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“Shot of the Day” — The Timing of the Insult


by Mary W Maxwell

Please start at one minute and invest 10 vital minutes in this clip. It’s from a talk by a trustworthy microbiologist at the 2016 AutismOne conference in Chicago. Judy Mikovits, PhD, is the author of Plague, which Gumshoe reviewed. Her main interest is the retrovirus of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She has spent jail time in Nevada for her noble efforts. Yes. Moreover she was a boss at – wait for it – Fort Detrick!



  1. hmm trustworthy? That is a matter of debate. In the interests of balance- I should point out that she is in fact a controversial scientist who does not receive wide support in the scientific community:

    “2009, Mikovits and co-workers reported in the journal Science that they had detected XMRV DNA in CFS patients and control subjects. Negative results were published soon after, disputing Mikovits’s findings. Robert Silverman, who was a co-author of the original XMRV-CFS article, told the Chicago Tribune that he was “concerned about lab contamination, despite our best efforts to avoid it”. The paper was ultimately retracted.

    Two of the original authors of this paper subsequently reanalyzed the samples used in the research and found that the samples were contaminated with XMRV plasmid DNA, leading them to publish a partial retraction of their original results, and on December 22, 2011, the editors of Science retracted the paper in its entirety.”


    (apparently the CIA write most of Wikipedia- but this article seems to be accurate enough)

  2. During my first years of school in the 50’s I remember the teachers checking that certain kids didn’t join the vaccination queue because their parents had said “no”. During the ’80s I decided to follow the “no-shots-before-age-5-even-then-with-caution” model re my own kids. I didn’t encounter any hostility.

    How come everything has gone backwards ?

  3. ME patients are taking antiretroviral medications and getting better. The Lipkin Study was FRAUD. Mikovits gives a handful of reasons to justify that retrospectively even though her signature was on the paper, she was coerced and bullied and forced to sign and made false promises. They promised her a chance to isolate if they buried Silvermann. ME patients are infected. This is not going away because patients are infected and because of the Internet. The authorities are going to have to make a statement and deal with the crisis. Bottom line : antiretrovirals successfully treat the real ME. Thank you Mikovits. Thank you Ruscetti. You did enough already. The scientific community were wrong in their interpretation of xmrv Mikovits/Ruscetti as they focused on XMRV Slvmn instead. Lipkin knows this. He knows Mikovits and Ruscetti isolated the virus. Simon Wain Hobson will you come in here and do something please from Pasteur Paris and have your first say??

    • Dear Maximus, I don’t think we have ever asked Commenters at Gumshoe to provide thier name, but that is because we are almost always laypersons offering our best opinion. (Such as on the 9-11 case, or financial collapse).

      You seem to be wanting to persuade us of something about ME (chronic fatigue syndrome). So we would normally run for the signature line (at PubMed, say) and check your credentials. I can’t make head nor tail of what you are saying but I feel it may be important. Would you please state your credentials?

      In Mikovits book “Plague,” she does not say she was coerced and bullied in the way you describe. She was sent to jail for a short time perhaps to scare the daylights out of her. (The charge was stealing notebooks but they dropped the charge.)

      I have met her at two AutismOne conferences in Chicago and can’t detect the slightest weakness. She spends most of her time answering calls for help from ME patients around the world.

      One individual trying to stand up against the enormous pwers of NIH is a sight to see whether she is right or wrong, would you agree?

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