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Hundreds to “Die” in Sydney Drill This Sunday


air lingus 1968Aer Lingus Flight 712 crashed March 1968 killing all 61 onboard

by Phil Hingston

The good folks at Sydney’s Radio 2GB have kindly warned us all that this Sunday, the 28th of August, 2016, there is going to be a disaster drill.

Harbourside city in Sydney will be hosting the drill which involves a simulated crash of a Boeing 777 into the area around Barangaroo/Darling Harbour, close to the CBD.  Emergency response teams have been planning for this event for the past year!

According to Deputy Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, the simulation’s scenario calls for everyone on board the doomed flight to die in the fiery crash. To  add extra gravitas, an additional hundred or so hapless tourists on the ground are anticipated to perish as well.

The 777 has a passenger capacity of between 314 to 450, plus 100 tourists enjoying Sunday brunch by the harbor. Thus the authorities are anticipating anywhere from 414 to 550 dead, wounded and mangled people, plus a lot of wrecked prime real estate!

We understand, from Assistant Commissioner Fuller, that the exercise will try to coordinate multiple government agencies from Police, Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Health, State Emergency Services, the State Coroner. Moreover, hundreds of volunteers will play the roles of concerned relatives getting in everybody’s way.

Now why does this “simulation” bother the hell out of me??

Perhaps because we, who light-heartedly pride ourselves on being called “Conspiracy Theorists,” have noted the uncannily regular tendency of “training drills” to become the Real Thing. For example, on the morning of 9/11, while aeroplanes (or something) were presented to the world being flown into the World Trade Centre towers, the exact same “training drill” was being acted out in the North American skies.

Note: A US military exercise simulated “suicide hijackings” days before the September 11 attacks, according to a 9/11 Commission document in the US National Archives.

The Boston Marathon Bombing has been thoroughly dissected as a False Flag by writers here at Gumshoe, notably Cheryl Dean, Josée Lépine and Mary Maxwell. There is much evidence – though it is denied — that a drill was involved.

And of course, there was the 7/7 London Bombing which coordinated multiple attacks on the subway and a London bus. Peter Power was working for an “anonymous contractor.” (Video here) May we all ask, what in God’s name is that supposed to mean.

But most of all I am alarmed because not that many months ago, in mid-March, 2016, the Land Downunder had 3 (in)conspicuous visitors from the government of the USA. Namely,

General James Clapper who is head of the NSA (the one that reads all our emails), James Comey, head of the FBI (the outfit that let Hillary off ) and John Brennan, the head of the CIA. Need I say more?

So when the heads of three evil organizations visit Downunder, you have to suspect that they didn’t come all this way in the middle of March to work on their suntans.

New Zealand is even colder and they dropped in there too. Hmmm. Dee McLachlan noted their presence in an April 2, 2016 Gumshoe article.

So let’s just wait and see what, if anything, happens on Sunday, the 28th August in Sydney.

It’s all probably nothing (gulp), but if anything does go down, and fantasy becomes reality, then expect the howls of ” MUSLIM/ISIS TERRORISTS DID IT”  — perhaps with a simultaneous announcement that Australasia is now bombing Syria back to the Stone Age. Hell, we might even get some Aussie boots on the ground!!  YAY!!! (not).


Note: if you live near Darling Harbor there is one thing you might look for. There is good reason to believe that the Boston Marathon “event” was overseen by the folks from Craft International, a mercenary organisation that seems to specialise in false flag operations. They are nice looking young guys who wear black jackets and fawn-coloured trouser and boots. They often (always?) have special forces backgrounds. I hear the pay is very good.

It all seems so “Operation Gladio-ish”.

— Phil Hingston is a concerned citizen, red-pill swallower and a proud wearer of his “Conspiracy Theorist” tie pin.


Photo: snopes.com


      • Where can I apply to be a crisis actor and what is the pay? Soros pays $15us per hour for his rent a mob.
        I also have a talent to knock up a cafe in a few hours, so $20 per hour will do it.

    • Sydney May 2015 this was reported about mock drills.

      Sydney 2012
      As part of the ‘Exercise Soteria’ emergency drill held yesterday afternoon, the mock crash was caused by a mechanical failure onboard a Qantas Boeing 747-400, although further specifics of the scenario were not released.

