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The Big Multinationals and Global Trade Agreements



By Dee McLachlan

On Friday the ABC reported, “Nurofen maker fined $1.7m for misleading customers on ‘specific pain’ relief range.” To quote:

“…the maker of Nurofen, Reckitt Benckiser, has been fined $1.7 million for breaching consumer laws.”

The company advertised a range of products, each with specific pain relief outcomes — for the same medication.

Justice Edelman said the penalty would have been greater, but it considered that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) had not argued that the company’s conduct was intentional or reckless.

accc neurophen

This is what This is Money reported in February:

“The company, whose products also include Scholl, Dettol, Harpic and Vanish, reported …profits to £2.2billion after sales rose to nearly £8.9billion…. The bumper figures sent shares up 405p to 6371p and will come as a relief …in the wake of claims that Reckitt has misled customers buying its Nurofen painkillers.”

This $1.7 million fine is slap on the wrist for a company that size. Why bother? We do desire more honest packaging, but I believe this action could be a smoke screen.

What this action and penalty does do — is create the ILLUSION that the courts and the government are looking after our interests. Yet, governments around the world seem to be unable to adequately tax these huge companies.

Be warned. This action by the ACCC and the courts in fining Reckitt Benckiser may very well be designed to make consumers feel “safe” and “looked after”, while in reality — behind closed doors — the big multinationals make progress in secret trade agreements that will continue to advantage them long into the future.

We have written before about  the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the secrecy surrounding the deal.

I wrote in, “How Dare The People Question The TPP – Secrecy and Fast Tracking Is For Their Benefit”, and I said (as an example):

  • One CARROT is jobs, jobs and more jobs, and
  • One BIG STICK is the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

But in the video below, David Icke looks at the BIGGER picture — suggesting the that the many trade agreements across the globe is in reality one agreement to advantage the few.

David Icke is touring Australia soon. The dates of his tour are:

Perth – Perth Racecource – 9th July 2016

Sydney – Sydney Town Hall – 16th July

Brisbane – Logan Metro Sports Centre – 23rd July

Melbourne – MCEC Plenary – 30th July

Auckland – Logan Campell Centre, ASB Showgrounds – 6th August

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Photo of cartoon adapted from Chad Pachtinger



  1. Global day of world disorder. This nation has become a communist state. Globalism is a two class system. The connected elite and the struggling 95%. In 15 years we have regressed to feudalism. Our leaders are liars and complicit. Turn of the bull says that more debt, paid at interest to his masters, is the only solution. Unless this country starts printing its own money, and NOT the banks, we are doomed. Pray for our children because they did not deserve this.

    • crikey 56.. be grateful you dont … live in the USA , and that sort of thing can’t happen in the lucky country!

      I, for one, (*cough ASIO? *cough) absolutely trust my governments, Liberal, Labor, Republican, Democrat, doesn’t matter! to work in the best interests of my country and it’s citizens, in everything they do, and if things need be done in secret, laws passed, or people locked up.. then it is for the good of all.

      • I heard recently that the republican movement in Australia wanted to change the name of the Commonwealth of Australia (which is a corporation) to the United States of Australia…. It has been said that the IMF and Washington DC own the above mentioned corporation? So maybe we do live in the USA (United States of Australia)?

          • Mark, I obeyed you — I read it.
            I don’t see any point in comparing the two countries. In fact, for decades Oz felt inferior to Mother England. It is hard to be strong when someone else is bigger and more accomplished than you as, naturally, the UK is or was.

            Who needs it? We can figure out social policy for this country.
            (And the garbage about US being a corporation is paid disinfo, to make people feel weak. The US is not a corporation. It is a population, a territory, an economy, a set of cultural habits, and a polity. Drives me mad when somebody at RumorMillNews says it is a corp. The same chap who says we are under Admiralty law. Blecch.)

            As for Oz signing the TPP, see my Gumshoe article “Who Signs the TPP Commits Treason.” If there are wrongdoers in this nation we can deal with them locally per law.

            i hate The Guardian. I can’t bear Leftist thinking. Bleccchhh.

