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How Mind Control Can Be Engineered


trish2Trish Fotheringham at Australian National Library

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Mind control is carried out in many ways. The way I found out about MK-Ultra was by attending meetings of survivors. You would be surprised at how “ordinary” these persons appear, after living a life filled with horrors. Even in their youth when they were undergoing torture at home they could still appear at school the next day and enjoy sports and do well academically. That’s because only “part” of their mind was aware of the torture.

In 2010, Kathleen A Sullivan, a survivor, asked me to join a group she invented called United States Truth and Reconciliation Coalition, which she modeled after the South African TRC. It had fourteen members.

The group lasted no more than a year thanks to pressure from without. However, some of the fourteen are now my friends, especially Trish Fotheringham of Canada. Luckily for us, she got kicked out of MK-Ultra (or similar program) at age 18.

Trish is now age 55 and has written important information about her experiences. I covered some of them in a Youtube video called “Anger Management.” You can go to her website MoreThanAnIdea.ca.

Naturally many survivors are not believed. They tell their story, and then the skepticism of the listener adds more to their hurt. At the moment Fiona Barnett in NSW is getting many people to take her seriously, thank God. (See pedophilesdownunder.com.)

Here is an interview I did with Trish four years ago. The purpose was to quiz her about a few things such as the fact that she was a “demonstration model” and that she was placed in “double bind” situations to block normal brain processes.

You may need to turn the volume up.




  1. MK ultra or Mind Kontrol Ultra….
    Say, wasn’t there a tv show called GET SMART who worked for CONTROL a secret U.S. government counter-intelligence agency based in Washington, D.C to defeat KAOS??

  2. Illiminati’s Top Model Opener! by Nicholson1968
    Based on Alice in Wonderland (of course), the sequence features countless
    mind control symbols and
    triggers including: tricky mirror
    reflections, “drugged” by cupcakes,
    butterflies, etc. In short, this sequence represents Illuminati
    control of the fashion industry. http://dai.ly/x1o6mvt

  3. Hmm without bothering to investigate- my gut tells me- this is likely a classic case of false memory syndrome. Perhaps if there was some evidence to validate the assertion? Too much to hope for?

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