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Lindt Café Inquest, Part 28: The Hostages



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

I think the Sydney siege was a false-flag operation in which Man Haron Monis did not act either as a lone gunman or as a religious extremist. Very likely he was under the control of one of the covert agencies. (These ostensibly work for government but are really the servants of private entities.)

I did not attend the hearings at which hostages gave testimony under oath. I hope to obtain copies of their statements, but for now I am using information about them from the media and from Youtube. I divide the 18 hostages into four groups:

The Eight Staff Members of the Lindt Cafe

The chef, Paul Vassallo, age 37, was in the first batch of escapees (3 males) at 3.37pm.

The barista, Elly Chen, age 23, escaped in the second batch (2 females) at 4.30pm, wearing her apron.

Waitress Jaien Bay, also wearing an apron, escaped with Elly.

Four more Café employees escaped at 2.03am in the dark, via the Martin Place door (“the firewell”). Namely:

Joel Heart, age 23, Fiona Ma, age 20, Harriet Denny, age 31 and pregnant, and Jarrod Mortin-Hoffman, age 19.

That left only one Café employee, the manager, Tori Johnson, age 34, who died after 2.03am, probably at 2.10am when a gunshot was heard.

The Three Barristers

Barrister Stefan Balafoutis, age 41, escaped in the first batch at 3.37pm.

Barrister Julie Taylor, age 36 and pregnant, escaped at 2.03am.

Barrister Katrina Dawson, age 38, was injured during the police shooting at 2.15am, and died on the way to hospital.

The Four Westpac Bank Persons

Two men from India were working on a project for Westpac, but strictly speaking were not employed by Westpac. They are:

Viswakanth Ankireddy, age 32, software engineer, who escaped in the first batch at 3.37pm.

Puspendhu Ghosh, from Infosys, who escaped at 2.03am.

The two female employees of Westpac did not escape and were still in the café after both Tori and Monis were killed. They are:

Selina Win Pe, age 42, a senior bank manager.

Marcia Mikhael, 42, a bank executive. She was wounded in the leg by police gunfire.

The Three Retirees

John O’Brien, age 82, escaped in the first batch at 3.37pm.

Louisa Hope, age 51, who retired for medical reasons in 2008, did not escape, and neither did her mother Robin Hope, age 71. They were found by police in the Café at 2.15am. Louisa was wounded in the foot by police gunfire.

My list thus accounts for all 18 hostages, 16 of whom are still alive. Gumshoe would be happy to interview them. However, it is said that, except for Louisa Hope, all have “sold their exclusive story” to Channel 7.

(Note: private contracts with media do not, of course, preclude the coroner or police from questioning anyone.)

In False-Flag Events, Are There Actors?

In recent years, crisis actors have apparently been employed to participate as victims of terrorist events. See my article on Jeff Bauman in the Boston Marathon bombing.

I do not like the label “crisis actor,” just as I am averse to the label “hoax.” I would rather approach the problem by asking “Were there any confederates?” The Macmillan Dictionary defines confederate as “someone who works with you to achieve something, often something secret or illegal.”

It’s pretty obvious that a false flag event requires many confederates. Jeff Bauman must have been a confederate. But persons other than victims play confederate roles too.

Let me name one: the telephone operator who said a call came to her from Todd Beamer when he was in the air, about to crash on 9-11. She told how she and Todd prayed the 23rd Psalm together. (Later on the Oprah show she changed it to The Lord’s Prayer.)

Todd is the man who supposedly said “Let’s roll.” A whole movie has been made about Todd’s attempts to wrestle with the Arab hijacker, to impress it in the American mind.

Nonsense. Todd was not on a plane that allegedly crashed in Shanksvlle, Pennsylvania, known as American Airlines Flight 93. (See Gumshoe’s review of Richard Ryan’s Book Another Nineteen for suggestions as to who was involved in 9-11.)

I don’t know for sure that Todd was a confederate. Possibly he was killed that morning and disposed of.  But the telephone operator must be a confederate.

(Granted, a faker-on-the-payroll may have called her and said he was Todd ringing from the plane — in which case she was not “lined up in advance.” But that leaves us wondering why she had to fiddle with her Lord’s Prayer story.)

Preparing Your Confederates

To get an idea of the importance of confederates, you have only to imagine yourself cooking up a false-flag terrorist incident. It wouldn’t do to choose a venue where some people might be able right away to stop the event!

Consider PJ (Pat) Allen, a Tasmanian constable. On the day of the Port Arthur massacre, Pat came along thinking he should do what a normal cop does: capture or shoot the mad gunman.

Pat presented a problem to the bosses: they did not want the Seascape siege to end in the afternoon.

They would have been better off with a confederate cop who knew the rules. Instead, they had to keep Allen occupied. They made him lie in a ditch for 8 hours in front of the Seascape property, fending off bullets that were clearly aimed not to hit him but to prevent his taking the action of ending the siege.

It is also a worry that some on-the-spot persons, unaware of what’s really happening, might go public right after the event, reporting what they saw or heard.

Those persons have to be killed or paid off or whatever. Ask me about the “suicide” of Officer Terrance Yeakey following the Oklahoma City bombing, or the “suicide” of Inspector Hedric Fredou after the Charlie Hebdo event in Paris.

