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“I’m looking forward to my helicopter ride”


braynt 28 aprilHerald Sun (28/4/2016)

Today, somber services were held in memory of the victims of the massacre and their grieving families. That is as it should be. But there have been complaints that the mainstream media — specifically Channel 7 — have focused too much attention on Martin Bryant.

This morning, I decided to glance through Andrew MacGregor’s DVD Deceit and Deception. It contains an official transcript of the several phone conversations between the police negotiator Sgt Terry McCarthy and Martin Bryant.

Martin was inside Seascape cottage; McCarthy was in a police office in Hobart. The calls went on intermittently from 6pm to 10pm. It’s hard to know if Bryant was in some way play-acting, but the discussion is very convoluted and rambling. Had it been a script, I think Bryant would have talked about the killings at Port Arthur. But he seems completely ignorant of what went down that day.

The whole discussion is so “out there,” and so bizarre. Bryant admits to kidnapped a man and to having a grudge against the Martins (David and Sally Martin, the owners of Seascape which was operated as a B&B). He voices hatred for “the Jews” who, he says, mistreated him in Miami. But he says he feels like he is on “a Hawaiian holiday”, and is really looking forward to his ‘promised’ helicopter ride.

I offer this excerpt to Gumshoe readers. You can find more here:

On hostage participation:

McCarthy: Now you were talking just a little bit about the um Rick having come from

Fortescue Bay. Can you just enlighten me as to what happened there?

Jamie: Yeah yeah, I got him and managed to get him his wife she he wanted to participate um in the kidnapping in instead of his wife, I thought alright quick

McCarthy: Cough

Jamie: get in get into the car and I’ve got him as a hostage.

On everyone is okay:

McCarthy: I want to assure myself that everybody in there is okay. Are they all okay at the moment?

Jamie: Yeah there all well I’ve been giving them a cuppa tea and

McCarthy: You you gave them a cup of tea? Where are they at the moment?

Jamie: Inaudible… orange juice. I can’t tell you that inaudible

McCarthy: Well okay, are they they’re okay I take it

Jamie: They’re okay…

McCarthy: Okay, and there’s nobody hurt at this stage?

Jamie: Um none at all, no.

On helicopters:

Jamie: Um I can’t tell that you you’ll get all that information not um um you’ll in the helicopter.

McCarthy: Well right.

Jamie: But I’ve got your number here and I’ll phone you back in an hour.

McCarthy: Well okay before you do that before you do that can you tell me what you’re going to do with this helicopter? Now I know you want to go to ah

Jamie: Hobart airport

McCarthy: Hobart airport, right

Jamie: then to Adelaide.

McCarthy: Then to Adelaide now do you realise just how difficult that is to organise?

Jamie: Oh do your best for me.

On explosives:

McCarthy: Well I don’t think anybody’s going to lash out with you if you’ve got all those guns you’ve got.

Jamie: W er, they’re not all mine a lot of them I found them upstairs here so

McCarthy: Cough

Jamie: I’ve got some explosives um it’s actually not nitroglycerine um what’s that other one round plastic um gelignite is it? With wicks on it that floats

McCarthy: Where did you, can I ask you where you got that from Jamie?

Jamie: Under the bed upstairs here um

McCarthy: Well you didn’t actually have it before?

Jamie: No. w I’ve

McCarthy: It was there.

Jamie: I’ve only owned a couple of guns yeah and all these other guns are here and everythink.

McCarthy: Well okay, ya you’re talking about a lot of guns it it would be it would be good if I could find out what sort of guns you’ve got.

Jamie: Oh yeah yeah yeah I’ll phone you back up ………..Inaudible

On Hawaiian holiday and helicopters:

McCarthy: How’s things going in there mate?

Jamie: Fine couldn’t be better just like on a Hawaiian holiday

McCarthy: Hawaiian holiday?

Jamie: Yes that’s correct sir.

McCarthy: Oh, sorry I don’t understand what you mean by that.

Jamie: Uh I don’t know myself no.

McCarthy: You’ve. You’re still firing a few er er

Jamie: Er

McCarthy: odd shots out the

Jamie: Well I’m looking forward to my helicopter ride man. When are you gonna to tee up this helicopter ride?

