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Analysis of 9-11, Part 3: The Media Complicit in a Cover-up


NEW TORKTaken on 15/9/01

by Dee McLachlan

This is the third part parts of a series, in anticipation of, — unbelievably — the fifteenth year of a few persons duping the whole world.

In the first Part, I showed how Australia’s prime minister got drawn in. The second Part pointed to how Paul Bremer fingered Bin Laden within hours of the World Trade center attack.

Today I’m looking at it from a wider perspective. I also want to argue that the media is now no longer anything like what we thought it was a few decades ago.

A friend has just forwarded me an item from The New York Post that puts it in a nutshell. What makes it remarkable is that is written by a mainstream journalist. It’s by Michael Goodwin writing about the Trump/ Clinton campaign:

“…Something else is happening before our eyes… the complete collapse of American journalism as we know it.

“The frenzy to bury Trump is not limited to the Clinton campaign and the Obama White House. They are working hand in hand with what was considered the cream of the nation’s news organizations.

“The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America. By torching its remaining credibility in service of Clinton, the mainstream media’s reputations will likely never recover, nor will the standards.

No future producer, editor, reporter or anchor can be expected to meet a test of fairness when that standard has been trashed in such willful and blatant fashion.” – emphasis mine.

Goodwin’s article is entitled  “American journalism is collapsing before our eyes.” In a way it is gratifying to have someone state it so forthrightly, but it is hard to contemplate.

Consider that that after nearly fifteen years, the mainstream media (MSM) remain “dumb” and silent over the crushing weight of evidence that contradicts the official lie about 9-11.

George Orwell (1984) is claimed to have said,

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

Does this explain how thousands of journalists and TV ‘personalities’ can suppress the truth from themselves?

An article in beforeitsnews.com asked the question:

“If 19 Arabs with box-cutters in hand did not perpetrate this Crime of the Millennium – under the direction of a man in a cave in Afghanistan – then who might have had the incentive, as well as the extraordinary capability, to perpetrate such an audacious attack?”

And that is what the MSM don’t want us to find out.

My List of Crimes

There are multitudes of inconsistencies in the myth of the 19 hijackers coordinating the most stunning attack on American soil. I’ll mention the buildings, the “hijackings,” and the governmental actions. Pause to weigh up each one.

tower 911The North Tower

When you really look at the above-pictured North Tower in “collapse”, you can see clearly it is also “collapsing” (being projected) laterally.  The building is 207 feet across, but the mushroom of debris spreads approximately 725 feet across. It is being demolished from the point of plane-impact.

Thousands of architects and engineers have outlined their insights on the THREE collapsed buildings (here).

Recall Building 7, and Larry Silverstein’s famous comment “we decided to pull it.” It is so clearly a controlled demolition.

Remember how the pilots in four planes never pressed their “push to talk” buttons – and consider how the put-options for the relevant airlines were jiggered and the buyers have never been outed.

Think of how Satam al-Suqami’s passport managed to materialise, unscathed, on the street in New York – but the name of the generous person who “handed it in” has never been revealed.

How about the molten metal at the base of the towers? Or the lack of footage from any security camera – none at all!

Seven of the 19 hijackers stepped forward to say they are alive and well, and of course they have never been water-boarded to “tell all.”  And then there is the desolate site of a non-crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Anybody figure out how an amateur pilot “landed” his plane at the Pentagon, having never encountered any interference from anyone – right there in America’s military headquarters?

Recall: NORAD had a hijacking exercise on the 11th, which caused fighter jets to be sent elsewhere. Can you believe it?   What about Norman Minetta’s testimony? Or the admitted-to involvement of the “dancing Israelis”?

The list goes on, but what Are We To Do?

I have often mentioned that I strike up a conversation with taxi drivers and always find them to be “in the know.” But, as Gumshoe commenters often point out, our politicians and prominent journalists are consistently “not in the know.”

Or, should I say, they are in the NOT KNOW.

