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Pesticides, the Microbiome, and Autism


pesticide sprayingby Teresa Conrick

If you have been following the research over the past decade, you know that AUTISM has been skyrocketing. There is a male preponderance — approximately 4 males to every 1 female diagnosed. Many in the trenches of research have been making strides in showing that TOXINS seem to affect males at a higher rate.

A new study on the MICROBIOME shows that a well-known pesticide, the organophosphate Diazinon — which has been around for YEARS — can damage the bacteria of the microbiome. I will discuss the significance of this for autism.

(Note: the microbiome is the collection of microorganisms in a particular place such as your gut. The fact that human blood is full of microbes was not even known until the 1990s!)

The Significance of Pesticides For AUTISM

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published a report this week linking prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides with a higher risk of autism.

The study found that children whose mothers lived within a mile of fields treated with an organophosphate pesticide during their pregnancy were 60% more likely to develop autism spectrum disorders than children whose mothers did not live near treated fields.

Pesticides are not only in the air and soil but of course in the foods bought at stores. This research may be a good yet scary glimpse of how a toxin can cause damage to the microbiome.

Children are small, infants smaller, and a fetus…. so vulnerable. They are all exposed numerous times to environmental toxins and research keeps showing that these chemicals can do harm.

The research done on the effects of vaccination on the BRAIN and the microbiome are limited, as it is a controversial topic. It’s not hard to see that the same mechanisms can be at play when a vaccine, a toxin, or a poison damages the microbiome.

We now know the microbiome to be KEY in the development of the immune system and the brain.

Gender Disproportion

Let’s look at an article that is available at the National Institutes of Health website, by Bei Gao, Xiaoming Bian, Ridwan Mahbub, and Kun Lu. The title is: “Gender-Specific Effects of Organophosphate Diazinon on the Gut Microbiome and Its Metabolic Functions.”

Some pertinent highlights for Autism:

  • There is growing recognition of the significance of the gut microbiome to human health. Association between a perturbed gut microbiome and human diseases has been established.
  • The wide agricultural use of diazinon, an organophosphate insecticide, has raised serious environmental health concerns since it is a potent neurotoxicant.
  • With studies demonstrating the presence of a microbiome-gut-brain axis, it is possible that gut microbiome perturbation may also contribute to diazinon toxicity.
  • Diazinon exposure perturbed the gut microbiome community structure, functional metagenome, and associated metabolic profiles in a gender-specific manner.

Of particular significance, these changes were more pronounced for male mice than females.

Some organizations and researchers may try to say girls are just UNDER-diagnosed and that is why we see less autism in females than males. I hoe the increasing evidence of toxic harm will bring an end to that poorly designed hypothesis.

Dan Olmsted’s Research

Dan Olmsted has looked into the connections between arsenic and polio. In keeping with that, the above pesticide study states “We recently have demonstrated that arsenic exposure not only alters the gut microbiome community at the abundance level but also disturbs its metabolic profiles.”

For a few years now, studies in the emerging concept of a microbiome-gut-brain axis reveal how the gut microbiome is connected with nervous system disorders including autism, depression, anxiety and stress.

They also show how microbiome-related products could modulate these disorders.

This is cutting edge research showing how the microbiome may very well be the origin of devastating diseases, with Autism now leading the way.

Note: Olmsted’s research on polio is published at AgeofAutism.com.

Pesticides Significantly Damage the Microbiome

Now we look at a study linking Exposure to Common Pesticide With ADHD in Boys.

Researchers at the University of Montreal and Harvard examined the potential relationship between ADHD and exposure to certain toxic pesticides, the organophosphates.

Their work found an association between pyrethroid pesticide exposure and ADHD, which has to do with hyperactivity and impulsivity in children and teens.

A new study in the journal Pediatrics associates exposure to pesticides with cases of ADHD in the U.S. and Canada. In the US alone, an estimated 4.5 million children ages 5 to 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Montreal/Harvard team looked at the relationship between ADHD and exposure to organophosphates. They analyzed the levels of pesticide residue in the urine of more than 1,100 children ages 8 to 15 and found that those with the highest levels of dialkyl phosphates, which are the breakdown products of organophosphate pesticides, had the highest incidence of ADHD.

Overall, they found a 35% increase in the odds of developing ADHD with every tenfold increase in urinary concentration of the pesticide residue.

The effect was seen even at the low end of exposure: kids who had any detectable, above-average level of the most common pesticide metabolite in their urine were twice as likely as those with undetectable levels to record symptoms of the learning disorder.

Note: ADHD is more prevalent in males than females.

And don’t forget the role of mercury. “A study published in 1993 was the first to show the effects of mercury exposure on the gut microbiome. It reported that mercury exposure altered the gut community structure by increasing both the abundance of mercury-resistant bacteria — several of which were also antibiotic resistant — as well as antibiotic-resistant plasmids in the GM of monkeys (Summers et al. 1993).”