Jamie: I love helicopters all always been in helicopters in ah I mean I’ve always been interested in helicopters

On Port Arthur:

McCarthy: I want to talk to you cause I’m here devoted to talk to you and um that’s

Jamie: Inaudible

McCarthy: all I want to do.

Jamie: Yeah what what went on at Port Arthur?

McCarthy: Well I was hoping that you might be able to tell me a little bit about what happened at Port Arthur you being down there.

Jamie: Was there anyone hurt?

McCarthy: Well, I understand there’s been er er a number of people hurt at Port Arthur.

Jamie: Yeah. Oh they weren’t killed?

McCarthy: Well, I don’t know what, I don’t know the full details I know that er er somebody’s been shooting at people down at Port Arthur and er in the meantime ah we’ve also encountered the problem that we have with you, you sort of er want a helicopter and all these things and we’re trying to establish whether

Jamie: Em

McCarthy: that’s er you know the same incidents are related in any way

Jamie: No no they’re not at all.

McCarthy: They’re not.

Jamie: No no I don’t know who that person was no. But um, what I can guarantee you that um I’m looking forward to my helicopter ride

McCarthy: Right.

Jamie: but you reckon it’s gonna be a a army one

McCarthy: Well, no I no

Jamie: be fun

On making sandwiches:

Jamie: I’ve got twenty to seven cause of I’m making up some sandwiches

McCarthy: Cough [gunshot?]

Jamie: these people have got um salad and some bacon in the fridge

McCarthy: Right

Jamie: and eggs I’m gonna fry up some bacon and eggs for them

McCarthy: Uh uh.

Jamie: Uh that’s all they seem to have in the that I can find that’s nutritious.

McCarthy: Ah I, I see well is there anything we can get for you perhaps ah perhaps we can get something for you that ah

Jamie: Ah

McCarthy: that can help out as far as feeding and giving you drinks and what have you.

Jamie: Ah well helic um launching down in a box with a helicopter or what

McCarthy: Ah well no, no we we’d

Jamie: I mean that you’d be frightened that I’d shoot out at you but I wouldn’t I love helicopter,

The video Terry posted on the previous post:






  1. From Wikipedia:
    “Bryant was judged fit to stand trial, and his trial was scheduled to begin 7 November 1996. Bryant initially pleaded not guilty, but was persuaded by his court-appointed lawyer and the prosecution to plead guilty to all charges. Two weeks later, [November 22, 1996] Hobart Supreme Court Judge William Cox gave Bryant 35 life sentences …. For the first eight months of his imprisonment, he was held in a purpose-built special suicide prevention cell, in almost complete solitary confinement.”

    One wonders how solitary is a sucide-prevention measure.

    ABC NEWS March 27, 2007
    “Port Arthur gunman Martin Bryant slashed his throat with a disposable razor blade, 48 hours after an initial suicide attempt. While refusing to confirm it was Bryant, Tasmania’s Director of Prisons says the inmate was checked every 15 minutes after slashing his wrist on Sunday. Graeme Barber says the disposable razor blades used in both incidents are available to all prisoners.”

    One would almost think that after a suicide attempt, the razors would be taken away from that prisoner.

    • I have discussed with a friend who is a prison guard presently on the issue of sharps being issued to or permitted to be kept by prisoners who are a suicide risk or on suicide watch. They confirmed no sharps are allowed to be in their cells knowingly…

      • I figured that out after reading the linked piece, but I don’t understand why. Is this Martin’s nickname or what? I’m not in Australia so I’m not as familiar with the details of the case as some Australians are.

        • Speculator, I can understand your confusion. After all, as Bryant’s ‘lawyer’ Avery and the psychologist Mullen explained, Bryant did this as he wanted notoriety.

          Silly Martin, not only does he refuse to give his name to the negotiator, he even pretends to be someone else named ‘Jamie’.

          • EXCELLENT point 🙂

            Avery had a very dishonest mind…he’s no doubt a blatant liar right down to his rotten soul and has become the joke of the legal profession and social media.

          • Yeah, Bryant is a bit slow in this whole attention seeking thing. He isn’t even quick enough to take credit for Port Arthur –

            Jamie: Yeah what what went on at Port Arthur?

