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Jahar, Monis, Bryant – Is It Time To “Accept” the Official Stories?


(1)Lindt_Cafe_siege_two_days_later_012aMartin Place, Sydney, the Lindt Chocolate Café

by Mary W Maxwell

Gumshoe reader Paul commented to my article on the Sydney siege: “Monis didn’t seem to know what he really wanted or intended once he’d taken over the Café did he? There seemed to be no plan beyond “walk-in-take-hostages-issue-vague-demands-show-some-scary-ISIS-ish propaganda. This makes me think the poor fool was really just a prop for a made-for-TV drama…”

Paul’s observation has prompted me to review the official story as to why the Sydney hostage taker (Monis), and also the alleged Boston bomber (Jahar), and the alleged Port Arthur gunman (Bryant) did what they did.


The official stories – provided by government or media — are weak; they do not pass the giggle test once you look at them in review.  Yet when a story is dramatic, and “larger than life,” any old explanation for it seems to be accepted by the public.

Could there be a deep-down reason for this? Could it be that citizens are not fooled, but in fact choose to go along with the game of our masters? Is this why parliamentarians can keep a straight face when talking about, say, “terrorism in Australia”? I propose that they know what’s going on and that the electorate does, too!

Please run through this short list covering three familiar stories:

The three men, their age and nationality:

Jahar (Dzhokhar) Tsarnaev was 19 at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013. He had immigrated as a refugee from the Russian Federation and was a US citizen.

Man Haron Monis was 50 at the time of the Sydney siege on December 15, 2014. He had permanent residence in Australia, having immigrated from Iran as an asylum seeker.

Martin Bryant was almost 29 on the day of the massacre, April 28, 1996. He was born and raised in Tasmania.

— In other words, all three “killers” expected a nice future in a safe country, so it’s implausible that they would blow it, but no one ever says this.

The “nature of the man”:

Jahar was radicalized and political. All his friends were “ethnic.”

(Remember I’m just parroting the media.)

Monis was an attention-seeker. He may have helped in the murder of his ex-wife.  (“may have”?)

Bryant was mentally slow. Also, he slept with a pig!

— In other words, we like stereotypes; we gobble them up.

Amount of lead-time for a very complex event:

Jahar’s brother Tamerlan bought pressure cookers in January (three months before the Marathon).

Monis gave no particular sign of planning a siege, although had used language of incitement (“Go, jihad” sort of thing).

Bryant made gun purchase at the Hobart gun show on the weekend before the massacre, and bought a cigarette lighter (for arson) the morning of the event.

— In other words, we happily accept facts in a storyline that we would never use in our on business transactions.

The chief motive cited for their big, violent action:

Jahar:  Islam. (Partly in revenge for US action in Middle East).

Monis:  Islam. (Perhaps interested in bringing an Islamic state to Australia).

Bryant:  Vengeance. (An elderly couple, the owners of Seascape cottage, had refused to sell a farm to his Dad years ago.)

— In other words, any proposed motive suffices as an explanation of just about anything.

The killer’s hope of escaping the law:

As overheard by Dun Meng, the carjackee, Jahar and his brother said they might  go to Manhattan (where they would bomb Times Square).

Monis did not seem to have a plan for escaping, with or without the ISIS flag he demanded.

Bryant told the negotiator he wanted a helicopter to get him (and his hostage!) to Hobart and then a plane to Adelaide.

— In other words, there is no need for logic. We don’t ask what steps we ourselves would take to hide a crime or escape safely.

The satisfaction felt after performing the deed:

Jahar indicated, in writing, on the wall of a boat, that he had pleased Allah.

Monis did not live to express any satisfaction; he was shot dead at 2.30am during the siege.

Bryant was chuffed that he gained fame (he was “delighted,” said psychiatrist Paul Mullen).

— In other words, as with the motive, any explanation of the bad guy’s psychology will do.

Number of people he killed and wounded:

Jahar in Boston: 3 died, including an eight-year-old boy; “hundreds” were wounded, of which several lost a limb.

Monis in Sydney: 2 died, including a mother of three small children; a few more received gunshot wounds.

