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The Orlando Massacre: Some Wider Issues



By James O’Neill*

“Violence is as American as cherry pie.”  H Rap Brown 26 July 1967.

The mass shooting of more than 100 people, with 50+ fatalities, in an Orlando gay nightclub has drawn widespread horror and revulsion.  Strenuous efforts have been made by some sections of the mainstream media (msm) to link the rampage to American gun culture, Islamic extremism, or homophobia.

One or more of these elements may indeed be present, but it is hardly likely that any of them provide an adequate explanation.  To foster the belief that one or more of them were responsible, as the msm is so assiduously doing, detracts from wider explanations.  That may indeed be the point.  Diversion from examination of the real causes of geopolitical events is the chief raison d’etre of today’s msm.  It is a major reason why their readership is rapidly shrinking.

There are at least three other elements to this story that the msm does not want us to examine too closely.  I will look at each of these briefly.

  1. The Involvement of the FBI.

The Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, is the latest in a long line of American “terrorists” with a history of involvement with the FBI.  We have been told by the msm that Mateen was interviewed twice by the FBI and released without further action being taken.  That is simply untrue.

FBI Director, James Coney has acknowledged that Mateen was introduced to persons they described as “confidential informants”.  According to affidavits filed by the FBI in numerous cases, “confidential informants” are in fact individuals controlled by the FBI who pose as members of terrorist organisations.  Their role is to approach suspects and encourage them to carry out terrorist attacks.  The FBI is supposed to intervene at the last minute, thereby “saving” us from another outrage.

As part of the encouragement, confidential informers are used to channel arms, ammunition, explosives and other equipment to the target person.  Another part of the process is to encourage the target person to adopt a radical version of their religion, usually Islam, which then in turn becomes the justification for clamping down on specific religious groups.

Omar Mateen is simply the latest in a long line of people used in this way, either as actual perpetrators of terrorist crimes, or convenient patsies designed to be held culpable.  When a “terrorist attack” is averted by the last minute intervention of the FBI, then kudos and extra funding are liberally provided.

As the individuals concerned mostly die in the course of the operation, they are not around to provide inconvenient details at subsequent inquests or trials.  Lee Harvey Oswald is one of history’s best known examples, and the fact that the msm goes to extraordinary lengths to conceal the truth more than 50 years down the track is itself profoundly revealing.

Trevor Aaronson in The Intercept (13 June 2016) and Tony Cartalucci (Land Destroyer Report 14 June 2016) provide further examples.  None of this of course appears in the msm.

  1. Historical Blindness.

The quote from Black leader H Rap Brown at the head of this article points to a fundamental truth.  The violent killing of those who pose a challenge to the established order is the way things are done.

The msm have been describing the Orlando killings as the largest ever terrorist attack on American soil, excluding the events of 11 September 2001.  (That is its own special case of a false flag operation designed to demonize a religious group and provide the impetus for the endlessly profitable ‘war on terror’).

Those commentators need to refresh their memories.  The Native American population has long suffered massacres both by white settlers and the US Cavalry.  To take just a very select sample:

1856 Blue Water Creek – 86 killed

1864 Sand Creek – 200 killed, mainly women and children.

1870 Baker Massacre – 178 elderly men, women and children killed.

1871 – Camp Grant Massacre – 144 dead, mostly women and children.

1890 – Wounded Knee – 300 killed, including 44 women and 18 children.

None of these were battle deaths.  They were commonly revenge killings or simply massacres perpetrated by the cavalry.  The high proportion of women and children among the dead is because the attacks frequently took place when the men were away hunting.

The Black population can point to similar atrocities being perpetrated upon them.  Their main crime was being black against which there was no defence.

  1. Foreign Deaths.

As horrific as the 50+ innocent deaths at Orlando was, it is an unremarkable number in the wider context of where the US has visited its unique footprint upon the post World War 2 world.

Just to take this week’s figures as an example, at least 50 civilians, including the elderly, women and children, are killed on a daily basis in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen.  The carnage in those countries is directly attributable to US military intervention (in three cases with Australian assistance).  The carnage is wrought either directly through the US’s own efforts, or through its terrorist proxies such as al Nusra, al Qaeda, ISIS and the Saudi government.

