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Lindt Café Inquest, Part 26: Sydney Siege May Qualify As a False Flag


abbott and flowers

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and wife lay flowers at Martin Place

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Beyond any doubt the 9-11 attacks in New York and the July 7, 2005 attacks on the London Tube were false flags. How do we know? Because there were very elaborate drills taking place officially, on the same day, for an incident very similar to the one attributed to “terrorists.”

The Coroner, Magistrate Michael Barnes, has said he needs to get the Lindt Café Inquest done right (and speedily), as another incident could be waiting in the wings.  Too right! Another false-flag attack within Australia may be on the books even as we speak.

The probable purpose of such attacks is for our government (or a foreign entity) to tighten control over all Australians and to gear us up for war. So then it’s good to try to stop this bamboozling of Aussies. Let’s sort out what happened.

To date the inquest has not put the Sydney siege in any context. I say:  say, can we please stop treating that December 15, 2014 event as something to be investigated solely by focusing on mad-man Monis? (Hello, remember mad-man Martin Bryant?)

Why False Flags Exist

Pretend you want to start a war with Ruritania. You want your own people to join you enthusiastically.  What better way than to stage an attack against your own people, and attach the flag of Ruritania to the (disguised) attackers?

ave the media standing by to make the most of the story, which must always include:

  1. The outrageousness of what the attackers did
  2. The ever-increasing threat, that if the attackers (the Ruritanians) are not stopped they’ll do more harm
  3. The need for our nation to draw close together in reacting.

False-flaggery is nothing new and never had any particular association with the religion of Islam. Nowadays, however, when you see a terrorist operation you can be sure the media will have a headline ready to blame “Muslims.”

Here are a few of the big ones:

1993 the bombing of the basement of the World Trade Center

1995 the bombing of the Paris Metro

2001 the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York

2005 the bombing of three London Tube stations

2013 the bombing of Boston’s Marathon race

One might think it odd for a group of people that had no known talent for major operations, Muslims, to suddenly be able to carry off such things as a coordinated attack on three Tube stations or the actual bringing down of skyscrapers!

But if media says it is so, it is so – for most people at least.

(Note: everyone is afraid to challenge a great, big media story, and also it would make one appear to be sympathetic with that horrible terrorist!)

How To Magnify an Event

What happened in the CBD of Sydney was pretty low-budget compared to the biggies listed above. For example, it had three deaths as compared to the three thousand deaths of 9-11.

It had only one perpetrator, compared to the two brothers that allegedly did the Marathon, four friends that allegedly did the London Tube, or 19 men that hijacked the 9-11 planes.

Nevertheless it looks to me that the Sydney siege “qualifies” as a false flag despite its smallness.

In any case, the media hyped it effectively to make it seem much bigger. After all, if Monis had many accomplices out there, a bomb could have been ready to go off in every capital city. Perth folk, say your prayers!

Note: The human mind is always inclined to magnify its estimate of danger – to be on the safe side.

Monis’ life and career was also played up to magnify his fierceness. Once you study him today, you might conclude that he was a wimp if not a wuss. But on the day, all that needed to be said was that Monis had been an “an accessory to murder.”

I noticed in the hearing of August 16, 2016 that barrister Philip Boulton, QC, actually referred to Monis as a murderer. Monis was never charged with any murder. “Accessory” can mean all kinds of participation, from small to large.

Even today we don’t know what role Monis played in the death of his ex-wife, Noleen Hayson Pal, or if he would have been convicted. It’s idle speculation for now.

The Government magnified the reaction, also, by evacuating part of the CBD. The trains did continue to run, however, unlike in Boston where the whole system of public transport got shut down during the search for a 19-year-old Muslim.

The Murdoch press went in for such headlines as “A Nation Weeps” and – rather presciently –“The Day That Changed Australia Forever.”

The Prime Minister contributed to the Sydney excitement by saying  “I can think of nothing more terrifying and distressing than to be caught up in such a situation.” (Please ask: Who writes his speeches?)

And the event, which by any honest definition was not a siege, soon came to be called a “siege.”

Could It All have Been As Described?

I claim that the event that occurred in the Lindt Café on December 15, 2014 does fit the bill as a false flag event. Yet I cannot rule out the converse — that it all was as described. In this section I’ll play devil’s advocate against the conspiracy theory.