            McCarthy: Well I was hoping that you might be able to tell me a little bit about what happened at Port Arthur you being down there.

            Jamie: Was there anyone hurt?

            McCarthy: Well, I understand there’s been er er a number of people hurt at Port Arthur.

            Jamie: Yeah. Oh they weren’t killed?

            McCarthy: Well, I don’t know what, I don’t know the full details I know that er er somebody’s been shooting at people down at Port Arthur and er in the meantime ah we’ve also encountered the problem that we have with you, you sort of er want a helicopter and all these things and we’re trying to establish whether

            Jamie: Em

            McCarthy: that’s er you know the same incidents are related in any way

            Jamie: No no they’re not at all.

    • Okay, I’ve got it now that I’ve read the linked material. That material would have convinced me there was something extremely wrong with the case if I hadn’t already known about it. And after having experienced the deep, deep conspiracies of the Boston marathon “bombing” and so many others, the only possible conclusion is “false flag.” Unfortunately, there are not enough of us as yet. Before much can be done to right the wrongs in these cases, we would probably need a majority of the population to “see the light” or to see the darkness, whichever seems more appropriate, which could take some time.

      • Dear Speculator. “Deep, deep” is the word for it! I purchased a book about the marathon called Long Mile Home and it contains hundreds of pages of pure fiction. Of course when a novelist sits down to write a novel he/she has no trouble creating hundreds of pages of fiction, but in Bostoniensis there are so many persons who could step in to contradict — and they don’t step in! (except you, Cheryl Dean, Russ Baker, etc.)
        Do Amazon reviewers contradict Long Mile Home? Most praise it, e.g.:

        “This is not only a book you stay up late reading, it answers the questions you might have about the bombing…. For me, it ranks up there with Helter Skelter as a narrative of a horrible crime.”

        Whoops, if you want to know about Helter Skelter, go straight to the many Youtubes of Mae Brussell, dating to 1970s. She had the Manson murders down pat, and the deaths of rock stars decades before we caught on.

  2. It occurs to me how sad it is that “governments” that perpetrate outrageous atrocities every day can so easily convince a majority of people (with the help of “mass media” aka members of the global government propaganda network) that someone who has never shown a sign of criminal tendencies, and even acting alone mind you, is responsible for some sort of murderous rampage or mass killing.

  3. thank you. Is there a full copy of the entire tape of McCarthy attempting to negotiate with Bryant during those hours?
    I noticed there isn’t an answer by Bryant, it jumps to another topic during the negotiation. Was this already missing on purpose when released to the public?

    “McCarthy: Is there any…reason why you took these particular people?
    McCarthy: Now Jamie, we were talking earlier on about, ar, Rick and the fact that you kidnapped him from Fortescue Bay.”

    Didn’t somebody also make contact from the ABC (a female) and Bryant said he’d shoot the hostages if she phoned back? I read hat comment on Youtube under the Wendy Scurr video and it’s the first time I’ve seen this mentioned.

    • There is an alleged written transcript of the tape, but we know it isn’t reliable. You can see that with the tape segment where Bryant refers to “your main man” – the written transcript doesn’t reflect those words. There’s also all the gunshots being called ‘coughs’ and lots of ‘inaudible’ remarks where there should be a statement. And as you’ve already noted, there appears to be ‘gaps’.

      Yes, a journalist from the ABC called Seascape before the phone system was isolated. Her statement about the conversation indicated it was VERY LIKELY the actual killer she spoke to. The person was crass, mocking and aggressive, unlike the voice you hear of Bryant. When you read the statement and what was said, it is readily apparent that it is not the same person as Bryant.

      MacGregor’s CD hasn’t been in production for more than 10 years, the same with Stewart Beatty’s ‘A Gunsmith’s Notebook to Port Arthur’. My last article was in 2004 when the ‘Police Eyes Only’ tape surfaced. – As far as how the society received that information, it was worse than just apathy, the brain-washed morons would attack us. Other people like Wendy Scurr and Terry Hill eventually quit talking about it as caused so much friction.

