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Lindt Café Inquest, Part 1 – Who Controlled Monis? N Wahid Azal Argues It Was the Deep State


Man Haron MonisMan Haron Monis: a fickle Ayatollah?

by Mary W Maxwell

On June 5, 2016, a friend in Europe sent me a very thorough report on the “gunman” of the Lindt Café siege. She had seen the item on a Belgrade-based website, “The Syncretic Report,” which is an intellectual group directed by Joaquin Flores.

The author is N Wahid Azal; his article is succinctly entitled “Cui Bono? Why 12-15 Was an Inside Job.” Granted, Aussies don’t call the day of the siege “12-15”; we don’t even call it 15-12, but what’s in a name? It means the siege.

Azal is an Islamic scholar (and an investigator into the occult, but that does not come into play here, much). I shall now outline, without embellishing, his report. He claims the Lindt Café affair was orchestrated, and that Man Haron Monis was a patsy.

That’s what I, too, thought from the moment it began. I have never attempted to research it, and so was delighted to find that excellent legwork has already been done.

The nub of it is that “Publicity Monis” – I mean the man whose background and behavior we thought we knew, thanks to the mass media — is not the “Real Monis.” But the real Monis (same guy, but with a different set of flaws) was well known to authorities in Australia and Iran. Shades of the FBI knowing Tamerlan Tsarnaev but pretending they didn’t.

Monis’ Bio

Man Haron Monis was born in Iran in 1962, but his name then was Mohamad Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi. He won permanent Australian residence in 2001 and seems to have lived on a pension. He died at age 50 in the Lindt Café in Sydney’s CBD.

For this article I’m relaying the Cui Bono information of Azal. I have not done any of the research myself. I will first state, in one paragraph, what I take to be Azal’s theme:

Monis’s career in Australia looks like that of an ASIO or CIA asset who acts as a provocateur. After he arrived here, seeking asylum, Iran asked to have him sent back, to face charges of embezzlement. This naughtiness did not hinder his immigration prospects! The media set him up around 2000 as a good role model, a religious moderate. Then in 2007 media used a different approach, portraying him as a rude fool who had sent letters to families of deceased Diggers saying they had been “pigs.” In 2013, his female partner allegedly killed Monis’s ex-wife, and both he and the partner were charged but let out on bail. The very blackmailable Monis was then tasked with performing the 2014 siege.

The Muslims of Australia

Azal seems to know a lot about different groups in Australia and how they feel about this and that. (I have no way of checking on it, but he seems to make sense so I’m taking it home ‘on appro.’) Of course most Aussies know that some Muslims in Australia are against the western invasion of the Middle East – naturally — and that also there are religious divisions within the Muslim community.

When Monis was paraded around as a Shi’i cleric (at times, as an Ayatollah!) he was giving out a message that the rulers of Iran are bad. He accused Iran of oppression, and said they were keeping his wife under house arrest as punishment for his having fled to Australia. In other words, Monis was a hireling in the “demonize Iran” trade.

Next, he was vilified (or should we say advertised) as a bad Muslim who would do something so weird as write letters to military families saying their sons had sinned by killing Afghanis and Iraqis.

(Note: I myself think we are all sinning in that way, but to write to parents who had lost their dear son is really far out.  I wonder who thought it up for Monis. Surely it was a professional!)

In Azal’s view, this letter-writing campaign put other Muslim leaders in Australia in a bind. They, of course, had stated their opposition to our invasions of the Middle East. But if they were to defend that particular protestor, Monis, they would associate themselves with the letter writing. Yet to condemn him publicly would be disloyal and upset Muslims.

Finally – “finally” meaning in his dying days – Monis claimed to be in favor of ISIS, the Islamic state. He tossed off his Shi’i faith and adopted Sunni Islam. He referred to the very dubious Abu Bakr Baghdadi as “the Commander of the Faithful.”

This was a brilliant move on ASIO’s part. Once Monis was associated with ISIS (“Gimme a flag”), the whole notion of naughty ISIS could be conjured up symbolically by an image of Monis at Martin Place. Which brings us to the question: how do sophisticated businessmen fall for this crap?

The Deep State Right Here in the Antipodes

The “Cui bono?” in the title of Azal’s article means: Who gained from having a hostage incident at the Lindt Café? Answer: the Deep State.  Or has he also calls it, the plutocrats (pluto-cracy, rule by the wealthy).

Azal portrays the Deep State’s manipulation of Monis as having a very general goal. The desire is to show the immigrant community in Oz that they had better shut up. In short, the authorities wish to remove any challenge to Australian participation in wars.

It is interesting that they powers that be recognize both Muslims and immigrants generally as a source of challenge. In the United States I believe the FBI correctly recognizes that African-Americans are much more clued in to the behavior of the powerful than are “the whites” and so the FBI persecutes and inhibits “the blacks” every chance it gets.