      February 2016
      “Five Black Hawk helicopters will join the country’s fight against terrorism, their crews carrying out extensive drills over the next six weeks to prepare for a possible mass attack.”

      May 2013
      “Australian Defence Force counter terrorism operation halts Sydney CBD” — at Martin Place.
      An official statement from the Australian Defence Force explained the purpose of the night’s operation.
      “These training exercises are being conducted to ensure that the Australian Defence Force has the highest level of capability to support Australia’s national interests,” the statement said.

  1. Ahem. The photo of Aer Lingus crash in 1968 made me wonder if it was a test case. So I went to page 101 of our book “Truth in Journlism” and brushed up my Shakespeare (my Dr Day.)

    He said: ” Buildings and bridges would be made so that they would collapse after a while, there would be more accidents involving aeroplanes and railroads and automobiles. All of this to contribute to the feeling of insecurity, that nothing was safe.”

    See? the mad hatters are so mad that they think creating general insecurity is an OK pasttime.

  2. Remember people that the Port Arthur Massacre was also enacted on Sunday 28th.

    Have all those in high position of public organisations all gone completely mad. Australia got through our first 200 years without these so called joint exercises and now they are an almost monthly affair. What will happen if these organisations are really needed while they are playing cowboys and Indians?

    If I were a Sydney resident I would be very concerned if I was not able to flee the area for at least the weekend.

  3. can’t argue with late night american tv – all citizens ought to evacuate Sydney on Sunday, leaving only crisis actors. will put a substantial dent in their ‘event’ and subsequent cover up. (after all, they’re not the brightest bulbs on the tree) if only I could post the actual image of what I’m trying to illustrate here. it says: “and the number one way to avoid being killed in a terrorist attack is: if you hear the government is planning to run drills near where you live, get the f*ck out of town” – David Letterman

  4. Avoid public venues and events like the plague, confine socialisation to private dwellings, move to the country.

    If there’s any sort of set-up the vulnerability of city-dwellers would have to be IT

  5. For those who understand and can take the mind out of the box search: ‘remote viewing of Nice attack’.
    I think the ‘far sight institution’ may provide more information.
    To the skeptics: don’t bother with the abuse, it simply means you have not experienced it ………. stiff!

  6. In the case of 9/11 and 7/7 there were suspicious drills: yes. Does that mean that all drills are suspicious? That the only purpose of drills is in association with ‘false flag’ terror events? For how long has this been the case? What is the evidence that validates this assertion? After all: on their face there is nothing untoward about a drill: for a long time people have made contingencies and plans and trained for disaster preparedness.

    Many office workers will be familiar with ‘fire drills’: in today’s climate does this mean every office fire drill will precede the burning down of the office?


    I am going to make a bold prediction: there will be no ‘mass die in’ on August 28th. The drill will come- and it will go- and hardly anyone will notice. Like Jade Helm- and the 2012 End of Calendar Mayan apocalypse before that- much ado about nothing.

    If you think I am naive, a government shill- or whatever- perhaps you would be better served looking to the latest ‘news’ at:


    latest revelations about the coming disasters: Nibiru, Blood Moon doomsday, USA nuked on 9/11, the forbidden history of mankind, remote viewing and covert psychic warfare, Giant Underwater Pyramids AND- wait for it- :

    Alternative Uses of Baking Soda that You Never Thought About!

    • I suspect that your reasonable observations about drills, then proceeding to include some irrelevant comment on way out topics and mixing in remote viewing to be associated with some rediculous subjects, is for a purpose.
      You modus has been well demonstrated, thus when you make some reasonable points your message is lost amongst the distractions.

      • Ned, Jacques had written to us many months ago but didn’t come back until i wrote about “hostages.” Must be something important about hostages.

        Jacques was probably instructed also to smear Judy Mikovits. One has only to listen to her one-hour video to know that this suberb microbiologist is “worth” smearing.

        Go, Judy!

        • your unreal Mary- until yesterday I had never heard of Mikovits. Then I looked at your video posting- googled her- and saw that she was a fringe scientist who’s work has been retracted from the journal Science due to flaws in her research. Something you neglected to tell your readers when you posted her video- and called her “trustworthy”.

          as to the hostages theory – like so many of your theories it has zero basis in fact and has been plucked from thin air. The fact is I was interested in this website after Dee wrote a book about Building 7. I thought it was good to see some 9/11 truth coming from Australia. Then I became concerned by articles on here that promoted the lies of an infamous holocaust denier. I made some posts then and then left this site for a long time. I checked back in from time to time to see you were posting many spurious and unsubstantiated articles and finally decided to comment as I believe such articles muddy the waters of the entire conspiracy theory genre. Now you have rounded on me and accuse me of being some kind of agent- next you will probably accuse me of being a murderer.