The latter Saudi government is waging an undeclared and illegal war of aggression upon Yemen, supported by the US and the UK.  The Australian government does Saudi Arabia the courtesy of maintaining a complete silence about the ongoing carnage, just as it extends a similar courtesy to Israel in its brutal and illegal treatment of the Palestinians.


Why then the enormous coverage by the msm of the Orlando massacre?  The conclusion must be that such coverage (and selective non-coverage as noted) serves other geopolitical goals.  The continuing demonization of Islam, and the suppression of civil liberties are high among the priorities.

Note the extent to which Mateen’s radicalization is being attributed to “the internet”.  This surely presages further attempts to control what we are permitted to read.

We were even treated, if that is the right world, to Malcolm Turnbull echoing Bush the Lesser’s “they hate us for our freedoms”.  No, Prime Minister, they hate us because we bomb, invade and destroy their countries and steal their resources.

A more mature approach I suggest would be for us to resist this heavily manufactured outrage and demand that we pursue policies that would make the likelihood of such atrocities, at home and abroad, much less likely.

As the widely respected commentator The Saker (13 June 2016) so aptly put it, we need to focus on the real horrors of our time.  Wars of imperial aggression that have killed tens of millions in post World War 2 alone should rank higher in our concerns.  Just don’t expect the msm to even mention it.

*Barrister at Law.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au



  1. “Why then the enormous coverage by the msm of the Orlando massacre?”

    James, I believe it may have been you in a comment elsewhere who said “If there be enormous coverage, assume it is to distract us from something else.”


  2. I’ve seen no evidence showing this was anything other than a manufactured event. People just automatically believe what they’re told and assume that everyone who talks about it on TV is telling the truth, especially the so-called eyewitnesses and victim’s family members. It tugs on the heart strings in that certain way that these phony events do. Some of the “crisis actors” are not too bad and some are ridiculous.

    And they hit several targets with this one, as usual — gay people, Muslims, gun control, and of course the old standby — setting the stage to request more money to fight “terrorism,” which is of course used to create more “terrorism.” There was an active shooter drill in Orlando last year too with amputees and others, which is often part of the scenario. As usual, many of the details about the event are sketchy.

    It doesn’t occur to me anymore that events like this are other than staged.

  3. Very good Summary James.
    Too much to mention at this time but I implore readers to catch the headlines presently being published at Mike Rivero’s site at;
    http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ (14th June US)
    Mass media: Even if you look it up, you lot will still propagate the usual agenda of the globalist fascist banker control freaks.
    Note mass media that the mass media credibility is heading south toward the used car dealers.
    Shove that on your front page and try and confess to the public that your papers/reports/opinions are a fraud on the community and the shock jocks are just talking budgerigars without the intelligence of the bird.
    Also mass media tell your duped readers about:

    If you have a minute and a half to spare!!!
    As James mentions the reality: how many more millions do you mass media hypocrites want to assist to kill?

      • The ‘bomb-men’ …………. AND the rest; controlled by the control freaks; elite killers and their mass media and political running dogs who profit from promoting and causing misery and theft.

        Add those who include ‘God’s directions’ at the 4.28 timeline; ” ……..clergymen joined in the clamour to kill, kill kill……”.
        For the print edition.

        let us face it; we are controlled by killers and we know who they are.

      • Mary, my video shows the injured are being carried toward the Pulse nighclub, not away from it, other videos i watched – “man with red shoes” being carried towards the club also, and then later, walking about, others being carried towards, and then when they think they are out of camera shot, just being put down and walking about..

    • I can’t imagine this happening legitimately. Why not just call an ambulance? And who is the person taking the video? These people do not look like they’re seriously trying to save someone’s life to me. It looks like they were acting something out that was ordered by someone else.

  4. Great article! It’s odd how the FBI is always “involved” with the person, just as they were involved with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who they also killed. The shooters families are always shocked and friends, neighbours and co workers saw nothing that would lead them to think their loved one was a “terrorist” who could perpetrate such a thing. People just don’t out of the blue do such things. It’s so obvious to me now, what really goes on, but most just lap up whatever the media has to say. I recall Obama saying after the San Bernadino “terrorist” attack while pleading for gun control, “I’m sure this will happen again, in fact count on it”. Why did the gutless police wait for hours outside without intervening? Eventually they fired a hail of bullets, killing the suspect, and possibly shooting many of those inside as well, as surprisingly reported by the gov owned media.