Also, but I’m guessing here, since the plutocrats’ plan is to hit Iran soon, it will pay to have everyone despise Iran. “Oh that yucky Monis – he’s Iranian! Yuuck.” Oh, and wait a minute, aren’t the Iranians tied with the Russians who caused the MH17 plane crash? “Oh super-yuck!”

Did the Deep State Murder Monis’s ex-wife?

Now to the fact that Monis’s wife Noleen Hayson Pal was found stabbed to death in a stairwell in 2013. Azal hypothesizes that ASIO did the murder. I must say I doubt that your basic disgruntled hubby could do it as it involved setting the corpse alight – something not easy to achieve in a stairwell.

Azal also hints that Monis’s partner Amirah Droudis was a honeypot, a trap set for him by the coverts. She was in on the letter-writing campaign to parents of Diggers. It is she who is the accused killer in the stairwell episode – Monis was only an accessory. Her trial is supposed to start in August 2016. She has asked for it to be judge only, no jury.

Back to the Lindt Inquest

What has Azal told us that can be of use in today’s inquest into the deaths of Tori Johnson and Katina Dawson (or for that matter the death of Monis himself)?  Mainly that it all looks like a set-up, a Podstava Down Under.

Where is Azal’s proof? He does not have proof. But that shouldn’t mean that all the patterns he has notes are to be ignored.

Presumptions about the Manipulation of Monis

The style Azal uses consists of showing that normal practice was not followed.  For example, he demonstrates (if he is telling the truth) that the Australian authorities knew of Monis’ bad history and yet accepted him for permanent residence.

They knew:

  1. that he had mental health issues, as this was the basis for his being expelled from a Masters degree in Tehran.
  1. that Iran desired his extradition home to face charges of embezzling US $200,000 from a travel agency that he had set up
  1. that Interpol had an alert for his arrest
  1. that he had never studied Islam at a seminary so was probably not a cleric as claimed (and had never composed a major jurisprudential treatise and so was defo not an Ayatollah).
  1. that his first wife was not under house arrest in Iran.

If it were you applying for permanent residence in Oz you would expect any of those things to cause the door to swing shut, wouldn’t you?

Azal also makes the presumption — and Gumshoe’s editor will gladly jump on this bandwagon – that the ABC was used to promote one of the Deep State’s publicity stunts.  The ABC said, in February 2001 (when Monis was still in his golden-boy days):

“People in Sydney walking past the State Parliament buildings on Macquarie Street in recent weeks might have noticed a tall Muslim cleric who has taken up residence in a tent on the footpath outside. [!] He is Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi, a liberal cleric who fled Iran four years ago after being very critical of the Iranian regime. Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s wife and two daughters are now under house arrest in Iran, and he’s hoping the Howard government will put pressure on the regime there to let his family join him here in Australia.”

As I said, we should engage in making rebuttable presumptions, rather than be held back by our lack of proof. Azal thinks that the “do-nothingness” of government (his term) is a reliable indicator that something rotten is happening in Denmark.

Creating Unity

I say if the Oz government knew of his embezzling and still welcomed him we can PRESUME they meant to use him for covert work. As Jahar Tsarnev’s schoolmates in Boston found out the hard way, the FBI can trick you into performing a crime and then they’ve got you. You’ll be liable to deportation or imprisonment (or in Ibraghim Todashev’s case, killed) if you don’t play ball.

This is disgusting isn’t it? Come on, we don’t have to put up with the old British specialty of divide-and-rule.

Bostonians should have cracked down on the misuse of immigrants (weren’t all Bostonians immigrants at one time?) and Aussies should get angry about “Your ABC” stirring up conflict. Not to mention get angry at the deaths that occurred right there in Sydney’s CBD. I am sure we can face up to this.

It was mentioned earlier that the Azal piece was published in Belgrade, and that a European friend sent it to me. That friend is Montse Alarcón Flix, whom I met over a cup of Jahar coffee, in other words, here at Gumshoe, wrestling with that particular false flag.

As we’re all struggling to hold off the threatened dictatorship, we may as well appeal to unity. The Deep State knows that it pays to appeal to divisiveness and hate – hate being a very fun emotion. But what if they had to contend with folks doing the opposite! What if folks got into a community feel-good mode?

Gee, that would be rough.

  • Mary W Maxwell is writing a several-part series on the Lindt Inquest. If you wish to contribute data, please contact her at maryWmaxwell.com.
Photo credit: resources1.newscorps.com.au


    • On the gossip line, Ozzie Musies did not publicly question 911 even if briefed with the scientific evidence….. back from the, say 2008’s “.

      • Well, love to read Monis’ uptake on 911.
        Await to hear his attitude expressed publicly and reported by the msm, if any?
        If he was a anti government 911 conspiracy theorist then he should have been under extreme notice. (:-)

        • Ned, I seem to recall, but don’t hold me to it, that his position was “Good, nice blowback.” Still, as Azal showed, Monis was a veritable change artist and maybe on other occasions he was touting the “Jews did it” line.

