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20th Anniversary of Port Arthur and the Conquest of Australia


turnbull PAMThe Turnbull’s attending the memorial ceremony

By Mary W Maxwell

The twentieth anniversary clarified everything, did it not? Among officials there was silence to the nth degree about the mere fact that many Aussies have challenged the narrative of April 28, 1996.  That alone tells us that the challengers must be correct. If they weren’t, their version of events could have been aired publically and knocked down (if they were knock-downable).

It’s a relief that the waiting is over – the hoping that something would come to light and change everybody’s mind on the magical date, April 28, 2016. We should now buckle down to the mundane task of saying what’s really going on. In my opinion, what’s really going on is that The Powers That Be have conquered Australia.

An Easy Conquest

They did it on the cheap. They simply dumbed down the population over a generation or two. The Powers That Be use the media, the schools, and probably the churches, to do this. Yuri Bezmenov, a Russian who was tasked with harming America by changing its culture, shows exactly how he did it. (See his 1983 interview with Ed Griffin on Youtube). “You start with the 3-year-olds….”

Persons outside the nation of Australia concocted the plan for Port Arthur a long time ago. The premier of New South Wales, Barrie Unsworth, uttered the key words — “massacre in Tasmania.” (To be precise he said, in 1987, “It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we get gun laws.”)

Poor old Martin Bryant got sucked into the vortex before the age of 21 (maybe in very early childhood). He was softened up in “hospitals” in Hobart and Adelaide (see below), and perhaps in the UK. Thus he was available to be a patsy for any major crime.

(Note: mind-controllers sometimes create a “Manchurian candidate” who carries out a drug deal, a hijacking, or a massacre under hypnosis, but Martin Brant was NOT a Manchurian candidate. He simply fiulfilled the role of ‘patsy.’

Since his Dad was killed in 1994 and his Mum effectively obliterated, Martin in 1996 was 100% vulnerable.)

You Must Accept the Majority View

In a police-interview video, which was “released” for the first time a few weeks ago on Channel 7’s “Sunday Night” show, we see Martin answering questions in a sensible way. He looks like he does not know anything about the killings at the Broad Arrow Café. He says normal things like “Why would I buy tomato sauce?” (a witness allegedly saw him buy it en route to PA) and “It is sad, isn’t it. It’s horrendous” (when told of the murders).

But his innocence was not to be analyzed or elaborated on. Rather, the public got told that we all definitely know that the killer of 35 people was Martin. Once the public is under control in this way, the bosses can easily get parliamentarians and legal-eagles to cooperate — they’ll all be afraid of sticking out.

I think fear of sticking out is a huge controller in human society. I recall an instance, during my youth in America, when Joan Kennedy, the wife of Senator Ted Kennedy, mistakenly wore a short dress to a long-dress party. She nearly died of humiliation.

Even today, in academia, where the intellectual path of the odd-man-out has traditionally been respected, all has collapsed in the face of public opinion. It’s hush-hush all the way, and some are paid to enforce this, usually by ridicule and threats of job loss.

The Martin-Is-Innocent Road Show

Yesterday at GumshoeNews.com, a commenter named Martin Jackson (who has set up a Facebook page for Bryant) said the best thing would be to have a roadshow for the Innocence of Martin. I’m sure that’s a good idea, but I can’t imagine where one would get the resources for it. By contrast, those who would try to prevent it have huge resources.

I’ve proposed a different “road show” — one that operates on a very small scale. We will strut our stuff only to pollies, law folk, and maybe police. They are the custodians of the case against Martin. Ah, maybe medical people too, if they get a load of the fodder note (excerpted below).

The road show for the moment consists of the Committee of Protectors for Martin Bryant. The committee’s job is mainly to simply exist. That makes a statement in itself. The statement is that various barriers are in place to prevent one particular citizen, Mr Bryant, from having access to the normal reasonableness of the law. He is effectively “incommunicado.”

Before there was a committee, I myself (and no doubt many others) have taken various steps to try to over come the legal issue. Some of these initiatives are listed in the new book by me and Dee McLachlan, Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough. It is a free download at GumshoeNews.com.

At the same time I agree with Mr Jackson that a road show is needed to get at the public’s conscience, with respect to the suffering endured by Bryant. It is very Australian to help the little guy. The custodians of the legal case already get pressure from above to hurt Bryant. They need to get massive pressure from below – or just a lot of “truth in the air.”

Let’s Advise People about the Fodder Note

Here are excepts from what we (at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe) labeled  “the fodder note.” It has been on the Internet for a long time and is dated 1988. You can find it in Chapter 28 of the aforementioned Maxwell-McLachlan book, and I do a live reading of it on Youtube. (Gosh, they never should have let us have Youtube.)

This document, which must have been written by a quiet whistleblower, looks genuine to me. I sent a copy of it to many members of the Tasmanian and Commonwealth governments. Would you please send it to your MP also? That way they can’t say they never knew of it. Here ’tis, the Fodder Note:

“Martin Bryant “randomly picked” as secret services “child fodder” [kids who are disposable.] He showed no sign of mental incapacity, psychiatric condition, retardation or PHTs.  His body language indicated apprehension….

“We established that he had been drugged unconscious for the trip from Tasmania, following the usual – expressly forbidden – practice and injected with the usual antidote immediately before being ushered into our office.

“We tried to allay his fears. His verbal communication was understandably reticent but his body language quickly indicated a trusting, open nature….

“A few weeks later he was again brought to us. He could not walk unaided. He had clearly been severely electroshocked and overdosed on neuroleptics…. He was unable to recognize the interviewer, had lack of muscle coordination (e.g., inability to close mouth and control flow of saliva), and symptoms congruent with very heavy dosage of benzodiazepines….

