The “Dot Connector”, David Icke, on Coming To Australia

David Icke is touring Australia in July. Four days over four cities — Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney — with a 9-hour long talk. I (Dee McLachlan) interviewed him last night. We had to deal with the noise from a rain downpour on the tin roof of my office.

For tickets click here.



  1. I wonder whether the rain was, err made to happen?? Looking forward to seeing David this year.
    Great interview Dee.

  2. Interestingly, there were attempts yesterday to “hack” into the google account attached to Gumshoe. Icke is being monitored?

  3. Fantastic Dee, so glad you had the talk with David. This man has proven many times over the world is a mess in a non reality state.
    Olivia Newton John is also part of the Pedophilia story along with Trump as the plant. Cliff Richard is next!!! Hope he goes down like a ton of breaks.

    • Trump? that would why he is one of the CHOSEN TWO.

      The other one is, also. The main message i heard Icke say is “We are so far away from what is really going on.” Yay.

  4. This seems to be turning into a very strange day. I think I’ll go and hide.

  5. AJ Kierath says:

    Any mention of reptilians by David last night?

  6. A tin roof is an esential indulgence for comfort, on a ‘old out the back’ dunny!

  7. Fair Dinkum says:

    as we are in election mode, theres more of David on perception here

    glad he is not coming to adelaide, i couldnt cope with any more truth..

  8. Aw, Dee, did you have to tell everybody that Gumshoe works from a shed?


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