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The FBI’s Cute Trick: Form 302 and the Marathon Bombing Case


combined2(L) Zacarias Moussaoui, (R) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

by Mary W Maxwell

It infuriates me that “the Marathon bomber,” Jahar Tsarnaev, made an apology to his “victims.” He did this after the jury had sentenced him to death. In other words, he didn’t do it in hopes of getting a lighter sentence (such as “imprisonment forever” – how light can you get?).

Jahar’s Allocution

In fact the opening sentence that the convicted bomber uttered in his “allocution” was: “I would like to begin in the name of Allah, the exalted and glorious….”

Wait, pardon me, that was his second sentence. The first was “Thank you, Your Honor, for giving me an opportunity to speak.”

Sorry, Jahar, that’s incorrect. What’s-his-name did not “give” you anything.  Society gave it to you. The law accumulates the wisdom of centuries. Your right to speak in advance of the judge reading out the sentence is a product of many human beings putting their nogs together. Generally the law in a civilized country aims at justice.

Are you with me so far, lad?

Good. Now I want to say why I am furious that you held forth at all. It would have been better for you to shut upski. I have enough trouble persuading Bostonians of your innocence. This is because ever since March 4, 2015, at her opening moment – her grand entrance, as it were – Judy Clarke said (I’ll paraphrase): “Want to see a criminal?  Look here. I got one for you. Ta-da.”

Jahar, I haven’t yet made a single convert, at least that I know of.  I write for a news outlet; hundreds of people read my stuff and maybe a few folks have become Jahar supporters thereby. But it’s laborious. And then you come along with that doozie.

You said:

Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of – if there’s any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more.”

The most I can hope to tell people is that you were somehow coerced to read that page. (Note: a media outlet said you were only holding a “post-it note,” but a spy who was in the courtroom informed me that it was a full-size piece of paper).


My best approach now will have to be to point out that a kid in America today (“kid” being, say, under forty) would be very unlikely to use the verb “lingering.”  (OK, OK, it’s a gerundive, not a verb, gimme a break.) Jahar, did you ever, pre-prison, use the word “lingering”?

And then you said – or, rather, you read — “let there be no more.”

Ditto for the under-40 set on using such a construction as “let there be.” I realize Paul McCartney wrote the song “Let It Be,” — you’ve probably sung it. So conceivably you could construct something like: “I am guilty, and you, the victims, wish to kill me. Well then, let it be.”

Probably you’ve also hummed the Everly Brothers’ song, “Let It Be Me” – which dear Elvis, too, crooned so nicely. Totally breaks me up:

“I bless the day I found you,

I want to be around you,

And so I beg you,

Let it be me.”

Oh God, the adjective POIGNANT was invented for that song.

But, Jahar, you crooned “Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of – if there’s any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more.” You should have said, “And so I beg you, I did NOT frickin’ do it. So let my conviction be erased. Get me outta here. I want my Mum’s rabbit stew, and I want it now.”

Oops, it’s so easy to mix up our US prisoner with the one in Tasmania. Hmm. Jahar, how about you say “I sure could use a strip of reindeer jerky from Chechnya.”  Or “I needs me weed; this Supermax prison is a bit on the abstemious side.”

FBI Form 302: Let It Not Be, Anymore

Still, young Mr Tsarnaev, you may have done the world a big favor. Maybe, because of you, we’ll be able to publicise a dirty trick that has been practiced by the Federation of Big Idiots for some time now. I am referring to their Form #302.

Although I like to think of myself as ‘up there’ in the list of peeps who understand the chicanery of the FBI (and consequently of the DOJ in whose department they ostensibly reside), it is only recently that the concept of “Form 302” came into my life.

This is because my scholarly role model, Elias Davidsson, explored the phone calls allegedly made from the planes during the morning of September 11, 2001. (Jahar, I hear you got your US citizenship on September 11, 2011. Did they make hoopla about the 10th anniversary?)

Davidsson’s book – whose sales are probably only in the double digits – is called Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11. He had to compare the government’s original reports of what was said by air stewardesses and what their family members on the ground heard.

