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It Has Taken 648 Days To Mention the Ukrainian Fighter Jet


mh17 planesHerald Sun today 26/7/2016

by Dee McLachlan

Why has it taken 648 days for the mainstream media to mention the possibility that a Ukrainian Fighter jet might have shot down MH17 over Ukraine?

The Boeing 777 was downed over Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing 298 people.

On the 19th of July, 2 days after the disaster, Gumshoe reported — “Ukraine fighter jets were in close proximity to MH17,” as did other media sites. I reported more detail about jets on the 26th, and in the 29th article entitled, Disgraceful Reporting.

The alternative media has for a long time presented the video of Ukrainian witnesses, describing fighter jets.

But now, to the mainstream media, it is a SHOCK.

This is the headline for express.co.uk:


Ukrainian fighter jet ‘SHOT DOWN Malaysia Airlines MH17’ say witnesses

“A BBC documentary will air ‘shocking new allegations’ about the downing of Malaysia Airlines plane MH17, including claims it was shot down by a fighter jet and not a ground-to-air missile.”

One can only wonder what has changed.

And will the government be more cautious before blaming a superpower next time?

shirtfrontTony Abbott about to “shirtfront” Putin

Maybe now, too, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, can explain why she signed Australia into a secret deal.

For all Gumshoe articles on MH17 by myself and James O’Neill — link here.





  1. Here’s a thought. If the Herald Sun is going to “come around” on the truth of MH17, maybe they will come around on Port Arthur.

    I mean we defo did not expect them to come around on “Ukrainan fighter jets” did we?

    Here’s how long Dee has been at the matter: She did a stand-up comedy routine about shirtfronting Putin on 14 March 2015 at the Adelaide Fringe. Thirteen months ago, and now the BBC is shocked — SHOCKED I tell you.

    Risdon: Tell Martin Bryant he can now sleep peacefully in the knowledge that it will take only another couple of years for the ABC to get the message.

      • If the media is “coming around” as you say, then you can bet there is a political reason that will reveal itself in the fullness of time. Probably one of those “always at war with Eastasia” moments. Nothing in the Herald-Sun isn’t pre-scripted.

        • Betcha anything you’re right, Paul. I just grabbed a copy of “1984” and noted that Emmanuel Goldstein’s book-within-a-book is entitled “The Theory and Practice of Collective Oligarchism.” By God, Orwell knew exactly what was planned. What a concept: COLLECTIVE OLIGARCHISM!
          Thanks, Paul. You rock.

  2. Bugger!
    Our shirtfronting Tony and Julie missed a great opportunity to join in a war with Russia.
    Ditto to the Daily Telegraph and the shock jock brigade.
    Better luck next time msm.

  3. I wrote on the 29th August, 2014 (in a satirical conclusion)

    “I predict that … this will eventually force Ukraine into revealing a scapegoat ….pointing blame, not at the separatists, but a rogue fighter pilot (possibly of another EU nationality) – who mistakenly shot down what he thought was a Russian plane (or Putin). It might be discovered that he was on (psychotropic) medication at the time. Case closed.”
    Lets wait and see.

    • After another 648 days maybe we could hear what is on the flight data recorders.
      If they have not been “lost” somehow.

      • Think of this, John: when we were told that all the videos of 9-11 at the Pentagon were not switched on, or got burned in the fire, or Rosemary Woods erased them, or whatever, we let ourselves believe it. Think how hard it is to say No to a lie.

        It must be that the human brain tries to give credence to everything. How else could children pick up culture?

        My friends in Boston all believe the Marathon story. I’ve been asking them to do the math: any two of the following five could be true, maybe three at a stretch, but five out of five is just too many:

        1. Jahar writes a boat confession? 2. Jahar writes a boat confession showing that he knows his brother died? 3. Jahar in fact killed his brother (as we all do when in a rush to drive away)? 4. Tamerlan tells Dun Meng he just killed a cop (“Hey, guess who murdered Sean Collier – you’re lookin’ at it.”), 5. For the movie “Patriot’s Day”, the scene of the military searching homes on the streets of Watertown can’t be filmed in Watertown because the locals don’t want it?

        Since when do locals have any say in who is wielding a camera on their street? Since when does anybody have a say in anything? You don’t want your infant vaccinated for the flu as soon as it’s born? Well, that’s just tough, buddy, we’ve got to have herd immunity.

  4. If you hide an incriminating bit of news for long enough, grasshopper minded people no longer give a fuck – it’s yesterday’s news.
    Like 9/11, or the USA arming and supporting ISIS …etc.

    • Dear Tim and our other Valued Readers, can you help us think of a way to “make news”. A few hours from now Dee is going to post what I consider the definitive piece on the Port Arthur massacre. (Writtten by moi.) It gives Martin Bryant — if he is still living and breathing — the veritable keys to the front pathway out of Risdon.
      But words won’t make it happen. We need this new information to be seen as an important moment — hopefully one that competes with the goddamned “twentieth anniversary” moment.

  5. As I understand it, the BBC ‘documentary’ is part of their Conspiracy Files series, in which they trot out various ‘conspiracy theories’ for the purpose of discrediting them, rather than a serious inquiry into alternative explanations.
    As I have pointed out elsewhere the evidence is quite strong for a BUK missile being the culprit, including Appendix T of the Dutch Safety Board report and a separate report by the Dutch Intelligence Services, as well as the experiments carried out by Almaz Antay the BUK manufacturer.
    This is not to doubt that two Ukrainian jet fighters were in the vicinity, only a real doubt as to whether they fired a missile.
    We know that the Americans had three satellites overhead at the material time and they know exactly what happened. John Kerry even boasted about it three days after the event.
    That data have been given to the Dutch, but it is far from clear that it will be published when the JIT report comes out later this year.
    In my view we should be insisting that the satellite data are released, but for a number of geopolitical reasons that is not likely to happen.

    • Robert Parry has a new article on his website Consortium News that reveals that the Dutch and Australian investigators for the JIT are having to rely on information provided by the Ukrainian secret police. You just can’t make this stuff up. First, they sign a secret agreement that gives the prime suspect a veto over publication of the results and then they rely on the said same suspect for information as to ‘whodunnit’.
      The Dutch are now denying that the JIT report will be released to the public. One would be entitled to draw a negative inference as to why that is the case.

      • Hi James,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Yes I know, and I’ve placed several comments on Roberts blog allready.

        Do you know if Detective Superintendent Andrew Donoghoe has changed his stance on the following;

        “a “tougher standard than the DSB report” is required before the criminal investigation can identify the weapon which brought the aircraft down, or pinpoint the perpetrators. Their criminal investigation will continue into 2016, Donoghoe told the Victorian Coroners Court (lead image) on Tuesday morning. He and other international investigators are unconvinced by reports from the US and Ukrainian governments, and by the DSB, of a Buk missile firing. “Dutch prosecutors require
        conclusive evidence on other types of missile,” Donoghoe said, intimating that “initial information that the aircraft was shot down by a [Buk] surface to air missile” did not meet the Australian or international standard of evidence”

        If not, then the content of this letter would be effective


        am I right?

        • I think Donoghue is embarrassed by these developments. What he told the Coroner’s inquest was correct, but the way this is being played out is political. It is not a criminal investigation in any meaningful sense of the word.
          We know that much of the “evidence” that has been publicly proffered is heavily compromised and much that is relevant has been suppressed.
          Two other things continue to stand out. The victims are simply pawns in a wider geopolitical game, and the mainstream media continue to do their readers a profound disservice.

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