Bryant: 35 died and more than 20 others were wounded. The deceased included a three–year-old and six-year-old girl.

— In other words, what ever the death and casualty count, the stories are deserving of dramatic coverage; they’re historic.

Important lessons learned for society:

Jahar: Watch out for Muslim students becoming radicalized.

Monis: Don’t let accused criminals out on bail if they are likely to attack Australia.

Bryant: Guns should be removed from the population, and stricter laws are required in these days of so many nutters.

— In other words, despite all these events having been carried out by government, the lesson to be learned is that ordinary people are bad. (Which I suppose is true! Is there anyone who isn’t an ordinary person?)

Don’t Waste Time Refuting Silly Claims:

I believe the most efficient thing for us to do at this point would be to eschew official stories wholesale. That is, we needn’t spend precious time showing any of the crazy details to be untrue. Just to read them aloud is to destroy them (as above: the motive, the lead-time, the lessons learnt, etc.)

My research (based on the work of others) is that Jahar did not plant any bombs, and Bryant never went to the Broad Arrow Café that day. Both men were classic ‘patsies.’ As for Monis, I have not studied his background. However, the behavior of the authorities that day, including the prime minister and the police, tells me that the siege was a set-up.

I declare that activists should not have to bother disproving official claims. They should not have to argue that Tamerlan Tsarnaev didn’t purchase pressure cookers. (Recall Cheryl Dean’s article on the evidence presented for the alleged purchase. Believe me, a top comedian could not improve on the laughs in that court transcript.)

I declare, also,  that we don’t have to consult experts to lean that when people feel hurt (as Bryant allegedly did over the non-sale of the Martin farm) they do NOT go on a suicide-homicide-carjacking-arson mission. They just don’t; anybody can work that out. Why spend time arguing against nonsense?

Many of us have been staying up late – for years – hoping to “crack” one of the above cases by finding some little point of perfect proof. What we need to face up to, is the fact that even perfect proof that the guy is a patsy isn’t much help.

It does not push the citizenry into action. People definitely do not rise up against the lying members of government. Think how many points of perfect proof there are about 9-11 but no member of Congress ever raises this subject from the floor.

Houston, Oh Houston, You There Houston?

We are in a worse situation than merely having allowed accused persons such as Jahar and Bryant to undergo Stalin-like show trials. We have a much bigger problem here re the public’s acceptance of the official story. I think it is time we ‘activists’ realized that folks want to believe these things.

People are probably NOT “in denial,” as we have so often hypothesized.  It may seem that they are in denial, or are “dissociating from reality.” But this is their reality. People do accept the power structure! They do accept that the media is screwing us all the time.

New_DSC_3210-960x634 (1)

I entitled this article “Time to accept the official stories?” What I mean is: it’s time to realize that acceptance of the official stories is an ongoing problem. This is a worry. People support the system of electing “representatives’ and do not give a hoot that those politicians start to work for someone else. They don’t give a hoot that the courts have become massively dishonest.

What To Do?

Naturally I do not recommend that we resign ourselves to the queer, queer arrangement by which absolute nitwits are running the world and wrecking the planet. (Many plant and animal species are going extinct every day – this loss can NEVER be made good. Even the oceans are polluted, something we always thought impossible.)

So I am not happy, much less “resigned” to our fate. I urge you to get in on the fight, but I think it is not quite the fight we have been envisioning. It’s not the fight to prove that Jahar and Bryant are innocent. It’s not the fight to show that the Sydney siege was a set-up, intended to implant “terror” in Australian CBD’s.

It’s a fight to rethink our social arrangements.

— Mary W Maxwell has written extensively about the Jahar case and the Bryant case. Press the Boston button or the Port Arthur button at top of GumshoeNews.com website to find her articles.


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  1. It’s only time to accept any story once and only once the TRUTH is told!
    It is our RIGHT indeed our OBLIGATION to QUESTION any STORY given on any event until the FACTS and the story meet to tell the TRUTH.
    Let’s face it the official stories of Jahar, Monis and Bryant DO NOT ADD UP to those who are prepared to QUESTION the FACTS and/or STORY given.

