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Those Floods We Had Recently: Did Cloud-Seeding Do the Trick?


 floodPrime Minister Turnbull inspects flooding at Tamar River in Launceston

by Mark Wilhelm

Hydro Tasmania used cloud-seeding to create rain in spite of a forecast of heavy rain. Some Tasmanians are complaining that this caused, or at least exacerbated, the recent flooding. What’s going on?

Storms that began on 4th of June, 2016 resulted in strong winds, high surf, and heavy rain in Queensland, northern NSW and Tasmania. Some areas got 200mm (nearly 8 inches) in 24 hours. Three people died, and two are missing.  

There was flooding of some rivers, including the Derwent and the Ouse in Tassie. Cattle and sheep got washed away in some areas. Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has announced assistance packages for persons who suffered property damage.

Cloud Seeding

Even before the floodwaters receded, some Tasmanians became aware that their state-owned hydro-electric power generator had done some cloud-seeding. This created more rain in or near water catchments.

Hydro Tasmania has admitted its cloud-seeding plane was sent up on Sunday morning – DESPITE FORECASTS OF HEAVY RAIN.  It seeded clouds with silver iodide to increase rainfall for an hour and 34 minutes, from 10.57am. Note: Hydro Tasmania has been using aircraft to seed clouds since the 1970s.

An article at ABC.net.au (which has excellent photos) said:

“Hydro Tasmania will not answer questions about both Sunday’s cloud seeding flight and its policies on using the technique when there are current flood warnings.

A spokeswoman said it would be inappropriate to comment. ‘At this point Hydro Tasmania is not in a position to provide more information,’ she said”.

Of course it can’t be true that “Hydro is not in a position to provide more information.” How could it not say what its “policies” are in regard to “using the technique when there are current flood warnings”?  Any intelligent human being can figure that cloud-seeding should be shut down in those circumstances.

Environmental Research

Did you know that cloud seeding “experiments” for “research” in Australia have been going since 1955 in all five mainland states, involving the CSIRO, the state governments, and private corporations.

The Australian Research Council provides an Industry Linkage Grant to support research in southeastern Australia. A stated goal is the understanding and prediction of orographic precipitation (“orographic” — the way mountains cause moist air to rise).

This program involves collaboration of Monash University, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, Snowy Hydro Ltd, Hydro Tasmania and the Victorian Government Department of Environment.

Other research being conducted is Solar Radiation Management (SRM) or “earth dimming.”  It’s a process whereby toxic aerosols are distributed into the atmosphere for the stated purpose of reflecting sunlight away from the earth’s surface.

I was shocked to learn that this dimming – which I had never heard of — is being used in conjunction with thermal heating and/or radiation using HAARP antennas, lasers, and wifi towers.

Anyway, why is this sort of “science” being done by stealth?  My questions include:

— What programs are they running and what are the results of these programs?

— What are the risks of these programs (Do they even know)?

— Where are the funds to run these programs coming from?

As for deflecting the sun, isn’t the sun vital to plant and humans health?

My Home-grown Experiments

For a few years, thanks to the reports of “chemtrails,” I have been taking an interest in clouds and rain.  Here are a few of my observations:

Personally I can see, every day, clouds being seeded (white patterns in the sky or a wispy haze) which then fan out to cover the entire sky and horizon.

For my town this most often occurs in the afternoon.

I have noticed patterns before we get “rain” and on many occasions these are done a day in advance of a five-minute torrential downpour.

On many days, the TV weather forecast does not show clouds yet they always come.

If you search Youtube for the subject of Chemtrails, you will find thousands of videos from around the world taken by normal people. Very likely you are already watching these.

I feel that the high-tech people are experimenting with the whole planet. Who has authorized this? No one. I forbid them to continue!

— Mark Wilhelm is an activist for the environment and for freedom of speech.

Photo credit: Andrew Meares at smh.com.au






      Business was booming at the steps of SA Parliament House today. “My” public wasn’t there, but I egged some of the other protestors into being interested in PA. (I’m using the initials “PA” so ASIO won’t know what I’m referring to.)

