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SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse – Part 12 in Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series


parl   Senator Bill Heffernan’s valedictory speech, 2016

 by Mary W Maxwell

In 2013, the Commonwealth, acting under Letters Patent form the Queen, began a Royal Commission into “institutional responses to child sexual abuse.” Some benefits have already come into being from this RC, and “child sexual abuse” has become an established concept. Importantly, the victims – better known as survivors – have been able to get together in a publicly visible way, as when they traveled to Rome to confront Cardinal Pell.

So far, the Commission has laid bare the protection of pedophiles by institutions, whether it be the Church, sport clubs, or elite schools — and more institutions have yet to testify at the hearings.  (The Defense Forces are coming soon to the witness box!) Meanwhile, the practice of satanic ritual abuse has suddenly become common knowledge.

This article will outline satanic ritual abuse, SRA, and then see how it should affect the Royal Commission’s job. There will also be mention of the notable role SRA plays in mind control.

SRA Definitions and History

Abuse has come to mean bad treatment of one human being by another. It often connotes physical violence, including unwanted sexual approaches.

Ritual means that the abuse was conducted as part of a rite.

Satanic refers to “ceremonies” of abuse, especially of babies and children, by a group claiming to be worshipping the devil.

I think this has gone on for centuries. We can at least blame Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) who extolled the practice. But where would he have got it? Surely from someone else. References in this article will mostly be limited to 20th century and to the latest revelations of 2016. I consider the latter to be the biggest breakthrough we have ever had towards pinning down the cabal.”

Please allow me to insert here my belief that such a practice as SRA, even if it claims to be “religious,” is a logical way for the powerful to cover their sins. All humans are selfish and find ways to take advantage of others. Some then make it to the very top. One way they can deceive themselves about their rottenness is to twist it around to sound good. (This tells us that humans do need approval!)

The aforementioned Zevi (who claimed to be the Messiah) tried to squelch Judaism by saying “We can’t all be saints, so let’s be sinners.” In other words, let’s kill, rape, steal, etc., all in the name of doing what we should be doing. How convenient.

Later, the British MI6 “philosopher,” Aleister Crowley (grandfather of US President George Dubbya Bush), rejected rules of social restraint even more comprehensively. He said “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” Crowley then went on to do exactly as he wilted. Admirably, of course.

Trying To Sweep It Under the Carpet 

As of today, 11 June, 2016, Wikipedia (mainly CIA-written) still limits its article on “Satanic ritual abuse” to coverage of the “moral panic” that spread when children and therapists told ridiculous stories. Per Wikipedia:

“In its most extreme form, SRA involved a supposed worldwide conspiracy involving the wealthy and powerful of the world elite in which children were abducted or bred for sacrifices” (which is precisely the case).

Wikipedia goes on to reassure us:

“Official investigations produced no evidence of widespread conspiracies or of the slaughter of thousands; only a small number of verified crimes have even remote similarities to tales of SRA. In the latter half of the 1990s, interest in SRA declined and skepticism became the default position, with very few researchers giving any credence to the existence of SRA.

I note that the lowering of public interest did indeed take place – a testament to the cabal’s ownership of key people in government, the law, the helping professions, etc. One clever move was to have a victim sue her therapist for “planting false memories in her.” That lawsuit (which the client won) must have scared off plenty of psychologists and writers.

But it’s pitiful for Wikipedia to cling to the old hope of silence. Those days are gone. Like gone, man. Gonesville. “CYA.”

Along Came Fiona Barnett

Some children never survive what is done to them, or if they survive, do not recall the facts in detail. Even those who recall are deterred from speaking out, and are very pained when good people treat them as liars. (Recall that the current RC has found that many Australian students, who were abused but could not get validation, committed suicide.)

In the course of the present Royal Commission, in which any person was welcome to come forth with information, one survivor, Fiona Barnett, told her story and named names. She later complained that she was not provided with witness protection (which is legally available and which she requested).

I think Mrs Barnett is right to complain, but I also think such protection would not work, so thoroughly infiltrated is the police department of NSW – itself the subject of a Royal Commission decades two ago (see the Wood Report).

A point to be made here is that the terms of reference of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, allow the commissioners (Justice Peter McClellan and Judge Jennifer Coate) to refer information for police action. They appear to have refrained from doing so in Fiona’s case.

