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Sam Dastyari, Malcolm Turnbull and Murdoch’s “Wormtongues”


samAustralian Senator Sam Dastyari

Here is a scorching article from a Tasmanian media outlet called the Battler.com which needs to be aired. DM.

By Norm Vanderfeen 

There have only been four Political Leaders in Australia’s history who have stood up to the money power.

Standing Up To Money and Power

The first Politician to get out of line with the City and Wall St. was Ben Chifley (Labor) when he wanted to nationalise the Banks. The Banks became hysterical, financed Menzies and kept him in power for two decades.

The next was Gough Whitlam (Labor) and Rex Connor in 1975 — when they wanted to borrow $4.5 Billion to develop Australian Gas fields. This led to the Coup to remove Whitlam, and Murdoch’s Wormtongues smearing him. John Howard’s involvement in the Kemlani affair was his first act of treason.

Kevin Rudd tried to get a pittance from the Miner Corporations during the boom — and told the US he was bringing the troops home from Afgahnistan. Shorten, Habib and Gillard took orders from the US embassy to bring him down.

Marius Kloppers told a dinner in the City of London, just after — “It would be a long time before another Australian Politician got out of line.” After the ‘Boom’ West Australia is bankrupt. The wormtongues kept Rudd down with a smear campaign — when Rudd was the best chance we had of stopping the plunder.


Sam Dastyari

The hysterical campaign against Sam Dastyari by the Murdoch Wormtongues tells you everything you need to understand as to how democracy works in Australia. He is being smeared by Turdball of all people!!!!

Sam Dastyari is being smeared because he is standing up and telling Australians the truth about the Corporate Cartel which is driving this nation into poverty. PM Turnbull from Goldman smears people like this because he knows the media will make a campaign out of it.

They are scared of Dastyari because he is an honest man and looking like the Sanders/Corbyn that Australians desperately need. When they smear People like Sam Dastyari, Australians have to say no more of this bullshit and look at the reality of what is happening. The reason Turnbull is using the smear, is because Dastyari attacked his brother Bankers.

Turnbull said:

“This is a man that has lambasted banks, lambasted businesses, tried to be the great champion of freedom and honesty and openness and condemned corruption everywhere … [and got] $1,600 from a Chinese donor which, as you’ve said, has associations and connections with the Chinese government,

“Then at the same time as this was going on, he took a completely different approach to the South China Sea issue, both to the Australian government and the opposition, and said that he supported China’s claims in the South China Sea and that Australia should support it.”

Dastyari is working in the interests of Australia by trying to stop the provocation. Turnbull is provoking China because Wall St is telling him to.

With this smear, Turnbull is also dog-whistling that China is evil. Before Wall St ordered Turnbull to join the provocation, he signed CHAFTA — which lets the Chinese come in and buy what they want. Now he is attacking Dastyari over an educational dialog. Why do we want to go to war with our biggest trading partner over some rocks in the CHINA sea? For Turnbull to be promoting this is treason.

How does Dastiari’s $1500 declared donation compare to Turnbulls prostitution of democracy?

Secret slush funds from his friends the Oligarchs

“Regarded as the country’s most sophisticated political fund-raising machine, the forum offers membership packages that give the most generous supporters more opportunities to gain access to Mr Turnbull.” “It costs $5500 to be a “member”, $11,000 to be a “sponsor”, $16,500 to be a “patron”, $25,500 to be a “benefactor” and $55,000 to be a “governor”.”

The greedy Banker is still grovelling around in the dirt and being compromised for more free money. All the generous Oligarchs giving Turnbull money are ‘donating’ for what reason? It’s called payola and it binds the Liberal party to the Oligarchs. Helicopter Bronnie is outraged, Poodles Pyne is outraged, and Parakeelia Brandis is beside himself. AG Brandis is in contempt of court for not allowing access to his official diary.

