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When To Mix (and Not Mix) Sacredness and Tragedy


by Mary W Maxwell

There was a boy soprano with an incredibly beautiful voice who, many years ago, sang in the choir of St Paul’s, London: Robert Eaton. For some reason he was inside the World Trade center New York on that fatal day. The video alternates inspiring photos of St Paul’s Cathedral with pictures of the burning Twin Towers. “Ye now are sorrowful” is from Brahms’ Requiem (which he wrote for his mother).

The conductor of the choir, Barry Rose, recorded the music in 1977.

It is my guess that this video is meant to honor the singer who died, and I, of course, approve of that. In general, however, I rail against our leaders using the occasion of “terrorist attacks” as a way of bringing people together.

I wish the community would indeed get together much more than we do nowadays. But it’s shocking that this should be mixed up with, and rolled into, the trickery of government.

We have seen John Howard attending the funerals of persons who died in the Bali bombings but surely Australian personnel – I don’t know their names – were part of the planning of that bombing. (A former Indonesian prime minister has said that Indonesian officials participated.)

In the US, in 1995, President Clinton made a big deal of giving sympathy to families who lost their kids, including infants, in the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. That bombing was carried out – as far as I can reasonably discern – by the FBI. I recall Clinton reading a poem that he himself had supposedly written for the funeral. Awful.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott laid a bouquet of flowers at Martin Place; the Queen laid flowers in Dunblane, Scotland.

I must say again, it is a good thing for people to experience bonding with the tribe, whether in good times or bad. But a leader mustn’t be seen to be bowing to evildoers. And isn’t a terrorist murder the same as a plain old murder on the street?

I have a friend in France who described the Balaclan stadium violence as “a patriotism enhancer.” Probably that was the deal.

The Murdoch press never misses a chance to say we have been changed forever by these attacks (yes, even the Lindt café siege provoked the statement that Australia was “changed forever”).

No. Please, no. That statement only enhances the idea that we are victims.  Of course we’re not victims.

For some reason the opposite slogan has been used in Boston: Bostonians are “stronger” for having endured the Marathon bombing. (Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean!)

I think Bostonians have been rendered very weak by the dishonesty of it all. I go further: I think they have sold their inheritance down the river. Can’t they find a handhold somewhere?

The 20th Anniversary of the Port Arthur You-Know-What

On April 28, 2016 there was a ceremony at the Port Arthur Historic Site. The literature announcing it said that anyone who was touched by the 1996 event is welcome to attend.

And who in Australia was not touched by it?  Even the whole generation born after it has been touched in many ways by this absolute outrage – “Australia’s 9-11.”

The ceremony was held on the grounds at Port Arthur, with live video-feed into St David’s Church in Hobart, for those unable to make the 90-minute trip to the Peninsula. It consisted of prayers and music. One assumes it was emotional and that the preacher talked about sadness.

We have heard on the grapevine that the prisoner, Martin Bryant, is under a great risk of being killed soon. The preacher should talk about the sadness of all that. By God, it is pretty sad.

Must We Be Sorrowful Indefinitely?

 I wish they had had a boy soprano at the Port Arthur memorial ceremony singing the relevant piece, a là Robert Eaton: (“Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit” in Brahms’ Requiem). It isn’t all gloom and doom. It starts with “Ye now are sorrowful,” but seriously Folks, there’s some therapeutic anger at the end, and a bunch of joyfulness.

“Ye now are sorrowful, howbeit ye shall again behold me,

And your heart shall be joyful, and your joy no man taketh from you.

Yea, I will comfort you, as one whom his own mother comforteth.

Look upon me; ye know that for a little time labour and sorrow were mine,

But at the last I have found comfort.”

That penultimate phrase is from Isaiah 66:13 — which goes on to say:

“And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb: and the hand of the Lord shall be known toward His servants, and His indignation toward his enemies.

For, behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with His chariots like a whirlwind, to render His anger with fury, and His rebuke with flames of fire.”

Yay! Go for it, God! Get ’em!

— Mary W Maxwell is certain we are going to lick this thing (the Port Arthur/Martin Bryant thing)






      • Kevin I can’t rule it out. I will try to keep an open mind, but when I go to websites that talk about ritual sacrifice they are never confidence-inspiring. They make other wild claims that I would never accept.

        I have heard that the destructiion of Dresden in WWII was for “sacrifice.” If you want to argue it, feel free but see if you can find a researcher who is not a sleazeball. I mean who does not start from a premise that he/she doesn’t bother to demonstrate with real evidence.

        I do not doubt Fiona Barnett when she says they do blood rituals but it seems that 9-11 had such a practical side (pardon me) that I just can’t see hem doing the ritual thing.

        Or did you mean that this choral music video was related to sacrifice? It goes red at the end but I take it as legit.

        • OK, Kevin, I have found a trustworthy fellow who understands what the late Martin Orne was up to at Harvard in the 1960s.
          Steve McMurray. Start at 8 minutes (if you care to). Boy, this isn’t where I hoped things would go with today’ musical moment but oh well:

    • I feel everyone should Google ‘SATAN PRINCE OF THIS WORLD” and read it all, especially Appendix A – THE SECRET COVENANT AGAINST HUMANITY and then possibly they may become enlightened as to what we’re really up against.

      • Thank you, Kevin. I’ve now found a 7-minute video on that Covenant, and I can’t disagree. They are against humanity. Here are but 3 shockers from my own studies:

        1. The oil rig in Gulf of Mexico was deliberately effed up to cause masive polution.
        2. The original smallpox shot of Edward Jenner circa 1796 was the start of a deliberate sicken-ing of the population worldwide

        3. A glacier in Peru that the population gets its water from has been deliberately melted.

        But even without getting woo-woo, there is the research by eminently conservative Charlotte Iserbyt, PROVING that for 60 years or more, children in America have been carefully mis-educated. (Her book Dumbing Down is a free download.)

        That said, Kevin, I was a bit wary of the video in that it made some wierd color and zebra patterns which I wouldn’t rule out as harmful. And when that vid finished the next one to come on automatically was a load of crap about light particles and dark particles. Puh-leeze. But against humanity? yes.

    A tragedy is something that takes place as a consequence of human frailty, vulnerability, or weakness . An atrocity is something that takes place as a consequence of a complete absence of any respect for life. The implication of calling a mass murder a tragedy is that it was the work of a psychotic retard( as opposed to that of a well-healed hit-man).

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