          • Thursday, March 26, 2015
            Commonwealth of Australia registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission
            Here is a document from the Office of the Attorney-General from February 2015 stating that the Commonwealth of Australia is registered wit the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a foreign government.
            see here for document:http://corpau.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/commonwealth-of-australia-registered.html

            Also later in the document it is mentioned that the terms Commonwealth Government, Australian Government and Government of the Commonwealth of Australia are often used interchangeably.

            This document is in breach of the Australian Constitution.

          • Saturday, January 25, 2014
            The Commonwealth of Australia seal explained

            The blog corpau (Corporate Australia) has changed the front page illustration from the Australian Flag which has graced the blog since early 2008 to seals of the Commonwealth of Australia in Jan 2014, of which only one is the only true legitimate seal of the Commonwealth of Australia and its people (not citizens) born on the land.

            The (geographical) country known to most as Australia, is factually a corporation created by the law makers (faceless men), in effect stripping ALL Australians of their rights as men and women, subjecting them to binding ‘agreements’ with ‘corporations’ and not any true government , in effect leaving Australia technically as a ‘lawless’ country.

            (Illustration: The Criminal Code 1995, seal)

            The seal depicting the kangaroo and emu, is the seal of a private corporation that has NO AUTHORITY.

            Men and women who are born on the land of Australia (in the geographical sense), are bound only to the laws made by Parliament of the Commonwealth, under the Constitution and not under a corporate seal and enaction manner and form of Parliament Australia enacts.

            Note: Any act (in any state) that does not contain the proper seal is invalid.

            Many ‘law abiding’ Australians are being incarcerated for not following corporate agreements (from toll way ‘dodgers’, to speeding motorists) to which they never willingly consented to.

            Part of this corruption and conspiracy to suppress the information from the general populous are barristers, lawyers, magistrates, judicial clerks, politicians, law makers, the entities that allegedly (Uphold the Right) known as the police, which are all corporations and are immune from the ‘law’, and as a result cannot be sued.

            What the ‘media’ is supposed to be and what they really are, is a matter of conflict. From what the lay person should understand is the media should report matters in a non biased way, not aligned to any political party reporting on fact, which is representing the truth.

            What many Australians may not be aware of is the there is one document that is the foundation stone for the Australian people, and it is known as the ‘Australian Constitution’ (or in full: Commonwealth of Australia Act. AN ACT TO Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, Cap. 12 [9th July 1900]).
            See illustration:

            Ref: http://foundingdocs.gov.au/item-did-11.html

            As a recent example illustrates, in December of 2013, in the Australian Capital Territory, same sex couples who hoped their marriages were legitimate (a binding contract with the state), found out that this was not the case.

            The court handed down its findings in the ‘landmark case’ at about 12:15pm on the 12/12/2013, where a statement announcing the decision was accidentally published on the court’s website about 20 minuted earlier, where the document is now not available at the link:


            A Queensland law expert stated that the marriage was not according to the Australian Constitution. The matters of Human Rights / equality have no bearing.

            The Australian Constitution (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, bearing the seal with the crowned lion and unicorn) is the only lawful one and NOT the other unlawful variations of it that exist.

            The Australian Constitution CANNOT (lawfully) be changed without a referendum, where the results are gazetted.

            The seal depicting the crowned lion and unicorn, on the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is the only valid seal for any act.

            Clause 5 states:

            “This Act, and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges and people of every State and every part of the Commonwealth notwithstanding anything the in laws of any State…”

            Court documents are struck from public record (as an example, in one case re: the ATO not being a lawful entity to collect taxes), in order to keep perpetuating the fraud against the general populous.

            It is doubtful whether the ‘corporate’ media will ever report the grand scale of theft and fraud committed against the people of Australia, by the so called Australian ‘government’.

            The ‘citizens’ (corporate slaves) of Australia, are seen as cattle, and are treated as such.

            Note: THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is NOT the same as the Commonwealth of Australia.

            Under what lawful Act have you been arrested, detained or incarcerated by police or even imprisoned?

            found at:http://corpau.blogspot.com.au/2014/01/the-commonwealth-of-australia-seal.html

          • 51st state or not.. legally incorporated or not.. I dont know.
            i grew up watching skippy then hogans heroes, mash, brady bunch, happy days etc…may as well be american. my mum really did buy me a can of this too.. one sniff and i would walk around humming the tune all day.

            if we are not american, we try our hardest to be just like them it seems, we even have halloween over here now.. and the TV refers to obama.. as President Obama, not the President of the USA..

            as a side note, i always try and keep as far left as is practicable, as per my driving instructors instuctions.

