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The Medical Fraud Debate And The Mainstream Media


vaxxed sarah gillSarah Gill’s article in The Age, 27 April 2016

By Dee McLachlan

Del Bigtree, producer of The Doctors TV series, is an Emmy award winning medical journalist. And referring to his film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastroph, he says, “This makes Watergate look like a child’s game.”

We reported on how mainstream media waged a coordinated attack — forcing Robert De Niro to pull the the film from the Tribeca Film Festival.

However, Sarah Gill wrote an article on the 27th in Comment section of The Age, entitling it, “Anti-vaxxer’s new film is just another deceit.”

Sarah Gill writes:

“A new film by Andrew Wakefield, disgraced former doctor and poster boy for the anti-vaccination movement, is being rolled out in cinemas across the United States.

“What more, one wonders, could Wakefield possibly have to offer on this topic, given his deplorable conduct in the late 1990s when he essentially fabricated a link between autism and the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and caused a worldwide vaccine scare? What followed over the next decade – including mind-blowing revelations of dishonesty, fraud, avarice and chicanery – culminated in Wakefield’s medical deregistration in 2010.” [Gill’s links]

Both links describing “deplorable conduct” and “dishonesty, fraud” etc., are links to Brian Deer. In the AgeofAutism site, there is an article suggesting that Brian Deer is the fraud. And researching Deer brings up countless allegations (here and here for example).

Deer, an award winning writer (here collecting his second British Press Award), has seemed to have made a brilliant career in trashing Wakefield. But he has been very cagey as to how he has managed to finance this endeavor.

Gill went on, “After being dumped by the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival”, then, “…two weeks after pulling the film from the festival program, Tribeca co-founder Robert De Niro made a spectacular U-turn on the Today TV show, defending the filmmakers and urging people to see the film.”

I am sure Sarah Gill has not seen the movie, and Robert De Niro has. I think I’d prefer to listen to one of my favourite actors on this one.

This is all about deceit and cover-ups. I would like to ask Gill: Did someone suggest she write her article?

I include a video sourced from NathuralHealth365:




    • Pardon me. The Age headline says: the “New Film Is … Another Deceit.” Gumshoe’s Dee McLachlan says of Sarah Gil “I am sure she has not seen the film.”

      Wait. How can Gil know it is a deceit? Dee, are you sure she has not seen it? You say you are sure DiNiro has seen it. We can all agree on that, as he very definitely viewed the film, and then got clobbered for sponsoring it.


      • If Gill had seen the film — she would have said it. She links to an Indy site who was reviewing the film (not a nice review). But you’re correct. The author could not have seen the film at this stage. Thus I conclude, someone probably urged her to write the piece.

  1. To all who read this post: Take the 30 minutes to watch this interview above and then watch the film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. Then the truth for you comes from your heart based on knowledge.
    Why are babies given vaccines on day one of their birth?? Research the way in which these diseases are allegedly contracted…..
    Research the fact the manufacturers will tell you they do not guarantee your child wont catch these diseases….
    Ask why many, many toxins are added to these poisons.
    Ask why the manufacturers have paid out billions in compensations?
    Ask why the worlds peoples are getting sicker and sicker, research the ratios of diseases and their increases.

  2. Well Ms. GILL;
    Have you seen and listened to it and I mean all of it?
    If you have seen and listened to it, was that before or after your article?
    Hardly, difficult questions to answer.

  3. What do we do? Perhaps send copies of the videos to all of her family members. No need to say your daughter, niece, sister is a whore that would sell herself for money – just let the videos speak for themselves. There might come a realization in the extended family that not only is she willing to ‘presstitute’ herself, but that she doesn’t even have the basic human empathy to try and stop the destruction of other people’s children.

    In fact, she’s willing to broadcast it in a national publication for any and all to see – no shame – just what’s in it for me.

  4. My message has been lost again.
    In short: gumshoe has dumped on many and there has been no response recorded or reply recorded by them.
    ‘Pussies galore’ seems tomrepresent the msm and our tax paid for lot.
    Do they have not a backbone to put their mitts up and defend their stance.
    Where are you; our great Aussie professor on building 7, ABC’s Faine on the attack on Kevin Bracke (911) or upon Fraser (USS Liberty) Hinch on Port Arthur just to mention a few.
    Now we await vacine Gill if she will take on Terry’s comment and my question below.

  5. Infection control Nurses are running around our Hospital wards right now pushing the latest flu-vax on all staff. I refuse, get challenged, tell them “because I refuse”, they make a note for future reference, others ask me why I won’t, I say because I won’t (and to those I know better I say “you know my opinion”. It seems to be becoming a peer-group thing where everyone does it because everyone else does it, and everyone’s so certain that its all good. I’m waiting for the day I get stood-down or dismissed for refusing a vaccine, as is now happening to health workers in the US.

    • Find a like minded person and work out an agreement. You vouch for giving me the shot, I vouch for me giving you the shot – then we both squirt the crap down the sink.

        • Paul, if you have been reading this webpage you should know by now that EVERYTHING is corrupt. Perhaps it is time the honest people started using the corrupt system.

          Back when I was a barrister doing a lot of medical/legal trials I cross-examined more than a hundred doctors that would tell the finest fairy tales for money. If I was still at the Bar I would know which doctors I could get a certificate of inoculation from. It might cost a bit extra, but that’s the way the ‘system’ works.

          The psychopaths rely upon honest people to do as they’re told. However, as they have elevated their like minded fellows into positions of control, they have also created a fragile control system run by psychopaths that look at the bottom line – what’s in it for me.

          An honest person is offended by such discussions, however as society continues to devolve, such discussions will likely become very common.

          • Terry you have hit the nail on the head. Honest people try do the right thing – which continually disadvantages them. Those running the show know this and use this trait.

          • It’s all a BIG GAME to them…. It makes you wonder how many other games are complete lies and rely on the honest people to make money from?
            Sport, Politics, Media, Banking, etc…. Pretty well everything we deal with in our day to day lives….

          • Having been around some of the medical/legal clinics and the ‘doctors’ that supervise the flow of cash, I can state with a high degree of confidence that there have been a number of people show up at those clinics concerned about their children and ‘no jab, no pay’.

            Their concerns were taken care of and I’m sure the numbers of satisfied customers is continuing to increase.

  6. I’m here to disagree with Dee (Dalia Mae) below.
    It definitely won’t help us to turn to dishonesty. A society falls apart. The centre cannot hold. Is that what we want? What’s wrong with punishing the top dogs for dishonesty while we still have a law enforcement system?

    I described, in a Gumshoe article:


    how caving in to cruelty, on small matters, makes cruelty increase, finally to a shocking extreme. So said ol’ Al Solzhenitsyn.

    (Mind you I’d make an exception for a parent cheating on the vax matter right now while her kid is in danger. Cheat away, Mum! And I’d be happy to see the Dad give the doctor a punch in the jaw. Believe me, those doctors know better.)

    • I totally agree with you Mary, to beat this system one must change the energy or lets say go up another to a higher level…

      To stoop to these entities low levels of energy will only create more fuel for them to use..

      We (a group of like minded people) hope to have some information to share in reference getting away from the “No Jab, No Pay” unlawful act that has been thrust upon us.

      We are in the process of testing our strategy as we speak. Will keep everyone and we mean everyone posted.

  7. Hi,

    I recently wrote an article addressing this issue at length. I provide evidence from peer-reviewed journals/data to help elucidate what the connection between SIDS/vaccines really is and how we can better address it. Its clear that this topic is dear to many and my conclusions are objective (as much as humanly possible. Please read the article below. Thanks 🙂



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