The official story is that a man who had various involvements with political and religious groups turned terrorist one day and made demands on Australian leaders.

Monis claimed that “Australia was under attack” — apparently meaning under attack by himself, armed with a shotgun that he carried in a Woolworth’s bag. It is within the realm of possibility that he had no help at all from any person, a true lone gunman.

Thus, he himself may have thought up the clever note to his non-existent “buddies” who were reportedly armed with a bomb to blow up the Sydney Opera House. (The other possibility is that such buddies do really exist, but melded back into the population.)

It’s also credible that the hostages, who were not physically blocked from leaving (the doors were locked only to outsiders), were so taken in by Monis’ threats that they dared not make a run for it.

It is possible that the male hostages had no training in how to fight or ambush an armed person, and that the three barristers in the café, and two banking executives, and two IT experts, were unable to conspire to trick Monis, or to bargain with him.

You’ll note that I’m bending over backwards to be “normal” here.

Do the Measures Taken by Authorities Seem Plausible?

Again, I cannot rule out that the actions police took after Monis started his crime of hostage-taking may make a lot of sense. So in this section I look at their plausibility.

Beyond doubt, the order to evacuate part of the CBD was normal. I would have done that if I were in charge.

I agree that the police negotiators could have been hamstrung by lack of equipment and by inferior technology, such as the 5-minute delay of the Listening Devices in the cafeteria, or having only one landline for incoming calls.

It is possible, albeit at a stretch, that the team of negotiators, (including a psychiatrist) acted diligently, according to their lights, to try to get the terrorist to surrender peacefully.

And it’s conceivable that the refusal of offers for third-party negotiators, such as Monis’ lawyer and the Grand Mufti, was based on the principle that “amateurs tend to lose control.”

Also, I can see how police may have felt they should not quiz the first batch of escapees at 3.30pm for suggestions on how to take Monis off guard, or ask them if Monis had a detonator for setting off his bomb. It could have added to their trauma.

Finally, it is worth looking at the police’s lack of a DA plan (direct action to storm the café at the time of their own choosing). Some have said it was because of a calculation that any premature move could bring about a “catastrophic” number of deaths.

Maybe that did indeed eliminate any DA option.

But I Personally Don’t Credit It

I won’t be surprised if people who know me think I always had a closed mind on the subject. Granted, from the very moment I heard, in Adelaide, that Sydney was experiencing a terrorist incident I scoffed at it.

And granted I take conspiracy theory to be a necessary tool of trade for those researching today’s worldwide violence.

But going to Sydney and sitting in the coroner’s court (on eleven days, over the period from June 2 to August 16, 2016) made me feel part of the in-crowd of believers.

I have already written that this happened to me when attending a Marathon-related court case in Boston. The setting gets to you. Form dominates over substance – or something like that.

So, whether you believe me or not, I did allow myself the thought, as outlined above, that all was according to Hoyle.

One wants to respect people who are well-spoken and versed in the high principles of the law. I’m averse to thinking that the barristers at the Inquest are engaging in deceit.

But on reflection I certainly think the false-flag version of events is a much better fit than the official version. Since we absolutely know that the official stories of 9-11 and of the London tube are false, why not also the Sydney “siege”?

In Part 16 of this series, I light-heartedly showed what it would look like if an expert in “scripted terrorism” – Dr X – gave witness to the Inquest.

I think it’s time to call Dr X to the stand, officially.

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at her website maryWmaxwell.com

Photo credit: James Alcock at smh.com.au


  1. By now, anyone who does not accept ‘false flag’ scenarious is naive and living under a mushroom playing tic tac do(h) with leprachauns.
    I will not opine on the lindt cafe ‘event’; madman on a cause, used puppet/patsy or whatever?
    However, the public should be ever aware of such possibilities and note it on their investigator’s whiteboard and objectively consider reality before rubbing it out. As is an investigator’s duty.
    Not mentioned recently is my recollection (and I have been sitting on it) of a reported comment by Manis; ‘Now see (?) What you made me do’.
    Because you would not let me speak to the PM?
    Who was he addressing?
    Very curious.
    Seems that the reported comment has, if said, not been addressed, from my observations.
    Can anyone remenber such a report. If so by whom and where is it recorded.
    At the time of noting it stood out in my mind, (for obvious reasons) so somewhere it was reported.
    Any takers?