          What a joke- it took you all of one or two days to declare I am an agent of some sort- and of course- with ZERO evidence- just because I disagree with you.

          as I said – you are incorrigible- facts mean nothing to you- and this site seems like it is now firmly beyond redemption and heading more and more towards being another beforeitsnews every day and every spurious article. there is zero editorial oversight.

          And- as I have mentioned already- It is no small thing to go around accusing people of murder left right an center. Have you ever spared a thought for the victims of the Lindt seige before you assert that they are probably ‘crisis actors’ and ‘confederates’? Ever wondered how insulting that is- especially so if you are actually 100% wrong?

          any way- I am off to my Illumicorp group meeting- more of an occult satanic ritual really… but I shouldn’t talk about that… have a nice day.

          • I refer you to Jaque’s penultimate paragrah.
            Time to clean off your whiteboard on that theory and those thoughts and be patient. Time will tell.
            Whilst theoretical speculation may provide dividends, evidence dear Mary; evidence is the basis of any case and that is when dividends are paid.
            Just look at 911, the evidence has now crystalised, took some time, but is now crystal clear.

          • Yes, Dee wrote about building 7?
            Perhaps the hapless Jaques is referring to her children’s book?
            Seems that he may have missed David Ray Griffin’s book: ‘The mysterious collapse of building No 7’ ( or similar title)
            Bit of work to do Jaques, demand a better briefing?

          • Bec- it does not follow that because I am familiar with Dee’s book I am unfamiliar with David griffin. I’ve also read: Webster tarpley, Christopher bollyn , Ferdinand impositano, gore Vidal, Jonathan Cole, Kevin Ryan, Nafeez Ahmed, Paul Thompson, Andreas Von bulow, Niels harrit, sybel Edmonds, the jersey four, daniel hopsicker, and many many more. Heck I even read the 9/11 commission and nist reports- shit I even read that trash from popular mechanics!

            It not very nice that you dis me- for being aware of Dee’s kids book 🙂

  7. Jaques,
    Fabulous, ta for the link to beforeitisnews,
    I never suspected that Paul McCartney was killed in a 1966 car accident and replaced by MI5.
    And the Dianna tapes, wow!
    I am in suspense to learn what happened to Elvis and Harold Holt. Bugger, I forgot Marilyn.
    Bloody better than anything from Murdock and our ABC.
    I may return the favour; try;
    If you are a yahoo dupe, ignore why they say wrh is a dangerous site and wonder why so.
    Have a nice day.

    • I know about ‘whatreallyhappened’ ned, though I am not sure if it would be better called ‘whatpossiblymayhavehappened’. For more credibly researched and vetted conspiracy theorising here are a few of my favourites (all carefully vetted by my illumicorp handlers):


      you might not find out ‘the truth’ about Nibiru or the whereabouts of Atlantis on these pages- but you may find more hard concrete evidence of actual conspiracies.

      If the abive sites are too dry for you- and your tastes go towards the esoteric and the occult- then can I suggest a few rabbit holes worthy of delving into? Be warned though- they go deep:

      synchromysticism of 9/11?:

      predictive Programming?

      Do you believe in Magic?

      BTW- I view these type of esoteric matters as a sideshow to the main meal: fact based analysis of real world events. These occult musings are a type of diversion- not the meat and bones of the matter.

      But then- this video- I mean really- what are the odds- Randy Savage predicts ‘The Twin Towers will come Tumbling down” in 1989?

        • Ah that explains it- edit out that insurge intelligence one it’s really distracting. I tried posting that multiple times and thought I had been banned from here already. Sorry for spamming so many links. What do you make of that last video? Randy piper predicts 9/11. Pretty bizarre eh?

      • Time to place your brain in a matchbox, put it beside your bed and let it get control of your imagination and dreams, as you place your empty skull upon the pillow.
        Have a nice night.
        Empty your matchbox by morn and place it back and enjoy your day …… try to ignore inane distractions and look up something to assist your intellect and knowledge.
        You will then discover that http//www.whatreallyhappened is in no way aligned to your perceived imagination.