  2. Dear Sydney friends,
    Gumshoe, in the person of ‘Al Haig,’ will attend the Siege Inquest on Thur arvo, June 2, 2016 (at the James Madison Tower, 89 Goulburn St, Sydney) and will stay that night at The Menzies, 14 Carrington St, Tel 02-9299-1000.

    I’ll sit in the Lobby from 8pm to 8.30 in hopes of “holding court.”

  3. The Lindt Cafe inquest is exposing a reported complete shomozzle….. particularly in regard to the reported ‘negotiation’ mess.
    Will someone ask the ‘negotiators’ why Monis’ request to speak to Abbott was not complied with.

  4. Yes indeedy Mary,

    A well-written analysis of our current state of affairs. It is no longer a question of “evidence”. The evidence is clear. The Deep State did 9/11, the Deep State did Port Arthur, the
    Deep State did the Norway/Breivik attack, the Deep State set up the European Union, the Deep State shot down MH-17 and blamed the Russians, the Deep State did Sandy Hook, the Aurora Batman shootings, the OKC Murrah Building bombings, Waco Texas, and the Bundy Ranch incident, the Deep State set up the Federal Reserve Central Bank and ALL the Central Banks printing money OUT OF THIN AIR for the last 100 years, the Deep State assassinated John F.Kennedy and his brother Bobby, involved us in War after War for their profit, perverted our media into becoming lying,pervert-ridden paedophile havens, the Deep State has totally corrupted this once beautiful planet into a cesspool of deception, deceit,corruption murder and satanism. The Deep State is now offering Aussies the choice at our up-coming “election” between an un-convicted rapist(and probably CIA operative) and the Goldman Sachs Liberal incumbent. And the worst of it is to quote the late great George Carlin, Nobody Notices,Nobody Cares

    God help us, ’cause we;re going to need all the help we can get.

    • “Nobody cares” is sort of what my article says.

      Phil, we think of the Deep State people as big baddies with lots of skill, but they could not perform their tasks without plenty of goddam, pardon my French, “nice” people acting as servants.


      • Yes the Deep State “people” ARE big baddies, but let’s face it, for the time being, (again to quote George Carlin) “They’ve got us by the balls” Try not paying your fines, taxes,levies, licensing fees,and see what happens. As far as “skill” yes they are skillful liars, cheats, perverts, and paedophiles. whose arses are covered by their equally corrupt “mates” in the police, intel agencies, and judiciaries and bureaucracies. (all on BIG, taxpayer funded salaries and benefits)
        Things will change radically when the inevitable and imminent derivatives collapse of the financial Ponzi scheme occurs, and their big fat salaries and pensions won’t be worth a pinch. ATM’s won’t disgorge unlimited FIAT currency units, stock portfolios and their associated Mutual Fund Holdings will be transferred to the “Smart Money” (wealth is never destroyed- it merely changes hands) Yes, in a perverse sort of way, I’m looking forward to the second chapter of the GFC. We will shortly find out who is wearing a bathing costume, when the tide goes out.
        My advice to my son’s lawyer student mates is to study hard, get your legal degrees, get some experience quickly and focus on prosecutions. Lots and lots of prosecutions.
        For the worst of the worst (I’m talking about Fiona’s lot) maybe we’ll have to bring back Capital Punishment!!

  5. Mary, there is no doubt we are in the small minority facing an enormous up hill battle, but someone has to do it, someone has to try, so why not us. Yes, it’s almost boring to continually point out the lies in these official stories, but I believe that slowly more people are/will begin to care, which is why we point these things out.
    That and the fact that innocent lives are being tortured, destroyed and killed. Now that I know, I could never remain silent. What kind of person would I be, how could I live with myself, and what would God think. We must do what we know is right. Those lazy, resigned people with no hope who don’t care, will have a rude awakening some day. We all have moral obligations as human beings.

