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Analysis of 9-11, Part 2: Who Fingered Bin Laden?


paul bremerSecretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (L) and Paul Bremer (C) join President Bush in the Oval Office, May 6, 2003

Before the plumes of dust from the imploding twin towers settled over Manhattan, “terrorism experts” miraculously materialized. We saw them on the mainstream media, solving the complex riddle for the intelligence agencies like the FBI.

These “analysts” managed to scrutinize, evaluate and deconstruct the whole event. Almost effortlessly they explained the collapsed buildings. Virtually immediately these experts were able to “finger” who orchestrated the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon — even before Building 7 was “pulled.”

Yes, these men were all following the script. Today I will introduce one of them, Paul Bremer.

Lewis Paul Bremer III

In 1983 Ronald Reagan appointed Paul Bremer as Ambassador to the Netherlands, and Ambassador-at-Large for Counter-terrorism in 1986. Bremer retired from the Foreign Service in 1989 and became managing director at Kissinger and Associates.

bremer kissenger ford 1975Paul Bremer (L), Henry Kissenger (C) and President Ford (R), back in 1975

He was appointed Chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism (1999), and towards the end of 2001 he ran Marsh Crisis Consulting — a risk management company to help clients “unlock new opportunities for growth.”

He was appointed to the President’s Homeland Security Council in 2002, then was named Presidential Envoy to Iraq, Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority, 2003. He was known as the governor of Iraq.

He was also a board member of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., Akzo Nobel NV, and served on the International Advisory Board of the Komatsu Corporation. Komatsu patented a thermite demolition device, and had been involved in a joint venture agreement with Dresser Industries.

In 1998 the Komatsu-Dresser mining division merged with Halliburton (of Dick Cheney fame). There are a number of people and companies that are so interconnected — many with the Bush family — it boggles the mind. (More here)

I’m not sure when Bremer’s association began with Marsh & McLennan began, but on Wikipedia is states Bremer’s office was in the North Tower. Flight 11 hit the north face of the north tower (WTC 1) between floors 94 and 99 — and these offices occupied by Marsh & McLennan. These are also the floors that had been upgraded for fireproofing shortly before 9/11.

But in an interview with CNN a few days after the September 11 attacks, Bremer stated that their office was located “above where the second aircraft hit.” So was he referring to the South Tower?

I had once read that Bremer had offices in both towers. Researcher, Kevin Ryan writes:

“In fact, on 9/11, Bremer was the CEO of Marsh Political Risk Practice and he had an office in the south tower.”

So how many offices did he have in the twin towers?

What we do know, is that he had 1,700 Marsh & McLennan associates that worked in the WTC towers. 

What He Did Not Say on MSNBC

And this makes his interview on the morning of September 11 on MSNBC possibly the most dazzling example of “disassociation”  as you can possibly get.

On live television, he points the finger at Bin Laden — but this Counter-terrorist expert NEVER mentions that his office has been hit by the plane — or that possibly both his offices have been hit by two terrorist planes.

But even stranger: he fails to even reflect on what his 1700 Marsh & McLennan associates must be going through. Hundreds have already lost their lives. It is astonishing.

I believe this interview shows us that Bremer had been “put forward” as one of the media’s puppets. There was a script that had to be followed and Bremer was in the zone of fulfilling the task as media messenger.

This is the transcript from the interview with MSNBC:

Host: …You’re a terrorism expert!

Bremer: Counter-terrorism.

Host: …there are limited number of groups who could be responsible for something of this magnitude.

Bremer: Yes, this is a very well planned, very well coordinated attack, which suggests it’s very well organized centrally — in there are only three or four candidates in the world really who could have conducted this attack.

Host 2: Bin Laden comes to mind right away Mr Bremer.

Bremer: Indeed he certainly does. Bin Laden was involved in the first attack on the World Trade Center which had its intention doing exactly what happened here which was to collapse both towers, and he certainly has to be a prime suspect. But there are others in the Middle East and there at least two states Iran and Iraq which should at least remain on the list.

The live interview concludes:

Bremer: …it is a day that will change our lives. … The American Way of life is not threatened by these people unless we threaten it ourselves  — if we start throwing away the democratic freedoms in the civil liberties that are at the heart of our society — that’s what they’re after, and that’s what we can’t allowed have happened. And we got to go about our business. People got to move around. I was diverted on a plane this morning as I was trying to get to New York and wound up in Baltimore.  In a way I was sort of at least relieved to see business as usual going on among people. We have to go on with our lives…

He fails to mention his office is gone or his fellow associates in trouble.

