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Exactly Who Is Inside Your TV Today?



by Montse Alarcón Flix

In an earlier article I wrote about the re-working of fiction (with reference to Kafka, and the Boston Marathon bombing) and told how I became a researcher of hoaxes and a supporter of ‘patsies.’ A hoax is a fictional event presented as real. The people performing it are aware of its fictional nature, but some people watching it are convinced that it is real.

How is it possible that the people can’t distinguish when they are lied to? Aren’t humans supposed to be intelligent beings? Unfortunately, many aren’t so much as we would hope.

Green Men

When I was a child there was a person in my entourage who, owing to her age, was designated as a “person of authority.” She was allowed to use force upon me if something that I said or did wasn’t pleasing to her. Later I felt upset when I came to realize that knowledge, intelligence, and reason weren’t always a matter of age — and that these qualities don’t always figure in the selection of the people who are in position of authority!

Age was a kind of accepted “argument” to solve questions, as was, similarly, physical strength. Such that many times intelligence and knowledge suffered great oppression. Let me depict the decisive change that operated in my mind regarding my view of ‘authority’-invested persons.

I was about 5 years old and the person I mentioned was 11 years old. Both were kids, one (myself) already a critical thinker, and the other (the older one but still a child) gullible and easily manipulated owing to her ignorance.

When our TV was broken, my mother called a technician to repair it. The man arrived during the morning. It was a special day since we rarely received unknown people at home.

He seemed to us as a mysterious magician with the power in his hands to make machines work again. All the children at home were dying of curiosity and following the man’s actions.

There was a moment when he opened the back of the TV set and confirmed that it had a broken lamp (yes the old-fashioned TV sets had lamps in them).

The moment it was opened, the older girl asked the technician with frustration: “Where are the little men?” “Which little men?” asked the technician. “The little men who live inside of the TV whom we see singing, talking, dancing and fighting when we turn on it…. Where they are? Why we don’t we see them exit, now that you opened the back of the box?”

The frustration almost made tears run down her face. Yes, she thought that the people we see on TV were not actual people but lived inside of the television set. The man and I tried to suppress our laughter. The question appeared to me ridiculous even when I was only 5.

The “News”

I gradually learned that not only are fiction stories unreal but so, too, is much of what is presented on TV as “news.” And government leaders’ propaganda about alleged threats of foreign countries tells me that they’re not caring about the domestic population’s safety but merely promoting an agenda to multiply the benefits of war industries.

Generally, I became worried about the people’s lack of contact with the reality.  The awakening of some folks consists in learning about this divergence. The awakening for me, and others like myself, is to learn that those believing the lies are destroying our world!

We aim to stop them however we can. The people in positions of authority are able to use force against us. In April 2013, the entire world received the news that “two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, one child was killed, many wounded.”

My experience reinterpreted the “news” in light of my knowledge and I thought: “We had better see how much true fact there is, behind these news facts, and how much do I need my old TV-technician example to explain what really happened here.”

I won’t quote my research now (perhaps later), but the result of it so far is that I don’t think anyone actually died at the Boston Marathon in 2013. Or at least it was nothing like what we were told. I think it’s possible there were no genuine injuries.

But luckily the old story of green men inside the TV set is having to face a challenge today. Many researchers are spreading real knowledge about what happened in Boston that day and how far it is from what we’re told!

During the first few days after the Marathon race, those who believed that the little men inside the TV were real cried because they saw injuries and deaths. Then they wanted someone to be blamed and punished.

Here is my challenge for now. I say:

Any news outlet – or police commissioner — publishing that there was a Boston bombing and providing no evidence of it can be discarded outright as a vessel of propaganda.

— Montse Alarcon Flix is a translator of English into Catalan and into Castilian (Spanish). She provided Gumshoe with translations of the Aunt Maret Tsarnaeva affidavit and led us to create a video that has had, so far, over 330 hits in Spanish, 357 in Spanish, 99 in Catalan.

