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Status Report on Tsarnaev, the Non-bomber of the 2013 Boston Marathon


backpackAn Interview with Cheryl Dean

Gumshoe: Ms Dean, You are our main connection to the Tsarnaev trial regarding the Boston bombing. Please give us a bit of background on Jahar, whom you always refer to as Dzhokhar

Cheryl: Dzhokhar came to the US when he was seven years old. He was a very pleasant child and adapted well to his new country and new language. He became very much like any other American teenager. The bombing happened when he was 19 years old. This July 22 he will be 23.

Dzhokhar is his proper name. His wrestling coach suggested to him that he adopt the name Jahar so that other students would have no problem pronouncing it. Jahar accepted that and had ‘Jahar’ on the back of his school jacket. I think it’s a bit sad that people who come to the US often change their names or change the spelling just to fit in and make it easier for others.

Gumshoe: His wrestling coach named him? I thought his older brother was the wrestler.

Cheryl: No, Tamerlan, the brother who is now deceased, was trained in boxing and excelled at it. Dzhokhar was on his high school’s wrestling team eventually became Captain of the team.

Gumshoe: Does Jahar get any exercise at the prison where he is currently incarcerated?

Cheryl: Dzhokhar is in a special unit called H unit within the ADX prison in Colorado. It is even more restricted than any other unit at ADX. He is supposed to get up to 10 hours a week of outside recreation. However the use of the term “recreation” is highly twisted by BOP officials.

The outside recreation consists of being led to an outside cage approximately 6ft by 9ft. with nothing inside of it. You can sit, lie, or stand in it, that’s it. It is also surrounded by high cement walls so the prisoner can see nothing but a bit of the sky. If this is what passes for recreation, then it’s obvious this prison is run by sociopaths. ADX has the reputation of being the worst US prison.

Gumshoe: I see that Jahar has numerous supporters. Do they visit him?

Cheryl: The only two people who are allowed to visit Dzhokhar are his two sisters who live in the US. Not even his Aunts, Uncles, or cousins can visit him, certainly none of his many, many supporters. The sisters’ visits are “non contact” visits, through glass.  Dzhokhar has had SAM’s imposed on him, which restricts him severely.

Gumshoe: Please explain the SAM’s, Cheryl.

Cheryl: “SAM’s” mean Special Administrative Measures. These were “invented” for “terrorists” in order to:

#1-“prevent the disclosure of classified information” or
#2- if ” there is a substantial risk that a prisoner’s communications or contacts with persons could result in death or serious bodily injury to persons, or substantial damage to property that would entail the risk of death or serious bodily injury to persons.”

In other words, to protect FBI secrets, so the prisoners can never tell their story — the truth. Both reasons are absolutely ridiculous. In Dzhokhar’s case, the SAM’s were imposed for reason #2. This is so unjustified. Dzhokhar himself is the one in danger of bodily injury or death, isn’t he?

Under SAM’s the prisoner is virtually silenced and walled off from the rest of the world, never to be seen or heard from again.


Gumshoe: What about phone calls?

Cheryl: Dzhokhar is only allowed to make two 15-minute phone calls a month to his parents and the huge cost of those calls must come out of his commissary account. They are obliged to speak in English only, and that is also true when the sisters visit, so the FBI can listen.

Gumshoe: Can Jahar receive letters or gifts?

Cheryl: He can receive letters from his parents or his sisters only, but never any gifts. The letters must be read first by the FBI and approved, which means long delays in receiving those letters. However, Dzhokhar is allowed to receive a certain amount of new books from his supporters, but only if the book is purchased and shipped from Amazon.

A book received from anywhere else will automatically be returned to the sender. Books must not contain any violence, sex, or politics. Books must not be spiral bound, and soft cover is preferred. If anyone would like to send Dzhokhar a book, via Amazon, here is the address and it must appear exactly like this:

Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev #95079-038
USP Florence ADMAX
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226 USA

Gumshoe: At the moment he is appealing his conviction for the Marathon Bombing. What is the status of that?

Cheryl: Currently Dzhokhar’s new lawyers, Gail Johnson of Colorado and David Patton of New York, are busy reading and learning of every document and detail involved with this case. Unfortunately Judy — “it was him” — Clarke is still involved in the case until another “learned counsel” (death penalty) lawyer can be found to take her place. I find this suspicious.

The case is being appealed as to both the conviction and the death sentence. There is no doubt this will be a very long process. Unfortunately, an innocent young man is languishing in silence under brutal conditions while the wheels of the US “justice” system take their good old time, dragging appeals to a near halt, as is their famous practice.

— Cheryl Dean has researched the case and finds zero evidence that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was guilty of any crime on Patriot’s Day in Boston in April, 2013.   

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  1. Dear Cheryl, I think it’s important that we keep up the chatter about Jahar and Martin. Look how much chatter goes on, on the other side — all the TV shows we had about Martin’s guilt, on the 20th aniversary.