Moreover, Barnett says Judge Coate (a former schoolteacher and magistrate of the Children’s Court) indicated that she did not believe her. This, of course, was hugely demoralizing. The commissioners famously insisted on interrogating Cardinal Pell, so why not crack down on the abusers of Fiona Barnett?

Note: I told you this is hot. Hotter than hot, actually. Truly game-changing.

Is There a Cabal?

If we are to say that the cabal runs a network of pedophiles and/or Satanists, we had better first say that there is a cabal. It really is not possible to pin it down in a way that would satisfy everyone. Here is what makes me believe it:

Various sources, including John Robison’s Proof of a Conspiracy (1798), HG Wells’s The Open Conspiracy (1928), and Dr Richard Day’s speech, nicknamed “The New Barbarism” (1969), gave predictions that were laughable in their day — but which subsequently came true. The things they predicted could not have popped up spontaneously, as they require massive planning and control. Such control, I opine, is explained by a hidden world government.

Also, it’s well documented — see Ed Griffin’s The Creature from Jekyll Island, 2010 — that a few wealthy men in America got together from 1910 to 1913 to take over the US government by means of a law called The Federal Reserve Act.

And after another century we had such things as the World Trade Organization’s surreptitious grab of the judicial branch of the US government. Today, the TPP (Trans Pacific “partnership” don’t you know) can be read only as the work of a cabal. After all, legislators in the various signing countries were not allowed to read it!

In short, persons who would say there isn’t a cabal are the ones who need to come up with proof.

Why Is Pedophilia a Feature of the Cabal?

I do not know why pedophilia is a feature of the cabal. As noted above, it ‘pays’ to justify your sins, and some people do use “Satan worship” as their justification. This somehow leads to killing babies as a sacrifice to Lucifer.

It is also true that the killing of babies has a selfish motive – drinking young blood gives energy and perhaps is anti-aging. (Maybe like stem cells?) And the demoralizing of a child is one of the easier ways to take over his/her free will. He or she comes to understand powerlessness. (Apparently even a very young human feels violated if touched sexually.) These kids become slaves to perform any task.

Note: as I have described elsewhere, mind control is a major goal of the cabal – and often does not involve any pedophilia at all. See, for instance, Pavlov’s experiments with dogs, circa 1902, that led to scientific knowledge of how to condition someone. See the Nazi’s experiments with brain-altering drugs, or the CIA’s concern in the 1950s with hypnosis.

Of course there are pedophiles in the population, unconnected to the cabal. These individuals are considered to have an addiction, like the sexual addictions involving only adults. Still, if the cabal finds a person with a “natural” desire to have sex with minors, he can be controlled – he will be at the mercy of the cabal to protect him from the law. So recruit him!


Note: the rumor has long been that there are many judges who belong to pedophile rings — too many to be accounted for by natural addiction. Maybe they have been seduced into it and then held to blackmail. I also think proven pedophiles get appointed as judges. After all, the cabal needs lots of judges.

 court2The United States Supreme Court             

The word circulating today is that the late Justice Antonin Scalia, a brilliant member of the US Supreme Court, was as pedophiliac as you can get. He died in a house in Texas that reportedly catered for a special type of pedophilia in which the children were hunted down like animals. Cathy O’Brien, in 1995, had spelled this hunting activity out in her book, The Trance-formation of America.

This is an extremely serious problem: judges beholden to a cabal. Society needs law and we have all come to think of the law as represented by the person of the judge. If that judge — like presidents and legislators — is owned by the cabal, it’s tum-de-tum-tum time for all of us.

Note: on many judgments Scalia held the dissenting vote, seeming to go against the wishes of the cabal. But it could be that he was allowed to do this to throw people off the scent. Also, a few No’s don’t hurt the outcome. Five Yes’s are enough.

And I must add that I have no proof of Scalia’s lifestyle. It would help if victims would come forth with testimony.

Note that there is a deadline of September 30, 2016 for signing up for PRIVATE hearings with the Royal Commission. See childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au.  The staff goes out of its way to be kind and helpful. When I sashayed into their office they assumed I was a victim and were cordial and not condescending. (Even when I said I was just a snoop they were welcoming.)

Royal Commissions are encouraged to make recommendations for social reform, concerning the subject they are addressing. I offer today’s RC this suggestion:

Some neutral committee needs to subject all judges today to a grilling, and/or open up a system of reporting whereby persons with information can go to that committee. Would pure, innocent judges object to a grilling?