          • Wednesday, April 27, 2016
            1973 – The Birth of Corporate Australia

            1973 The Birth of Corporate Australia & The Death of the Commonwealth of Australia.

            By Jeremy Britton.

            The year was 1973: It was the the year that the US ceased its decade-long offensive in Vietnam. The year of the final moon landing. The US dollar devalued by 10% in a single day. The Watergate Scandal was top news. OPEC doubled the price of crude oil, leading to a large fuel crisis. Queen Elizabeth II of England visited Australia’s capital city on a special mission of great importance, and signed a new secret Act into force inside Parliament House (more on that later).

            1973 was also the year your money died.

            Up until 1966, Australia used pounds (L), shillings (S) and pence (D). Each pound note was inscribed with the words, “Legal Tender, guaranteed by The Crown and the Commonwealth of Australia”.

            On February 14th 1966, amidst huge ceremony, the (LSD) pound, shillings and pence were discontinued, and replaced by the Australian dollar and cents. There were ads placed on TV, radio and in newspapers for weeks beforehand announcing the change. People aged 60+ may even remember the musical jingle from TV.

            Each new dollar note bore an inscription saying that the note was “Legal Tender throughout the Commonwealth of Australia and the Territories of the Commonwealth”. The notes were all denominated and titled under the heading “Commonwealth of Australia”. Hooray for us!

            A few years later, in 1973, with ZERO ceremony, and zero announcements, no TV commercials, the dollar notes were changed again. This time, the notes bore a new inscription, saying that the note was “Legal Tender throughout Australia and its Territories”.

            So, what happened to “the Commonwealth”?

            First, look up the word “Commonwealth”. It does not mean the Queen, or England. The Commonwealth is the “common” people (you and me) and their “wealth” (gold, silver, real estate, basic property, and the work of your hands, or your labour).

            The original (British) pound notes used in Australia prior to 1901 were backed by physical gold, and guaranteed by the reigning monarch of England.

            Since 1901, the Australian pound notes were no longer backed by gold, but said to be guaranteed by the Crown, an entity (not a person) who was assumed to be able to exchange the notes for gold, if required.

            Australian banknotes from 1901 to 1973 included a guarantee from “the Commonwealth”, which assured the receiver of the note that if they could not exchange the note for gold, then they could be assured that the slave workers of Australia would provide some form of value through giving up their work or property to honour the paper debt.

            In 1973, the “common” people and their “wealth” were removed from all Australian currency.
            This means that a) the common people are no longer liable for the debts incurred by the government, and b) the common people are no longer able to benefit from the wealth created by the government.
            Effectively, you’re on your own.

            The government will NOT look after you, they are NOT here to help you and you cannot trust them.
            If you think that the government will look after you, please examine closely what governments did to Australian Aboriginals and Native Americans…

            OK, so millions of executions and mass theft of land were heinous crimes, and thanks to the overt nature of these offences, we can all look upon them and see that they were “wrong” and should never happen again.

            We the people learned lessons, that we should not allow government to slaughter people and steal their possessions. However, the government also learned lessons: if you make your crimes and thefts obvious, people will rise up and overthrow the ruling class. So it is best to keep your crimes hidden, and keep your theft invisible.

            The Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia commenced under their own power in 1973. They were not legally voted in and have no constitutional power. (Like a fake cop with a plastic badge and a plastic gun, the only power they have is the power you give them, when you bow down and assume they have authority.)

            Their first act was to remove the word “Commonwealth” from the Australian currency. Again, this was unannounced to the public, and millions of people carrying the money in their pockets may not have even noticed.

            They then proceeded to remove the word “Commonwealth” from the Corporate Australian system of government and from numerous Statute Laws.

            They removed the word “Commonwealth” from the Currency Act (1965-1969), and the Banking Act (1959-1967), and Banking Act Amendments, Acts #116 and #193.

            Not content to screw with the money in your pocket, they even messed with the laws regulating how the money was made and lent, and to whom it was repayable.

            Even the Act that was formed to help people to understand the other Australian Acts (the “Acts Interpretation Act” (1901-1966)) was changed in 1973.