How much of this can be laid at the door of a dishonest media?  It is impossible not to see that there is a carefully orchestrated media plan to keep the masses ignorant, by “whichever way possible.”

One wonders how much longer it will take before 9-11 becomes an official false flag operation?

Operation Condor as an example

Rebecca Gordon asks the question: “Why did it take 40 years to bring the architects of Operation Condor to justice?” As of March this year there have been 666 convictions.

Operation Condor was launched by the security forces of five military dictatorships: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Bolivia — with Brazil soon joining, as did Ecuador and eventually Peru. She writes:

“Condor offered an enticing set of possibilities. The various services could not only cooperate, but pursue their enemies in tandem across national borders. Indeed, its reach stretched as far as Washington, D.C., where in 1976 its operatives assassinated former Chilean ambassador to the U.S. Orlando Letelier and his young assistant, Ronni Moffitt, both of whom then worked at the Institute for Policy Studies, a left-wing think tank.”

The 9-11 operation must have required a similar collaboration to Operation Condor, but way more callous and gruesome.

But the winnings have been enormous. It has been about immense power and trillions of dollars. And there have been many winners.

The tipping point to expose these crimes, I believe, is when enough mainstream journalists start losing their jobs. Once they realise they are no longer on the winning team, they will stop being complicit in the cover-up of these most egregious crimes.

I hope it does not take 40 years. But in the end, I am sure those who believed in the 19 hijacker conspiracy will be scoffed at. That seems to be the way humans operate.


Adapted lead photo: Dan Loh




  1. Dee, you say 9-11 was way more callous and gruesome than Operaion Condor. I doubt it. At least the victims on 9-11 died swiftly. Condor kept people in a frightened condition for decades.

      • Faine; you and your parliamentary mate together with the ‘so stupid and wrong’ Gillard are an absolute disgrace, as history is disclosing by more examination of yours and Frydenburg’s unscientific tin foil hatter’s official government and ABC conspiracy theory.
        Now repeat Mr Faine, (and as applies to you too, Mr Frydenburg MP, a minister in the Turnbull Government) what you said to Mr Bracken; to the militray people, professors etc., listed at the patriots site :
        look up http://www.patriotsquesion911.com/
        (Note: That is from 2011 and things on 9/11 have moved on much since then)
        It is interesting to think what those respected ex militarty and government people plus all the professsors think of Mr Frydenburg and how those in the US, who know Frydenburg’s ignorant opinion affects Australian relations with US personnel.
        The ABC should be sold; we pocket the capital sum and save a billion per year. As a place of deceit there are many media organisations suitable to own control and run the ABC. CNN would be an ideal owner,,,, or parhaps NewsCorp?
        Why should the Australian public be saddled with a humiliating association with such a deceitful organisation that has to take its place of responsiblity for 15 years of war ,based on deceit and killing millions, not to mention the untold misery.
        ABC; you are shameless and a national embarrassment and should disassociate your organisation from Australia.

  2. Racketeering statutes apply. Seizure of assets would begin a process of compensation paralleling the holocaust victim payments–only more deserved and far more expensive. Arrests and interrogations must commence ASAP to fill in the details of who/what/how. Waterboard as necessary to gain details hitherto unknown.

    This is a test of the ‘rule of law’ system.


    • Rediscover, where have you been all my life?
      (I mean since the twenty-first century began.) Thanks for those hot suggestions. The terrific thing about water-boarding is that the person does not have to endure it. He can opt to sing.

    • More deserved???

      not at all sure what you mean by that. As big a crime as 9/11 was- one must never forget the magnitude of the holocaust.

      and water boarding? Let’s not advocate the same policies of torture that the 9/11 criminals advocated and employed. In any case: it has been well known for a long time that torture does not produce good information. Indeed: the 9/11 criminals probably used waterboarding to get the answers they wanted- that fit their 9/11 narrative- and definitely not the truth. Let’s advocate for the rule of law- for fair trials- cross examinations- and not for torture.