      Perhaps someone will produce a new CD that includes even more recent revelations. However, for that to happen, it takes people who are committed, people that are willing to put in the hard work and long hours without pay and who usually end up paying for the necessary expenses out of their own pocket.

      • Gday Terry,
        ” As far as how the society received that information, it was worse than just apathy, the brain-washed morons would attack us.”

        I had been questioning 9/11 for years, before just recently being made aware of the many questions regarding Port Arthur.

        For me to admit I had been fooled by lies by media and politicians re Port Arthur, was a lot easier because 9/11 was more at arms length, and the understanding all was not right came quite quickly afterwards.. and in searching for answers, became familiar with the term false flag, and how often they are used.

        It seemed right after 9/11, there was the truth movement. PA didnt seem to have much of that. For someone to accept now, (or even 15 years ago.. ) after they have believed the official account of Port Arthur for so long, is all a lie, will bring on some deep reflection.

        First they have to admit they are slightly gullible at least, they will question their ability to be able to judge whatever they are told.. some might simply refuse to admit they can be fooled.. or that the govt would ever lie, but for those that do.. comes the even scarier bit.

        The understanding of the true nature of our world. That there are those, trusted for our protection, that are willing to murder innocent people, us!, and then to lie, and cover it up, in order to, I guess, further some agenda, and that this has been going on for decades since, and who knows how long before.

        I have friends who disagree with me about 9/11, I wouldnt class them as morons, but there is definitly a “block” – something that no matter what evidence is presented, they still refuse to see.

        Maybe it is rain washing, I dont know. I think it is fear. They understand if it wasnt Bryant, their whole world is turned upside down and inside out, and that scares them, understandably.

        I dont think they need to see any more evidence, they need to be shown how much scarier it is to ignore the truth, a reality shock. something short, sharp and sweet, that can leave no doubt, as to the true nature of the world, something that even the simplest will understand, then I think the walls of deceit will come tumbling down.

        I dont know what it will take though, even as false flags become sloppier and sloppier ( Boston ) – they feel they need not be concerned, because no matter what they say, it will be believed.

        • Like you said, 9-11 was the ‘Red Pill’ for a lot of people and it has made it a lot easier for people to recognize the same patterns in other psy-ops. Once a person is ‘awake’, they see things that the ‘asleep’ can’t see.

          I did some research into how the mind works and why some people can’t ‘get it’. The best theory I ran into was that the wiring in the brain goes through ‘nodes’ of ‘belief’ (often programed by the media). When a person is confronted with information that is in conflict with one of these nodes of belief, there is cognitive dissonance – essentially the information can’t get through. In an attempt to reconcile the new information, the person will choose an alternative brain pathway that may have a similar analogue to the information. Essentially, the information gets scrambled by the process.

          In many cases, the cognitive dissonance is so strong that the person’s ego feels threatened and in order to handle the perceived threat they resort to ‘fight or flight’. We see a lot of that with people throwing insults or family members saying “I don’t want to know”.

          As Mark Twain was purported to have said, “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

          I’ve also run into a lot of cowards in my life. People love to watch their favorite hero in some drama on TV and feel as if they have participated in the fight. However, put them into a real situation and they implode. Hell, they don’t even have the guts to TALK about some of this stuff.

          • Thanks Terry, good explanation.

            I just read this before reading your reply

            I learnt how used to hypnotise chooks when I was a kid.. they would stay put for ages until i woke them up with a sudden loud clap of hands near their head for examble, or other sudden noise..

            I did it all the time.. If I left them .. they would eventually slowly wake up, and move off by themselves.. but they didnt really look awake apparently.. I got told off and told it wasnt nice thing to do because the chooks were all walking round in a daze. ( just looked they were just being chooks to me )

            I was just a little kid then.. I know I just cant go round clapping my hands shouting Boo! to fix things now.

          • Hypnotized chooks – yep, that’s real – I’ve met a heap of them.

            You can begin to see why the PTB are dumbing-down the school system. Unfortunately, in their desire to prevent people from logically connecting-the-dots, it also destroys the societies ability to turn out individuals with the capabilities to advance the civilization. – Typical blowback from psychopaths with their short term goals – ultimately it results in ruin.

            We’re going to end up back in the Dark Ages of this keeps up.

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