In the Boston Marathon case, friends of Jahar Tsarnaev may have been able to defend him in court. So they were rather creatively arrested on trumped-up charges, to keep them from talking.

Long story short, you need to have many controls operating, including some professional actors.

After the event such persons can be featured by the media as good, solid witnesses, especially if they suffered an injury.

How About at the Sydney Siege?

Although I have no proof that the Sydney siege was a false-flag operation, it is highly likely. As such, it would have needed many confederates.

The most essential confederate, the sine quo non, would be the police authority who made sure no one tried to end the Sydney siege prematurely. “Permission denied. This has to happen.”

In order for the event to stick with all Australians, it had to be dramatic, newsworthy, and at least somewhat prolonged. An incident of a coffee-drinker holding other coffee-drinkers hostage for a mere four hours in a CBD would have been forgotten around the nation by Christmastime.

Note: a few earlier false-flag operations in Australia, such as the Hilton bombing of February 13, 1978, are not considered memorable. The ‘foreign’ costume of Monis, both at the Café and in his earlier scripts, gives this incident a visual effect that may last a longer time.

Of course, the fact that the siege involved the death of a mother of young children renders it especially emotional.

Confederates on December 15, 2014?

Who else, then, besides the police commander who prevented his men from doing a Direct Action was a confederate?

Note: I am not referring to the many political leaders and law enforcement appointees above that commander – many of whom must be guilty — but ones under him.

I imagine the negotiators were confederates. For the event to develop it was necessary that the “negotiating” be a farce. Had the state or Commonwealth government been seen talking with the terrorist, the siege would have lost its punch.

People around the country saw the event as wrapped in mystery: “Who is in the café?” Permission to release Monis’s name occurred around midnight. Yet documents on file show that a female police officer who had dealt with Monis earlier as a criminal had reported his identity by noon.

Note: I assume Monis himself was a confederate playing out a role and did not expect there to be any real violence. His various demands must have been scripted for him, including his clever threat to bomb the Opera House.

Were Any Hostages Confederates?

Logically, the best candidates for the function of confederate are the 18 hostages.

Realizing that readers may think it is outrageous of me to say that any of the 18 hostages – or all of them – may have had some preparation for the event, let me say that such preparation could have been innocent.

They could have been told that there would be a drill and they must play as if it’s real. Apparently that occurs frequently.

It is known that the air traffic controllers on 9-11 had been prepared for a drill. This made them hold back from taking standard emergency action due when they see flights going off course. You can’t blame them; they obeyed what seemed to be approved instructions.

In listing the 18 hostages above, I gave the time of escape for 12 persons. The day started with Monis taking 18 hostages, so it seems 6 were left after the final 2.03am escape. Of those six, two died and four survived: Mikhael, Win Pe, Hope and Hope.

Note: Some say 11 hostages, not 12, escaped. Thus my list of escapees may be incorrect, and 5, not 4, remained alive in the Café. I will print a correction if I get this straightened out.

The Three Videos and One Audio

I find it suspicious that the three persons who made speeches during the siege – Selina Win Pe, Louisa Hope, and Marcia Mikhail — were the same ones who were left at the end, and who are the only witnesses (plus Robin Hope) to the shooting of Tori Johnson.

Marcia’s speech was audio only.  The three video speeches were by Selina, Louisa, and Julie Taylor (Julie escaped.)  In watching the three videos I don’t get a sense of persons speaking in a terrified state. They are relaxed.

In each of the videos, the speaker says “the brother” demands three things: to have an ISIS flag, to speak to Prime Minister Tony Abbott for 5 minutes, and to have it announced that Australia is under attack.

Allegedly Monis instructed each of the three (and perhaps Marcia) to tell the world what he wanted, and to offer that he’d release five hostages in exchange for the Tony Abbott talk.

My best guess is that the three video’d women, plus the audio’d Marcia, are confederates. Yell at me if you wish. Tell me that every hostage is sacred. Tell me if I have to be a crazy person to say that anyone inside the café was a party to a false-flag operation. I have a businesslike approach to “disasters.”

If Louisa Hope is one of the confederates, she must be furious over the fact that she was almost killed. Per sworn testimony of a policeman who stormed the café – Dennis Albrecht from Tango Charlie, Louisa was standing very close to Monis. It’s a miracle she did not get hit when Monis got hit.

Ms Hope, Gumshoe would love to hear from you if you think anything was amiss, whether or not my hunch is correct. And you would be doing Australia a huge favor. This is extremely dangerous stuff for our future.

If I am right that some hostages were confederates, they ought to contact the coroner immediately and come out with the full facts. You will be heroes for doing that.

On the website www.lindtinquest.justice.nsw.gov.au, it asks anyone with relevant information about the siege to contact Ms M Heris, Office of the State Coroner, 44 Parramatta Road, Glebe, NSW 2037. Telephone: 02 8584 7777.

— Mary W Maxwell is the author of Fraud Upon the Court.

Photo from Channel 7 broadcast


    • Well- it seems clear- it must have been the head of ASIO, right? Who else had the motive?

      Or perhaps- it was one of the hostages- who Monis told to hold up the flag? In fact – I seem to remember one of the hostages saying that that’s exactly what happened.