    • Here it is, Ned. December 18, 2014, smh.com.au:

      “Another reason why snipers did not take out Monis earlier was that they were shooting through reinforced glass, meaning it was impossible to predict with precision the path of the bullet. The risk of hitting a hostage was too great, Reason said.

      “Reason said that Monis yelled at the police tactical team as they raided the cafe.

      “”We’ve been told in those terrifying seconds that the police stormed in the Lindt cafe, Haron Monis was heard to scream ‘Look what you’ve made me do!’ before the police shot him down,” Reason said.”

      • Ta, brilliant, I knew it was somewhere.
        Interesting last (?) Words!
        Could suggest that until that time he thought he had some expectations of a alternative outcome.
        A dot for the whiteboard?

      • I am not sure what you mean by “reinforced glass? my work is with soda glass as in blown glass? with regard to Lindt cafe glass it would surprise me if the glass was anything other than plate glass say usually plate or one quarter inch or 6ml thick, if it were the sort of glass a windscreen is fast annealed to create stress and diffuse a violent act of glass fragmenting into sheets of lethal pieces resulting in to danger for the occupants, reinforced glass is I believe laminated glass with sandwiches of plastic and glass, I am uncertain as what degree of reinforced glass would be in say the USA presidents car as this would be for security purposes not revealed, but there would be different degrees of reinforcement.
        I suggest the glass at Lindt cafe was plate, as it would be unusual to think of terrorism and this premises, I have not got a Phd in glass and terrorist activity, I keep to my original statement that Monis could have been shot through the glass, the only thing is what degree of plate flying through space could be lethal? to others than Monis? I suggest with a high powered gun the bullet would penetrate the glass with minimum plate fragments, as a gun of this sort would imagine make a clean hole, I am not a expert in guns but a reader may know of statistics on penetration of plate glass and high powered rifles?

  2. The more information that comes before the public, the more this event appears to be a false flag situation.

    If specialists in the health industry, that is doctors and ambulance attendants, wont tell if the wound to Tori Johnson’s head was caused by a bullet wound or a pellet wound from a shotgun, we know that this event was a false flag incident and these people are forbidden to speak up.

    That is what sort of world that we now have on our hands, where nobody is allowed to speak the truth because of dangers to themselves, family or occupational promotion.

    When a “victim” of this event makes mention that the Army would have been a better option than leaving the incident to the police, we know that somebody has been coaching that person or “radicalising” them.

    The last thing we need, is for the Armed Services running amok amongst the population. If this happens there will be no civilian control ever again, without a revolution.

    • Thank you, Mal. I do think that both percussion and string instruments have been angling for a finding that police are incompetent. And if police can’t do the job, then of course the public will be told that it’s better to use the army.

  3. Ned, echoes of the Hoddle street shootings, when I think it was Julian Knight, reportedly, said before he supposedly jumped to his death, ” how am I supposed to kill anybody with this weapon”? (or words to that affect)

      • It was an M1 carbine that didn’t fit in the bag, so someone cut the barrel so it would fit in the bag. Unfortunately, the ‘blowback’ operated bolt didn’t get enough energy from the shorter barrel and would not cycle the next round into the chamber and created a jam. He had to keep cycling the bolt by hand to clear the jam and load a round.

        • Ned, I just remembered looking at an M1 that had a welded up gas port, so the M1 wasn’t ‘blowback’, but it was gas operated. Regardless, if they shortened the barrel there wouldn’t be enough time to transfer the energy in the gas operated mechanism.

          So, looking at the picture of the shotgun that Monis allegedly used, it is a gas operated semi-auto that has been shortened. It could have been shortened too much and been just like the shortened M1 at Hoddle Street.

          Did the ballistic expert ever give evidence of trying to fire the shortened shotgun to confirm it would cycle the rounds properly? That becomes important as Monis fired above the heads of escaping patrons – and may have experienced a jam immediately after. The Police may have entered the Cafe’ before Monis ever figured out why his shotgun stopped working.

    • Are you thinking of Queen Street and Frank Vitkovic Mal? I think he could have jumped, but I recall the Police video of Julian Knight doing the walk-through well after he had been captured.