Elias was in the dark about certain things until, in the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui, the FBI presented its “302” reports. It seems the FBI had rushed out to the homes of families who got calls; they also rushed to the GTE operator who took calls from certain American Airlines employees and perhaps from Barbara Olson. (Well, allegedly anyway.) (Allegedly allegedly?)

Davidsson got as much as he could from these Form 302’s. Importantly for us, he discovered that it was FBI policy to let its agents write down what the person told them at the interview. They NEVER use a recording device. They don’t even have the interviewee write out his or her recollection of the event.

Isn’t that remarkable?  What on earth, in this day and age, prevents them from making a proper record? Bet on it: it is to make it possible for the feds to concoct the story as they go along. If the 302 is kept in a filing cabinet it can be “adapted.”

It Was So Official

Jahar, they did it to you, as per. The FBI used their hospital interview with you as the means for informing Americans of “what Jahar said.” And how could I, or Cheryl Dean, or anyone, have a comeback against this report? It was so very “official.”

Tom Winter, writing for nbcnews.com, informed us on February 29, 2016:

“Newly unsealed documents reveal that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told FBI agents that he and his brother picked their own spots to place their bombs and that each of them set off his own device.

Tsarnaev talked to FBI agents at a hospital where he was undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds. They interviewed him six days after the 2013 bombing, but a summary of his statements, prepared by the FBI [see what I mean?], had not previously been disclosed.”

The FBI only “released” this data recently. It is staggeringly dishonest. More from nbcnews, with my emphasis added:

“The bombs were built [the patient] said, in Tamerlan’s apartment using instructions downloaded from al Qaeda’s online magazine, Inspire. The FBI summary also said Tsarnaev told the agents that “there were no other attacks planned, there were no unaccounted devices, and the only individuals involved in the attack planning and execution were Jahar and Tamerlan.”

Confusing there how they use the quotation marks. Sounds like the patient is spewing up his secrets, but if so, wouldn’t this have come forth as a “confession” during the trial?

And doubt is further cast by the illogic of interrogators taking the patient’s word for it that there were no other accomplices.   How would they trust such a person as “the Boston bomber” to provide the all-clear? Age 19 is guarding national security?

Three Ways

In sum, the case against Jahar (aka Dzokhar) Tsarnaev was wrapped up in three ways:

  1. His defense attorney, Judy Clarke, said, on March 4, at the 2015 trial, “He did it.”
  1. The Court unsealed a document, in February, 2016, which claimed Jahar had admitted in hospital, a few days after his April 2013 arrest, that he made the bombs. The source of that, I repeat was not a tape recording of Jahar’s voice, but some FBI 302’s, God help us.
  1. Jahar, annoyingly, and for reasons I cannot understand, sang “Let it be me,” on June 24, 2015 on his sentencing day, right after the various witnesses gave their Victim Impact Statements. His full allocution was lengthy; it does not fit on a post-it note. (My spy says the assistant defender, Miriam Conrad, seemed to be coaching him before he read it. Hmm.)

By the way, I mentioned the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui and how it happened to reveal the Form 302 report of those callers from the planes. (That information was demanded by Moussaoui’s defense team! How amazing.) According to Wikipedia:

During the trial, Moussaoui initially stated that he was not involved in the September 11 attacks, but that he was planning an attack of his own [!]. Some al-Qaeda members reportedly corroborated Moussaoui’s statement to an extent, saying that he was involved in a plot other than September 11, but prosecutors [!] believed that his story had no merit. On April 3, 2006, Moussaoui was found to be eligible for the death penalty.

[He is still alive.]

Before leaving the courtroom, Moussaoui was reported to have shouted, ‘You will never get my blood. God curse you all!’ Later that month he withdrew his qualifications and again admitted guilt on all charges levied by the prosecution.”


