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Hoaxes, Part 2: You Can’t Improve on God (Says Dr Lorraine Day)


boston runnersThe following year: the 2014 Boston Marathon, a happier time

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

In 2012 when I was writing the book Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status, I did not include Dr Lorraine Day as a cancer curer as I had not yet encountered her work.  However when I read how she had cured herself of cancer using only natural means, I added a short mention of her approach. I was particularly taken by her phrase “You can’t improve on God.”

Now I hear that Lorraine Day, MD, has emphatically stated that, from a medical point of view, the victims of the Boston Marathon are not legit.  They are crisis actors.

Below is an “interview” of Gumshoe and the good doctor.  I did not actually pose any questions to Dr Lorraine Day. Rather, I took a long article she wrote and broke it up into those bits that have to do with Jeff Bauman and others, and made it into a Q&A. But I haven’t altered any of her statements, not even a comma. (I did cherry-pick a bit.)

Gumshoe: May we know your credentials?

Lorraine: For many years I was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital.  For 25 years, I took care of massive injuries from gang wars, explosions, severe motor vehicle crashes, etc.  I am fully qualified to assess the supposed injuries at the total HOAX “bombing” that took place at the Boston Marathon.  There are many others who also understand that it was a HOAX!

Gumshoe: Please tell us about the blood at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Lorraine: In the pictures taken immediately after the blast, there is NO BLOOD on the ground.  That could never be.  The bomb blast instantaneously would have spread blood from the injured victims everywhere. …The injuries and blood spatter are so badly done, they are almost comical to a trained trauma surgeon such as myself.

Gumshoe: Even to a layperson, the color and texture of the blood looks wrong.

Lorraine: When “blood” does eventually appear on the sidewalk at ground zero – it clearly is some kind of paint – NOT blood.  The paint is bright orangish-red, obviously for the maximum frightening effect on the populace.  REAL BLOOD is dark maroon.

Gumshoe: I wonder why the Emergency Medical teams did not fell skeptical about the orange blood.

Lorraine: There are no Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) at the scene, no ambulances, and no fire engines (after all, a supposed “bomb” went off – it would be mandatory for the fire department to respond).  Where are they?  The people “helping” the “victims” are also Crisis actors.  No emergency medical personnel are on the scene.

[Also] There are many “handlers” in the early pictures, positioning “victims” and assisting in the set-up of the HOAX scene.  You might think that they would be concerned about being seen by the by-standers, but when a “bomb” goes off, most people run for their life, allowing the Hoaxsters and Crisis actors to set up their HOAX scenes undisturbed.

Gumshoe: Here in Australia we have St John’s Ambulance people on duty at any major sporting event or wherever a huge crowd gathers.

Lorraine:  Wheel chairs may be available at various places along a Marathon route, and at the end of the race, but wheel chairs are never found on ambulances.  And wheelchairs are never used to transport severely injured victims.  When a victim has lost a lot of blood, whether from internal or external bleeding, he or she is always kept flat and transported on a gurney.  Otherwise the life of that victim is at severe risk.

Gumshoe: What other indications of fakery did you observe?

Lorraine: In the initial pictures after the (smoke) bomb exploded, almost all of the “victims” are holding themselves up on one elbow, or they are sitting up.  No one is in severe pain, or really in any pain at all.  Severely injured people are not propping themselves up on one elbow.  They would have their head on the sidewalk.  Obviously, these crisis actors (See crisisactors.com) don’t want to put their head or the side of their face down on the dirty Boston sidewalk.

Gumshoe: Do you see any other issues, besides that of Jeff Bauman whom we will discuss in a moment?

Lorraine: [three things:]

  1. Many witnesses saw bomb-sniffing dogs both at the beginning and end of the race.  Why didn’t the dogs find the bombs?
  2. The “runner” who fell down when the “bomb” exploded as though he had been “blown down” by the bomb, was an actor.  There were many men much closer to the “bomb” that were not affected by its force at all.
  3. There are Craft International employees (operatives) on the scene.  One is carrying 2 bags.  The other operatives quickly leave ground zero – BEFORE the bombs explode.  Who is Craft International?  A private contractor that provides security, defense and combat weapons training to military, police, corporate and civilian clients.

Gumshoe: Now let’s talk about the iconic survivor, Jeff Bauman.

Lorraine:  The man with the supposedly blown off legs – with about sixteen inches of bone (tibia) sticking out of one leg – is taken away in a WHEELCHAIR!  That would NEVER happen!  If a person has both legs blown off, his blood loss would be so severe that if someone sat him up, he would lose consciousness (his heart could not pump enough blood to supply his brain when he was in the upright position) and he would die.

Gumshoe: Many have commented that his facial expression is too calm.

Lorraine: That man who supposedly lost both his legs in the “bombing” seemed to be in no pain, nor did he have blood all over him.  And 4 or 5 days later, when photographed in the hospital, he is giving a thumbs-up, happy-faced smile.  This is ludicrous.  When a person loses even one limb, there is a “grieving” process that goes on for weeks, similar to the grieving response that would happen if a person lost a close loved one. And it’s usually months before one actually can face the situation and get on with his life.