      • Right from the beginning of the siege.. i saw the wall to wall coverage by the media.. I realised almost straight away, this fella has himself in a no win situation, with no escape.

        I said to the Mrs, this isnt gonna end well.
        It didnt.

        Im no rocket scientist, but if anyones motives, integrity, or cognitive ability is questionable here, it isnt Marys.

        Thanks Mary for all the work you have done on reporting the events of the inquest, and for all your thoughts, interesting and edifying as always. much appreciated.

        • It ended exactly as Monis planned: suicide by cop. he tried to paint his suicide as a noble act done in defense of Islam for ‘God’. That’s bullshit: he was facing a life behind bars for murdering his ex-wife and he knew it. The cops screwed everything up as far as the siege went but I have yet to see any evidence of any false flag event.

          yet Mary is pretty much certain. Based on what? less than a hill of beans.

      • And I think I should add- it’s quite the allegation: that the siege was a state sanctioned ‘false flag’- your actually accusing people of murder- and treason to boot. Your also suggesting some of the victims may be fake ‘actors’. These are serious allegations indeed: especially if your so called evidence doesn’t amount to a hill of beans…

        Regarding 9/11 I am under no illusion – when I claim it was a neocon inside job I know I am accusing the perpetrators of mass murder and treason of the highest order. Should there be a trial it seems likely they would all get the death penalty! Can you imagine the 9/11 trials? There would have been nothing like it since Nuremberg. And can you imagine the worldwide reaction if Cheney, Rumsfeld, wolfiwitz, Meyers, bush, cherthoff, zakheim, Giuliani, Silverstein, and all the other 9/11 criminals were put on trial and found guilty? I doubt anyone could predict the seismic affects in the global society.

        No- it’s no small thing to accuse people of murder- in the case of 9-11 I am convinced by the sheer weight of powerful verifiable evidence that these people have a case to answer and I call them out as murderers.

        I have yet to see a single piece of compelling verifiable evidence in relation to the Lindt siege.

  1. This article is absolute rubbish. Pure speculation devoid of a single fact that establishes the premise of the article. This website started out addressing 9/11 – about which there is abundant factual scientific evidence of a ‘false flag’ attack. Since then it has branched out into holocaust denialism, ‘mind zappers’, and absurd speculative theories that jump to conclusions and ignore evidence that contradicts those conclusions.

    If you were to accept Mary Maxwell’s conspiratorial view of the world- then you would also assume that she, Mary- was herself an agent of disinformation- muddying the waters, throwing out red herrings left right and center- and drawing people away from genuine conspiracies and actual facts- into the world of paranoid speculative fantasy: in other words a black op of exactly the type that Mary suggests occurs everywhere: cognitive infiltration. Of course I am not suggesting that: there is zero evidence- but that’s how it looks?

      • I mean I am not going to accuse you of being a ‘disinfo agent’ or a ‘confederate’- as I have no evidence that you are. To me it seems far more likely you have just let your imagination run wild and are a victim of confirmation bias… However- if I was to apply your standard of general skepticism -to your own articles- perhaps I could be forgiven if I was to ‘see’ a similar ‘pattern’ of deliberate misinformation emerging- the type of pattern suggested by this article by Kevin Ryan:


        To my mind it is no mistake that well known holocaust deniers have tried to infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement. I believe this is done deliberately by those whose job it is to keep the 9/11 secret a secret- as a type of ‘cognitive infiltration’ to smear the movement with the well known ‘anti Semite’ label. General muddying of the waters.

        • all the waters are muddied. It’s like talking about 9/11- and then changing the subject to ‘alien reptilian control of elite institutions’. This is how ‘conspiracy theorists’ are marginalised: time and again you will see those that attack 9/11 truth equating 9/11 truth with belief in aliens, elvis on the moon, the hollow earth, holocaust denial, etc.

          If one was cynical- one would say that there is a deliberate attempt to lure people away from simply questioning 9/11- and off into the woods chasing after ‘mind controlled’ manchurian candidates- and worrying about ‘brain zappers’.

          If you want to ‘find the truth’- then you must ‘stick to the facts’. If you start quoting books like ‘secret weapons’ you should have some evidence that the claims made in that book are actually real? Do you? I know MK Ultra was a very real CIA program- Bill Clinton admitted as much- but that does not mean the claims of Cheryl are also real. Just a brief read of a part of that book is enough to convince me that it is bullshit- unadulterated pulp fiction- bullshit.

  2. Here we have, at 40 seconds, good old Senator Barry Goldwater, arch-conservative, being advised by the CIA (you can see director Bill Colby on the right) in 1975, during Senator Frank Church’s hearings. The gun shoots an ice dart. It contains a shellfish toxin that causes a heart attack and is always fatal.

    Oh, those halcyon pre-drone days!

    • Thanks to Jacques for making me consult my library. This is from Cheryl Hersha’s book “Secret Weapons.” Manchurian candidate Cheryl was issued with a large pretty ring. During the act of making love (if you could call it that), she was to flip the ring open, revealing a needle that she stuck in the guy.

      It was not fatal, it contained only curare, which immobilized him long enough for her to get her gun and shoot him. One time she did the curare thing and then chickened out of shooting, cuz he was so handsome and had been chivalrous to her.

