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Ron Paul Warns of Financial Martial Law in the US


“…United States is not immune to the basic laws of economics and finance. No country in the history of mankind has ever managed to avoid the laws of economics.” Dr Ron Paul.

Ron Paul served in the House of Representatives in from 1976 to 1977, from 1979 to 1985 and from 1997 until 2013. He ran for President in 1988, 2008 and 2012. He has always been outspoken when talking about the Federal Reserve and the creation of money, and the mainstream media have always tried to brush aside his views. This warning about Financial Martial Law was recently posted by beforeitsnews.com. (Full article here)

One wonders how this will effect Australia.



    • — and we all love Ned. Yay!
      Ned, as regards the persons who are going to do an economic collapse (just as they do earthquakes, disease-invention and other little niceties), what do you say to a pre-emptive strike?
      I wonder what that would consist of.

      • Possibly. A cyber hack of
        all records of bank accounts and wiping out of records, then blaming a desired enemy.
        After all, we are being presently being conditioned to believe such a scenario with periodic ‘glitches’.
        Logged in your census details yet?

  1. If only we had one politician in Canberra that has half the brain and insight of Dr. Ron Paul who cared for our people and country, as Paul does, for his people and country.
    As Paul explains; the politicians will steal all they can from the public to feed those that it has made dependant with goodies, for the agenda of a communist/fascist authouritain and world government running a feudal system of control.
    The present gambit is to cover the designed world financial apocalypse with a planned genocidal apocalypse by creating another world war.
    Trump at least, wants accomodation with Russia and out of Europe and now we have the UK PM planning to meet with Putin.
    (Just note Hilary’s statement to bomb Iran and obliterate it. Look up Hilary’s Benghazi lies and google ‘Clinton dead body count’: plus five over recent weeks)
    I have great respect for the expressed common sense of Alan Jones on radio 2GB, Sydney, but he is only going half way and is being used to constantly dump on Putin. His research staff should do some research:
    Start with the Goodman/Clark interview with the planned wars against 7 countries in five years then compare the military bases surrounding Russia compared with Russian military facilities around the US.
    We have been deceived and suckered before with mass media lies, wmds anyone? Occasioning our poor Johnie so much ’embarassment’?
    Do not forget the ‘Gulf of Tonkin lies’, being the concocted excuse to invade Vietnam and sacrifice about 550 decent Aussie kids.
    Not again. Wake up mass media ‘whoremongers’, time to sit out at least one war in over a century, the people are on to you genocidal criminals…….. if they ignore the msm liars!

    • Frances, do you really think it’s a “country”? Indeed, do you really think it’s America — as such — that has the 800 bases?

      From what we learned from the 2014 book “Hidden History of World War I” (as reviewed in Gumshoe), the goings on of that war were prepared (primarily) by two men in England, even behind the backs of Parliament. Namely, Lord Esher and Earl Grey, as in the tea.

      Personally I would not say “Britain” caused that war, even tho’ the abode of those two men was in Britain. It MUST have been those two men and their secret club. So it is the secret club that does these things, and no doubt they invented NATO.

      In the US, no citizens are aware of what the Pentagon gets up to. Please don’t think I disagree with your point. You are so right to call attention to the centralized control of the world, and the absolute madness of war-making. It would be nice if Aussies would claim sovereignty over Australia.

      But I think our habit of assuming it is a country (or, in the case of “the Jews are running the world” to assume it is a clan of some sort) is a throwback to early human existence. We always want to name an ethnic group. But really the group to be named for WWI is “the club” not “the nation”.

      Of course it is shocking that the relevant parliaments (and Congress) vote the funds for all that.

      Anyway , as you say, there is a threat to world peace. What do you think any person should now do about it? It’s really up to you as no one else is going to remove the threat. Terry Shulze said something about everyone is on a train headed for a burnt-out bridge but are having a good time and don’t want to stop the train.

      The problem cannot, and will, not just right itself. Action against the club seems to me tho only logical step. Maybe their many slaves (e.g. parliamentarians, defense contractors, etc) are sick of being slaves and wish you would offer them a better plan.

  2. The financial system is not “ours.” It’s “theirs.” I’m quite willing to let it go. There are other systems that are either waiting in the wings or will be brought out that will take the wealth out of the hands of the crooks and return it to where it belongs.

  3. Way down Mary asks what a pre-emptive attack (WARFARE) may consis of and I mentioned a possible cyber attack.
    Linked hereunder is a small part of the threat and consequences that could arise.
    Note that “An Attack’ may be one that causes a denial of service which may cause complete disruption.
    Now what did our CENSUS boys say we had last Tuesady night? It was a ‘DDos’ thay say……Ha! look it up.
    Seems the UK may fare better than most as they have a independant grid system and a bit more.
    We should be OK we have or will sell our services to the Chinese along with our wires and poles, together with every large farm that Turnbull can find to flog off, that Scot Morrison would not tell us about…………because an election was looming. At least the Port of Darwin computer records will be hack proof, the Chinese have the Port of Darwin.
    Our politicians: Complete ………size 12 shoe souls!!
    Anyway ,there is good news for some; all the tax records, government security files, criminal files, traffic convictions, marriage records (!) et.al. might all dissappear with all records of your bank “investment’ balance……………….Well? Then there will be an announcement from the Minister; “The community should be grateful that all the former records were saved by a firewall ……dah dah………….But so (embarrassed) sorry about the records of the money you had given the banks, treasury bonds and all your share certificate records……….they all went to cyber heaven.”
    Right, if there is a selective destruction of records then we will know!!! Particularly if the pollie’s retirement superannuation investment piggy bank accounts disappear. (:-(

    • I’ve seen this Ron Paul video and sadly I dont think RP has done his image a favour. He is bascially promoting an investment newsletter.

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