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Analysis of 9-11, Part 4: It is Becoming Harder to Keep the Lid on the Lie


truth cookerMainstream media is still trying to keep the lid on the lies over 9-11.

by Dee McLachlan

This is Gumshoe’s 800th post.

I started this site out of frustration with the mainstream media’s dishonesty over 9-11. So this article seems appropriate.

I want to thank the remarkable Mary Maxwell who has been so prolific over the last few months keeping the home fires burning — whilst I was working on a film, plus the the other contributors.

But back to the media. I believe it will be near impossible to keep the truth from becoming mainstream in the coming years. Yet we are still some way to a tipping point, but it will eventually come. And the realisation that an entire generation was conned into a false belief will baffle future generations.

The facts are so clear — and so there are no more excuses from those guarding the lies of 9-11. Jon Faine (popular radio host on ABC 774) wrote back to me, saying:

“I confirm that i am not interested in sept 11 conspiracy theories. It is an insult to the dead to play with this”.

I direct Mr Faine to Matt Campbell and his efforts in finding the truth about who was behind the murder of his brother, Geoff, in the North Tower.

Matt has contributed articles to Gumshoe, and now features in a new film, entitled “Incontrovertible“, see trailer below. And you only need to listen to Bobby McIlvaine (father of a 9-11 victim) to understand that it is an insult to the dead to NOT seek the truth.

One of the participants in the documentary — Brian Maxwell (no relation to Mary), a firefighter — has had to resign over his participation and support of the film.

Maxwell learned of Tony Rooke’s film and agreed to make an appearance. The main focus of Incontrovertible is World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC 7), which collapsed — purportedly from fires — late in the afternoon of 9/11.

Not long after he began “sharing” the film, his superiors said he had breached the fire service code of conduct by providing photographs of himself in uniform. They deemed his appearance in a film political, as it implied government corruption. (Story here)

CBT12 – 9-11 Focus

I am happy to announce that the mainstream media is being challenged. It is an independent PBS station, Colorado Public Television 12. It presents a whole collection of September 11 films, in its 9/11 Focus. (I doubt Australia’s ABC would show any one of the films.)

One of these is the “Demolition of Truth“, which presents testimony from highly-credentialed scientists, engineers, and military experts. This expert testimony is also interwoven with analyses by social scientists who examine the psychological impact of the “attacks.” The film concludes with steps we can take toward healing.

They also present the 2012 documentary, “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out“, where over 40 experts in the fields of structural engineering, high-rise architecture, controlled demolition, physics, chemistry and metallurgy lay out the case for a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

The experts cite evidence showing that high-temperature incendiaries and explosives were planted throughout the twin towers and the lesser-known Building 7 which collapsed later the same day.

It is becoming harder and harder to keep the lid on the facts.

Justice in Focus – Symposium

Hundreds of researchers and activists will gather in the historic Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City on Saturday, September 10, and Sunday, September 11, 2016. In the 800-seat auditorium, they will assess the state of ongoing efforts to expose the truth and obtain justice for the attacks that killed nearly 3,000 innocent victims. (Details here)

Among the many speakers and panelists, are:

Mr. Ferdinando Imposimato, the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court and a former Italian senior investigative judge.

Daniel Sheehan, one of the US’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers, and

Bob McIlvaine (please note Mr Faine). His son, Robert Jr., worked for Merrill Lynch & Co. as an assistant vice president of media relations. On the morning of 9/11 he was attending a banking conference on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. Bob is one of the 9/11 family members to openly challenge the official narrative.

Mail Out

And Architects and Engineers of 911Truth are sending out their newest publication, World Trade Center Physics, to 35,000 engineers, 400 ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) leaders and 100 NIST employees and contractors.

The succinct 13-Page publication “Blows Apart the Official Explanation for the Total Collapse of the Twin Towers.” (here)

As I wrote back in April — The Media are the Enemy Within, and the cat is out of the bag.