      (Quite unusual for someone under MK-Ultra to hesitate — may be an indication of which emotions are uncontrollable?)

      Anyway, she rang “Langley” for help and they came and finished the job for her.

      • Hmm, secret weapons? here’s a book review:

        “Following practice in weaponry, martial arts and flight training, altered identities were purportedly introduced. At 15, Lynn “was made part of a unit that experienced murder,” and she assumed the identity of team leader “Lt. Rick Shaw.” As the seductive “Samantha Gooding,” Cheryl would paralyze her victims, and she later became the cocky chopper pilot “Sgt. Thomas O’Neil.” Naturally, these two “men,” long separated, were destined to meet: “Cheryl Hersha! It’s me, Lynn, your sister. You’ve got to let me go. You can’t shoot me.” Credibility collapses, as improbabilities are piled on inconsistencies, and the truth is buried beneath simplistic, pulp-adventure prose. In closing, the authors claim that “Their story is true,” following with an admission that they found no government documents about the program or the sisters. An elaborate disclaimer about the “presumed thoughts and imagined words of the participants” will lead many readers to ponder just how much real events have been fictionalized.”

        • Goody. And here’s another review of Hersha’s book from Amazon. The review is headlined “Stupendous.’

          “Children are better subjects for programming, since they dissociate more readily. Based on research by such persons as Dr. George Estabrooks, Dr. Sidney Gottleib, Dr. Jose Delgado, and others, including Nazi scientists (such as Dr. Hubertus Strughold) secretly brought into this country by the CIA, government programmers, using electro-shock, drugs, and hypnosis, as well as other forms of torture and brainwashing, were able to create multiple personalities in the children.

          “The children would then continue to be able to lead their normal everyday lives without anyone suspecting their involvment in covert government operations. One of the sisters, Cheryl, became a “Black Widow” – trained to seduce and, if necessary, kill targeted men.”

      • um- is that review or the cover blurb? And the evidence that Cheryl was a ‘sexy assassin’ and cross dressing helicopter pilot aka ‘Sgt’ Thomas O’Neil’- trained in that MKULTRA CIA program since childhood- is what exactly? her claim? Surely they would have bumped her off when they were done with her, no?

        I have read a book where the author has claimed to travel through the Bardo realm of the Living and the Dead. Do I believe that claim? Not for one second. I read a book called Hitler and the Spear of Destiny. Doesn’t mean there ever was such a spear or that Hitler held it… heck I even read a lot of the Bible- plenty of claims- not much proof…

      • Just out of interest: that seems like a clumsy method for a honey pot assassin- rare unusual poison hidden in ring then a gun? It’s gonna look like a murder alright.

        In fact the CIA’s manual on assassinations specifically warn that guns are not ideal:

        “6. Firearms

        Firearms are often used in assassination, often very ineffectively. The assassin usually has insufficient technical knowledge of the limitations of weapons, and expects more range, accuracy and killing power than can be provided with reliability. Since certainty of death is the major requirement, firearms should be used which can provide destructive power at least 100% in excess of that thought to be necessary, and ranges should be half that considered practical for the weapon.

        Firearms have other drawbacks. Their possession is often incriminating. They may be difficult to obtain. They require a degree of experience from the user. ”

        CIA recommend blunt objects:

        ” 5. Blunt Weapons

        As with edge weapons, blunt weapons require some anatomical knowledge for effective use. Their main advantage is their universal availability. A hammer may be picked up almost anywhere in the world. Baseball and [illeg] bats are very widely distributed. Even a rock or a heavy stick will do, and nothing resembling a weapon need be procured, carried or subsequently disposed of.

        • It wasn’t a rare poison hidden in the ring. It ws only curare.
          Yes it was an Amazon review, retrieved today.

          The helicopter pilot was her sister Lynn. Maybe they have indeed bumped Cheryl Hersha off by now. They didn’t need to dispose of Lynn as her mind control programming had gone haywire, rendering her — pardon me — a basket case.

          As to your remark about ‘journalistic standards’ and our lack thereof, did you have in mind maybe a Boston Globe type thing?

          Wise not to mess with Fair Dinkum, Jacques. You should see what he did to his opponent in the Comments to this Gumshoe article:


        • Only curare? It’s not exactly something you can get off the shelf. Also it’s highly traceable- way back in 1930 they knew it was the stuff of 10c cent pulp thrillers- not real assassinations:

          “The arrow poison of South America, curare, is much favored by mystery-story writers as a toxic substance which is supposed to be quite baffling. But it would not deceive a Philadelphia College investigator. Curare falls into the alkaloid group and the investigator knows its action through experiments. Frogs, if injected with curare, are paralyzed in the voluntary and respiratory muscles. The heart continues to beat, but breathing through the skin is difficult. The same paralysis is noted in man and other warm-blooded animals.”

          Forensic Toxicology Poison Murders Solved By William Wolf (1935)

          The Secret Weapons book is a load of garbage- you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that.

          And as for ‘fair dinkum’ what did little George ‘Magog’ Bush say again? “Bring it on”?

  3. This is helpful, from Wikipedia (mainly written by CIA):

    “Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses, while giving disproportionately less consideration to alternative possibilities.