      • Ned i am replying to your “advice” below to wait til all the data is in. Jahar is going to be executed soon. One can’t exactly wait.

        As for the remark about hostages I did indeed say that some hostages could be confederates. I said they could have innocently agreed to participate. Phil Hingston in the above article says people in Sydney are going to play roles on Sunday.

        Yes I see what you mean. Jacques may have read Dee’s book for children entitled “Three Tall Buildings.” All 5 of her Awaken Your Kids books are remarkable. And beautifully illustrated.

  8. I’ve seen Jacques’s methodology employed elsewhere. Its very characteristic of them. I think they all get much the same training.

    • Yes, my suspicions also, half truths to appear logical and with ‘some ‘sneering’ chucked in in an attempt to
      obfuscate and detract.
      They all smell similar as if from the same garbage tip.

    • Ha- you two just marked yourselves pout for me as IDIOTS- I am not some agent employed by ‘them’ whoever you think ‘they are’. I know that for a fact- whereas you are just guessing- and you guessed wrong. To summarise what exactly is your evidence that I am some kind of agent? Let me guess: I ‘fit’ the modus. And the modus is? I disagree with you? That’s one brilliantly stupid loop you have there.

      If you go around this life- believing anyone who disagrees with you is an agent of some sort- you will disappear into a paranoid bubble of self delusion. Classic basket case confirmation bias.

      And BTW: it is very insulting for you to suggest I am an agent of the PTB- the NWO- the Illuminati. Very very insulting. So: Up yours!

      There you are – behind your little keyboards- accusing people of murder without evidence- sneering at any who disagrees with you- and promoting absolute CRAP bullshit half arsed theories- lazily put together without any need for evidence or facts based on a few googles and a whole lot of confirmation bias and wilful ignorance.

      by way of example Ned- I actually looked up remote viewing the Nice attack just to see what you were on about- and whoa there Nelly- hold your horses- what do you know? It’s a load of steaming horse shit. What a surprise?

      Some guy claims to have drawn a picture of a beachside resort prior to Nice. No evidence it was actually drawn before the event (that’s a big point- no evidence at all)- and obviously the ‘remote viewer’ wasn’t able to stop the attack now was he? Did he warn anyone? Here is a good thread in a forum where that piece of shit theory is torn to shreds:


      of course- as I have challenged your pet theory- for you- this will be PROOF 100% positive that I am a CIA mind controlled disinformation agent. Good for you- enjoy your delusions of grandeur and personal significance. Hate to break it to you: but the CIA probably couldn’t give one shit about you- in fact idiots like you who promote bullshit theories actually do the CIA’s disinfo work for them- for free. Spread the paranoia, spread the disinformation, tar all actual conspiracy theories with the moronic alien lizard people remote viewing brain zapper manchurian brush.

      YOU are the CIA agents- you work in ignorance- and for free. Mary Maxwell is your programmer- and she probably doesn’t even know it. You have all been played. Well done Cass Sunstein.

      • You read as a Cass Sunstein student.
        For those unfamiliar with law professor Cass Dumbstein (aka Sun stein) look up David Ray Griffin”s book; ‘Cognitive Inflltration … etc’.
        Some are masters of Mr. Dumstein’s art.
        For the lazy, look up Cass Sunstein’s 2008 article on the need to infiltrate ‘conspiracy ‘sites’ ‘, especially of the 911 kind.
        Have to love it, what a dumstein with puppets in tow.
        A law professor! Pity those paying for his lectures. Sucked in, to the trillion dollar US student loan debt.
        ‘M’, WOULD YOU MIND PROVIDING ME WITH A VOUCHER TO HAVE A NEW SET OF TYRES FOR THE ASTON. F….g Q is a f… g bureacratic pain in the arse!

        • ned, sorry to say but you read to me as delusional. I hate Cass Sunstein- and to accuse me of being an agent of that kind of shite- is beyond rude. You are basically saying I am an apologist and agent for mass murderers.

          Also you are a fool if you think I am an agent- an idiot. Sunnstein’s paper was about infiltrating the 9/11 movement – and promoting alternative theories and mis-information. It was also about smearing the truth movement- through association with fringe belief systems: for instance:

          remote viewing
          holocaust denial
          climate change denial
          mind control fantasia

          who promotes such patently absurd garbage theories? Me? Or gumshoe news?