  1. Dee, it is really impossible to believe that media figures such as Jon Faine are unaware of the truth about 9/11 being a staged event. Even the least aware of them know that physics trumps their narrative.
    This raises therefore a number of questions. I would suggest that the most important of these questions is why does the mainstream media persist in trying to perpetuate the mythological story of 19 Muslim hijackers taking four planes, evading the world’s most sophisticated defence systems, and performing impossible feats in defiance of physics or even telephone technology?
    At least a partial answer to that question is the role that the msm plays in supporting the west’s and in particular the USA’s geopolitical agenda.
    The events of 9/11 led directly to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq about which the msm continues to lie to this day. Both countries are central to the control of oil pipelines among other resources.
    Since those invasions we have had massive disruption of, inter alia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Libya.
    The 2014 coup in Ukraine (more msm obfuscation and downright lies) was designed to cut off Russian oil and gas from Europe, take over the Russian base at Sevastopol, and have NATO bases on the Russian border.
    In our neck of the woods we have the manufactured crisis in the South China Sea as part of the wider strategy of “containing” China.
    It is not rocket science. The 2002 DOD paper Vision 2020 spelt out the policy of “full spectrum dominance” and what must be done to bring it about.
    This would not be possible unless the wider public are kept in a state of ignorance, and this is where the msm (which is in any case closely linked with the major arms manufacturers) comes in.
    So, a preliminary conclusion must be that in Faine et al keeping the lid on 9/11 they are simply performing their assigned role as part of the broader objective: US hegemony.
    For a variety of reasons I think that is doomed to failure, although that is another topic. A more immediate question is what is Australia’s future role? Do we continue as the US’s lickspittle or do we frame a future in the best interests of Australia?

    • James, your comment is wonderful. I agree completely except for the last sentence. Same complaint I always make: I believe it is not “the US” that it doing what you ascribe to it.


      James, I think “naming the right enemy” is essential today. Also, it helps tactically (I mean psychologically) to see that what we are up against is not some fabulously strong nation (the US, or in the old days, the Brits), but a bunch of loonies who do cruel things, and who are wrecking the planet permanently.

      My own psychology tells me that I have no hope of standing up to a behemoth but I have every chance of uniting with a few people against the schoolyard bully.

      • I think “The Enemy” exists well outside of the classical Nation-State paradigm and has for some time. Years ago when I was calling bullshit on the 911 official fiction (and being laughed at for it) someone asked me of the Americans “but why would they kill their own”? It took me some time to work that one out, but it hinged on how they defined “their own”.

        Nations and Sovereignty are so 19th-20th century aren’t they.

  2. Clearly the mass media, whilst not likely to be committing a crime or two in this juridiction (NSW) are morally culpable and cowardly.
    One example: section 316: concealing a serious indictable offence.
    These offences have been incorporated or re-drafted in various Australian jurisdictions.
    It is sickening (to the extreme) when I hear our toxic collection of shock jocks, (some are ex lawyers like the ABC’s Faine) mass media and politicians bantering on about crime and the failure of the criminal administration/jurisdictional system when sentencing felons etc.
    They themselves, are collectively and individualy morally culpable for the;
    *blaming of innocents for mass murder on 9/11.
    *covering up for those reallly culpable for the mass murders on 9/11.
    *promoting invasions and theft of citizen’s natural resources on most of the Middle East.
    *’Killing of an estimated million plus, including children. in theee Middle East planned prior to 9/11.
    *Continuing the lies and deceit of the Australian people by not reporting upon or broadcasting a bit over two miniutes of infamy as exposed by General Wesley Clark in 2007.

    *Stuffing up our Federal budget and having innocent and moral law-abiding Australian taxpayers paying for Howard’s ‘Criminal’ folly based on abominable lies sponsored by the mass media.

    Mass media et al., basically: Ivan Milat is not as bad as you lot, (he only murdered half or dozen or so) you miserable, disgusting ‘Criminal’ hypocritical cowards.
    Mass media, shock jocks and our politicians; listen for 23 seconds to your MENTOR; MADELIENE ALLBRIGHT on US 60 minutes.

    • apololgies.
      The first clip is supposed to be the Clark Goodman interview in 2007.
      This is what ‘OUR’ deceitful poiiticians, lABC, lying mass media et.all., are also covering up to deliberately deceive the Australian people

      Stop it: you will go blind!!!

  3. Dee, James, Mary, Ned,et al,

    No doubt many have heard of Dr Alan Sabrosky. Outspoken 10 year veteran US Marines, Vietnam veteran lecturer at the US Army War College, etc.