    “People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs. People also tend to interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing position.”

    If that is how H sapiens’ brain works, then it is how my (and your) brains work, Jacques. How great is God’s creation!

    • exactly- and it is something we must guard agianst- unless we want to constantly fall into error.

      here’s how it works,

      Person A discovers strong evidence that 9/11 was indeed and inside job.

      Person B tells person A that the Lindt Cafe Seige was ‘probably’ also a false flag event…

      Person A- already believing that the Government can create massive falsehoods and staged events- is already of a mind to accept an argument the Lindt cafe siege was possibly another ‘false flag’.

      Person A is in danger of merely believing anything they are told- if it conforms to what they already think they know about the world. Step by step they can become more and more removed from the actual truth.

      Person A would be better served to independently evaluate any claim, and to base their beliefs on evidence- not intuition.

      Should person A fail to do this- before long they may be convinced that everything that happens is part of some gigantic conspiracy. Such a person will become alienated and easily marginalised- soon fitting the common stereotype of the unbalanced, socially isolated and paranoid ‘conspiracy theorist’. Their initial concerns over 9/11 will be mixed up with all types of absurd theories for which there is no evidence and know one will take them seriously.

      The job of the CIA’s disinfo dept. will be done! Mission Accomplished!

      Imagine how much better this would be for the CIA if they didn’t even have to actively get involved? How much simpler if the ‘conspiracy theorists’ themselves manage to get stymied and waylaid by their own confirmation bias and spread it like a virus throughout society?

      • I think, per your last sentence, Jacques, that a confirmation bias is indeed spreading. For example, kids hear in the mainstream media that all candidtes for office lie. So they come to assume that this sums up reality and there is no other way to live.

        • well of course- confirmation bias is prevalent. Just think of organised religion for God’s sake. As far as conspiracy theory goes confirmation bias is also one of the main reasons so many people are utterly resistant to the truth about 9/11. Their confirmation bias tells them it is IMPOSSIBLE for it to have been an ‘inside job’- and after that it doesn’t matter what evidence you bring to them.

          there is only one cure for Confirmation Bias: the truth! That means maintaining a high standard and applying academic and journalistic standards to your work. Which is what I think is sadly lacking on this website these days!

          I believe the Lindt cafe siege was exactly what it appeared to be: A complete mess! Monis was ultimately responsible- an unhinged man with serious proven mental health issues. A sex offender, a religious fanatic, a narcissistic conman- who had reached the end of his tether, had murdered someone- and the noose was tightening around his neck. So he chose the idiot cowards way out with a rapid conversion from Shite to Sunni and ‘joined’ ISIS with a facebook post for a murder/suicide grand gesture way of escaping what was coming to him.

          It seems clear the police response was terribly managed.

          What is possible- but not at all proven- is that some authorities may have had prior warning- they certainly should have- Monis had form and was ‘known to authorities’. Given his legal troubles and mental instability he certainly shouldn’t have been on parole or under surveillance… One must always question if authorities have any motive for letting attacks occur when they could stop them- and there is ample evidence of such occurrences- Pearl Harbour being one of the most well known. But there is no evidence one way or the other in this instance of such a deliberate ‘blind eye’.

  4. A most enjoyable exchange here.
    Won’t experience such an examination on ABC, Q and I (a?), nor amongst those we pay to swan around Canberra.
    Love to be a insect on a wall listening to our various mass media editors and shock jock retailers having a similar discussion……. Nah, just stick to the agenda ……..

  5. This is the type of speculative nonsense I am talking about:

    “I don’t know for sure that Todd was a confederate. Possibly he was killed that morning and disposed of. But the telephone operator must be a confederate.

    (Granted, a faker-on-the-payroll may have called her and said he was Todd ringing from the plane — in which case she was not “lined up in advance.” But that leaves us wondering why she had to fiddle with her Lord’s Prayer story.)”

    I can answer the last doubt easily: faulty memory. Few people have 100% accurate recall.

    Yes- the Todd Beamer phone call is suspicious. But no it doesn’t follow that the telephone operator was a ‘crisis actor’ in on the plot.

    Here’s an alternate theory:

    Flight 93 (along with the other 9/11 flights) were forced to land at military bases and substituted with drone aircraft. Those on board 93 were asked to ‘take part in a drill’ for ‘national security reasons’ where they were asked/forced to made scripted phone calls overseen and prodded by their handlers. Those calls could have been made from anywhere- including the ground- and in fact it is much more likely some of them were made from the ground given the impossibility of making mobile calls from planes at 10.000 feet and higher.

    then they were all killed and melted in vats of acid. Or whatever.

    perhaps they were all loaded onto one of the drone planes and crashed into the Pentagon. We just don’t know. We lack evidence.

    In this theory the phone operator knows nothing, is not a stooge, not a crisis actor and not in on the plot. For that matter neither is Todd Beamer: he was just following directions with no idea about what was going on.

    • Jacques, in the Mousaoui trial, the FBI coughed up all their records of calls allegedly made from all four planes on 9-11. It showed Todd Beamer to have used his cell phone for several hours after he crashed in Shanksville. Want more? Spend the money on Elias Davidsson’s book “Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11.”