        • ‘The terrific thing about water boarding’??! Spoken like a true authoritarian- something Trump might say…or Rumsfeld.

          You do know the sensation is said to be like dying? Like Drowning. Horrendous mental and physical torture?

          It’s not so ‘terrific’ if a person can’t ‘sing’ because they don’t know the tune you want to hear, is it? Do you follow? Or is it: ‘guilty until proven innocent’? The Bush doctrine?

    • Punishing a handful of evil-doers won’t achieve anything. Its a matter of asking “what can I do to obstruct an occurrence ?” . The problem is that most folk don’t understand their own power: In truth everyone is contributing 24/7.

      • Berry, I agree with Redicover above, that a willingness to punish is a test — THE test — of rule of law. Law doesn’t jump up and act on its own; it has to be “employed.”

        But I agree with you that WE are the problem, 24/7. So isn’t it that our hanging back is from fear to punish the wrongdoers? At least it helps if we articulate th fact that they need to be punished. Forfeiture of assets sounds like fun. Let’s do it!

  3. This an example of CNN and HEADLINE news being caught out as LIARS and DECEIVERS:
    ‘Wanna a report’?
    ‘OK lets duck down to a car park’.
    ‘Sister, you pretend you are on a satellite hook up and I will interview you…………. so it appears to the poor dumb sucker McSlugs watching from their couches that it is a genuine report’.
    Now why is that in The US 6 conglomerate liars own and control about 95% of the msm. How many in Australia run our media and shock jock clowns? Two?
    Why do we pay over a billion a year to our public broadcasters just to have them produc weapons of mass deception and serial lies. (like Faine and his ‘Oh that was just a missile strike by mistake’, right! Two hours of Israel forces murdering crewmen on the USS Liberty)…………..just a mistaken missile? the ABC should look up all the damage to the USS Liberty and hang Faine in Shame)
    Perhaps I can guess, because there were no real weapons of mass destruction, so they had to be invented. Just as they are still conjuring rubbish to get us into more war in Syria, perhaps in the Baltic or how about a nice little nukey execrcise just above the equator above us?
    When are we going to be told mass media, that the Syrian government requested Russian help and when are we going to be told that the uninvited US has set up a base in Syria and declared it in effect a no go area.
    When mass media, are you going to inform the Australian public that Syria, with Iran are part of the NEOCON’S pre-911 plan to take down 7 countries in 5 years as exposed by General Clark to Amy Goodman ABOUT NINE YEAR AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell us MSM: Who found and finances ISIS with money and arms and for whom, is ISIS really a proxy for?
    Rest assured MSM journos, your poverty is guaranted as you and your master control freaks run out of McSlugs as they learn the truths.

  4. For the Faine/Bracken interview sequence in October 2010
    Down below Mary puts up the Faine and Bracken call the day after the original interview, which is linked here;

    Now who is proud of ‘our’ ABC now and wishes to be associated with the ABC? Should we not “put Australia first”?
    Are we still comfortable with continuing to pay someone over $300,000 plus plus for ‘wacky’ ideas?

  5. Attention.

    Jonathon Faine.
    The Honourable Mr Josh Frydenburg….. Turnbull Minister for something?
    Julia Gillard.
    (Plus all the other media, politicians and shock jocks)
    In view of all the insults publicly placed upon Kevin Bracken because he asked the ABC presenter, Jonathon Faine on10th October 2010 some pertinent questions in regard to the mass murders on 9/11, as linked in a comment below, to be consistent are you publicly prepared to vilify, ridicule, bully and just be plain rude and nasty to; all the military people, 440 professors and the other four categories, as you have been to a decent thinking Aussie and others, who do not accept your official government 911 conspiracy theory?
    And this is way back up to 2011!!