I conclude by saying that I believe Jahar is no more the Boston bomber than I am. Or that any of the thousands of people at the Finish Line were. I take him for a patsy, based on such things as:

  • the extraordinary effort made to get rid of him in or near the Watertown boat (basically, attempted murder),
  • the utterly peculiar judicial behavior of Judge George O’Toole throughout the trial including his sealing up of more than a thousand documents,
  • the fact that there have been so many false flags, with the Marathon bombing having many of the standard features (I am on record declaring a carjacking as ‘diagnostic’ of a scripted event),
  • the efficient preventing of all human contact with Jahar, including, you may recall, the placing of ankle bracelets on his elderly relatives,
  • the difficulty Minnesota attorney Jack Graham had in finding any Massachusetts attorney to vouch for him a an out-of-stater so he could simply file Aunt Maret’s affidavit (Shame on you, Massachusetts lawyers),
  • and of course, the content of Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva’s affidavit, which says that the “defense team” came to the home of Jahar’s parents in the Russian Federation and admitted that they knew the brothers were not the bombers but were under pressure to say otherwise.

“Under pressure?”  Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Americans, can you react to that please? They KNEW he was innocent, so they said HE DID IT. Follow that “logic.”

And now for the allocution of the condemned man (with bolding added by me):

THE COURT: All right, Mr. Tsarnaev.

CLARKE: May I move the microphone?

THE DEFENDANT: Thank you, your Honor, for giving me an opportunity to speak. I would like to begin in the name of Allah, the exalted and glorious, the most gracious, the most merciful, “Allah” among the most beautiful names. Any act that does not begin in the name of God is separate from goodness.

This is the blessed month of Ramadan, and it is the month of mercy from Allah to his creation, a month to ask forgiveness of Allah and of his creation, a month to express gratitude to Allah and to his creation. It’s the month of reconciliation, a month of patience, a month during which hearts change. Indeed, a month of many blessings.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said if you’ve not thanked the people, you’ve not thanked God.

So I would like to first thank my attorneys, those who sit at this table, the table behind me, and many more behind the scenes. They have done much good for me, for my family. They made my life the last two years very easy. I cherish their company.  [Shades of “I’ll miss yas.”] They’re lovely companions. I thank you.

I would like to thank those who took time out of their daily lives to come and testify on my behalf despite the pressure. I’d like to thank the jury for their service, and the Court. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said that if you do not — if you are not merciful to Allah’s creation, Allah will not be merciful to you, so I’d like to now apologize to the victims, to the survivors.

Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of — if there’s any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more. I did do it along with my brother — I learned of some of the victims. I learned their names, their faces, their age. And throughout this trial more of those victims were given names, more of those victims had faces, and they had burdened souls.

Now, all those who got up on that witness stand and that podium related to us — to me — I was listening – the suffering that was and the hardship that still is, with strength and with patience and with dignity.

Now, Allah says in the Qur’an that no soul is burdened with more than it can bear, and you told us just how unbearable it was, how horrendous it was, this thing I put you through. And I know that you kept that much. I know that there isn’t enough time in the day for you to have related to us everything. I also wish that four more people had a chance to get up there, but I took them from you. [“Four” means he killed Sean Collier, too.]

Now, I am sorry for the lives that I’ve taken, for the suffering that I’ve caused you, for the damage that I’ve done.

Irreparable damage. Now, I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. And I prayed for Allah to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, those affected in the bombing and their families. Allah says in the Qur’an that with every hardship there is relief. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength.

I ask Allah to have mercy upon me and my brother and my family. I ask Allah to bestow his mercy upon those present here today. And Allah knows best those deserving of his mercy. And I ask Allah to have mercy upon the ummah of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Amin. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Thank you.

(Reference: Trial Document 1634 Filed 02/09/16)

— Mary W Maxwell is on the case. She’s going on the old adage “Hope springs eternal.” But if forced to bet whether Jahar goes free or gets fried she would of course bet the latter, in a nation where people are masochistically allowing law to be destroyed.




  1. Drat. I thought I was original in writing to Maura Hanley, Attorney-General of Massachusetts re Jahar. Please see: https://gumshoenews.com/2015/09/13/an-open-letter-to-massachusetts-attorney-general-maura-healey-regarding-the-death-in-custody-of-tamerlan/).