      But I give you credit for thinking up that idea about the vats of acid. You just never know. Another possibility is that Todd lives today.

      The baby that his wife was pregnant with that day is already 14 years old. I wonder if she knows about the trial of Mousaoui.

      • I am familiar with the Mausaoui trial. One notable fact from those phone records is that they show that Barbara Olson’s call to her husband Ted (who just happened to be the Solicitor General of the United States) was never connected… NEVER CONNECTED! Yet somehow she told him about the hijackers ‘using box cutters’- the ONLY source for that information.

        All who believe the official 9/11 story have heard of’ the box cutters’- but try telling them the call where they were revealed NEVER HAPPENED according to the FBI’s OWN records- and well- you know the story: confirmation bias kicks in.

    • Jaques you are correct with the 9/11 planes. Not one of the phone calls could have possibly been made from the air thus the planes were diverted by remote to a closed down military base. That air base was closed down for 3 days as staff arriving for work that day were sent home for 3 days. There were some ‘handlers’ on the planes such as the guy in seat 9b….

      Mary please read Rebekah Roth’s 3 novels about 9/11…Methodical Illusion, Deception & Conclusion.

      As for paid crisis actors at the Lindt Café, I again state they were the bank employees including Marcia Mikhael who even forgot which foot had been injured after she was carried out of the café….When she appeared on TV after the ‘siege’ note that her other foot was the injured one…..

      • I believe the planes on 9/11 made aerial rendevous with the drone plane substitutes. Just as was planned in Operation Northwoods back in the 1960’s. The planes crossed paths near military bases- but at different altitudes- with their transponders turned off the primary radar shows two blips merging- then unmerging- and the switcheroo is hidden. Then the planes landed- and the drones carried on to hit their targets.

        and in fact- if you look at the 9/11 radar data-you see exactly that occur:

          • that’s a good article Dee- it is based on factual information- and makes no claims that cannot be checked against the known evidence. Solid evidence like that can be found regardless what aspect of 9/11 you look at: the dodgy hijackers, the pre-warnings, the controlled demolitions, the insider trading, the war games, the explosive residues, the molten steel, etc. There are many forms of evidence: audio, seismic, video, witness statement, documents, NASA satellite Data, the NIST reports as well as other circumstantial evidence related to the actions of individuals- their guilty demeanor, their motives, their financial and social connections- etc. Collectively this body of evidence is overwhelming.

            To me it is very different than this speculation around the Lindt siege. I have yet to see a single piece of compelling evidence that is was a staged event. I truly doubt it was. I don’t believe we have been told everything- but I largely agree with the official narrative of the cause of the Siege: Monis.

            In regards to this issue I find it interesting how Matt chose to conclude his article:

            “There are many crazy theories propagated by conspiracy theorists. I do not support their work. Those people are actually working to create confusion about the attacks with disinformation; they are complicit with the actual perpetrators; they should be charged, put under trial and jailed for complicity.”

            I fear some of the speculative and sloppy conspiracy theories on this site serve to create such confusion. Not saying anyone should be charged ;-): but I do think before you make an allegation that someone is complicit in murder: you should have a strong case to back up the assertion. Not vague unsubstantiated accusations.

  6. This just in, from ABC News, written by Lucy Carter:

    “Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis “brainwashed” his girlfriend into murdering his ex-wife and was the “mastermind” of her murder, a Sydney court has heard.

    Amirah Droudis is standing trial for the April 2013 murder of Man Haron Monis’s ex-wife, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

    The court heard that Monis “saw himself and Droudis as instruments of God … carrying out God’s judgement.”

    The prosecution said his involvement in the killing needed to be proved in court to show that Droudis was also responsible.

    The victim was stabbed 18 times and set alight in a unit block in Werrington, western Sydney.

    Crown Prosector Mark Tedeschi QC told the court Monis and his ex-wife were involved in a family dispute.”

    • all of which is entirely consistent with a violent, mentally ill, desperate and potentially suicidal man. He was facing court over his wife’s murder- and also multiple charges relating to sexual offenses. It is not hard to imagine him deciding to commit suicide via cop- and to use the pretext of a religious acts as a way of absolving himself whilst escaping the consequences of his actions.

      It’s also unsurprising that he chose the Lindt cafe- just next door the courts he was very familiar with- given his long history of legal troubles.

  7. In the 25 May 2015 Inquest statement by Jeremy Gormly and Sophie Callan, we see a promise that the Inquest would obtain medical witnesses re Monis’ mental health. I quote:

    279. I’d like to deal now with what evidence there is about Mr Monis’ mental health history. It would seem that from 2005 he was developing difficulties….
    There is a letter 24 November 2005 headed “To Whom It May Concern” which certifies that Dr Murray had provided psychiatric medication for a stress induced major depressive disorder and panic disorder. The letter appears to have been written for an airline or for some similar purpose.

    In 2006 a general practitioner refers Mr Monis again to Dr Murray for assessment of possible depression. Dr Murray considers that he saw Mr Monis twice in that year. Mr Monis conveyed the impression of being persecuted by the State. Dr Murray will give evidence later this week.
    In 2009 a general practitioner notes that Mr Monis was stressed or angry and 6 months later records lethargy and stress recommending symptomatic treatment and relaxation.

