above, to enlist ????
        We also need to consider the social situation of such people, are they disadvantaged in any way ? Might come as a huge surprise, to discover that many such enlistees are in fact disadvantaged, and believe the only way they can improve their lives, is to make such a bargain with the devil in the hope, that somehow they might gain an advantage. I believe such people have weighed the consequences and are very much aware of their mortality, but consider the trade off, “IF” it works, to be worth the effort.
        Our youth need to be educated, thoroughly, and dragged out of the poverty cycle many of them exist in, made aware that out Government does not, in any way, shape or form, have their interests at heart. Thus equip them with the ammunition to make a rational decision before they enlist.
        Of course if that it is done, the recruitment pool would diminish severely, and the Government need to rethink their involvement of our nation in these Criminal wars of choice, instead put our youth first.

        • I tend to agree Eddy.
          We are “brought into a belief from a very young age” – and we (people) go along with it — and it is only a percentage are able to snap out of the mindset imposed on them.

          I hear from so many (even the comments here). “I woke up in 2004 in my fifties”; or “one day I realised a new reality” — and I include myself.

          Even the nicest, most gentle people sign up for war – because society accepts war as “NORMAL” behaviour. Until war is described by our leaders as abnormal, this mindset will continue. Focus on the media and the leaders.

          • Um. It’s not exactly surprising that I would say every Australian is responsible for what “Australia” does. We ARE Australia, aren’t we? That’s my usual line.

            I don’t think the Parliamentarians are more the nation than I am, and I certainly don’t think the outside bosses are “responsible” for what this country does. Somebody’s got to own up to it.

            I’ll take the blame. Are we going to force-vaccinate everybody? I’ll take the blame for that. (Seriously)

            A society is made up of all its members.

          • Really Mary ???? So tell us all, how your input influences the Government, I’d love to hear it. I’ve been trying for years to have my voice heard without success. Even communicating with my local M.P.’s seems to fall on deaf ears. So please tell us exactly how I as an Australian citizen who has no influence whatever, am responsible for what Australia does ????

          • Their ears are not deaf to their masters.
            We the public cannot compete with their masters ….. It takes heaps of money and promises of hypocritical prestige in the club we are not members of, nor wanted as members.
            To them we are peasant riff raff and mere nuisance pawns paying taxes to feed them and the bureaucrats that control them….. Per the msm cabal of harlots.

          • So, Eddy, you are doing yeoman’s service. Most are not.

            As for Ned, I can only ask Ned — but he does not have to reply “online’ “in real time” — what can you do to make the not-deaf pollies stop sucking up? Surely you can do something.

            (If you think you can’t, I wil take it that your lack of confidence is THE problem.) Yeah, yeah, I know the fight is exhausting, but it’s got to be worth our while to prevent their next sick-o advance.

            Nor do I think fighting the biggies is the main job. As I say, in my carping way, telling our neighbors to stop their “enabling” is the shot. Oh, but that’s too intimidating — to talk across the back garden fence. Oh, can’t do that!

          • Not talk to the neighbours!
            Bullshit, did that today with one and received acknowlegement and agreement.

          • I find it difficult to imagine how powerful these people are. Do they own the agencies? To do what they are doing requires Trillions of dollars – in Australia maybe just in the hundreds of billions.
            How much power do these entities have if the prime minister is just another puppet in a puppet ministry.
            I get stunned into disbelief – when 9-11 is so plainly a lie — yet the system just keeps on rocking and rolling on.
            Our lives are no long enough. And individuality does not seem to make a difference. People have been trying combat the rectify the situation – as JFK was doing in his own way.
            I think this all requires a rethink.
            The law is a start.
            I also think no one can take any blame for not doing more. We come into this world – and part of the journey is to discover. And we are discovering life and the way it works.

