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“Bought and Sold” – Politicians Should Wear Sponsor Badges


POLITICIAN SPONSORSAustralian Formula 1 driver, Daniel Ricciardo (L), and Malcolm Turnbull wearing a sample sponsor jacket (R). Note: Most of these are not Malcolm’s real sponsors

By Dee McLachlan

Last night Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten faced off in a debate. It seems appropriate to put up Greg Buck’s second interview — about “Investment”, the printing of free money, and his idea of forcing the politicians to wear “Badge Sponsor jackets.”



    • Dee, I’ve posted this video before of Francisco d’Anconia’s money speech in Atlas Shrugged. It is another way of expressing what Greg is on about.

      When the system is corrupt and only liars and thieves are able to survive in the system, you may know your society is doomed. Eventually, the productive people will no longer carry the parasites, but will simply ‘shrug’ the load.

      The result is societal collapse.

  1. Dee, give that guy a Walkley-Talkley. He’s terrific.

    Now: how to bring back “the hard-working farmer”? How to bring back “vision of the future”? How to boot the frackers out?

  2. I think it’s a bit late here. When Goldman Sachs can, without faked elections, install their man (Turn of the Bull) we can see that the system is rigged. This banking cabal control China as well. That is why our leaders go there as soon as they are chosen. Nothing is as it seems everything has been inverted. Woke up this morning and see that all night they have been spraying. Stringy clouds that never existed in my youth.

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