Gumshoe: The late Dr Stanley Monteith said he was surprised that Jeff had an above-knee amputation after the Marathon, but in his famous “tibia” picture, only the lower leg was blown off.

Lorraine:  The “gory blown-off” leg was nothing but a prosthesis …. The prosthesis, however, is a very poor replica of a real amputated limb.  I have performed many amputations of both legs and arms and I have seen many hundreds of severely injured limbs from all sorts of horrendous accidents.  None of them ever look like that one. [At one point] his fake “blown off” leg/prosthesis started to fall off and had to be put back on by one of the men in the yellow jackets, obviously an “insider” – another crisis actor!

There are many former military personnel, amputees from war injuries, that are now being used as crisis actors for “drills”.

Gumshoe: Thank you for giving us the medical view based on your experience, Dr Day. Do you have any other criticisms?

Lorraine: Where are these other “200” people who were supposedly injured?

Gumshoe: Finally, here is a video of Dr Lorraine Day, talking about cancer. And remember, you can’t improve on God.


Stay tuned to Gumshoe for further parts in this Hoax series.


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  1. AusOxford HOAX: Noun: a humorous or malicious deception; a practical joke.

    Might be funny if there wasn’t two real victims to this sick joke, these crisis actors are equally guilty of murder, for one, maybe two Tsarnaev brothers. How can they accept their pay checks and not speak up? What a sick world.

    • Does anyone know what sales pitch a crisis actor is given? I do know of 2 “understandable” uses. 1. Soldiers are shown other blood-paint covered soldiers before battle, to condition them.

      2. Actors are requested to pretend they are sick or injured so Emergency Medical Technicians can learn to triage, and to get practice in doing tourniquets, etc.

      I had a friend who worked for a medical school as a “patient” when exam time came around. She could be anything from sprained ankle sufferer to deaf-blind. The students were aware she was faking but they were tested on how they diagnosed her.

      Possibly the Boston crowd (if there be a crowd, I have only looked at Jeff) were told it would be harmless work. Fair Dinkum blames them for Tamerlan’s death. I doubt they could have got wise in 4 days to prevent that. And even if they could, how would they get the word out. Would media listen? No. Would cops listen? No. WOULD PRIESTS IN THE CONFESSIONAL LISTEN? Betcha five dollars not.

      But let them speak up now – re Boston, Orlando, etc.
      I, for one, would forgive them. And I’d love to hear their justification. As Fair says, this must stop. It is SICK.

      • That was what I meant Mary, for them to speak up now. Their continued silence ( in this case and others ) means they are accomplices after the fact, if my laymans concept of law is right.. and therefore, guilty.

        I was just thinking. My history teacher had no qualms about imparting the knowledge about how that tricky Hitler blew up the reichstag, and how that was all a hoax, to blame others..

        I wonder what history books will say in another hundred years, if there are any, but while thinking that, I started thinking.. well these things have, and by some admissions, been going on for well, quite a long time.. maybe this is just par for the course, just the way things have been, and will be.. except, these days, in order to make sure everyone benefits, they have to be more frequent.. and more broadcast.

        maybe they wont stop. maybe thats just us. never learning from history.

        I dont know about the sales pitch Mary, what they need to offer someone to sell their soul.. to renounce their human dignity.. but maybe it includes movie, book deals, fame and celebrity.. I doubt anyone with not a scaap of conscience would need more than that

        i just upchucked a lil bit /rant

        • “Maybe that’s just us, never learning from history.”

          Mr Dinkum, you are to go to the back of the class, don the cone-shaped hat, and face the corner. I will let you know when you can return to your seat,

    • See a lengthy governmental (or should I say govern-mental) report at this link:

      Or just read these two paragraphs and decide you can’t deal:

      “7.52 am [while the manhunt — the teenhunt — for Jahar is on]:
      A suspicious person carrying a package is reported to the UCC as having been picked up in Watertown by a taxi driven by a person of Middle Eastern descent. The taxi driver’s name appears to be on the federal JTTF Terrorist Watch List, which heightens the concern. The destination of the taxi is reported to be South Station, a transit station serviced by both the MBTA and Amtrak.
      Transit PD subsequently lock down and secure all entrances and exits to passenger traffic at South Station.”

  2. Again, Mary thanks for this article. The time has come for us to leave our sympathetic feeling or the one that Bostonian authorities and the mass media imposed on all of us, and start talking openly, without fear of doing so, about what we felt from the beginning, what we have seen from our own eyes and mostly what plainly does not make sense.

    I clearly remember a story about a very young boy (4-year old) in Boston who broke his piggy bank to give to the Jeff Bauman Go-Fund-Me campaign. As I said in my comment in your previous post about Jeff Bauman, I knew from the beginning he was a crisis actor. I felt sick to my stomach when I started thinking what this will do to this young boy when he realizes that his early act of generosity is gone down the drain and that he has been taken advantage of.