      Signs already displayed on the steps when I arrived included “Atkinson suppressed pedophilia for 70 years,”
      and “Queen Must Terminate Tyrant Atkinson.” Gee, I wouldn’t use a word like terminate. There was also this:

      “Jay says It’s My Party [Labor]
      Suffering Public Says Party’s Over”

      I guess they got permission to set up a card-table to collect signature re the closing of a Repat hospital. Over many months they have got 120,000 sigs. So the party’s NOT over.

      • ..yet drastically recently my father lay in the lyell mcewin hospital bed waiting for his emergency surgery to remove his gall bladder, the hospital was too overloaded for surgery to occur, then the nurses stuffed up and he was put to the bottom line. The surgeon said he had been waiting each day for 6 hours > for him to arrive for surgery to take place. In the end the surgeon suggested we complain to health minister or petition signatures to rectify. What good would that do when the 120k signatures failed to save the repat hospital. Ministers don’t work for the human society of their pockets of cash.

  1. Well manstream mass media, how about telling the public, especially those climate change drama queens, about looking to see what is being done to change the weather patterns for a good weather war.
    Indeed, climate change could be caused by humans……….those bastard government humans using science at the public’s cost to cause droughts, cyclones etc. and kill people.

  2. That picture doesnt look anything like “Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser” 🙂 ( 3rd para )

    I observe persistent trails at all times of the day, the only cloud there is comes from passing aircraft, and it spreads across the entire sky . it often happens a day or two before forecast rain, and inevitably leads to no rain at all.

    Re the thousand of videos on youtube, there is no denying that people who care to look up, notice these persistent trails, and are concerned, as it is impossible to deny their existence, maybe that is why they are trying to portray them now as “climate fixes”


  3. I am not a regular traveller, but I have observed “chem trails” in Queensland, Tasmania & my home state, W,A. I have dozens of photographs that I have taken. Artificial clouds are quite often easy to spot. Natural cloud comes through as a “front”, where artificial cloud radiate in streams or spokes from a point on your horizon. Contrails form at a particular height and dissipate in a fairly short time. Chem trails instead of dissipating, spread out over a much longer time period and join to other chem trails to form a mass. Quite often after the artificial cloud has been hit by HAARP it forms into peculiar separate cloud forms, with flat tops.

      • On second thought, Eddy, maybe all one needs to know about “climate change” is that Pres Bill Clinton’s VP, Al Gore got the 2007 Nobel Prize for … uh.. for.. uuhh…not sure, but here is from Wikipedia (CIA):

        “[The prize] said that “Al Gore has for a long time been one of the world’s leading environmentalist politicians”, and described him as “probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted.” [Oh my achin’ corns]

        “In conclusion, it said the Nobel Committee was “seeking to contribute to a sharper focus on the processes and decisions that appear to be necessary to protect the world’s future climate, and thereby to reduce the threat to the security of mankind. Action is necessary now, before climate change moves beyond man’s control.” [and into monkey control?]

        Eddy, I think the phrase YadaYadaYada would work here.

    • The connection is that to create the change to implement the Agenda 2030 goals they need a force or event that targets every individual on this planet. One force is the weather. In 1996 a study was done designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the
      concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. It is titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier:
      Owning the Weather in 2025”, it is a 52 page document and can be found here at: http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf. If you read this document most of this technology/processes is already in operation. I fully recommend downloading and sharing.

  4. It’s very concerning that there is only minimal information on our web (yes there is more than one web) about detailed information concerning weather modification/manipulation. Especially considering many, many people in alleged “important” positions are fully aware of the programs being run.

  5. Again!!
    Thanks Wally Mack…………. never knew about that act.
    See what they have been up to in Australia:
    From memory, NSW Premier Carr arranged some seeding for Kerry over his ski resort and started a bumper ski season. seems that rain, meant by God for the farmers went to the yuppies.
    We have been had!
    For years people have been praying to God to break the drought with a few drops and all the time the bastard bureacrats have said ‘NO”. (:-
    “We’ll all be rooned”, said Hanrahan,
    ‘unless those bastard bureacrats don’t stop the rain soon…”

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