    But I’ve just found that Jack Remington Graham beat me to the punch by 2 years — at least obliquely. He happened to be writing to the DA for the County of New York to advise him to jump on the 9-11 case. Why should it be federal – all handled in Judge Alvin Hellerstein’s court? Graham said:

    “The question of treason is worthy of special notice, because it emphasizes the authority of your office in connection with 9/11. In the Philadelphia Convention, the definition and punishment for treason, now specified in the third section, third article of the United States Constitution, gave rise to an extended debate. The phrase “against the United States” was inserted and retained, as the records of the convention show, because it was understood that the several States were each vested with sovereign power, and that, therefore, every State retained authority to prosecute and punish treason entirely distinct from the power of Congress over treason against the United States.”

    He continued:
    “It is at least questionable, in light of Lopez and Morrison, confirmed by Sebelius, that federal jurisdiction can be extended to the prosecution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in connection with the Boston marathon on the 15th of April last. And in fact, even if federal jurisdiction can be extended to Mr. Tsarnaev, or counsel for the accused should waive objection based limits on the power of Congress to regulate commerce, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts certainly has reserved rights of prosecution, and prosecutors in Middlesex County are exercising it in proceedings against Mr. Tsarnaev.”

    Made my day! Interestingly the district attorney to whom Jack addressed the letter is Cyrus Vance, Jr.

    • good article Mary! It’s unbelievable that in the boston bombing case, the feds did not audio or video record the hospital “confession”. If they wanted to prove that Dzhokhar was guilty for all to see, they would have recorded it. Those bastards wrote what ever they wanted to in their 302 reports so they could leak it to the media and secure Dzhokhar’s conviction.
      It’s odd Dzhokhar said they made the bombs in Tamerlan’s apartment, but not a trace of anything was found in that apartment to back that up, as stated at the trial. The FBI are the guilty ones who should be imprisoned at ADX, not this innocent kid.

      • Dzhokhar says his lawyers were “lovely companions”. Does that sound like something a young guy would say? It’s fitting though, as he certainly couldn’t say they were great defense lawyers since they were anything but that. They are responsible for him getting the death penalty.I’m sure this “confession” was scripted for him for reasons we don’t know. I think it was done to please the gov so the case could be all tied up with a bow and no one would have any guilt over sending this kid to death row. It was all part of the show in which Dzhokhar was forced to play this role. A normal defendant in a fair trial would never act this way and read those words. He was likely threatened or maybe drugged. Too sickening for words.

      • Cheryl,
        Ever heard of a police ‘verbal’?
        Par for the course with police in NSW up to the 90’s.
        Saved police time and effort and a need to investigate properly.
        Not saying that they still do not try to use it.

        • And if Mrs School-marm (you know who you are) may add, the noun Verbal also became a verb, as when a prisoner wrote on the roof of a prison “I’ve been verballed.”

          Today he could say “I’ve been Jahared” — except, to be perfectly picky, we do not yet know for sure that Jahar isn’t the author of that lingeringly lovely piece.

          If I recall, from the Eighties, the Aussie prisoner hoped a passing helicopter or two might see what he wrote on the roof.

          Ned, was it NSW or Qld?

        • Yeah Ned, read a few of them myself, LOL! I remember one time where this copper tried to strap up a FREAKING NUN. She wasn’t in ‘uniform’ at the time and he just did his thing.

          When the judge heard she was SISTER Mary at the whatever convent, he dismissed her having to swear in on the Bible. I used to run into the copper every now and then in other Courts, we always had a good laugh about it in front of his mates. “Hey, did …… ever tell you about the time he tried to strap up a NUN!”

  2. I’m so glad I didn’t unsubscribe from Gumshoe after reading the previous post about the “victims” of the marathon “bombing” and how it was Dee’s policy not to discuss the possibility that the victims are phonies.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this post and I enjoy the humor in Mary’s articles.

    Sounds to me like Dzhokhar may have written his own statement, which was then “edited” by someone and purposely changed into an admission of guilt. I doubt the FBI or Justice Dept. or prosecution or defense would have made the religion seem so reasonable, peaceful, and respectful of others. The admission of guilt parts of it do not seem to belong at all with the others. I expect he knew his statement would have to be reviewed by someone (FBI?), but to force him to lie out loud in his own voice and say he did it? The cruelty, subtle and obvious, with which he was treated by all involved is overwhelming and so far beyond outrageous that words do not exist!

