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Hoaxes, Part 1 – Jeff Bauman Looks Like a Crisis Actor


Jeff Bauman

by Mary W Maxwell

I don’t like the word ‘hoax’ as it does not have a clear meaning. Lately it has been used to indicate governmental staging of a disaster that is somehow not genuine. Some people who call the Sandy Hook shoot-out a hoax, simply mean it was a false flag.

That is, children in that school did die but the alleged gunman Adam Lanza had nothing to do with it. (The government “falsely planted the flag of Lanza on the scene.”) But many other folks use the phrase “Sandy Hook hoax” to mean the story is fictitious; no child was shot.

I have published at least ten articles expressing disgust with hoax theorists. I feel that most of them are disinformation artists – persons “on the payroll.” There was not enough solid data, in my opinion, for me to declare any event a hoax.

There are exceptions. Gumshoe has clearly stated that the Bella Vista incident was a hoax. The person to be credited with nailing down the Bella Vista hoax is Gumshoe’s editor Dee McLachlan. I believe the police and the media, and probably parliamentarians committed a crime by foisting this hoax on the Australian public. Please await more on that at Gumshoe.

Boston Marathon, April 15, 2013

Today I would like to let my hair down and discuss the possibility of crisis actors having been used to portray injuries at the 2013 Boston Marathon. I can only work with what I know – I now know a bit about Jeff Bauman, including having read his book, “Stronger.” I now think his story is fake.

I cannot offer the slightest comment about the other Boston victims and I certainly don’t say “The Marathon bombing was a hoax.” (Maybe it was, but I’m not there yet, by a long shot.)

That is, maybe no ‘bomb’ as such exploded.

In retrospect I did have some doubts about Jeff all along, but preferred to push the argument that the government acted illegally in regard to the Marathon. I have known about, and produced unambiguous Youtube videos and articles about, the following points:

  1. The FBI said they didn’t know the Tsarnaev brothers, but they did.
  1. The police and FBI claimed Tamerlan was shot by police, but instead he was taken into FBI custody unwounded.
  1. The police made a ludicrous claim that the brothers did a carjacking and confessed to having killed an MIT cop.
  1. The US “Department of Justice” assigned to Jahar Tsarnaev a “defense” lawyer who would be sure to get him convicted.
  1. The feds unconstitutionally raided homes of non-suspects in Watertown, in an atmosphere of martial law.
  1. The authorities attempted to kill an unarmed suspect, Jahar, shooting 228 bullets at the boat where he lay unconscious.

And so forth.

Easy To Figure Out

It seems logical to me that since the Tsarnaev boys did not do the bombing, the persons who are hell bent on having us think that the Tsarnaevs did do the bombing are the ones who did the bombing. That is, the government

Prosecutor Carmen Ortiz cannot have failed to realize that she breached correct legal procedure – as did Judy Clarke, and as did Judge George O’Toole — dozens of times. And why? In order to perpetuate the crazy story about the Tsarnaevs.

Thus, I deduce that the US government somehow did “the Marathon bombing.” Maybe it was faked such that no injuries occurred? — I don’t know. I don’t care.

Wait a minute, I do care in one sense. The job of persuading citizens that rule of law is disappearing has proved to be more difficult than I ever imagined. If folks can be made to get angry about having been duped by crisis actors, that would be useful!

And So to Jeff

Is the name Jeff Bauman the real name of that famous man? I don’t know. As a Bostonian myself I can vouch for his accent – he must have grown up in Boston. I believe he was an amputee before 2013, and if so it is possible he has battlefield experience. You would think his platoon mates would have blown his cover. I can’t account for their silence.

Let’s see a quote from his book Stronger written with the help of Bret Witter. First I should say that the ambulance assistant heard the very wounded Jeff say that he knew who did it. That story is known to Americans just as the “Let’s roll” story of Flight 93 on 9-11 is well known. It does not take long for a legend to form and to become irrefutable!