Photo credit: Crandall1950syoungculture.files.wordpress.com

Editor’s note: here is the nice recording in Catalan.  Gumshoe gets a mention at 35 seconds and Montse is pictured at 48 seconds. Yay!



  1. Montse has been battering me and battering me to discuss hoaxes. I held out until today. Finally there is a very sensible hoax video about Boston.

    I mean the author of it goes about his task with methodology that passes muster here at Conservative Gumshoe. He compares what two people reported way back then on the battlefield of Boylston Street.
    See what you think.

    • The battering has started again! Montse is after me to get the promised interview with Peekay going. Did i pomise that? Surely Peekay has not promised anything. Just stay calm and carry on, Montse. We can invite Speculator 247, and Montse, and anyone else to say what they want to say (in articles or Comments) about the hoaxization of America.
      Tomorrow, however, there is going to be a precious little item on another subject. You could call it a hidden nugget.

      Just wait and see.

    • I’ve seen a couple of pictures of what looks like Martin partially covered with a sheet, sitting up, and being carried by two men at the same time. There’s barely a hint of “blood” and he certainly looks alive since his head is not slumped and his neck and back look erect. From the way he’s being carried, it’s obvious he did not have his “legs blown off.”

      I watched all of the videos and looked at all of the pictures I could find of the marathon that day and the supposed victims. Peekay has done interviews discussing the Boston Marathon “bombing” and those can probably still be found on youtube.

      I’ve convinced myself that some of the people believed they were participating in a drill and probably did not know they were participating in a false flag type event and that an innocent boy would be blamed for something that never happened. Some of the people though, the ones who did subsequent interviews and lied about what happened, may be guilty of crimes. Definitely the people who acted as witnesses in what people thought was supposed to be a trial would be guilty of a crime if they “knowingly” participated. It’s impossible to say if those people knew they were railroading a patsy (maybe CIA assets?) or if they thought they were only acting out a scripted drama and had no idea it was going to result in a death sentence.

      And since nobody has seen Jahar in prison that I know of, who really knows what happened to him since he was moved from Massachusetts? I don’t think Ted Kaczynski’s been seen or Zacarias Moussaoui or any of the other patsies that were supposedly placed at the Florence CO Supermax prison. I want to know where all of these people are and how they’re being treated. I want all innocent prisoners released and I want those who framed them to take their places in prison.

      • Dear Speculator, You mention “Martin” in the first paragraph. For a moment I thought you meant Martin Bryant. Do you mean the 8 yr old Richard Martin, or Jeff Bauman? And thank you for mentioning the crimes by false witnesses, if there be any.

        PS. It is libelous to accuse X, Y, or Z of a crime, but you can state your opinion. I have stated that Daian Bugg committed a crime in the prosecution of Bryant and would be happy to be sued for libel so we could put the matter before a judge.( Still, I am only pro tem at the helm of Gumshoe and do not want Dee to have her website taken down on my account, so please exercise caution.)

  2. I came across on youtube a couple of days ago, a video, that backs, everything said by Montse. Jim Fetzer, discusses 9/11 to Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and London 7/7. 59 minutes of truthful coverage of proven crime by authorities.

    • Yes, thank you Wally, it sounds like it:

      May 10, 2012 US House of Reps in 2012:
      (ahem, would have been my 4th term if the good people of New Hampshire had elected me)
      A BILL
      To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes.

      This Act may be cited as the `Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012′. [Well, isn’t that special.]

      `Sec. 501. (a) The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.

      [Sure, a few hoaxes here and there, why not?]

  3. good article Montse! All so true. It’s still hard to believe why so many people continue to believe the media lies. It’s become so obvious to lots of people now. It happens so often now that propaganda and false flags can be spotted within the first 5 mins of the news. Another good sign is how it is dragged out 24 hrs a day for days and weeks. It is sad that there is nothing on the “news” or tv in general that can be counted on to be real or honest.

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