  4. Monis was set up to go, the Australian secret agencies all part of Tavistock, directly or other wise, the Lindt Cafe was a drama that suited the print and media sales but most important a demonstration of political intrigue as a main condition to satisfy the general public as being looked after by the Establishment for your security.
    The fact that the leaders of Australia are all part of a complicit contribution to Australian insecurity in terms of interfering with the Middle East in violence, thus putting Australia on the map for future and present acts of terror, this is to divert public attention away from government corruption of channeling Australia into bankruptcy and to destroy the sense of personal individual responsibility and to destroy the sense of being connected to a country of national identity.
    Lindt Cafe could have ended by a marksman taking out Manis, but needed a saga and stage show for the useful staging of a platform for the benefit of police looking to protect Australians, thus two more Australians died for this policy or could be said to murdered by the Establishment, there are other possibilities such as disarming Manis but the system will not allow this.
    Australia is in dire straights but so is the planet as we are now firmly in the hands of a few families here I am saying financial Elites whom have successfully controlled the mind set of most people and who they have not got in a mind strangle hold no longer matters.

    • Thank you, donwreford. One day Katrina Dawson’s children will be 18 yrs old and will read these things.
      Speaking of motherhood, Tavistock set up the most cruel experiments to break the mother-child bond — yes — and some of this was carried out “proudly” at Harvard University, e.g. by Martin Orne. Way back in 1906, Harvard had Morton Price on the psyche faculty. Look him up.
      But we are going to put paid to all this, right?

    • Don,
      The true essence of your comment is the channeling of Australia into bankruptcy.
      Successive governments have sold our children’s inheritance (by privatasion of our household silver.) to the global corporate fascists so that, according to Alan Jones on radio 2gb, (sydney) we are now paying 40 million per day to the banker fascists.
      Now we have a ex ‘Golden Sucks’ PM who cannot comprehend the concept of gravity, as applied to building No 7 on 911.
      So what hope do we have as a independant sovereign nation, when the global corporate fascist have Canberra in their pocket?Right: senator Derryn, the mouth, Hinch, ‘please explain” Pauline and the rest will not have the half a brain to: ‘ask the right questions’.
      [Ref: Dr Day, ‘NWO exposed by insider 20th March 1969]
      Dr. Day explains that the right questions are not asked. The fools in Canberra do not see the global fascist agenda and are deliberately sidetracked by inane distractions to occupy their populist half brained, how can I be re-elected, scenarios.
      Recent denials of foreign commercial takeovers are a sign that Australians are awakening slowly to a recognition of the globalist takeover of our infrastructure, natural resources and future enslavement of our children to banker’s debt and corporate globalist dictates.
      Either, weep for your children or pull your fingers out.

  5. Mary,
    You mention the 1993 bombing of the wtc basement car park.
    Here is a fictional scenario based on reported accounts.
    Fbi office:
    Fbi. Good work so far what are they planning?
    Informant.: They trust me and are planning something against the wtc. They want a bomb.
    Fbi. No worries we can arrange a bomb.
    Informant: bonza [!!! (:-) ]
    Boomb! Many killed …… and wounded, (recall the pictures of survivors exiting?)
    Fbi. Great job we now have the whole terrorist cell. (Later convicted and imprisoned)
    Informant: but I thought it was a dummy bomb.
    Fbi: you silly naive idiot, do you think we would have provided you with a dummy, when we need a real accomplished terrorist event, how could we pay you if our budget is not quadrippled?
    Informant: what about the 17 plus murdered and exposure.
    Fbi. Who gives a stuff, the mass media will go along and Congress will go along with our new laws.
    And you think I am cynical? Look it up.

    • Ned — ditto Oklahoma City.
      Funny thing about OKC. They had not quite made up their minds in advance who would cop it. In the long run McVeigh and Nichols, but earlier some Iraqis. Jayna Davis wrote a book “The Third Terrorist.” Not that it matters, but shows them to work on the hop.

      Ned re 1993 WTC. I never got over the American Left’s reaction. Famous cilvil rights lawyer Lynne Stewart went to jail for helping a terrorist (an Egyptian sheik). Her “buddies” such as Marjorie Cohn NEVER said a word to the effect that you just said, Ned. It was all “Ok she helped a terrorist but Lynne is so nice we should ask the judge for mercy.” Lynne recently died of cancer.