            Prior to 1973, the Act read, “Be it enacted by the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia…”

            The canny criminals altered this for the new act to read, “Be it enacted by the Queen, the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia…”

            As you can see, they removed the word “Commonwealth” again, meaning that theirs is a separate and different entity. They also removed the “Most Excellent Majesty” clause, separating a natural-born person of the royal family, and a royal position. To understand why this is important, try to personally sue Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the Queen of England (a naturally-born person), as opposed to sueing the “Crown” (a separate legal entity).

            Understandably, Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha living in Buckingham Palace would not wish to be personally liable for any wrongdoings of her Church of England, her British empire, its employees, agents, subsidiary countries, nor for any debts incurred in her name. It is far easier and more sensible to have a separate entity, in the same way as a builder or a doctor will operate their business under a company, so if somebody dies, or a house falls down, lawyers will sue the company, and not seize the assets of the individual person.

            Speaking of companies and corporate entities, it may interest you to know that there was a corporation known as “The Commonwealth of Australia”. It was registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington DC in 1934, just after the Great Depression.

            “The Commonwealth of Australia” was registered as a “sovereign nation” (which is legally NOT the same as a sovereign country).

            It seems that the original country/government/commonwealth/organisation known as “Australia” may have declared itself bankrupt sometime during the period from 1929 to 1934, during the Great Depression. There were no “GFC-like” corporate bailouts back then, and you would either have to go bankrupt or borrow heavily from another nation, thus making yourself subservient to them.

            Just as a billionaire would close down a troubled company and start a new one, the ruling class of Australia registered a new company with a similar name in 1934, to continue operations whilst not having to settle its old debts.

            Interestingly, it seems that the new “Commonwealth of Australia”, registered in Washington DC in 1934 may have been set up by the creditors of the old Australia…

            That is, the new company/nation was registered by the people to whom the old “Australia” owed money to: the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the “Crown” (corporate England) and several international banksters (Rothschild central banks).

            It would appear that an arrangement was made by those lending the money, to allow Australia to operate under a new name, so long as it agreed to pay back a few pennies in the dollar, rather than writing off the entire debt, running away and changing its name to Austrabekistan…

            The corporation known as the “Commonwealth of Australia” then existed from 1934 to 1973, when the new pirates came in and registered a new corporate identity, simply known as “Australia”.
            The entity known as “Australia” was also registered in 1973 at the SEC in Washington DC, alongside a secondary level of debt reconstruction and reorganization (not a bankruptcy, more like a Chapter 11, or a Scheme of Arrangement).

            After the fictitious entity known as “Australia” was registered in Washington DC, they also registered new entities, including the “Parliament of Australia”, and the “Queen of Australia”. Like the building company, these organisations are also corporate structures made of paper, not real people who can be sued, imprisoned nor held accountable for their actions.

            Government publications in 1971 were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia”. Government publications in 1972 were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia”. Lo and behold, in 1973, government publications were called “The Acts of the Parliament of the Australian Parliament” (with the word “Commonwealth” removed).
            You can see the PDF with the three years here: http://truth-now.net/wp-content/uploads/Parliament-of-the-Commonwealth-vs-Australia.pdf

            1973 — the year that Australia was sold to the USA, the banksters and the IMF.

            Sceptics are now tut-tutting and looking for tinfoil hats. More open-minded people will click on the next link and see the SEC filing on the US government website.http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=Commonwealth+of+Australia&CIK&filenum&State&SIC&owner=include&action=getcompany

            There are hundreds of pages of documents and filings on a US government website: all notarised and all verifiable.

            It is clear that the nation known as Australia is a registered corporate identity in the USA. Does the USA have a reciprocal registration with ASIC in Australia? No. Because the USA is not owned by, nor indebted to, nor does it owe anything to, Australia. Think about that.

            If sceptics care to check the SEC filings to see if the USA registers its other trading partners, or those with whom it does business, you will find that the biggest trading partners of the USA are not listed at the SEC nor are other countries registered in Washington… because these other countries are not owned by, nor indebted to, the USA.Think about that for a minute.

            If you believe that Australia is a registered corporate entity in Washington DC (and according to the US government website it is), you may see why your freedom is being eroded, or why Australia tends to blindly follow the USA.