    The court will hear from Dr Barrett who saw Mr Monis on a number of occasions and took a history which shows some paranoid features. Dr Barrett trialed some medication with improvement and concluded that Mr Monis was suffering from a form of schizophrenia but with a high level of function.

    In the meantime during 2010 Mr Monis attended Mr Abaie, psychologist of Bankstown. He told Mr Abaie that he was feeling stressed because he lives alone and has not seen his family for 13 years…. he was worried about returning to Iran where his two children live because he would be in danger….

  8. Reply to Jacques comment “only curare?” In the Washington Post of July 28, 1985 we find a disussion of Dr Ewan Cameron’s CIA-sponsored research into Deep Sleep, which was also used by Dr Harry Bailey at Chelmsford Hospital, Sydney.

    WAPO: “The…. heart of the laboratory was the Grid Room…. The subject was strapped into a chair involuntarily, by force, his head bristling with electrodes and transducers. Any resistance was met with a paralysing dose of curare. The subject’s brainwaves were beamed to a nearby reception room crammed with voice analysers, a wire recorder and radio receivers cobbled together… The systematic annihilation or ‘depatterning’ of a subject’s mind and memory was accomplished with overdoses of LSD, barbiturate sleep for 65 days at a stretch and ECT shocks at 75 times the recommended dosage. Psychic driving, the repetition of a recorded message for 16 hours a day, programmed the empty mind. Fragile patients referred to Allan Memorial for help were thus turned into carbuncular jellyfish.”

    • and that proves what exactly? That the CIA used curare in their experiments? They also used amphetamines, PCP, LSD sodium pentathol and god knows what els- this is known.

      However that quote proves absolutely zero about the claims made in the book Secret Weapons.

      • Jaques, let’s say you were a person like the putative victim Ms Hersha and you wanted people to know. How would you get the proof? And if you did not have written proof should you shut up and never tell? And did you notice in the Hersha book that local law enforcement believed her?

        Denis Ryan of the Victoria police has told the Royal Commission that he spent his career trying to get his bosses to accept his data on pedophilia. We covered him here:


        You indicated below that curare was unlikely and so I quoted from WAPO invesitgation. I was not trying to prove that Hersha’s claim is true. i can’t “prove” it. But I can judge her to be telling a true story, partly on comparison to cases that I know personally.

        Jaques, you opined that curare is “a clumsy method for a honeypot assassin.” Pray tell, what would be a neat method for a honeypot assassin?

        • Of course you can’t prove things if you don’t have evidence. Does that mean we should accept any claim- no matter how outrageous? Do you believe in alien abduction? Christians claim heaven is real- should we accept that as true despite any proof? Must I accept David Ickes claim that the world is run by reptilian so? Lastly: should I accept the official story about 9/11 despite the lack of evidence?

          The fact is that book reads like trashy pulp fiction and does not have the ‘ring of truth’.

          Oh- and of was trained from the age of 7 by the CIA in assassination – why I’d use my bare hands to kill- perhaps by crushing the carotid artery… Then I’d stage a little accident scene. I would NOT be running around with a gun and a poison ring- leaving poisoned and shot victims in my wake. Sloppy work. Sloppy work indeed

          • May I repeat, the ring did not contain poison. Just curare.

            Jacques I hope you’re being paid peicework.
            And now i am repairing to the arms of Morpheus. It gets late early in Adelaide….

          • There is zero evidence ‘the ring’ ever existed Mary. And curate is a highly toxic poison.

            As for the ad hominem on my writing style- look to your library for some questionable prose:

            “There were other strange signals and signs. Another day, suddenly felt an almost overwhelming urge to travel to Balitmore. I wanted to ‘kidnap’ a helicoper fly it there if I didn’t drive the there’, she explains. ‘I had no idea where I was to go, only that I was certain I would know my destination as I encountered signs and certain landmarks along the way. I was not even certain who I was to meet, or what my mission was, but I felt I must go.’ Beginning to heal by this time with Talbon’s help, she resisted that urge. Yet she sensed she would be summoned for three more Cat Woman missions: two in 1999 and one in 2000.”

            Cheryl Hersha
            -Secret Weapon

            You see she was the helicopter pilot – not her sister. Hmm pretty compelling story, huh? Sex pot helicopter pilot mind controlled trained martial artist and CIA assassin. Sure. 🙂 no evidence whatsoever of course- that’s proof how big the conspiracy is.

  9. It seems to me that Jaques is suggesting that Gumshoe is
    covering the Port Arthur Massacre which happened well before the 9/11 event so we should be content with not filling peoples minds with other possible conspiracies.

    If Tori Johnson’s head wound was caused by a bullet, as a so called expert told the enquiry, why should this event not be suspected as being a false flag operation?

    If not, the N.S.W. Police will be blamed for another death, as Monis only had a shotgun, so evidence tells us.

    • Aussiemal, since you are the famous writer of letters (Elvis said so), would you please write to the Counsel Assisting the Inquest and ask for a little bitty bit of the transcript of Lucas Van der Walt’s testimony?

      You seem to be quoting me re the “bullet into Tori’s head,” but I previosuly admitted in Comments that I am not sure he said that. The Inquest people are at: Office of the State Coroner, 44 Parramatta Road, Glebe, NSW 2037. Telephone: 02 8584 7777.