    • Just think, Speculator, some day we’ll be able to ask Jahar if he wrote it himself. And when will that be? When we get up the moxie to arrest the real criminals.

      How many of the persons who have spent months showing that the victims are not genuine have spent any time facing up to their responsibility to do something about Carmen Ortiz?

      Just what are Americans willing to do today to save the Great Republic? Anything?

      Proving that an amputee, say Jeff Bauman or Heather Abbott, was an amputee before 2013, would not move the case forward one bit. Recall the Kuwaiti lady in 1990 who said she saw Saddam’s troops throw babies out of incubators? She soon got “outed” as working under the direction of Hill & Knowlton PR (CIA). Did this lead Congress to halt “Desert Storm”? Nope.

      Elias Davidsson has found that the cell phone of Todd Beamer (“Let’s roll”) continued to make calls for hours after the crash – or should I say the “crash” — in Shanksville. Has anyone been called onto the carpet for that? Nope.

      Finding that Todd Beamer’s heroism did not exist could be like outing Jeff Bauman (if he be a fake), yet there is a full scale Hollywood movie called “Let’s Roll” and soon to be one about the Marathon, called “Patriots Day.”

      When Dee gets back from duty in the hinterlands I’ll ask her if she’d be willing to make a movie “Patriot’s Day My Arse.”

      Please don’t unsubscribe, Speculator.

      • I’m not sure who you’re referring to when you say “persons who have spent months showing that the victims are not genuine.” I’ve watched videos by several different individuals showing the falsehood of the victim claims. The main one is Peekay from Australia. And it’s not just the videos that give it away. There is also a typical sort of demeanor these phony victims portray — not just the Boston marathon group, but other false flag attacks as well. They’re so happy, they’re just glad to be alive, they’re Boston Strong, blah, blah, blah…until they get a chance to badmouth the patsy. Then they’ve got plenty of negative things to say. But since Ms. Ortiz was appointed by Obama, I don’t know what any individuals could do about her without massive support and she’s just one of the many minions anyway. I don’t think people in general are quite ready to face up to the fact that governments are not really governments, but actually more like wardens and prison guards. Their ideas of freedom have been made to fit into a very small box. They live in that small box and don’t know it.

        I don’t think it will be long though, if it’s not already happening, until they really begin to understand. But if every alternative news site or whatever you want to label yourselves is afraid of being of thought of as other than serious organization, then who is going to put ALL of the pieces together into a coherent picture?

        I used to read WhoWhatWhy until I realized they were only tiptoeing around the truth of the Boston marathon “bombing.” They were not going to “go there.” All they wanted was donations and were afraid to be thought of as “other than serious” journalists. But I don’t care to waste my time on those who refuse to take that light of truth and shine it on everything that needs to be seen, even though I understand the fears and hesitation that go along with doing so and the need for donations and/or sponsors.

        If it weren’t for you and Dee, though, I may never have heard about the Port Arthur case or learned of the many similarities in the two cases. I am grateful for what you do and I will continue to subscribe and promote articles when I think someone or some group may be receptive to the information.

        Thanks for your work and your courage!

  3. All her after is little bio on Mary W Maxwell, as – The Fodder Note for Martin Bryant — At The 2016 Fringe, is really powerful stuff, and to add credibility, as l have had posted on a few Facebook sites

    • My bio is at maryWmaxwell.com. My videos are in two locations. Namely, my Youtube channel: mary w maxwell, and Gumshoe’s channel which is called flipsidenews. The Fodder Note can be best accessed by googling “fodder note”, maxwell.

      Yes there is a lot of powerful stuff at hand now for the acquittal or pardon of Bryant. More imporant than releasing him is to get people to understand what is going in, as there are many other Martin Bryants in prisons.

      “Fodder” is a separate matter, unrelated to imprisonment. It is a plan to use children as fodder for whatever the secret government (not so secret anymore!!) wants to do with them. But Bryant just happened to be a fodder child.

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