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Bryant’s Anniversary Series, Part 1: Paging Salama, the “Justice” Petitioner


Wendy Scurr at the Invernell Forum

by Mary W Maxwell

This new series of articles will run  from July 1 to July 4. What anniversary of Martin Bryant’s could possibly be involved? Why of course it’s been 20 years since his Fourth-of-July interview with Police (“I’ll miss yas”) at Risdon Hospital.

We begin with a great uprising of the peeps that occurred in 2008. When Gumshoe was preparing the book Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, we became aware that Cherri Bonney’s 2015 petition was not the first. There is at least one other. It was posted at the site “Care2” and got 340 signatures.

That petition, entitled “Justice for Martin Bryant,” was organized by Salama Shaquana in 2008. It was intended to go to – and perhaps did go to — Tasmania’s Attorney General and Minister for Justice, at that time: Judy Jackson.

Thanks, Salama, brava! Please get in touch with us. Same for any of these nice persons below, who signed and commented – eight long years ago! We’d like you also to sign the petition for Martin Bryant that is still active (with 2349 signers) at Change.org.

The “Overview” that was published at Care2 said:

“The much maligned Martin Bryant, allegedly the Port Arthur gunman has never had a fair trial, has never had a proper investigation of the circumstances and in fact was convicted without evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Salama Shaquana said to her audience at that time: “Martin Byrant has been in jail for over 10-years without due process. You have the power to create change.”

Comments from Oz and Overseas

Bob Clayton Norwich –United Kingdom
He was locked up without ever having a trial and that is obviously illegal.

Timothy Henderson — Brisbane, Australia
This has to be the biggest load of garbage in Australian history. People who really believe that Bryant really did this is quite sad to think about. Just look at Port Arthur cover-up and the proof in there is undeniable and maybe we should really look in to the powers of ASIO and the AFP. As far as I’m concerned they are the real criminals here.

Terry Zarzoff — Brisbane, Australia

Neil Cain — Launceston, Australia
Lack of due process.

Felix Woldenberg Balwyn North — Victoria, Australia
This stands out to me as one of the grossest psyops ever done. An independent investigator named Joe Vialls has written much more in depth about the whole thing. I will tag one article here, which talks about Martin’s current living conditions, attempts at his life, and how a fair trial is exactly what they are trying to avoid.

Alyson Walmsley Balwyn North — Victoria, Australia
Getting Martin Bryant a fair trial is within the best interests of the international community, as the same terror-tactics are being used in random shootings all over the place and not enough questions are being asked, not only by the media, but by us human beings. Giving Martin Bryant a fair trial would expose these terror tactics being used for gun control all over the world in the war against terror. It would benefit the international community mightily.

Niko Koulis — London, United Kingdom
If Martin Bryant is left-handed and the shots were fired by a right-handed person, then that seems enough grounds for appeal to me.

Sam Mousoli Kent — United Kingdom
It stinks! its so obvious that martin Bryant could not have carried out the port Arthur massacre for two reasons 1) having an IQ on the mentally retarded spectrum (66) 2) the pin-point shooting that took place would have been very difficult for even a top marksman in lets say the SAS or the GIGN special forces let alone a mentally challenged young man with no experience with firearms. Martin Bryant is a scapegoat

Eric Moreland Bayswater — Victoria, Australia
Martin Bryant has never had a trial. Has never been identified in a line up by any witness, could never handle a gun in the manner described and was left handed not right handed as the shooter was. The hole thing stinks and every Australian who owned a gun was deemed as guilty as Bryant.

John Titor — Australia
i think there is more to the story than just him as a shooter there are other people involved.

Adrian Julitz — Mt Helena, Australia
A man with a mental history of his should not have been allowed to plead guilty. Do we let children plead guilty or is it their guardians place?

Anita Morgan — Bargo, Australia
Martin Bryant is clearly innocent, and the setup was planned for a long time. Blind Freddie can see the utter lack of evidence connecting him to the case and the way the case was handled, from the lack of police attendance to Howard illegally overriding Tasmania’s right to have the legally mandated inquest, makes a farce of the Australian justice system. All the sheeple handed their guns back as planned and the powers that be got away with murder. 35 murders actually, plus destroying the life of a simple innocent man and his family. The way the majority of the Australian populace has swallowed the lies and vilified Bryant makes me disgusted to be called an aussie.