          If his personal best was embezzling 200k, why even care what he had to think or say on any subject? My fave bit from the Azal article is the ABC quote about the ayatollah asking Howard to pressure Iran.

          The absolute unmitigated cheek of the ABC to conjure that up.

          Signing off for now,
          Ayatollah Maxwell, DMD

  1. Mary I’d like to shine the light on the issue of the alleged letters to Defence forces personal.
    I find it perplexing, how an individual like Monis obtained the personal addresses of these people. Their addresses are not publicized, and IMHO, can only be obtained via Electorial Roll, and even then, you may not have matched up the correct person with the right address.
    So, how did he obtain these addresses ???????????????
    I’m pretty confidant the Military did not provide them to him, and I certainly hope the media did not, (if they did, their motive needs scrutiny ) funny how come no one’s ever asked that question.

    • Dear Eddy, I see you point and it has made me consider the possibility that in fact he never wrote any letters. After all, if the whole thing was a matter of “preparing us for Dec 15, 2014” why bother to send the letters. Isn’t it enough to “report” it?


      • Monis was convicted of the following offence

        Criminal Code 471.12 Using a postal or similar service to menace, harass or cause offence

        A person commits an offence if:
        (a) the person uses a postal or similar service; and
        (b)the person does so in a way (whether by the method of use or the content of a communication, or both) that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive.

        I’ve yet to see any sort of confirmation that a residential address was used. Surely it is more likely that he simply used Facebook ?

        • For an August 14, 2012 submission to the High Court, by the appellant Amirah Droudis, see http://www.hcourt.gov.au/assets/cases/s179-2012/Droudis_App.pdf. It quotes:

          Bathurst CJ held that s 471.12 has two ends:17
          “to protect persons first, from being menaced by use of a postal service. Second, it is to protect persons being harassed by the use of such a service and third, to protect persons from being subjected to material that is offensive in the sense I have described, namely material which is calculated or likely to arouse significant anger, significant resentment, outrage, disgust or hatred in the mind of a reasonable person.”

          His Honour went on to say that:18
          “In the present case, it seems to me that offensive communications of the nature which I have described … would be communications which could provoke retaliation and thus be legitimate for Parliament to prohibit.
          “Further, accepting that communications through the post are less likely to provoke retaliation than spoken words, it seems to me it is a legitimate end to protect recipients of postal articles from such material and that such protection is compatible with the maintenance of the system of government prescribed by the Constitution.”

          Berry, I don’t know if Facebook counts.

  2. So Mary at 8.52 below, who do you opine did/planned/covered for 911?
    You say at other times. MAYBE Monis says the Jews did it.
    I would wish to observe your clarification of your ‘MAYBE.’ unauthorised claim.
    Well, did Monis ever claim that the Jews did 911?
    Or ever refer to the five dancing Israelis reporting that they were ‘documenting’ the event ( the murder of 3,00 or so) when on Israeli TV show?
    Surely Monis was on to the 911 charade, so why did he not
    use the scientific evidence from, for example; Richard Gage at http://www.truth.org.
    I smell a serious rat.
    Monis does not appear as being ‘informed’ as to what must have been so obvious on marterial the msm and the politicians have ignored from
    at least 2004.
    I suspect that Monis was either a charlatan simpleton or a fraud.
    Why do we pay millions for our protection?
    No time, but look up the other charges against Monis and his successful bail

    • I suppose the basic rule is; look for what is not there.
      So what is missing from Monis’s particular rants?
      If, what would be normally expected are, those missing links/allegations are disclosing a genuine persona or a manipulated agenda?

    • Apologies:
      So Monis as a mad fundamentalist anti Western crazy man who was not acquainted with the questions on the official government anti Muslim conspiracy theory?
      Did he ever publicly expose the BS with supporting available scientific available evidence?
      I smell a used cow yard.

    • Hi Ned
      “Well, did Monis ever claim that the Jews did 911?”
      Skuse me, i was meaning to say he MAY have held that, as he is not someone you can pin down to one thing only (as we can, say, pin you down to smacking Derryn, or pin Dee about Building 7).

      For me to know for sure if Monis ever did an anti-Zionist rant I would need to phone him and ask him but I do not, as it were, know his mobile number.

      Maybe I’ll give Todd Beamer a buzz.

      Ned, you ask my opinion on who did 9-11? Cheney, Rumsfeld and Myers. And Larry. And Rupe. And me too. I take blame for anything US does. Not joking. Abu Ghraib is on my shoulders.

      See my book “Prosecutiom for Treason.” I’ll ask Dee if I can run some snippets from that book here on Gumshoe. Trusting she did not get washed away in the NSW floods.

      Zorry, I forgot to list Larry’s Australian co-leasor of WTC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lowy.

      • AH yes. Frank Lowy. Former terrorist and now beloved National icon, complete with “think (control) tank” and lots and lots of money, as with Lucky Larry. Twin towers, twin payouts. How fortuitous they insured for acts of terrorism JUST in the nick of time.

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