  6. When we look at the history of, for example, just the post ww2 period, we see a consistent pattern of conduct from the msm. It doesn’t matter whether it is the ABC/SBS in Australia, the BBC in Britain, or any number of their equivalents in the so-called western world.
    Sometimes that pattern is one of blatant lies, whether it is about Saddam’s WMD, Assad gassing his own people, Putin’s billions, Chinese “aggression” in the South China Sea, and countless other examples. Those lies are always intended to serve a particular interest, usually the geopolitical ambitions of the nation pushing the lies.
    Equally as common however, are what might be called lies of omission, where significant facts or events are excluded from coverage because to do so would disturb the official narrative.
    9/11 is a classic illustration and Dee has cited some examples. There are many others, including the FBI’s demolition of the Barbara Olsen story upon which so much of the 9/11 Commission Report hinges.
    There is also a wealth of scientific evidence which through the wonders of the laws of physics proves that the official account of the destruction of WTC1, 2 and 7 is pure fantasy. One would think that in the whole of the msm there is at least one reporter who has heard of the law of the conservation of momentum? Of course there is, but he or she is never allowed into print.
    In 1999 the King family brought a civil suit against Lloyd Jowers and several agencies of the federal government and the State of Tennessee. Only a single reporter of the msm covered the trial, and his paper, from Memphis, did not print his reports. One might have thought that a trial regarding the murder of Martin Luther King would be in the running for the ‘trial of the century’ title. The result destroyed the official myth as to who killed MLK and therefore could never be published.
    The one gleam of hope in this chronology of lies and deceit on behalf of the vested interests that really run the show has been the growth of the alternative media. It is no surprise that readership of the msm is plummeting, and the sort of coverage Gumshoe and others bring is a major factor.

    • James: “he or she is never allowed into print”

      Would somebody please set me straight on this: Are there really people in the media industry who are champing at the bit to say what really happened?

      Is there any one soul at The Boston Globe who knows Jahar is innocent — “but is not allowed to say so?”

      How the hell does that Irish-Catholic Bostonian live with himself/herself — just to take the ethnic group with which I am most familiar?

      • Mary, I do not know whether or not they are “chomping at the bit” but we do know from a variety of sources that they are in possession of information that their editors/publishers will not allow to see the light of day.
        It is probably a reasonable inference that they are capable of reading the alternative media and do so. It is equally a reasonable inference that they did not sleep through their high school physics classes and some residual memory from those days must tell them that buildings cannot fall at free fall speed; that concrete cannot disintegrate into 60 micron size; that steel girders cannot be flung hundreds of feet; and that kerosene based fires cannot melt steel.
        If none of those assumptions are true, then American education is in even worse shape that I thought.

    • Repeat.
      I am shocked and appalled at your inference.
      Does it suggest that our journos, shock jocks and mass media conglomerates are covering up crimes in a similar manner that they accuse Pell and others, covering for sicko paedophiles, yet the msm coverup is for killing kids for 15 years in the ME based on covering for the mass murderers on 911?
      Jeez, someone should tell Senator Hinch.

  7. Somebody here played the “holocaust” card. Why not play the “holodomore” card? Forty to seventy million trumps six million–especially since six million is a kabbalistic (persuasion) figure. We have enough on our hands to confront and expose 9-11 lies–and the lying liars behind the lies–and, yes, exposing 9-11 does open other aspects held in Pandora’s box.

  8. Never done this before, I actually looked up friend Faine for the benefit of anyone in the world who lives outside Melbourne.
    The ABC is a hoot!
    ‘He is known for his quick wit and willingness to ask the ‘stickiest’ of questions. Jon Faine delivers thought-provoking radio.’
    Complete and utter ABCBS!!!!!
    He might ask the ‘sticiest’ of questions but, for sure, cannnot answer or even consider simple ones, on subjects he appears to want to protect.
    (And he practiced as a lawyer!)
    Sorry Mary, sell the ABC off and lump the lying mas media and ABC together out the door and let us be able to ignore them and rely on decent internet news and commentary sites.

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