          I have wasted enough time- over and out.

      • I was dancing with my darling, to the Tennessee Waltz, when an alien lizard I happened to see, I introduced her to my loved one, and while they wer- ir dancing, A manchur-i-an pro–po-osed to me.
        (Anybody want to finish this ditty?)

    • “I’ve seen Jacques’s methodology employed elsewhere. Its very characteristic of them. I think they all get much the same training.”

      I have seen moronic reactionary comments like your before. It’s very characteristic of idiots who label anyone who disagrees with them an ‘agent’.

  9. “New Zealand is even colder and they dropped in there too.” March is part of our peak (Summer) tourist season and it can reach over 30°C …

    Great article and I’m honestly interested to see what happens, but if you’re making uneducated statements like that it discredits a lot of your other “facts”.

  10. There are three possibilities about this drill tomorrow:
    1) It happens just as specified.
    2) It doesn’t happen, for some reason.
    3) There is a real false flag. This may involve no real casualties, all real casualties or a mixture.
    With 3), there are benefits for the deep state in doing this. They are the ones people like most of the readers here understand-power and money in the form of a security state in bed with big companies.
    Even now, after all this time, most people know nothing about the way drills are conducted simultaneously with false flags. I do not discount the possibility, therefore, that TBTB will carry out a false flag. It will be bold but why would they make more effort to hide it than they need to?
    I am putting this here in the hopes of deterring them.
    I know the good people at Gumshoe have been hassled by the authorities. I hope this post makes it onto this page and that the government doesn’t block it.
    There may also be some specific, immediate benefits at the moment on top of the ones I have outlined.
    Malcolm Turnbull’s government is going nowhere. His gay marriage plebiscite gimmick is on the nose, and there may be some bad economic news since the US economy isn’t going great and this will be felt here.
    I propose that there is currently a very dangerous constellation of factors-the normal deep state things, the possibility that they might be emboldened to announce the drills that will provide cover for a false flag, and advantage to be gained by the present federal government.
    Turnbull will suddenly be The Man of the Moment instead of a lame duck.
    Beware, beware, beware!!!

    • Nick,
      There is a 4th possibility. The whole exercise is to get some life-like, local, Sydney-landmark footage, for use in a later False Flag. On second thoughts, why would Clapper, Comey, Brennan
      AND Biden be snooping around, just for some film clips, which in truth they could just CGI into existence.

      Nothing in this story makes sense, unless….


    Dear Australianos, I am offering a prize as follows:
    Cherry Bonney has a petition going to get an Inquest for the Port Arthur massacre. 2,399 peeps have already signed. Will you please be the 2400th today? If so i will send you a beautiful Pavlova.

    To “win” you have to hurry and sign now and also make a comment — even if it Is only “G’day” — as Cherry cannot see the names until she downloads in a big batch, but we can all see the name of a commenter right away. GO HERE NOW:

  12. NSW Police Force’s Latest Media Release was released today 27 August. Emergency Exercise in Sydney CBD on Sunday 28 August 2016 — EXTRACTS:

    “A major emergency management exercise …to test emergency management arrangements…will commence at 9am and conclude at 2pm. The exercise is part of a preparation and ongoing review process…

    More than 700 personnel will be involved in the exercise including 300 volunteers from a range of agencies and the public who will role play family and friends of victims of the incident…. road and lane closures. Hickson Road between Napoleon Street and Towns Place is closed between 6am and 6pm.

  13. Or….
    The training is required because the police so badly screwed up the Sydney siege – though I tend to agree with Nick’s false flag scenario. When the master’s say jump, our criminal pollies and alphabet agencies simply grab hold of their skirts and jump.
    Re: the visit of these three esteemed global criminals? No doubt they’re likely looking for a place to relocate family and such to when SHTF in the US. Aust and NZ potential zones where these Nazi’s can hide amongst their pedophile Nazi friends. We’re also close to Antarctica.
    PS. I’m a bit surprised anyone has looked beyond Biden’s cancer-cause visit. Well done gumshoenews.
    If you were going to hold a false flag in Oz that people of the world would recognise, Sydney would be the place. Martial law anyone???

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