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What Is The Next False Flag — The Internet?



What is the next big false flag going to be? A nuclear incident triggering WW3? Maybe an “alien” invasion — forcing the people to support a One World government? Or will it take the form of a financial collapse — so the banking and monetary system can be reset. Many people think we are going to be seeing “1929” again soon.

One can be sure there are several disasters in the planning, but how will we spot it — if or when this happens.

It is easy to spot a false flags when guns, bombs or explosives are used. This list of a dozen false flag indicators has already been put forth a few times here at Gumshoe News:

  1. Certain people have foreknowledge of the event.
  2. There is drill at the same time as the incident (as in the 7/7 London bombings, 9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon and many more).
  3. The mainstream media (MSM) quickly identify a culprit or patsy.
  4. The patsy is mentally challenged, a loner, has no military training, yet seems to be an expert shooter.
  5. The patsy either dies, commits suicide, or is locked and “isolated.”
  6. The shooter or bomber leaves a manifesto, a will, or at least his or her passport.
  7. Evidence is promptly lost or destroyed (the 9-11 metal was shipped to China, the Sandy Hook school was demolished, just like the cafe in Port Arthur).
  8. Immediately the pollies implement already prepared legislation, such as gun control.
  9. Crisis actors are used.
  10. The CCTV cameras “were switched off or not operating.”
  11. Politicians refer to anyone questioning the official theory as a conspiracy nut.
  12. No personage comes up with a sensible MOTIVE for the Mass Attack.

It is clear that the MSM are in on the “game.” They rarely challenge the official narrative, or encourage alternative views . They won’t breathe the word “false flag” — even though the documented use of false flags goes back a long way. (See here for 58 of them)

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened” – Josef Stalin.

False Flags in the Future

My guess is that those orchestrating these events — like on the scale of 9-11 — are brazen enough to pull off a major global event. And the internet is surely a future target.

In Thomas Dishaw’s warning in govtslaves.info, he predicted the next false-flag will not be one of violence, but one of ideas and information control — the internet. He writes about the Internet Kill Switch S3480:

“…July 6th 2012 Obama signed another executive order titled “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions”… Unbeknownst  to the American people we have handed over all  private communication systems … to the Government… Day by day people are waking up in masses to Government lies and corruption.”

At the moment there is relative freedom of information on the internet, and this threatens the status quo. So as Dishaw writes:

“First the Government has to manufacture a threat. Hiring hackers to access your financial records and empty the starving middle class bank accounts would be all they need to get everyone to support the creation of a new more secure internet…

“Tomorrow we may wake up  and see one of the biggest changes in human history, a New Internet, where information is censored, history is rewritten and global taxes are lining the bank accounts of corporations that control the information.”

We have had a spate of bombings and attacks — like those in France. But the next false flag might be very different.

In Australia, where people are generally very compliant, it might not take much to convince people that total internet “security” is to be desired.

We need to be on guard.

Mike Rivero’s trailer:


Cartoon by Branco


  1. My digital bank ledger entries are on the financial collapse bomb being thrown if Trump is able to win the election by such numbers that the Clinton club (complete with the Amish Eskimos of AIPAC) aren’t able to pull off a big enough job on the vote counting.

  2. Unfortunately, Dalia’s prediction could be right. It is not beyond the realms of possibility for this group that we know as the Cabal, to do anything at all, to interrupt normal life in the most horrendous way on Mother Earth.

  3. So what is the betting maket on ‘the event’?
    Cyber arrack on the financial records.
    A created ‘natural” disaster,
    A biological serenade,
    A nuclear event,
    A false flag event to bring about WW111,
    A ‘alien’ invasion (actual or concocted) puting humanity under threat,
    An assination of one or more leaders, excluding the control freak bankers,
    Aunt Nelly’s preserved fruit warehouse being sacked,
    The Melbourne Cup being poisoned and blamed on a loser trainer,
    Derryn Hinch or Pauline become PM,
    Derryn runs off with Jackie,
    Trump elected but Hilary is apponted President by the electoral college and George Soros.
    The best comes from Dr. Day; enforcing a one world religion. But how?
    The best of all for the Dr. Day agenda is the much expected ‘Project Blue Beam’.
    I will not spoil the theory, readers can look it up.
    One or more of the above?
    Stuffed if I know!

    • Thank you, Ned. I phoned my bookie: “natural disaster.”
      I figure it’s the one that the cabal can most easily keep from having any effect on its own lifestyle.
      Although if they pollute the ocean they may lose their fave fish.

    • the chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one..
      but still, (if) they come, the chances of us being able to do anything about any threat, would be a lot slimmer than that I’d say.

      my money would be on a quinella, the human race wiping itself out through global thermo-nuclear warfare / Trump elected but Hilary is apponted President by the electoral college and George Soros.

  4. I wonder if we are already seeing a constant stream of ‘soft’ false i-flags – ‘Putin’s Russia hacked the DNC’, ‘China hacks the BoM’ and more recently ‘China brings down the Census with DDoS’.

    All readying us for what is very soon to follow – UN Could Take Over ICANN, and the Internet, Oct. 1

    • “Authoritarian regimes have already proposed Icann become part of the U.N. to make it easier for them to censor the internet globally.”


    … and

    and worse …
    • … The Soros-funded Free Press organization has been a leading advocate for Internet regulation through “Net Neutrality.”

    Comment: not only will they continue to obliterate free speech on all public ‘social media’ forums, but this will allow the ‘authorities’ to actually shut down IP addresses.

    Some related articles on suppression of free speech by …

    And most concerningly, perhaps the ultimate goal of H. R. Clinton (War …)

    • Clinton threatened that she would offer a military response to cyber threats.
    •“As president I will make it clear that we will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack”.
    •“We will be ready with serious political, economic, and MILITARY responses.”

    Indeed, they hardly need a false flag – they simply need to say there IS one (‘Executive Order’?) – just like “all Russian paralympians are involved in ‘state sponsored doping'” … (but I digress). It’s called the ‘evidence free’ approach …

    Last comment for now – the following is a good read …
    •”Contrary to what is claimed in an evidence free article in The New York Times, … ”

    •”People in the west are turning to new media because they too have seen the disasters of endless, immoral, illegal, costly and pointless wars. They have seen the fact that globalism is about making life for corporations easier, not about making life for individuals more connected and just.”

    •”The old guard are afraid, they are losing their audience and because of that they are losing the plot. They have made the newsmakers the news and this is the sign not of robust journalism but of a slaughtered beast in its final fits of agony.”

    • Thanks, JSK. Makes you wonder if Soros has ever enjoyed a picnic, or a new scarf, or thinking of a clever word on Scrabble.

      Gee, life must be so tense for those guys who have to keep their eye on the prize 24/7.

      What prize? Survival?
      Poor buggers.

  5. I presume gumshoe readers were on to the Hanjin bankrutcy last week.
    With 45 (?) ships and cargo being denied ports and off loading, our false flag scenario/s may be iminent unless Hanjin is bailed out?

  6. One world government is a good idea as war would be all part of history, due to governments such the Australian Government who having revealed secret information through to China of rocket technology and through corporate structures we see this government as inept, world government should end such flaws, also this government now becoming a bureaucracy that is only for the service of self money making as they individuals whom are elected know the ship is going down and they can do nothing about it other than be corrupt.

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