      • For a exposure of the false ‘leftie’ controlled hypocracy go to Roberts” article today at informationclearinghousenews.com
        Note the comments, the lefties are being exposed and you might find a friend as well.

  6. I just happened upon this from Jeremy Gormly’s Statement of January 29, 2015:
    57. Some reference should be made to the question of the well-publicised paid hostage interviews. I can say that Your Honour and those assisting have been well aware of them. The interviews have not been viewed by the Coronial team although the promotional material has been viewed.

    “The question of whether paid interviews ought to be prohibited has been publicly discussed. At present however, the law is that unless there is a contempt, it is not automatically illegal for a witness to give a paid interview….

    “The tapes of the interviews are of course a version of the events and will be examined like any other evidence. All hostages have already been interviewed for this inquest and statements have been obtained and almost everyone of them been signed.”

    • I don’t recall the remaining hostages inside the cafe’ giving evidence at the inquiry. They would have the most relevant evidence of what happened in the final minutes. A lot more relevant to what really happened than some overseas experts on terrorist negotiations.

  7. Was the reason that police were held back from the PAHS in Tasmania, to make out the police could not handle the situation where 35 people had already been killed in the area, for the same political reason that appears to be being pushed in Sydney? That is the Defence Services taking over the role of the State Police Services.

    • Good question, Mal. You should ask Wendy Scurr.
      Per Stewart Beattie, the purpose of 3 shots fired later that day near the Fox and Hounds were meant to keep everyone panicked.
      Maybe an ordinary psychology experiment to test limits?

  8. “It could have added to their trauma.”

    This line brought to mind the apparent “failure” of the Secret Service to get Bush II out of that Sarasota school during a supposed “surprise” attack when as President he would have been the scalp of the day. Remember how various media apologists tried to tell us it was all about not frightening the children, and totally not because they already knew the order of events for the day and already knew he was safe.

  9. Terry, discounting for the fact that I am of the female persuasion, here is a quote from Gormly’s Statement of Jan 29, 2015.

    During the siege Mr Monis discharged a total of 5 shotgun cartridges in four periods of time. He first fired a gun … striking the area above the door of the entry to the foyer off Martin Place. He did that following the departure of some hostages.
    The second time Mr Monis discharged his gun was at about 2:14am when he shot Mr Tori Johnson…. The third and fourth times seem to have been in response to the forced entry of the Tactical Response officers immediately after 02:14 a.m.
    No shot fired by Mr Monis other than the one that killed Mr Tori Johnson, struck anyone, although he appears to have been trying to do so.
    Apart from the 5 rounds he discharged, Mr Monis was later found to have had 21 other shotgun cartridges of various brands and shot size in his pockets. Despite firing 5 rounds from his shotgun,
    Mr Monis had two rounds in the three round magazine of his shotgun. He must at some stage prior to entry have reloaded to keep the magazine and chamber full. After his death the breach of his shotgun was found to be open. It seems he was trying to re-engage another round when he was shot.

  10. Again: a fictional discussion in a bunker somewhere.
    Have you been reading those gumshoe articles and comments?
    Yes sir,
    What do we do about it?
    Ignore them, no one reads their ‘conspiracy’ crap and latest info on ‘hits’ is abysmal.
    But we are recording some of our msm agents being curious and being tempted and becoming suspicious and having misgivings of their functions, in view of a million plus dead and suffering based on concocted serial lies. They may be suffering from a conscious feeling of guilt leading to some post dramatic syndrome.
    Suspicious, post whatever crap, bull shit, journos! They are immune, that is for soldiers.
    But we are intercepting chat and they may awaken.
    Oh shit.
    But we have their editors under control, excepting ….
    Excepting what?
    They are realising that they are worth more.
    For what?
    An increase in their stipend.
    Shit, they are screwing us again.
    Well, it is not our money so how much? We can budget it with providing advertising revenue to media, shock jocks and the usual reliable agents.
    Do it, just make sure they stick with our 911 scenario, otherwise we are cactus and they are unemployed bankrupts…. make sure they know.
    Sir, as been said, a good useful journo is cheaper than a night with a whore.
    Indeed, we must think of our taxpayers, they have limits……

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