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Smart Meters Causing Residents Headaches, Stress, and Seizures


smart meterHi there, Meter, how smart can you get!

by Cherri Bonney

Hmmm!   While the utility companies are claiming they are totally safe, the truth really is, there has been not one study conducted by these companies to determine this claim. (Bad news)

Ever wonder what a Smart Meter is ?  

It’s sort of like a spy.  It knows what time of day you use certain appliances. Like they really need to know? Yes “they” need to know whatever can, in any way, shape, or form be known!

Although utility companies claim that the smart meter is so perfectly safe, people are reluctant to signing up for this new fan tangled wow beaut money saver program.

Yet in the US it so happens that 43% of households have done just that!  (Lord above!)

What these poor gullible folk have forgotten to take into account is that the two-way electric transmission running between your smart meter and the electric company can actually mess badly with your health.

Now these health issues range from insomnia, stress, headaches, full blown seizures, hearing disturbances, horrible sinus infections and who knows what else might crop up. (God forbid, it could be Cancer!)


You fly in a plane, you get some radiation from the atmosphere.  You go to the hospital for an X-ray and get some radiation. You use a microwave? Oh-oh.  All of the above may cause harm to your health but at least you can see some benefits.

But radiation is flying out of these naughty Smart Meters and there is no known redeeming social value. So what are we doing this or? And who can put a sop to it?

A 2015 study by Ronald Powell, reported at BeforeItsNews.com, shows the number of systems in the human body that would like you to quit punishing them.

Increases – Who Needs This!

The following are alleged increases in health woes of persons exposed to Smart Meters (may as well just call them S&M’s) – compared to the non-exposed population.

The most dramatic are:

Sleep problems:  49%

Anxiety and irritability (Get out of here! I hate you! Don’t bother me, etc):  43%

Good old headaches (Not tonight, dear):  41%

Ringing in the ears – this is a biggie, ringing in at 38%

Then there are many with a less than 30% change, of which I’ll name only three:

Heart palpitations and arrhythmias:  26%

Nosebleeds:  15%

Seizures: 2%

So Why Is the Government Not Regulating RF Waves?

According to Dr. Powell, the governmental body in the US that sets rules for Maximum Permitted Exposure (MPE) (or, as I said, S&M) is the Federal Communications Commission. You know—the one that decides that your child can watch TV instructions on how to eat max sugar). Now they can say how much EF – electronic frequency you should have along with your sugar.  “Tons, please, I love it.”

The FCC’s rules and regulations are based on outdated thoughts/plans from the 1980s. Now when you think about the colossal difference in technology between the 1980’s and today, in 2016, this is a huge concern all round. (Wouldn’t you agree?)

We are talking problem-time for the human race, the species, the planet (plants and animals are all affected by radiation, of course).

In the 1980′s the very thought of being sensitive or prone to the electromagnetic waves was considered by most to be a huge joke!  And if you mentioned having legitimate health concerns, you were as likely to be sent to a psychologist, as to a GP. (How times have changed!)

Gumshoe Objects!

You may recall Dee McLachlan taking steps – expensive steps – to resist the installation of an S&M in her home in Melbourne. Yes, the pressure is put on by financial trickery.  It’s also put on by untrue statements that the S&M-ification is compulsory. It is not.

Don’t be fooled. May I say, don’t be an idiot.

Just tell the installers: Negativo, void-void, veto, je refuse, get outta here, we’re not having it, piss off, or – in a word — No.

Cherri Bonney is a health nut in Perth. That is to say, she has a modicum of common sense left after “they” have gouged as much as they could gouge.  She recommends this video by Dr Powell, MD:



  1. Remember the true definition of SMART is: Surveillance Marketed As RevolutionaryTechnology. This technology is being forced upon us as a tool to control our carbon footprint, which as many now know will be the next ONE WORLD “CURRENCY”.

  2. Clear meter access

    Customers are required to provide unrestricted access to their meter. This is part of the Electricity Customer Metering Code and the Energy Retail Code. Both codes can be found on the Essential Services Commission website: http://www.esc.vic.gov.au.

    If you believe that the installer cannot gain unrestricted access to your meter (for example, it is behind a locked gate or you have a dog), please contact your electricity distributor.

    Notice that the government info above uses the word “CODE” when requiring us to have access to the meters….

    This is the sign we have placed at our 2 entrances.


    This property is owned under a Grant in Fee Simple Title
    To all persons and entities entering this property without the permission of the land owners, admittance is by Invitation only
    Trespass applies.

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