  6. I urge every one to watch these two videos and share them excessively:

    First video (5 min) is about the mind control and how it is applied to our children in cartoons, Microwave Mind Control and Targeted Individuals to Kids at:https://youtu.be/TYulpc4r4xo?list=PLXTH0umrilieJiWVxpf-YUS_ujhL2abmV

    Second video (9 min) is Uploaded on Dec 28, 2010 and about:
    Snowy Hydro is conducting a trial of cloud seeding in the Australian Alps. This video explains why, where and how it works. https://youtu.be/MpCk7yHj0Qw. I have evidence that this program is still in operation gained directly from the WMO (World Meteorological Organisation), ran by the UN!!

  7. I think your premise is correct, Mary. Anyone who really cares at this point is already trying to do something about these injustices and we’re really just writing for one another. Something beyond our control needs to happen to wake any others up. Complacency is so much easier. It took the Boston Marathon “bombing” to smack me hard enough to wake up and smell the coffee. There are probably many reasons why people are not and/or cannot handle the bare, ugly truth about the state of the world these days. I expect one of the problems is that there are so many of these types of events now that it may seem like a bottomless pit that people don’t want to dive into. Of course, their feelings about it are probably subconscious. On the other hand, there may be thousands, if not millions, of people teetering on the edge of awareness, who will need to be a little bit more shaken up than they’ve been so far. And, in the meantime, maybe some idea will come to one or more of us that will help.

    I’d love for one of the so-called victims of the marathon to tell the truth or for one of the supposed dead to turn up in an obvious way so that no one could deny the truth. Or maybe someone who participated in the charades will make a deathbed confession, etc. But, short of something very obvious happening soon, another approach may be desirable. You could expand your research and go for the bigger picture or you could find other examples of government/corporate legal shenanigans and continue to widen out the picture. There are a number of directions and areas of research that could be pursued.

    Surely, once we’re aware, we cannot go back to being unaware. We have to continue the quest regardless of whether people are ready for the truth or not. (I’d really love to see all of the sealed motions in the Boston case!) There are patsies who have been in prison much longer than even Martin Bryant, such as Sirhan Sirhan. And what about the poor innocent people who’ve been stuck in Guantanamo for so many years? It may be that millions of people are just late to the party, but they’ll arrive as soon as they can find the way.

    • Speculator, there are still approx. 1000 motions in the Tsarnaev case that have yet to be released. Last May O’Toole said that all documents would be released by May 30/15. Here it is a year later and so many still not released. This proves what a complete liar he is. The damage and cruelty done to innocent people by the us gov is so barbaric and evil. I can see why it’s beyond comprehension by most ordinary people. It’s hard to fathom that this could happen, although we know it has.

      • Yes, I know. You’re so right! It happens…and not just a few times, similar things happen again and again. But Boston was the most blatant and outrageous one that I knew of at the time. Now I see the Port Arthur case was just or nearly as blatant and outrageous.

  8. Repeating , Frank and Malcolm are neighbours. This place is a Goldman Sachs colony. Now they are taking it to the next level. Look at all the young men driving new Porsche SUVs . Most of them are CPP officials. children. OZ is a communist state. Please , good friends, prove me wrong. How I wish this is not the reality. Masonic halls in every suburb since the 1st fleet. But they tell me not to complain because our elite are philanthropists . How come every year passing is getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

  9. Travelogue: Sydney, June 3, 2016:

    I am asking the Concierge abut trains. I tell him I need to go to the library at Sydney University. What should I do?”

    He says “GET OFF AT REDFERN.”

    True Story. (Would I lie to you?)

    Then I get off at Redfern and stop for lunch at an Italian place called Redforno. Hoping for wi-fi, I click on “Join Other Networks.” Appearing at the top of the list is:

    “ASIO Surveillance van.”

    I would not lie to you, and anyway, how would it ever occur to anyone that the ASIO surveillance van’s wi-fi code would be “ASIO surveillance van.”

    They’re way ahead of me.

    As for the library visit – Success! The book was John C Presser’s “Port Arthur: the Other Side of the Divide” (1999). Quite good. It appeared at 366.330 on a shelf that was groaning with books on terrorism. Even one entitled “Homeland Security” that covered the Oklahoma City bombing with an absolutely straight face.