Sharonlee Cameron — Albury, Australia
To the Australian People, The destruction of our freedom is constant. One step at a time the evil sets in and contaminates everything. We need to examine this case if we ever expect to be a free society. Aren’t you tired of being treated like an idiot slave?

Terry Mahony — Brisbane, Australia
this is the most tragic perversion of justice in Australian history. We are on the brink of a police state. Please take responsibility for your children’s sake. Print out information from Port Arthur cover-up and give it to your local MP.

Charlie Jones — Sydney, Australia
The same media which caused the cover-up and gun confiscation is preventing the spread of this message so I suggest you try and get your site linked to others on the net

Alexander Nock — Perth, Australia
No Trial!!!! Not in my country you fascists!

Erik Pizzorni — Sydney, Australia
There’s no evidence he committed the crime. The secret Gov did it to take our guns.

Joe Hall — Perth, Australia
Ask questions, DEMAND answers! We want the truth about Port Arthur, and everyone deserves a fair trial out in the open!

Hereward Fenton — Sydney, Australia
Google this: video Inverell Forum, Port Arthur. Wendy Scurr who made the first emergency call, says police tactical response did not arrive until 6 hours after the shootings. An outrage.

Guy Fawkes — Melbourne, Australia
Mr Bryant deserves a trial by jury, as opposed to the trial by controlled media he received. All the evidence against him being guilty (including witnesses) needs to be presented, and let’s not have representatives from the Tavistock Institute helping him ‘remember’ the events of that day this time. We are a Nation deceived, and we all deserve justice and the truth.

Josh Green — Bega, Australia
There is no evidence that Bryant was at the Port Arthur Historic Site, only that there was a man with long blond hair. How can a man with no military training use these advanced weapons with such a successful kill rate? Something doesn’t add up…

Frank Reitzenstein — Walliston, Australia
Martyn Bryant, mind controlled by the Tavistock Institute to create another ugly wound in our memories, which brought us gun control, just as Hitler did. But does that make him guilty? Let us have a fair trial so that the programmers can finally be exposed.

Kevin Burn — Brisbane, Australia
I believe that Martin Bryant should have the same rights that i have under the Australian Law. I believe that Martin Bryant a Mentally Challenged man may not have received a fair trial. I believe that there are many alleged facts that call into question many aspects of the official story since the time of the incident at Port Arthur and thus demand a proper trial.

Rod Freeman — Gold Coast, Australia
For starters, it’s time ALL Australians were told what witness Wendy Scurr saw, and didn’t see, on that day. Shame on the “public servant” alphabet agencies for protecting the ‘Rowland Browne crowd’. Try doing a (fowmr ONA) Andrew Wilkie, and speak UP on home front matters!!! australiamatters.com

Damien Peck — Lindisfarne, Australia
Bryant was used by the government, and was unfairly treated and targeted. This is not what a mentally handicapped person deserves.

Darren Ray — Brisbane, Australia
Martin Byrant’s assets were confiscated before his trial, therefore he was unable to pay for a private lawyer. Free this innocent man!

Laura McNamara — North Wollongong, Australia
I think a proper investigation is needed.

Mary Davis — Bangholme, Australia
His trial was a kangaroo court, a shocking travesty. They spent years setting him up.

Suzanne Hall — Broken Hill NSW, Australia
Because it’s a huge miscarriage of justice and he has been treated less than humane with no compassion at all.

The Situation Can Be Rapped

And here again is the story as told by hip-hop artist C Greeley of Hobart. (He starts at 1.20 minutes.) This video has had 36,000 hits so somebody better start getting nervous:



  1. Although most of the people are concerned about Martin Bryant and the Rule of Law in Australia, there is another concept that Michael Rivero has penned –

    “Anyone willing to do anything to attain power is willing to do anything with that power!”

    They have given fair warning, ignore it at your own peril.

  2. Too right, Terry, and if they can knock down some skyscrapers in broad daylight in New York, they in fact have demonstrated their unlimited power.
    That is, until citizens band together and stop acting like babies.

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