    • Cheryl — “Government owned media” ? Maybe it’s media-owned government.
      You ask why the police waited outside for hours? Try 17 hours in Sydney.(Dee calls this a police standdown, a la Cheney on 9-11.)

      Have you heard aboout the Sydney eye-locking? Yes, just before the Lindt Cafe siege, Craig Stoker, walking aloing Martin Place minding his own business, says he locked eyes with Man H. Monis (like Jeff Bauman says he locked eyes with Tamerlane moments before the explosion at the Marathon).

      Did they find Omar’s passport in the glovebox?

  5. This fellow has a report on the plans by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ leaders to cause riots in the US at the presidential nomination conferences.
    Seems that the leader’s phone was hacked which exposed the plans, intentions and motive.
    Going to be a great opportunity to cause social mayhem and some false flag killings.

    Who was it that claimed that any disaster is an opportunity not to be missed so as to promote an agenda?

    • I’d be interested in finding out who the hackers were. This wasn’t some pimply faced kid, this was a sophisticated hack involving covert work.

      • Yes indeed Terry.
        Interesting manoeuvres behind the scene in the US.
        Goodies and baddies are in conflict I suspect. ( appols: Tony!)
        Search the DHS purchase of about 2.4 billion (1.4?) hollow nose bullets …… For target prectice….. So it was claimed in Congress. So who are the targets?
        ‘Duck and weave’ time on the horizon!
        Look up the computer glitches denying food stamps. Nothing better than the millions of starving poor for a planned biff up.

    • “Never let a good crisis go to waste”…Rahm Emanuel. Dual Israeli citizen, Obama’s handler, ex-Israeli Defense Force operative, currently Mayor of Chicago…

      Say no more…..

  6. If you are ever in the USA and a three letter government agency is having a “drill” , grab your loved ones and move as fast and far away as possible.

      • That’s pretty startling, Fair. Let me print it out — but I can’t vouch for it (I mean I did not see it “beforehand”):

        “Drill prepares emergency nurses for mass casualties –Students from Joe Blasco Cosmetics make-up artist training center in Orlando practiced their skills of creating life-like wounds, cuts and bruises. | 02 Oct 2015 | During the Emergency Nurses Association’s annual meeting on Friday, a mock shooter blew himself up, killing and injuring 100 local volunteer actors.

        “There was blood, screams and moans, wounds and dead people — all fake — to create a realistic training environment for more than 40 nurses who had signed up for the exercise. They quickly began tending to “patients,” assessing the extent of their injuries.

        “The nurses association had worked with several Orlando-based companies for nearly a year to set up the drill on at the Orange County Convention Center, which by coincidence took place a day after the shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, where 10 people died and seven were wounded.”

        Fair Dinkum, I hope we will hear “moans and screms” from officials of the said Emergency Nurses Association about this.

  7. From Your ABC:

    “A group of comfort dogs have been DEPLOYED [emphasis added] to Orlando from across the United States.
    The Lutheran Church Charities dogs — including Barnabas, Katie, Ruthie, Kye, Gracie, Mahlah, Luther [!], Jacob, and Sasha — have been working with local hospitals and first responders as well as attending vigils.

    “Your blood pressure goes down when you pet a dog, you feel more comfortable, and people end up talking,” Comfort Dogs president Tim Hetzner told ABC News America. [Maybe the FBI will ‘talk.’]

    “The dogs have also previously been sent to comfort survivors of other major US tragedies, such as the Sandy Hook shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.”

    Please God no. Not the Marathon. Please somebody stop.


  8. I’m putting this at the top of the thread, with thanks to Speculator for sending us to the UK website crisiscast.com. It says:

    “Our specially trained professional role-play actors and internationally credited film crews bring realistic, informed, crisis management and disaster incidents to life. As a company we use state of the art UK and Australian film crafts, tricks and skills for live training that requires hyper real battlefield effects, role players, stunts, medical simulations and combat flashpoints.”

    Speculator, I have asked a friend of Gumshoe to produce an article about crisis actors quicksmart. ​ This whole business is almost unbearable. I honestly don’t think Orwell himself could have absorbed this new trend. But then he was (almost) pre-television.

  9. Steven Seagal has a view that is well supported by historic evidence easily found with some diligent searching………you know, the sort of dilligence avoided by the MSM, ABC, SBS, shonkey shock jocks and the ignorant opinionated

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