    For the longest time I could not understand Bostonians and Americans, for that matter, but now that I am writing a book about this case and re-reading everything I do understand. If you are someone that only listen to the news and read news articles you had no way of suspecting that the 117th Boston Marathon was a government sponsored drill with the secret agenda to blame it on two innocent Muslim individuals. You would know something just does not jive if you would have looked through your own eyes instead of through the eyes of MSM.

    History does repeat itself. Why? Well it worked the first time, so why not do it again! Hitler’s plan was to eliminate the Jews, the U.S. Government’s plan is to eliminate the Muslims … and is still trying to eliminate the Blacks.

    Are we going to keep quiet or start taking back the control over those evil people who rule this world? I say we take back the control because we have the capacity to do it. All we need now is the willingness to do it before a close relative has to go through what the Tsarnaevs and many others had to go through.

    • Dear Canadan, In USA there is a website called wickedlocal.com where each town can have its own material. One night when I was in Marblehead MA I phoned wickedlocal for the Marblehead Salem area and told the guy I was going to bring an article down to his office in a few minutes. (It used to be near my home.) He said ‘What do you mean? we are in Colorado.”

      So maybe it could be a bit more local but let’s not knock it. Today watertown.wickedlocal.com has, for the first time as far as I am aware, carried an artilce about Officer Simmonds who died from, allegedly, the IED that the Tsarnaevs threw at him in the — this is embarrasing — Watertown firefight. (He died a year later.)

      The author is truly skeptical about the way Simmonds died:


      • about officer Simmonds: In the days after his death, a fellow cop who was with him the night of Watertown, said publicly that he and Simmonds were in Watertown, but doing nothing as there were too many cops there. He and Simmonds were crouched down by their police cars and he said because Simmonds was a big guy and had high blood pressure he felt that Simmonds may have gotten a blood clot in his leg from being crouched down in that same position for so long. That made sense to me. Now that article is disappeared and the whole story of being hit with an IED came out. The family of Simmonds requested $150,000.00 saying he died due to his job, and that was agreed to, but there was no autopsy and when people wanted to know what he died from, the police chief said that was a private matter and the family wanted to keep it that way, and that was the end of it. There is much more to this story that will come out eventually. He definitely was not hit by an IED thrown by the Tsarnaev’s.

        • Cheryl, I’m just guessing, but it seems to me that if a public agency pays out the taxpayers’ money (the $150K) for a death related to work as a cop, “family privacy” does not enter into it.

          Unfortunately, the matter of Dennis Simmonds’ death cannot have been “tested” at Jahar’s trial (which is not to say that anything was tested at Jahar’s trial, except maybe our patience) as Simmonds did not die soon after the Marathon. Rather, a year later “almost to the day,” he reportedly collapsed lifting weights in the Police Academy gym and died at hospital.

          Quoting Bob Salsberg at WTOP.com:

          “The addition of Simmonds’ name to the more than 350 on the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial outside the Statehouse appeared to be the strongest acknowledgment yet that his death was linked to the marathon attack and its aftermath. ‘A young kid like that doesn’t just die … without something causing that,” Police Commissioner William Evans said after Friday’s ceremony. “There has to be a nexus to it.’ [I’ll say.]

          “The shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers occurred hours after Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier was shot and killed in Cambridge. Three spectators died in the April 15, 2013 bombing and more than 260 people were injured. [For example, Jeff Bauman.]

          “In May, the state retirement board awarded Simmonds’ family a $150,000 line-of-duty benefit after a medical panel ruled that the aneurysm was probably related to the injuries from the confrontation with the bombers.”

          Note to newbie Gumshoe readers: we know for sure that here was no shootout between cops and the Tsarnaev boys. None wahtsoever. DID NOT HAPPEN. Please see my Youtube video “What the Fruit” or google “Podstava. Maxwell.”

  3. “In May, the state retirement board awarded Simmonds’ family a $150,000 line-of-duty benefit after a medical panel ruled that the aneurysm was probably related to the injuries from the confrontation with the bombers.”
    PROBABLY related!! Who gets awarded 150,000 based on “probably”. It definitely was not related. The family was continually asking for this money, so this is how it was “justified”

  4. I am not recommending that anyone spend time on the robot story, but the Miami Herald says the Cambridge police used a robot to try to find Jahar.


    That’s Cambridge in the state of “Assachusetts” — a new name for my place of birth that I have decided to use until the supposedly extremely educated people residing there will stop behaving like A’s in regard to the 2013 Marathon — and until every last one of them stops using the phrase “Boston Strong.”

    Well, I mean they can use it once it’s justified. And I’ll let you know when it’s justified. Oh by the way, Fair Dinkum, you can come out of the corner now. Sorry, I forgot about you.

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