    I just went to worldcat.org to see how many libraries are holding the awful book about Boston marathon entitled “Long Mile Home” — 679. yes, that many.

    I also checked Carleen Bryant’s MY STORY (she’s the Mom). Twenty seven libraries have it, which is not bad, and I checked the circulation of the copies in the branches of NSW public libraries — in most cases the book is currently out on loan!
    Ahem, I bet that was not the case before Gumshoe started making a stink.

    Ya can only try, right? Keep trying please.

    • You won’t believe it but there was a story in Esquire magazine about a free trip that 114 Marathon surviors got, in France (a river cruise).

      I’ll just quote one of the may lurid paragraphs:

      Sabrina has looked at lots of pictures from the bombings. She has one, taken before the explosions. In it, she stands just feet away from both Roseann, Martin Richard, the eight-year-old Dorchester boy who would be killed in the second blast, and the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
      “I look at it every day,” she says.

      • Unless this Sabrina ran away before the”bomb” exploded she would not be here to be capable of looking at pictures of any kind. Standing next to someone who was killed yet you are ok? With luck like that she needs to be buying lottery tickets… Real bombs kill or mangle EVERYONE in close proximity, they don’t pick and choose like these smoke bombs did at the marathon. It is not unreasonable to conclude that the only real bombs killing innocent civilians are the ones the United States is dropping in the eastern countries they continue to target.

        • Dear Leah,
          Please report to the Hoax Monitor and sign in.

          Nah, kidding, you can go to town on it — Montse fixed my wagon and “Mother” is away.

          I see your point about Sabrina, and I have often heard that the traumatized person does NOT want to revisit the scene of the crimesies.

          PS I love your website, WritingtheWrongforJahar.com.
          Leah, press the button above for “Royal Commission.” Part 14 is about a real live miracle. And it’s a-happenin’ in Australia. yay!

        • Ok you need to stop right there because you don’t know what you’re talking about. “Bombs” do not kill everybody on site, unless we’re talking about a nuclear blast that would kill everybody in a certain radius. I have talked to many war vets who got in the way of an IED (improvised explosive device) and were not killed by it. These devices have the capability of killing several people, but they cannot kill everybody in their path. You need to educate yourself on explosives and on what they can and cannot do.

    • Mary, you don’t have to say, please keep trying. Myself and many others will never cease trying until the day Dzhokhar is set free. I’m surprised Jeff Bauman’s book is in so many libraries, however that book is not about the truth so it’s not worth the paper it was written on. One day in the not so distant future there will be a book on the true facts of the Boston Marathon case and it will be distributed far and wide. It’s high time the public start reading non fiction books.

      • No, no, Cheryl, the book “Long Mile Home” is not Jeff Bauman’s book. His is called “Stronger.” Mostly about how he learned to walk again. I can only say that if it turns out that he is pulling our leg (pardon me), the nurses at Spaulding Rehab will have a lot to answer for.
        Comes a time when ya gotta dob. [‘Dob’ = Oz for tattle.]

        • Oh, That’s right Mary, I must have had a brain freeze or something. I knew I hated that book, but it was written by two Boston Globe “journalists”. The Boston Globe has a cozy relationship with carmen ortiz and were given many of the leaks in the case. I blame the Boston globe for constantly promoting the official narrative and creating the bias among those in Boston including the jury. What I said about Jeff’s book is still true and the globe book can also be included in the fiction category.

    • Hello Mary, I’ve read your book on this case and followed up on your claim that Denise and Bill Richard and their children were actors in an elaborate deception. It may interest you to learn, that as per the SearchQuarry website, there is no birth record for a 15 year old Henry Richard anywhere in the United States.

    • Hello Mary, with reference to my earlier post about no birth record for Henry Richard, I no longer believe it is significant because SearchQuarry only seems to provide birth records for adults.

  2. I am so happy that we have people in this world that do instead of talking. I have all the faith in the world that Cheryl and the rest of Dzhokhars supporters will follow this case to the very end….until he is free. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Bonnie, It’s approximately on a par with making the Red Sea part.

      I mean the solution for Martin and Jahar is for peeps to face up to a massive change by way of recognizing who is running tha show worldwide. Will it happen in my lifetime? I wouldn’t bet my house on it, but the Brexit move may be a start.

  3. I wanted to know if there is any real evidence that anyone has seen Dzhokhar at the prison. For example, do we know whether any of the relatives have been able to visit him there? Family members have been very quiet since the trial as far as I know, which is also very suspicious.

    When you know that things like those mentioned in this article and others exist, your level of trust in official statements disappears: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/06/05/free-energy-child-sex-ring-cracked-but-not-broken/

    Even if he was actually there at Florence, visits would be devastatingly frustrating for both Dzhokhar and the visitor(s).

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