But then he went unconscious. The following, from pages 38-43 of his book, tell us how his family was going to have to break the news to him, when he awoke from surgery, that he had lost his legs:

Someone would have to tell me and neither Mom nor Dad were up for it. Mom was almost catatonic with grief.  My Dad …was almost manic: yelling at the nurses, angry at the doctors for not saving my legs…. Two strangers had set up a Facebook page in Colorado and donations were rolling in….

In the end it was decided [my girlfriend] Erin would tell me. She was the one I cared for and trusted. How would I react when I woke up?… Around five that evening Erin decided to leave. It was almost 30 hours after the bombing….

They had me on morphine for the worst of the pain. What actually woke me up was Jill stroking my hair…, then I noticed the tube jammed down my throat. I made a motion like writing. I think it was Jill who gave me the pencil and piece of paper.

I wrote “Lt Dan.” Sully laughed out loud. “Only Bauman” he said. Lt Dan was Forest Gump’s commanding officer. He lost his legs in Vietnam. “Yeah” Sully said sadly. “You lost your legs.” [Then Jeff asked to write more]….

Sully walked out into the hallway with my note, his hands shaking. [This brought the FBI.] They pulled the curtains behind them, Law & Order style. They asked me for a description.

“Dark baseball cap. Dark jacket, maybe leather. Sunglasses.” “What kind?” “Um… aviators….. He was wearing a grey shirt. And a backpack. Taller than me. Stubble. Light skin.”

“Why did you notice him?” “He was all business.”

One look and you know he was not someone to mess with. He wasn’t there to enjoy himself, I told the FBI, he was there for a reason. I told them how we eyeballed each other and then how he was gone but his backpack was still there, on the ground.

Is that exactly what I told the FBI? I don’t think they recorded the conversation. My brother Tim said later he overheard the FBI agents talking by the elevator on the way out. What do you think?” one of them said. “The kids on a lot of painkillers.”  “It’s the best information we’ve got.”

It was around midnight before we finally got some time to ourselves. Erin’s sister Gail remembers looking into the doorway and seeing us sitting on the bed whispering, our heads close together.

Four Other Factors

I don’t buy any of that. Surely it did not happen. Jeff had not, at that point, been informed that there was any need to locate the wrongdoer. Wouldn’t he assume the police had caught the guy by now? And why would Jeff get the idea that a backpack on the ground was the source of all the trouble? It’s nonsense.

However, my little “baptism” into the new idea of Jeff being a crisis actor is not strictly based on the book he wrote. It is owing to 1. My having found out, from Montse Alarcon Flix, that crisis acting is a veritable industry, 2. My learning the background of Carlos “cowboy hat” Arrendondo (you want to talk about implausible life stories!), 3. The appearance of Jeff’s leg in the Marathon videos, and 4. A surprise, see below.

I’ll save #1 and #2 for another day. As to the appearance of Jeff’s leg, I had already asked at Gumshoe: “If tibia [shinbone] is here, can fibula be far behind?” That brought a comment from Terry Shulze that he had seen a boy get his lower leg blown off by a landmine and the fibula, as well as the tibia, was quite visible.

By the way it is worth noting that gradually some of the “official photos” of Jeff Bauman being pushed in the wheelchair by Carlos have been cropped so that we no longer see the implausible looking tibia. I call that “guilty knowledge.”

The Surprise

I had hoped some doctors or nurses – or cleaning ladies in the hospital – would tell the public that all was not cricket regarding any one of the victims of the Marathon. I did read that a victim (not an amputee) was ‘outed’ as a false claimant to some of the money that is being dispensed.

(That bit may have been staged to convey the impression that honesty is indeed being monitored. Oh God.)

I have doctor friends, but in the past when I wanted to check with them about a situation that involved government wrongdoing they all went glassy-eyed on me. I couldn’t risk it again, so have not even said to one of them, “Excuse me but is this really the color of blood?”

Today, however, I found a doctor, whom I have had cause to trust in the past, who has voluntarily spilled the beans about Marathon fakery. I will save her sales pitch for tomorrow’s Gumshoe article.