    That’s why Faine, Frydenburg, (and any who are just tagging along for the salary) will continue to refuse to allow ANY doubt or discussion about the official version of the 9/11 attacks.
    They’re are all flogging a dead horse as it is just a matter of time until the truth is well an truly exposed. I hope they have get away plans.
    Apologies to my REAL Jewish friends. The world needs to know and understand the difference between a Jewish person and a Zionist. The Zionists hide in the Synagogues, just as the Satanic Pedophiles hide in the Christian churches.

    Decent people of all faiths, Jews, Christians and Muslims need to band together, understand who the real enemy is and take action accordingly.

    • I can’t remember when I figured out the Mossad did 9-11, but it was probably around the 3-4 week mark after 9-11. – I do remember 6 weeks after 9-11 having lunch with a retired Colonel of Australian Army Intelligence.

      We were doing a cat-and-mouse game about 9-11 to see what each other knew. He finally cornered me and simply asked “who do you think did 9-11?”

      I said “Israel” – He laughed and said “By deception shall ye do war”. We then both opened up and started going through the evidence.

      Our wives were listening to the conversation and his wife eventually broke in with a comment “This sounds like a Tom Clancey Novel” – We all had a laugh and then he and I continued our discussion.

      Lots of people know who did 9-11. I’m sure the people that Sabrosky briefed went on to have their own private discussions with various people – who then went on to….

  4. The financing arrangements for Silverstein and Lowry should be looked into as well. If banks were involved, they must have known that there was dirty work afoot, as it is known that purchasing the lease was a very bad investment.

    I would suggest that maybe the Rothchild’s Banking cartel was involved and knew of the plan to demolish the buildings. This would resolve the repayment issue on the very risky investment.

    While, as Mary suggests, the Cabal is involved, the ground floor criminals need to be charged, found guilty, thrown in jail forever and have ALL their assets confiscated. Even those assets distributed to families and trust funds.

    The ground floor criminals amongst others are: Silverstein, Lowry, Bush Jnr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Giuliani. Once these are indicted, maybe they will name the many others.

        • Don’t knock Frank Lowy, he did all Australians the following favor. A few years he was caught tax evading $98 million. ATO reached a settlement; he only had to pay half: $49 million. So, if I understand correctly, that sets a preccedent and if you get caught you can settle for 50% of the amount, K?

  5. Yep, no countries, no borders, all cultures, civilisations and religions to be morphed into a global corporate fascist controlled state. Problem, reaction and solution designed by the control freaks ( sponsoring the Muslim invasion of Europe) who want serfs burdened by debt to the banks.
    Hitler would be proud of our journos and Goebels wound be handing out medals to them.
    All disclosed by Dr. DAY IN MARCH 1969.
    [Ref: NWO exposed by insider March 1969 at Jeff Rense.Com and here at GS]
    Our journos and our politicians do not care if our country”s sovereignty is lost to the globalists and their children educated in fascists youth camps to be owned by the fascist/communist state.
    Treasonous dupes!

    • This was supposed to be a reply to Paul at the present end of the comments.
      Good that I made that mistake, now it is at the top for our anti-democratic corporate duped journos and shock jocks to note.
      Pauline, are you there?

  6. Let us face the reality.
    In the US 6 media conglomerates own 95% of the mass media, press and on air.
    Here we have about two.
    Fairfax controls Jones, Hadley
    Et. Al., 2 CH and a few others. Murdock has the rest of the private control freaks and the ABC Is run by some Green lefties and Faine who strangely all failed physics. ( Building No 7!)
    Pravda In the old Soviet Union ran the commo show and we laughed at it.
    We may as well be in Northern Korea.
    Time to black ball the fascist NWO indulgent media, their monopolistic corporates and their advertisers.
    They are our servants, we are not their serfs and dupes.

  7. Forget about the Zionist gatekeeper Jon Faine, and tune in to ‘Keep Left’, 10.00 am. Friday 9 Sept. Radio 3CR 855 AM .
    The subject will be the 15th anniversary of the event/pretext for the Global War on Terror.

  8. Thanks Gumshoe, I gave channel twelve the evidence that proves they have been lied too by the truth movement from the start.

    The RJ. Lee report and Jones Emails, doubt they will be saying much more on the fraud that is 9/11 truth.

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