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“A ‘prefered client’ is a client who can borrow money without security. Someone gave Turnbull, Nick Whitlam and Neville Wran a bank. This is the classic way Wall St. becomes ‘bonded’ to the political class.” 

Norm Vanderfeen writes in the The Battler (Tasmania) about “The Sad and Sorry Tale of Turnbull and the NBN.”

“Telstra commenced privatisation in late 1999. You can see at a glance it’s deliberately complicated. “Telstra was privatised in three different stages, informally known as “T1” ($3.30), “T2” ($7.40) and “T3” ($3.60) in 1997, 1999 and 2006 respectively…  leaving the Australian government with 51% ownership. In 2006 Turnbull became parliamentary secretary and guess what, in September Goldman Sachs, ABN-Amro Rothschild and UBS were appointed as joint global T3 co-ordinators.

“Telstra began laying fibre in the 1990s, they were continually upgrading so the FTTP would have been in place by now. Telstra was returning $5 Billion profit a year so it would have been paid for and still returning a profit. The cables aren’t even in the ground and Turnbull is already trying to strip the NBN and give it back to the Bankers.”

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  1. This stuff is way over my head; I don’t even knpw what national broadband network means, but here is breaking news about a facebook satelite. Hello? Facebook satellite?

    “On Thursday morning an explosion in the Falcon 9 rocket destroyed the Amos-6 satellite, which was going to deliver Ka- band and Ku-band beams across the Middle East, Central Europe and Africa. Facebook was a major customer and wanted the satellite broadband for its internet.org initiative.

    “The Amos satellite was to be launched into space by SpaceX’s $62 million rocket. However, Falcon 9 burst into flames during testing ahead of launch by Elon Musk’s company SpaceX at its facility in Florida. Shares in Mr Musk’s company Tesla dropped 5.3 per cent during trading on Thursday.

    Bad day at the office: Elon Musk just lost $1 billion
    SpaceX rocket explosion deals blow to Facebook Internet.org plan
    NBN Co’s SkyMuster II satellite is due to be launched in mid-October from French Guiana at the Arianespace spaceport facility. The satellites were commissioned in 2012 and built by Californian-based Space Systems Loral for $620 million. The launches cost $300 million. They are designed to last at least 15 years.”

  2. This post is related to the topic of the Australian political parties but is about the recent, “Chinagate” hysteria concerning a Labor Party politician. I don’t see any articles on this website about this so I am making my posting here.

    If you go to restaurants, tea houses, coffee shops etc. in China, you will frequently see a small drama take place when it’s time to pay the bill. To us Westerners, it almost looks like people are ready to fight each other over who will pay. It’s considered “big face” if you pay and people do insist vehemently on paying. The idea of “splitting the bill” is completely alien to traditional Chinese people – it’s a strange Western idea to them.

    You see this happening most in the most expensive places. Even when it’s only two people, two friends, you still see this apparently “vehement” insistence on paying.

    But it’s most common, in fact, it is par for the course when people discuss business in a restaurant, or go to a restaurant together after discussing business.

    To understand what happened with this Australian politician, you need to understand this mindset of the Chinese.

    • Dear Persecuted and Everybody else out there,

      If there is a subject you don’t see here and would like to see here out of your own pen, why not write to Her Bossness re a job?

      As long as you are prepared for our standard paycheck which is a small box of Maltese, and a warm letter of appreciation, we may make beautiful music together….

      Thanks for the info about China. I wonder in what year the culture of China wil be the standard here in Adelaide? If we want to have an influence on the Sino-Austral culture we should be getting with them pronto and not dreaming that our great grandchildren will know what a Lamington is.

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