  6. DEAf EARS!,
    Down below is comment by Eddy re politician’s deaf ears and my reply.
    Now let me provide a personal experience of political deaf ears, leaving aside my local federal member the ‘tight’ Honourable PM.
    Now believe this.
    My neice, by marriage became a Lord Mayoress of a western council in the area of Sydney. Her profile in the mass media at the time omitted her priviliged schooling, probably by no fault of msm research.
    Now she is in parliament for the Labor Party. (Not Fed) Good.
    I wrote to her, only communication, concerning the Monsanto ’round up’ misgivings.
    No courtesy of a reply. I have known this ‘lass’ from her age of about 5 years and of course her Mum and Dad.
    Recently she visited her aged aunty in our care. I thought she might mention my monsanto letter. Silly me, as a courtesy, I did not mention her failure to even acknowledge my monsanto concerns.
    After all it was a social visit!
    So there is a simple example that we have a serious problem. Our poiticians do not give a stuff about concerns with what they regard as we, the riff raff.
    Who would have thought, that a little girl would turn out as one of them? Completely dissorentated from reality!

    • Maybe she did not receive your letter.
      If she did, geeee. Not because she snubbed an uncle, which I don’t doubt is terrible, but that she could not see that harmful pesticide in the park is sooooo wrong.

      • The message was by e-mail.
        It is up to our representatives to ensure that letters to our paid servants are read and their paid staff, at least, pass them on.
        If that is not so, then they should find employment elsewhere with their staff.
        There is no excuse for staff to not provide a courteous acknowledgement.
        Perhaps Mr. Turnbull’s, MP (as he was) staff and my neice’s staff might realise in due course who feeds them.

        • Ah, Ned, that’s just the problem — who feeds them?

          No, I shouldn’t say that. I don’t think money is the big draw.
          I am guessing that as each “freshman” class of Congressspersons arrive on the Hill, the goal is to FIT IN.

          How is that for stupid. Maybe if they were to wear togas, they would have a heightened sense of their real calling…

          • They do not have the calling unless they are designed to ‘fit
            On a different level, like paedophiles,
            they have to ‘fit in’ to reach the highest levels.

          • I wonder if throwing them all into boiling water would be good.

            Remember this ditty? “Treason doth not prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper none dare call it treason.”

  7. A definition of celebrate is: to take ​part in ​special ​enjoyable ​activities in ​order to show that a ​particular ​occasion is ​important:

    For the record i was a cut lunch commando (Army Reservist) for two years, personally i found the training to be demeaning and boring. My father an ex Vietnam Veteran served for 21 years in the Army and he is now totally incapacitated as a result of his service in the Vietnam War.

    We both agree that many, many people of all countries died in many, many wars for NOTHING more than an idea….

    Lets remember every person who died and also the lies in which they were told to fight for…

    More than this lets LEARN from all the mistakes each and every nation and its peoples have made and learn to be human again.

    Love to all.

  8. ‘War is a Racket’.
    Want to earn a genuine ‘medal’ (conscience free.!) for saving our soldiers?
    Then spend an essential 8.55 minutes waking up, please listen:

    Now please send on to those who lie to our soldiers and deceive their families………………our lying politicians and culpable globalist corporate mass media.
    Note the idea at about the 8 minute mark: Politicians etc., should only receive a salary that is not more than that of a soldier sent to war by them and the ‘whoremongering’ media moguls and their harlots. I can think of some better ideas!!
    Note also the other video that exposes the corporates who tried to enforce fascism (by using Butler) in the US……………They have not given up. Now it is called a one world corporate government bolstered by trade agreements to benefit the global coporates.
    Please spend 40 miniutes thinking of your children’s futures.

    Did not see it on ABC or SBS did you? Or learn about it in our education system.

  9. WOW, now that one did not occur to me at all, though there have been many instances of women joining the military and leaving their offspring at home.
    Such an act, I cannot fathom at all. Way beyond my understanding. When I signed on I was single without a girl friend, and believed that was right, If I didn’t come back walking that was MY bad, and no one else’s. But to leave a child at home when they need you in their life ??????? WOW, why have a child in the first instance, if you can abandon it so easily ???
    Even whilst in the military, I went to great pains to ensure there were no close friends. I simply could not deal with the loss of anyone close, therefore to avoid such a situation arising, distances were kept.
    I saw at first hand, what happened to men who had close mates and then one was injured or killed, they were not much use after that to anyone.
    But a mother leaving her child at home willingly, knowing she may not return, or worse, come home damaged beyond repair, thus denying her child a normal relationship ???????????????
    Sorry, cannot get my head around that one.

  10. So, who cared to pass on the comment below in regard to Butler’s
    ‘ War is a racket’ video.
    Bit in one’s face I suppose?

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