            You may open your eyes to see that Australia has to file reports to the US government every year (it does, and you can see them on the above SEC website).

            Even the famous Australian Coat of Arms is a business trademark, and registered as a business trademark in the USA.


            Australia files annual reports to the SEC in the USA (just as any business would report its earnings to a tax office, or to a creditor, or to someone to whom it owes money).

            This may help you to understand why Australia follows the USA into every war, including the invasion in Iraq, which was illegal, and based on falsified data about fictitious weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s), which did not exist and were never found.

            The country of Australia is a large landmass located in South-East Asia. It was founded by the British, uses British law, and a British monarch as its head. Its largest trading partners are Asians in China and Indonesia, yet Australia holds so much affiliation with the USA, and so much (baseless) loyalty to the USA, so much interest in the politics of the USA, that one could almost consider the land of Australia to be the fifty-first state of the USA. Why is that?

            Australia is a US corporation, and can be treated like a company, not like a Motherland. Its so-called government “administrates” and is essentially legally powerless, unless you acquiesce, sign an agreement with them, or bow down to their false authority.

            You can see a two-minute clip about how an ordinary bloke, who wanted to import an American car to Australia, ended up taking on the Australian government and challenging them to prove their authenticity and authority, right here:


            The full one-hour version of his documentary can be found at http://truth-now.net/

            Not only is Australia a corporation registered in the USA, but the so-called “Australian government” is an administrator who has been appointed to administrate a bankrupt country.

            When you understand that the government has been defrauding you for many years, you may just change your mind about paying council rates, income tax, parking fines, failure to vote penalties and so on.

            If a company whom you do not recognise sends you an invoice; an invoice which you did not agree to pay, do you have to pay it?

            The majority of people pay the fines (*invoices*) without question, and so the illegal government can keep their money, keep their authority and maintain their power. (I’m pretty sure that Al Capone ran a similar racket in Chicago, called “pay me or I’ll bust you up”. Like Capone’s money-grab, it would seem that the seated Australian government also has no legal rights to your cash; they only get it if you hand it over without a fight and if you pay up without asking questions.)

            realnewsaustralia.com 24 Apr 2016
            found at:http://corpau.blogspot.com.au/2016/04/1973-birth-of-corporate-australia.html

          • I even made a special trip into our local law courts to see if they have an Australian flag with gold braid around the edges. If they do, they’re hiding it. Maybe bring it out for special occasions.

    • Absolutely spot on, its the first and probably the biggest item to charge right out of the gate! Why are we paying interest on this privately owned “currency” (its not money, hows that for Orwellian) that is “swapped for (not lent) Australian Bonds etc, when the very Bonds are of true intrinsic value, and the monopoly dough-lier shite is worthless, and why do we pay interest if the rubbish tokens were in fact purchased and not lent??????????????????? Wow we have fallen and we better get back up and fast!

  2. I have my ticket to the Melbourne Tour.

    If you think about it ripping off the public makes sense for all but “we” the people (Consumers to them). Let’s face it, the corporations knowingly lie and rip us off, then by chance they get caught (or is it by chance?), they then get fined which goes to the government and not the people who were fraudulently lied to….?

    Why have the entities who represent this corporation not been charged with fraud?

    I wonder whether the lies about these poisons have led to any medical harm to any people?

    The pharmaceutical industrial complex is becoming as dangerous as the medical, political, military and corporate industrial complex. Maybe because they are all the one in the same?

  3. Wow, Fair Dinkum, have I got news for you. I watched the 1970s ad you showed — for Uncle Sam deodorant — and it rings no bells with me. (I watched plenty of TV in US in 1970s).
    Methinks you “Sydneysiders and Melbuurnites” were being give a can of “please adapt to Americanism” not deodorant. Isn’t that awful! And yes, Aussies should reject Halloween for that very reason.

    • Im a crow eater Mary 😀
      I remember going to some fancy dress, costume thing, mum dressed me up in a stars and stripes shirt – with a round map patch of the artic circle sewn into the armpit.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. At the risk of sounding like I’m complaining, is there any chance you guys could fix the comments section, or is it my device? It narrows to single letters as it goes south. All comments are important to me, even more so than the article in most cases. If it is my device, l shall ceremoniously burn it while dancing naked and singing songs about chemtrails. Please tell me it’s my device…

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