    • I imagine the mock up was for the purpose of practicing how they might end the siege…

      Do you have ANY evidence that this Mock up was set up before the siege began? No I didn’t think so. I am going to simply guess there is NO evidence of that anywhere- as the mock up was likely set up after the siege began. I don’t imagine it was a scale replica either… Just a repurposed training facility hastily set up to approximate the cafe.

      The cafe was located in a very public place- no surprise there may have been some drill there.

        • And until you have that information the fact that there was a mock up means pretty much nothing as far as any false flag attack claim goes.

          If it was set up before (which I am willing to bet any amount of money there is no evidence) why on earth would the ADF mention its existence? Surely it would be ‘Top secret’? Not a very good false flag if you tell everyone about your practice stage. Piss poor.

          The siege lasted many hours- it makes sense that adf set up a mock up quickly in order to workshop what they might do if they got the call to end the siege.

          • We will await an answer. But take for example the 7/7 bombings. Peter Power was in charge of 1000 people doing an drill/exercise at the very same tube stations. Odds: Billion to one maybe. But yet it made no difference. The MSM myth sticks like glue with their nonsense. I’d say if they admitted it was built before, they wouldn’t give a hoot.

        • I agree the 7/7 drill was highly suspicious – as were the multiple drills/war games of 9/11. With both those events there is other circumstantial evidence beyond the drills. 7/7 and 9/11 very similar: both morning between 9-11 am- both mass casualties. Both with drills that match event. Both 3 targets of four successfully hit. Missing surveillance video in both cases. ‘Terrorists’ well known to authorities in both cases.

          And defiantly don’t think about all those 11’s. That’s another subject altogether:

          9/11 8*1+1= 11. flight 11, twin towers 111 floors high, pentagon 77 feet tall- first stone laid 9/11/1961 hit by flight 77. George Bush 77 on 9/11. Bush has ship named after him: GeorgeBush77.

          Then in London 7/7?

          Then Madrid 11, March 2004: 911 days after 9/11.

          Don’t forget ww1 ended 11/11/1918 at 11 minutes past 11.

          Then Kennedy: 11 month 22 day.

          Of course the occult numerology of 11’s and its multiples- isn’t proof of anything- but Lindt siege? 15-16 December- doesn’t fit the pattern😗

          • Well then, Jacques, I guess if numbers 15-16 don’t fit the pattern, then Lindt just can’t have been a child of the Powers That Be, eh?

            That’s despite its fitting your other matching features of the 9-11 and London Tube events:

            “– both morning between 9-11 am
            Both with drills that match event.
            Both 3 targets of four successfully hit.
            Missing surveillance video in both cases.
            ‘Terrorists’ well known to authorities in both cases

            I am so glad you mentioned the missing surveillance videos. I must do an article on that re Lindt. Thanks!

      • Oops, Mal, please add to your assigment to ask Jeremy Gormly to clarify what he wrote about the mock-up being made in advance. Gormly wrote:

        “the ADF had built a mock-up of the Lindt Cafe at Holsworthy Army Base to trial and rehearse forced entry. It offered the facility to the NSW Police for training, although as we have heard in evidence that offer could not be taken up on the night.”

        In fact for a few more dollars in transscript fees you could ask for the pages of evidence to which Gormly has just referred.

        Mal, I may be no Hammerstein but if you don’t spend the money you’re no Lépine.

        • I could save you the bother and promise you you won’t find evidence in the transcript that this ‘mock up’ was built Before the siege began. Because it wasn’t. You may be able to find evidence it was done After- as no doubt that’s actual what happened.

          This is unlike the Tripod bioterror drill in NYC on 9/11: that Definately Was set up Before 9/11 on 9/10 and there Is evidence of that fact.

          • The “mock up” was set up DURING the siege by the ADF, this was mentioned multiple times during the inquest, which I heard with my own ears! Guess you are going to have to purchase the transcripts!

          • The “mock up ” was built DURING the siege,I heard this mentioned a few times when I attended the inquest!!

  10. Jaques also seems to have missed out on the message that the ADF were involved. They had a mock up building of the Lindt Café erected, for what purpose? And also they had, we are told an exercise opposite the Lindt Café previously, again why?

    Mr Monis in his supposed mental state could not have forced the ADF to act in this way.

    The same as Martin Bryant could not have forced the Tasmanian Government to tender for a 22 corpse mortuary vehicle, for a short term contract.

      • ha ha- now I am an agent of the enemy? I refrained from calling Mary a disinfo agent or confederate- as it is foolish to make claims for which you have no evidence.

        Labeling anyone who disagrees with you a ‘disinfo agent’ is a classic symptom of someone with some serious confirmation bias issues. Furthermore it makes you look like a fool to the person who you accuse (if they happen to know they are not a disinfo agent). Think about it.

        I’ve had it trying to keep you honest Mary- you are incorrigible.

          • I work for a little company- you may have heard of us? Illumicorp? We work together to bring the world together- as one- a kind of new world order if you will. When we succeed, and we will succeed- I feel sure you will become familiar with our corporate ethos. Perhaps you are interested to become an initiate Mary? Please watch our introductory video for potential neophytes:

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