Some Closing Thoughts

As we examine this concept of toxins affecting the microbiome in Autism, a few points emerge:

  • “Like mercury, arsenic may be converted to more mobile and toxic methyl derivatives by bacteria”
  • ……it is possible that gut microbiome perturbation may also contribute to diazinon toxicity, meaning children may become MORE vulnerable to a pesticide if damage has already happened to the Microbiome.
  • Autism is more common among children whose moms lived near treated fields during pregnancy; experts redouble advice to avoid exposure.
  • Pregnancy may NOT be the ONLY time to avoid pesticides based on the above research. Buying organic is important, it’ s a choice yet mandating vaccines gives no choice to parents.
  • Antibiotics in our food supply may also be contributing to messing up the bacteria in the microbiome.
  • In 1931, the earliest child born who later was diagnosed with “Infantile Autism”, Virginia S., was born. We found out her identity and the connections to mercury, pesticides and vaccines were a significant part of her history. Have these increasing exposures caused the epidemic cases today?


Organophosphate pesticides have been around for over 50 years, yet the skyrocketing cases of Autism began in the early 1990’s, as the vaccination schedule began its increasing ascent.

The exposures in childhood of Man-made Microbiome dangers — VACCINATIONS — MERCURY — ANTIBIOTICS — PESTICIDES have reached a fevered pitch.

Parents are demanding change.

— Teresa Conrick’s many years worth of autism research is an endeavor inspired by her 22-year-old daughter Megan who has severe autism. The above is an adaptation of her June 21, 2016 article at AgeofAutism.com

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  1. I would respectfully suggest, Australians familiarize themselves with AUSTRALIAN Laws and Regulations before giving any credence to this article.
    It is FACT, organophosphate Diazinon, has never to my knowledge been allowed to be LEGALLY used on any edible crops in Australia. Therefore this article does not apply.
    As a qualified and State Government certified Pest Control Operator we were obliged to follow strict regulations in the application of organo pesticides, deviation from such regulations would have meant prosecution/fines and loss of job. On one occasion I was covered from head to toe with fleas on a property badly infested, I was unable to treat the property and had no way of dealing with the fleas on my clothes and body, my supervisor suggested spraying myself with Dichlorvos, a chemical we commonly used to treat food stuffs, the benefit of this chemical was it’s tendency to break down relatively quickly and become harmless, that’s why we were authorized to use it for that purpose. However, I still felt that at some time in my life, I might come to regret that application.
    This strict overseeing of the application of such pesticides did not apply to the Military, where we could use such products as we saw fit with impunity.
    I recall one occasion an accident occurred and I was covered head to foot in Phenol a carcengenic compound, which required to be washed off with alcohol, up side was an excellent tan for a month or two. I did have concerns about long term effects, however these were soon outweighed by the introduction of Agent Orange which was used by the U.S. military without any consideration of the long term effects on the Troops below, U.S. Aust, or N.Z.
    It never ceases to amaze me, that despite the authorities KNOWING the ramifications of that product, and it’s damage to DNA and fetuses, they still authorized it’s use without any concern for us.
    Today, I have reached the ripe old age of 66 years, with two grown up adult children who are both healthy, as well as a grandchild who so far, also appears healthy.
    I admit, with the above, I never expected to pass the age of 50, always expecting some sort of illness as a consequence of my exposure to these chemicals.
    Having some understanding after working with such chemicals, I am greatly relieved that the Australian Government takes this issue far more seriously than the U.S. Government does, however Australians need to be aware, with the proliferation of U.S. military bases on our shores who are immune from Australian laws and regulation, they can do anything, and use anything without any regard for our environment. Leaving the Australian taxpayer to suffer the consequences and cover the clean up costs.

    • I’d say that human illnesses and vulnerability are a result of a series of compounding factors as well as the genetic make-up of the recipient. There are so many toxic elements it becomes almost impossible to isolate the main culprit. Everything from wifi, to pharma, vaccines, chemicals, and more surely all play a part in keeping us alive and killing us at the same time. I filmed lions in the wild years back. They live a (carnivorously) charged life in the wild of about 12 years. The meat they eat to live with such energy and power is what kills them – resulting in a short life span.

  2. The sad reality is that we are ruled by satanists who have total control.
    Nothing can be done to challenge their terror.
    Everything has been inverted (war is peace).
    The military industrial complex has humanity shackled.
    The tragic truth is that nothing can be done to stop them.
    We may be aware but we are powerless.
    Have faith generate love to others, look after your families and most of all pray for peace.

  3. Dee, I once heard someone say “When the lion lies down with the lamb, it will go badly for the lamb.”

    Note to Eddy above: thank you for the long story. I would like to hear more about the anthrax shots given to the military circa 1990. I have only just learned that 6,000 soldiers died from Gulf War Illness. I had no idea it was that bad but I do know it’s nearly as bad for those still living with it.

    My guess: the anthrax shots were intended to have precisely that effect. Yes. Malice aforethought. The US Army is a killing field unto itself. Why interpret trhe statistics in any other way?

  4. Eddy, I asked Teresa Conrick to let us post her article at Gumshoe mainly becuse she is one of the few persons who writes about the microbiome.

    I don’t know if she takes a firm anti-vax position, but I do. Today in Oz is D-Day for parents (other than affluent parents). Vax becomes mandatory, July 1, 2016. This is sick.

    I ran into another vote-getter on the street today (in Sydney). I said “Sorry, I already voted but I’d like to hear your sales pitch on vaccination.” He said “We are pro-vaccination of course.”

    Cherri Bonney tells me that ADULT vax has just become mandatory in California.

  5. Dear Mary , sorry for being negative but look at the puppets presented. We have no choice or influence. Our PM is a Goldman Sachs bankster and Shorten is the same lie with a different face.

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