    I suppose if you go to worldcat.org and type the Dewey number 366.3 you will see such things, revealing thereby all the Who’s Who of relevant authorship if you know what I mean. (Search Gumshoe for “Ulfkotte.”)

    • starring Barbara Stanwyck in “Sorry Wrong Number”:

      Forgive me, Everybody, that Dewey decimal number is not 366. It is 363.33 for Presser and 363.320973 for the aforementioned Homeland Security book.

  10. There is no chance whatsoever of hearing the truth on anything whilst the Main Stream Media propaganda machine operates. As long as the community is fed distortions of the truth, self appreciation group discussion is puerile, if not complicit in COVER UP.
    Supporting whistleblowers and encouraging them to DO IT, is our community’s only way to save representative democracy and freedom. GO WHISTLEBLOWERS ✍️

    • Dear Mr Dassos,

      I have seen your con-ments on other websites.
      I wonder if there’s a name for the figure of speech, recently invented, for the conveying of two opposite things at once.

      Above, your remark about self-appreciation groups (which, God knows, fits the bill for Gumshoers) just slips in unannounced with your true-blue stuff about whistleblowers..

      The Lindt café negotiator, whose written evidence was being cross-examined at the Inquest on Thursday, used this figure of speech (or sleight of tongue) hilariously. For example, the female lawyer interrogating him would say: “It was dark green.” The negotiator would reply: “I agree with you completely, it was pale blue.”

      She was onto him, however, and pressed her questions unfazed — though she never actually came out and said “Quit with the dassosisms, would you?”

      • I hope many people are encouraged to be open and truthful from my comments Mary, despite your feeble attempt at ridicule of my first name to try to make me “quit”.
        Maybe you just are unable to see or accept other persons’ point of view? The best test to validate openness is to criticise it and see if it stands up to the test, not just to accept what you see or read!!

        • Con, If you think someone is puerile, just say so.

          I like criticsm, even if it is like this one-and-only Amazon review of my beautiful book, Fraud Upon the Court:

          “writing is very unclear, full of nonsequiturs. I think she is senile. Moreover, she doesn’t understand that the “authority” which government, including courts, claims is illegitimate. She is confident that laws can fix a system that is entirely corrupt–by magic, apparently.”

  11. A few key issues:
    * The serial no. of the “aging Le Salle 12-guage sawn-off shotgun” that was purportedly used by Monis in the Lindt Cafe has not been disclosed.
    * More importantly there has been no information as to where & how the respective ammunition was sourced.
    * The ramifications of the over-arching prohibition have been side-stepped via the invention of a “grey market” ( there is such allowance in any legislation anywhere)
    * The legal status of the ’96 “buy-back” has been effectively admitted.


      • I’ve not read John C Presser’s book but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was a conservative estimate.

        Its my understanding that a Colt AR15 ( the model purportedly used in the Broadarrow cafe) fetched a reward of $20,000. Also, models that had not been officially prohibited were “sold” in untold numbers on the basis of the social contagion of the hour.

        As anything resembling prudent administration was at odds with the nature of the entire operation its not hard to figure out how the bulk of the budget was blown.

  12. Dear Gumshoe Faithful (and Newbies)

    I plan to publish the notes I took at the Inquest. In the meantime, researching the Sydney siege led me to this video re Sandy Hook. If you have time, please see this chat by a doctor who did the autopsies. To me it looks genuine.

    I am dying to get clear on which events are fake and which not. I say the deaths of the children DID take place. If you have credible evidence to the contrary (re Sandy Hook), pls put it here under this Comment , even tho we are supposed to be talking about Sydney.
    Or contact me: mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au

  13. Mary, once again you are so right. We do not have to waste time proving certain accused, such as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are innocent. We have done that and it still does not matter because, as you have sadly and correctly concluded, the majority of the general public and those in government simply do not care what the truth really is. Whatever quickly and easily lets them get back to the cozy, it-can’t-happen-to-me life most people believe they have is what people want to accept.

    So what will change it? The Bible actually answers that question: suffering and persecution. Both are very focusing. And both, I believe, are coming.

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