And while Bremer was talking on MSNBC — his old boss, Henry Kissinger, was on CNN in Germany — with the same script.

Remembering friends

It is only days later,  on the 14th September, when Bremer is interviewed on CBC, that the reality of his associates hits home.  He said:

“…and my company Marsh McLennan had more than 1700 people in the South Tower of the World Trade Center of whom we only can account for a thousand now…”

But he also said:

“…we’re gonna have to take advantage of this outpouring of grief and sympathy, and support we’ve seen in Canada and Europe, to really mobilize a new international approach to terrorism.”

There were many others that day that read the same script — Jerome Hauer for one. But that is another article in itself.

Paul Bremer was handsomely “rewarded” — and was sent off to govern Iraq.

He is remembered for some controversial decisions that were to greatly impact the war, Iraq, and possibly the birth of ISIS. His order to disband the Iraqi army after the invasion and remove members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party from professional positions — alienated tens of thousands of unemployed Sunnis. He was also there most likely to help privatize the country for the victors.

But Bremer is only one the many thousands of executives that profited from the 9-11 attacks and the “war on terror.”

I will be following up shortly with the role of the media and how it helped cover up the crime.

Photo credit: oval office archive.defense.gov/




  1. Dee, you had told me before about Bremer’s apparent lack of grieving for the dozens of friends he lost in the Towers. What is your diagnosis of why he behaved that way?

    Unless of course the people did NOT die. How the hell are we to know who dies? Same for the Boston marathon. If indeed there is now a culture of faking people’s death, who can get around that?

    • Bremer may be a sociopath — lacking all empathy for his dead work associates, but you’d think he would mention: “Look what happened to me — my office was IN the tower.”
      It seems he was either in a trance like state having being “triggered” to provide important information to the public for his “managers” — or he is so focused on the “script”, and coming out with the message — that it doesn’t occur to him people are dead.
      For all we know the real world and the drills emerged as one event. So what was happening in reality is that this is part drill – part real world. So the empathetic part of your brain takes on that this is also a drill. So it is not that bad. ????

      • wow.
        Dee, I do not know if any amputee other than Jeff Bauman was an actor in Boston, but let’s say they all were. You are suggesting, and I think you are right, that they somehow have no embarassment, much less guilt, about participating. Someone has persuaded them that to do such a thing is GOOD. wow.

        Here is the shortest clip of Kay Griggs, only 9 minutes. Her husband was controlled by Kissinger. She says “My husband was frightened to death.”
        I wonder what part subconscious fear is playing in all this today.

  2. ‘The role of the media and how they covered up for the crime’ (mass murder and the killing of a mill or so in the ME)
    Well media, time you tell us how and why before we tell you.
    You lot are toast.

    • Ned, what if my pension fund hold shares in Newscorp. Does that make me “media”? Is the cleaning crew at The Age or at Cannel Nine the media? Who is it that is supposed to feel sinful?

      To make them “toast,” wouldn’t a smart move be to re-legislate the cross-ownership restrictions? Oops. TPP. Where does the TPP stand at the moment? i feel we protestors are moving too slow. It’s like the freakin’ Pit and the Pendulum. Here it comes!

  3. Please, Australians, we have to deal with this. (I mean YOU.)

    Dee made a 3-minute clip (it has had only 86 hits) comparing “foreign policy in Canberra” (Howard) with US “Let’s kill, galore” policy. (Wesley Clark). See:

    (Oddly, at the 2-minute mark, BBC says “Bagdad Has Attacked.” Quel typo!)

  4. Who fingered Bin Laden?
    Corbett provides an answer at the 1.10 minute mark.

    Please do not laugh too much at the official government 911 conspiracy theory, Mr. John Winston Howard and our devoted an informative truhtful corporate mass media and shock jocks might be embarrassed having been suckered by the lies (as with the Iraq wmds) resulting in milion plus dead with the fun still happening.

  5. These psycho maniacs think that they will always be in control, and that nothing will ever happen to them. Stuff everybody else. But because they are twisted they don’t have empathy for anybody, probably not even their family. Unfortunately there are millions around the world with like minds. I notice that Bremer did not even offer an excuse why he was not in either of his offices that morning.

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