Come on, it’s normal human behavior to want to display your integrity.  Judges should be glad of an opportunity to do so. Indeed there must be many a priest who wants to dissociate himself publicly from all the hoopla about pedophile priests.

Information about Ritual Abuse

The following books, in order of publication, are very helpful for understanding ritual abuse: Unshackled, by Kathleen A Sullivan, MSSW (2006); Ritual Abuse and Mind Control: The Manipulation of Attachment Needs, by Orit Epstein, Joseph Schwartz, and Rachel Schwartz (2001), and White Witches and Black Robes, by Wendy Hoffman (2015).

Ms Hoffman is now 73 years old. She tells all sorts of things that went on in her “coven” in Brooklyn NY, in her other book, The Enslaved Queen (2014). Her main abuser was her grandfather who ruined untold numbers of children. You have to feel sorry for the energy he put into honing his skills in cruelty – all, apparently for the benefit of some entity that inspired him.

Here’s our chance now in Australia, with a Royal Commission authorized to run until December 2017, to unburden the world of this horrible cabal by exposing them in all their weirdness.

It will be hard to do so as they are men of utter ruthlessness. Please encourage Senator Bill Heffernan, who is not seeking another term in the federal election, to say what he knows before July — while he can still invoke parliamentary privilege. It was he who gave Fiona Barnett her first significant audience.

And remind Justice McClellan of the maxims Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem (A good judge expands his justice) and Ubi jus ibi remedium (Got law? Then you can find a remedy).

Go, Fiona! Go, Senator Heffernan! Go, Justice McClellan!

— Mary W Maxwell lives in Adelaide. In 2010-2011 she worked on a United States Truth and Reconciliation Coalition on mind control, which the CIA put paid to in no time flat.



    • At 47.30 minutes (above) the guy on the left says “If we don’t talk about it, the skeptics are going to dominate all the discussion on SRA.”

      I say there’s no room for skepticism anymore. No one seems able to refute what Fiona Barnett has said. You can close your eyes to it but you can’t refute it. Here is another girl, Victoria Ash of England, with similar story. (Below)

      Around 25 mins she says “In a coven of 13 there’ll be a policeman, a lawyer, and a gynecologist.” Hello???

  1. It will be worth electing Derryn Hinch to the Senate so he can expose these bastard satanists under privilege and we can see what he is made of.
    Then he might have something to say about the killing of kids in the Middle East by whoremongering liars starting off with the Amy Goodman’s interview with General Wesley Clark about taking down 7 countries in 5 years and expose Ms Albright for supporting the deaths of 500,000 children: ‘it was hard but I think worth it’ search it, down the left side of the informationclearinghousenews.com site.
    Go Derryn, let’s see what you are really made of?

    • Would someone please name the forum for that, and the specific charges.

      Let me limit it to particular individuals — I offer two US Secretaries of State: Madeieine Albright and Colin Powell. For Oz, how about the relevant Attorneys-General? It is my belief that the citizenry cannot get their head around such crimes until they see someone in handcuffs.

      Ned, I see your point about Derryn using “privilege.” May we live to see it.

      • Whoops, you have omitted; our PM at the time, his cohorts and our negligent spook bureaucrats supported by msm spivs.
        Not to worry, Derryn will be on the case, he is a fair dinkum honest Aussie.
        For those who wish to awaken see the BBC production: ‘the spies who fooled the world’, it was on ABC and the look on the male presenter at the end is priceless. They know,
        but are complicit in denial.
        The Chilcott enquiry will be whitewash.
        Derryn you on to all this?
        If not, piss off.

        • Sorry Mary, re; Aussie expression: Piss Off.
          Just adopting our deputy PM Barnaby telling a persistent fly in a pub to piss off. (SMH somewhere today)
          Reminds me of a most polite comment by Bob Hawke calling a recalcitrant a ‘silly old
          Well, we silly old buggers still have a vote. Notwithstanding Dr. Day reporting in 1969 that we have to take the’demise pill’ at aged 75.
          So it would seek that Kissinger, Rothschilds and the rest are by their used by date per Dr. Day. [ref: NWO exposed March 1969
          Also here at GS, just search it.
          So msm journos and with concerns for your children and grandchildren, what to say? Give you and them a demise needle at 75 years?
          Good idea? So why is Murdock et al, not succumbing?

  2. I trust that our John W. Howard et al. and dear Derryn and and running dogs are looking forward to reaching 75 years with the uniformed journos.
    I reserve a space at their wakes.

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