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The “Dot Connector”, David Icke, on Coming To Australia


David Icke is touring Australia in July. Four days over four cities — Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney — with a 9-hour long talk. I (Dee McLachlan) interviewed him last night. We had to deal with the noise from a rain downpour on the tin roof of my office.

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  1. Fantastic Dee, so glad you had the talk with David. This man has proven many times over the world is a mess in a non reality state.
    Olivia Newton John is also part of the Pedophilia story along with Trump as the plant. Cliff Richard is next!!! Hope he goes down like a ton of breaks.

  2. Interestingly, there were attempts yesterday to “hack” into the google account attached to Gumshoe. Icke is being monitored?

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