“At a later date a staff from Glenside visited us and informed that Martin had been imprisoned incommunicado (and hypnotically induced). Similar follow-ups by former Hillcrest psychiatric staff.”

Violence by Police on the Gold Coast

Gumshoe commenter Mark Wilhelm has just alerted me to an article at Activist-News that tells us we are all going to suffer from this “conquest of Australia.” Not that we didn’t know the famous cases, but how many day-to-day cases are there?

The writer is a woman on the Gold Coast, who had been acting as a dissident (which is not a crime), such as reporting the misbehavior of government. The following appeared at Activist-news.com, dated April 25, 2016:

“Last Monday was just a typical day, I picked my child up from school, did homework with him, made dinner, etc. [My partner and I] stayed up, I worked a little on Activist News, and went to sleep. Around 3 o’clock in the morning we were woken by bashing on our door and bright lights in the bedroom window.

“I quickly jumped out of bed, wrapped a towel around me. My partner was in the bedroom looking for clothes. I answered the door and told them to shush, people were sleeping and they informed me there were reports of Domestic Violence.

“They told me they were coming in to search and I asked for a warrant, which they informed me they did not need to have as there were Domestic violence reports.

“So I asked to see a badge…. The next minute one cop has me up against the door frame, pulling my hair and twisting my arms, yelling at me to do as I am told, while the other is pushing past me into the house to start searching.

“If they truly believed we were in a situation involving domestic violence, which was so ugly they immediately had to bust into my house, why in the world were they pushing me around and abusing me? Doesn’t this make them the ones committing the crime?

“I asked them if I could go and get clothes and they said “No” by this time there were around 8 officers in my house, going through my cupboards, turning things upside down and they had already informed me I was being arrested for obstruction.

“These police officers did not question me in regards to the imagined domestic violence claims that supposedly bought them to my door at 3 am, they did not ask either of us if we were OK, they did not care that my child was asleep. They had no regard what-so-ever for the welfare of anyone in my house.

“They did ask us about Activist News…”

Just for fun, I’ll stand on the steps of South Australia’s Parliament House tomorrow lunchtime, Friday, May 6, from 12.30-1.00 in case anybody wants to come by and talk about the Fodder Note, police raids, the price of eggs, or anything else.

Darn, I don’t have a Number 3 baseball cap ready, but you will somehow be able to identify me.

— Mary W Maxwell is the coordinator of the Committee of Protectors for Martin Bryant.



photo adapted from news.com.au


    • Thank you, Dee. I looked up “political prisoners and Soviet psychiatry” — not to say Bryant is political — and found a huge article at Wikipedia. It starts with:

      “The Soviet psychiatric terror in its brutality and targeting the mentally ill as the most vulnerable group of society had nothing on the Nazi euthanasia programs.The punishment by placement in a mental hospital was as effective as imprisonment in Mordovian concentration camps in breaking persons psychologically and physically.”

        • Do you mean I shouldn’t use Wiki? It is valuable as regards the type of things which the Wiki takes straight from the CIA’s National Estimates.

          As regards the above Wiki item, it’s a bit odd in that it seems to have been written by the aggrieved parties. Nevertheless it is well-established that the USSR went in for psychiatry as a response to dissidence.

  1. The biggest challenge to get over is, as John F Kennedy said is the people that take secret oaths, this is a very large and broad network, if anyone ever wants a detailed of how all this works, Greg Szymanski did a great interview with a lady who used a code name Svali to try and protect herself, which on youtube, part of it will shock you, if you put Svali in search you will find it straight away, what is trying will meet the greatest resistance, it would mean their whole house cards collapses

    • That was a past commie Russia, perhaps things have reversed?
      Then again, the globalist fascists control freaks have not changed? Now they are here?
      Communism, nazism, bolshevism, fascism, totalitarianism, socialism and Zionism are now rebadged as collectivism. (Ref: E. G. Griffin)
      Same game, control fascist freaks galore, now bankers and ‘ debtism’ prevail under collectivism and globalism.
      All very simple .

        • Ned, did you notice a week ago that Paul referenced the permanent tri-war among “Eastasia” “Eurasia” and “Oceania”. The Goldstein thesis inside Orwell’s “1984” was called “Theory and Practice of OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM.”
          By golly somebody’s got a sense of humor — not to mention a sense of the big picture.

          And for anyone too young to remember it, Oceania included (or should I say ‘includes’?) The US, The British Isles, a.k.a. Airstrip One, and yes, you got it, Australia. So the ‘ocean’ in the word ‘Oceania’ seems to be both Atlantic and Pacific.

          Or maybe there is a different connection between Oz, UK, and US. I know I shouldn’t bring this up here but Fiona Barnett says Gough Whitlam and John Kerr were lovers.

          Let’s give Her Bossness five minutes to wipe that one off if it’s too too.

  2. Skip the first 3.30 mins. Then Bezmenov tells how to subvert a nation. I wonder if we have to take up these tricks and use them ourselves. It’s not my cup of tea,

  3. Question sure you will have the answer for, Carleen Bryant when she was interviewed by 60 minutes in 2011 at the 15 year mark, said she saw Martin in Prison regularly, when did they stop her doing that, and when she a had the regular visit how many years did she do that for ? I have order her book but that was written awhile ago, look forward to its arrival

  4. Tania Vini and Lucy Akatere were wrongly jailed full story at http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/67098878/wrongly-jailed-pair-tearfully-reunite-after-10-years, but there is a real learning in it, for if successful with Martin Bryant having him freed, these girls were completed cleared is it was clear they had been set up, but when they were released there were still people retreating them as if they were guilty,and on a separate matter with the drugs they have had him on will professional help on how to take him off them, also Apsergers, like autism love routine it would be a big change for him to leave the prison

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