Meanwhile a friend sent me a video of another doctor, an elderly surgeon who recently died, Stanley Monteith, who blasted the Jeff Bauman hoax. There, I said it! The Jeff Bauman hoax.

Here is that video:

OOPS, I have just been told that Dee’s website would be endangered if I show the vid. Never mind, I will instead transcribe a bit of it. This is Dr Monteith’s commentary as he looks at the photos of Jeff Bauman at the Marathon:

“He would have been in profound shock. When I saw that [Jeff sitting on wheelchair] I knew something was wrong. Why weren’t they applying the tourniquet; it was just hanging. I was a trauma surgeon for many years, and an orthopedic surgeon.

I looked at the BK [below knee] amputation on the left side and it was a well-healed stump, the kind I would have done. There was no tear in the skin. The thing [the fake tibia] was attached to it. Why would they do something like that?

Then we heard that after 19 days he was let out of the Rehab Hospital and went to the Boston Bruins hockey game.  You can see him waving the flag with two AK [above knee] amputations. They had [earlier] put the prosthesis on – it was all contrived.”

Here is a 55-second clip of Jeff waving the flag for the Boston hockey team.

Thank you, Doctor Monteith. Rest in peace.

— Mary W Maxwell’s essays contra hoax theories can be found in a book she co-authored with Dee McLachlan in 2015: Truth in Journalism.


Photo credit: everyjoe.com


    • Any cleaning ladies wanting to write to me (Mary) in a brown-paper-bag envelope, here’s the gumshoe address: c/o Dee McLachlan, Gumshoe, 74 Mills St, Albert Park VIC, 3206 Australia
      You could wear gloves while handling the envelope to hide your DNA? Nah, never mind, they’ve probably got your URF (unique radio frequency). But we’re on the side of the angels and everything is in place and nothing can stop us now type thing.

  1. so which guy is ‘Jeff Bauman’ (if that’s even the real name of one of them) here? there are 2 images – one sandy haired longish faced, taller guy at the top of the article. and the video of the guy at the bottom of the article is a darker haired shorter guy – two entirely different guys… that tells a story all its own, right there…

  2. It really makes me curious about who “Jeff Bauman” really is and why he would go so far as to write a ridiculous book about the event. He’s obviously a big part of the deception perception.

    This is probably my favorite part of the article: “Wait a minute, I do care in one sense. The job of persuading citizens that rule of law is disappearing has proved to be more difficult than I ever imagined. If folks can be made to get angry about having been duped by crisis actors, that would be useful!”

  3. Nice article! I felt from day one Bauman was not a real victim. Also, after 6 or 7 days in hospital he got in a wheelchair and went to visit another “victim in the hospital. He looked great, hair dyed and cut, so happy and bright eyed after 7 days to go say happy birthday to this other “victim”.

    Plus it’s a bit ridiculous to say in his book that he and Tamerlan “eyeballed” each other. How is that possible when Tamerlan was wearing aviator sunglasses?.”First I should say that the ambulance assistant heard the very wounded Jeff say that he knew who did it”. How did Bauman know what was done, what happened or who did it? Are you really thinking that clearly after getting both legs blown off?

    Plus other victims, less wounded, claimed at the trial to have had 40 or 50 surgeries, but not Baumann, he claimed to have had only 3 surgeries and he was fine. Below is a link to the pic of Bauman visiting Sidney Corcoran in the hospital on her birthday, just 7 days after getting both legs blown off.. Jeff doesn’t even have an IV in him. Guess they just knew he wouldn’t get any infection. What a sick fraud and what a sick government. I wonder how these people can live with themselves.

  4. I am deeply touched by Bostonian emails I have been receiving this morning thanking me for the article.

    Somehow it made me think of Charlie on the MTA, so I looked for the relevant Youtube and here it is.

    (A major Kleenex situation if you like to see your whole life go before you…)

  5. In response to my article above I have received an email asking me if I can account for how Jeff”s co-workers in Costco could be wrong, per this item from the Union Leader, a NH paper:


    My answer is No, sorry, I cannot explain any of these things.
    That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Please see my article about Gumshoe’s standards of journalism here:


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