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Port Arthur: Are Premiers Responsible for Their State?


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by Malcolm Hughes

I am in possession of “proof” that many politicians and officials were alerted to the travesty of justice regarding the Port Arthur massacre. The proof is simply a packet of letters that I wrote to them, and their embarrassingly poor replies.

Gumshoe recently published my 2005 letter to the Governor-General of Australia, and below is a letter I wrote to Jim Bacon when he was premier of Tasmania in 2003.

For the first 6 years after the massacre I was as naïve as everyone else, but then I read Joe Vialls exposé. Many now believe the late “Joe” was an insider. Nevertheless, his Internet commentary got me started and then there was no stopping my research.

Mr Jim Bacon, Premier of Tasmania.
C/o House of Parliament Tasmania,
Hobart. Tasmania. 7000
18 November, 2003

Mr Premier,

l have enclosed literature of an investigation, done by a private inquiry agent regarding the “Port Arthur Massacre” for your perusal. You may have seen this material before, on the Internet. This material interests me greatly, because, if the allegations therein are accurate we as Australians have a lot to be worried about regarding National Security and also the way investigations are carried out by our authorities and or cover-ups that can be allowed to happen.

In this particular case, an innocent man who would be completely incapable of planning such an exercise let alone carry it out with such perfection, is in jail while the highly paid mercenary killer still roams Australia or more likely the USA, waiting for his next assignment. if this is allowed to go unchallenged by our authorities, no AUSTRALIAN, can ever say we live in a relatively safe country.

I am a Vietnam veteran who was sent against my will to a civil war in a foreign country, to supposedly stop the spread of communism to Australia. The communist run countries were supposedly using similar tactics as above to suppress their populations. I believe Western Countries (particularly U.S.A.) use similar tactics, only less visibly.

I call on you as Premier of Tasmania to convene a Royal Commission to bring the truth of the killing of 35, and wounding of numerous other AUSTRALIANS or tourists, into the open so that justice can be seen to be done and that Martin Bryant be released and compensated for his wrongful incarceration as soon as possible.

Point One: Allowing the present situation to continue would enable any AUSTRALIAN to potentially be killed or caught up in similar situations in the future, when a political point “needs” to be made. [Emphasis added, with hindsight! How right I was.]

Point Two: A person can be jailed because someone in authority, or the media believes that person is guilty but does not have to provide any evidence whatsoever.

I await your decision on providing a Royal Commission and i would like to be informed as soon as possible. [Note: that was 12 years ago; still waiting]

The cost should not even come into the equation as this is JUSTlCE that is being called into credibility.

There are certain witnesses who should be called in the event that a truly unbiased legal objective is attained. I would think the following would be a definite inclusion: Wendy and Graeme Scurr, Terry Hill, Mrs Bryant, and the senior ranking officers of the Tasmanian Police Service who apparently had information on Martin Bryant at their fingertips before he was supposedly identified.

If the Tasmanian Parliament does not see fit to call a Royal Commission there are other options to be taken which could highly embarrass the systems of judicial and parliamentary operations in Tasmania.

I await an answer, one way or the other. Hopefully it will be positive.

Yours faithfully,

Concerned Citizen of Australia,
Mal. R. Hughes

Malcolm Hughes of Perth did his “Port Arthur duty” by summarizing the case for the benefit of officials — and trying to hold them accountable. He contributes Comments to Gumshoe under the name Aussiemal.

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  1. One of Gumshoe’s friends has lost her website as a result of censoring, and another has lost both his ability to send emails and other modes of comunication! I am mentioning this only to say that if Gumshoe comes to an unannounced halt, the likely cause is that we have got our just deserts.

    So to speak.

    Presumably your humble servant could still be adrressed at her “permanent” email: mary.maxwell@alumni.adelaide.edu.au
    Permanent until Judgment Day at which pernt maybe they will get THEIR just deserts. WE CAN DREAM, CAN’T WE?

    • As the public has the right to know the details of anything that’s been officially submitted re any matter of public interest the reply should also be published.

      How can such material be censored ?

      • Berry, if you mean Where is the answer that Mal Hughes got from Jim Bacon, please stay tuned. It will be supplied soon.

        As for censorship, I will ask the two “friends of Gumshoe” if they permit me to say more about them. But even if they don’t, the fact is that the Powers That Be are taking many steps to kill any challenge to their reign and they are smart enuf to know that “an informed public” is a major challenge.

        • Whoo-eee! I just opened the brochure that was mailed to all Aussies about the Election. Among the allowable reasons for voting early, so as not to have to travel to the polls are:

          — being in hospital
          — “can’t leave your workplace to vote”
          — have a reasonable fear for your safety.

          Jumpin Jehosaphat! When I replied to Berry above, I was tempted to mention that I am in fear of my life “at trhis time” — but thought I would sound embarrassingly paranoid. But now it’s official! You can be fearful in Australia in 2016.

          This person is apprehensive. There, i said it.

  2. In reply to Berry’s comment, I would have posted a reply from Mr Bacon if there had been one. However when the new Premier took over I again wrote & did receive a reply. Both lots of correspondence will be posted in the next fortnight.

    • Mal, at least you got the occasional ‘form letter’ reply, I never did. Perhaps it was because I wrote on my barrister’s letterhead and included the articles I had written. For them to send a reply would be an admission that they received the letter with the information.

      You wrote to John Howard, I went one better and did an overhead projection presentation in Howard’s office at Gladesville to his office manager (Tony).

      I should mention ‘protests’ – I just had a friend that is livid about the NSW anti-protests laws and is going to Sydney to protest outside Parliament House. I didn’t have the heart to tell her my experiences. I used to have Chambers on Macquarie St. just down from Parliament House. I probably saw HUNDREDS of protests (I wouldn’t doubt there is a schedule at Parliament that organizations have to consult to find a ‘slot’ for their protest).

      One time I was having lunch at Parliament House with an MP. I finished the lunch and walked back through to the front doors. When I emerged there was heaps of noise from a protest going on outside, but you didn’t even know it inside – it was business as usual inside.

      I remember there was a ‘gun control’ protest by the Coalition for Gun Control. They probably had about 1,200-1,500 people at the protest, which would be a big protest as far as the usual stuff that showed up. (The police monitor all the protests and their estimates are fairly reliable). The media said the crowd was UP to 8,000 people.

      Then there was a protest by shooters – it was the biggest one I ever saw. It extended down both sides of Macquarie Street and into Martin Place. Unlike other protests where the people try to spread out, the ‘shooters’ were crowding shoulder to shoulder to hear what was going on. The police estimates were 30-35,000 – the media said it was 8,000-12,000.

      The Government has apparently prohibited protests that actually do something (like block roads to the fracking interests), however they are quite comfortable letting the morons feel like they are doing something constructive by making some noise out in front of Parliament.

      • Perhaps I should clarify why I used the word ‘morons’.

        The media will cut and paste any footage to get the narrative they want. If they think it is serious enough, they will plant their own people into the protest to get the footage they need.

        I saw many of those protests and could see what was going on and how the people were acting – then you had to watch the evening news to see how bad they spun it.

        All my friend is going to do is give the bad guys a ‘free kick’ – like right in her face. She holds multiple jobs to try and keep her head above water, she’s driving 5 hours to Sydney, then back again, staying at a motel the night before, riding the trains – she really can’t afford it – and her efforts will at best do nothing, at worse her efforts will be used against her.

        Only a moron would do something that stupid.

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