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Celebrating the Queen’s Ninetieth, Part 2: The Duty of Australia’s Governor-General


Music room at Admiralty HouseMusic room at Admiralty House, residence of Australia’s Governor-General

by Malcolm Hughes

According to the Australian Constitution’s Section 61:

“The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor‑General as the Queen’s representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.”

I have been writing letters to appropriate officials, and newspaper editors from 2003 until 2016 about the Port Arthur matter, and don’t intend to stop.  Below is a letter I wrote to the then G-G, Michael Jeffery, ten years ago, when I was living at Wellard WA.

The Governor General of Australia,
Major General Michael Jeffery
Government House

22nd September, 2005

Your Excellency,

I have enclosed various documents for your perusal on the subject of the “Port Arthur Massacre”. These items have come off the Internet from two different sources, and from my own correspondence with people in authority.

I am writing to you to see if you, as Head of State, are able to enforce an inquiry or put pressure on the people who are in that position, to do so. As you can see I have tried every other avenue but there appears to be a mental philosophy that the truth must NEVER be allowed to enter the public domain.

This is not a political issue, but one of serious consequences to every-day life, here in Australia. If the perpetrators are able to get away with this atrocity no one can guess at their future audacity. People in this great country, Australia, will never be able to relax with security in mind.

My main concern is that the people of Australia, and democracy, may have been usurped by people put into government and senior public service positions. Going by the evidence that I have seen, the position of “The Director of Public Prosecutions” has been prostituted and Government Ministers, both State and Federal are not concerned by that happening.

This is an absolute disgrace and suggests to me that there is truth in these allegations and that other people in high positions were involved.

As you will note, the charges in my writings to the Tasmanian Premiers, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police, have not been denied or answered. It is also a blight on the freedom of information that the “free press” throughout Australia will not print my letters in regards to this topic.

I can only ask, why?  Mr Howard and Mr Keelty [of AFP] assert that they have no jurisdiction over an inquiry into State matters. I believe this statement to be false. If the State is involved in a terrible crime or their servants are accused and the State refused to investigate, surely the Commonwealth must set up an INQUIRY.

I believe that in this case — because 35 or so people were killed, supposedly for unknown reasons and ASIO personnel were present — it becomes a crime against the Commonwealth.

My second concern is that if, as I believe, Martin Bryant was not the gunman then why have the authorities deliberately and knowingly put him in jail for eight years to date, and not allowed his mother and sister to visit?

For the sake of all law abiding people of Australia, I beg you to become involved in getting preferably, a Royal Commission, or at least a Judicial Inquiry off the ground.

The excuse of not wanting to traumatise families of the dead and injured is of no consequence when JUSTICE and the future of Australians as a whole is relevant.

Yours faithfully,
Mal. R. Hughes
[home address and telephone number supplied]

(Please See Attachment)


Major General Jeffery, Dame Quentin, Sir Peter CosgroveMajor General Jeffery, Dame Quentin Bryce, Sir Peter Cosgrove

ATTACHMENT: More Questions

Why did Damien Bugg knowingly present false evidence to the court & why did he not present witness declarations that he had at his disposal? Surely these actions are the act of perjury or contempt of court.

Why was Bryant’s original legal advisor dismissed and who dismissed him? Who selected the second advisor?

Was Bugg’s move to the Federal arena, payment for a job well done for his masters?

Why have the Internet sites of the two investigators been maliciously attacked by specialists? If these sites are being used illegally, then surely the authorities could close them down using court action such as charges of sedition or the people who have been named, could have sued for libel,

and there are numerous names in the literature. But this would necessitate the real evidence being produced. (Wouldn’t it?)

It is not only ordinary people who are targets, as an Australian prime minister has already been murdered. Please help put a stop to this anarchy and bring back the old system of HONESTY and SECURITY.

I find it very strange that so many seminars were held on that weekend in a state the size of Tasmania.

Why did John Howard through his assistant secretary, lie to me in regards to his available actions regarding any decision on an Inquiry in this subject, when he had already made a proclamation.

If the AUTHORITIES can not be trusted with the powers that they already have available to them why should they be given more powers under the new TERRORISM legislation, which I believe you can refuse on behalf of the population, to proclaim.

I believe that Ray Groom and Tony Rundle the ex-premiers of Tasmania, Paul Lennon, the present premier, Damien Bugg, the ex-Director of Public Prosecutions of Tasmania, John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, and Michael Keelty, Director of the Federal Police are all guilty of treason against The Crown and the People of Australia in that they refuse to investigate properly or if at all the massacre at Port Arthur on 28th April 1996, thereby allowing the perpetrators to go free, and have the blame passed onto Martin Bryant, who has been held illegally in prison for 9 years.


At Mary Maxwell’s request, for this series, I add two pieces of music. The first is our former national anthem, rousingly sung.

The second is a historical sweep of Australia.

Long live Australia.

— Mal Hughes lives in Perth. He is “on the case” and will be submitting a few more of his amazing letters, including one to the APF.

Photo credit: Admiralty House -- Wikimedia.org
Michael Jeffery: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Quentin Bryce: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Peter Cosgrove: lematin.ma


    • Where has Mal been all our lives? Why, he was right there all along, sending Letters to Editors of EVERY MAJOR NEWSPAPER IN OZ. Funny none of the letters saw the light of day.

      I suspect Mal is not the only one. Nearly 300 Aussies signed a petition about 8 years ago which went the way of all flesh. Many of the signers wrote a comment showing much knowledge of the opposing side of Port Arthur.

    • Mal, thanks for displaying your letter to the GG in 2003. I was also writing letters and articles, giving speeches and having discussions with various politicians, judges, Bar Association officers, media personalities, shock jocks, gun clubs, gun magazines, SSAA, Shooters Party and the like going back to 1988. This gun control issue/Port Arthur has a long, long history.

      Others were also doing their part by doing similar things. I have no idea how many of us have been trying to get the word out for DECADES!

      After I had exhausted all avenues, it became clear to me that trying to educate people within the SYSTEM (law, politics, media) was not the problem – they knew, I know they knew because I had told them – they also had an interest in preserving their position within the system (and that includes ‘approved’ gun clubs).

      If you have other letters to authorities or media, perhaps those letters may also be published. The citizenry of Australia needs to understand – appealing to those who are part of the system that organized, committed and covered up the massacre has already been done. It is a long explored, dead-end road to frustration.

      The system is not the solution, it is the problem.

      • Terry, I have many more letters available to read and seeing that you are interested, I will later today be discussing with someone you all know if it is feasible to display these letters with any answers, if there were any, in a medium such as this.


        • Mal, Mary sent me an email that said you wanted to contact me. The email address she sent didn’t work. I asked her to send my email address to you. Check your inbox.

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    The Daily Beast, Slate, The Intercept, Huffington Post, Salon, Common Dreams, Truthout, ProPublica, Harper’s, Atlantic, Foreign Policy, National Journal, AP, Globe and Mail, National Post, Telegraph, Guardian, Financial Times, The Economist, Daily Mail, London Times, London Review of Books, New Statesman, The Spectator, Bloomberg, NYT, McClatchy, CBS, CNN, Politico, The Nation, The National Interest, The New Republic, Reason, Rolling Stone, Buzzfeed, Newsweek, Time, USN&WR, Consortium News Service.

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