Sam came to Australia from Iran as a boy and entered Parliament in 2013. In the three years he has been in Parliament he has spoken truth to power and demonstrated he is a person with high morals and compassion. This Video shows Sam is prepared to tell Australians information that is totally censured by Murdoch and his wormtongues.

Labor senator Sam Dastyari claims 10 companies have taken control of Australian politics.

To the Bankers Australia is like a big plate of cookies. Turnbull, the Banker, says watch the refugee or the same sex couples or the Muslim boogeymen, they want to steal your cookies. While we are watching them, the Bankers are growing fat by eating all the cookies.


Turnbull, the partner in Goldman Sacks, is on leave to manage Australia — and has increased his wealth from $110 Million to $220 Million since he entered parliament —  that’s ~$200,000 /week from Wall St. In return he has protected Telstra from the NBN and will have pumped $100 Billion into Telstra’s coffers by the time he is finished.

He has got the TPP with its toxic ISDS passed. The next one is the TiSA (Trade in Service Agreement). Blacks Law definition of Treason: The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power. That’s what TPP and the toxic TiSA are all about. Why don’t the Politicians who vote for the ISDN fall into this category?

Sam Dastyari Pays Taxes

All Turnbull’s money is on Wall St and it’s never coming ‘home’. He’ll be joining it when his work is done. John Howard is at JP Morgan so he and Turnbull will be able to wave to each other out of their corner office windows.

This is the only video I could find on Turnbull being question when he was pretending his money was sun baking in the Caymans. If any Labor Party People watch this — ask yourselves, is this good enough? When you are in a fight with dogs like Turnbull you have to get a bit of mongrel in ya. Stop biting him on the ankles and go for his nuts…grr.

Turnbull’s sanctimonious reply to the news he was a tax dodger.

Allen Jones got the only answers out of Turnbull he could give — Priceless.

Ex Turnbull fan, broadcaster Alan Jones, gives Turnbull a proper roasting about the treasonous sellout of Australia and he is left speechless. He can’t defend the sellout. (Article on China here)

The full article on The Battler, Tasmania, here.

— Norm Vanderfeen is the NWO battler from Tasmania, and has the website called http://thebattler.com

Adapted photo - credit: News Limited


  1. There is little doubt to those whom have the insight and intelligence understand Turnbull has his snout in the trough of money and is all out for increasing his wealth without moral regard or any restraint other than having the effrontery to face public inquiry and stand with impunity and use language to cover the truth of hidden ill gotten wealth and so far get away with it, having said this it also is a reminder the public of Australia is to some greater or lesser extent complicit in endorsing corruption it is not to say a few Australians see through this charade? unfortunately the voice of those are at present a minority and are rendered to being silenced.

      • What to do?
        As a start; what is being done here and other ‘wormfree’ news sites; keep up the exposures.
        try: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com for general stuff with Mike Rivero in Hawaii and in Australia, a n occasional ‘goer’ is Shane Dowling at kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/
        As more people realise that the msm is just a worm farm, the worms can suffocate in their own compost heap with their spivy pollie mates in the Canberra ‘ethics free zone’.

        • “Tapeworms can cause a variety of health problems, including seizures, obscured or blurry vision, and a swelling of the brain…” Murdoch’s people will have to read up how to rid a parasitic worm living inside them.

  2. I’d need a lot more convincing of Dastyari’s noble intentions, but Turnbull? I always knew they’d install the miserable bastard one way or another.

  3. Maybe Turdbull could explain his relationship with the Costello bro’s and their involvement in a certain type of laundry procedure…

  4. Allowing the biggest perceived fear in the room to determine the country’s fate is pure folly either way you cut it; two wrongs don’t make a right.

    The territory controlled by a long-deceased Imperial Dynasty has no bearing on the “rights” of the animal currently known as China: The Tibetans and the Tiananmen Square mob were apparently also deemed provocative by said beast.

    The sooner Australia’s precious resources cease to be traded off for shoddy commodities produced by political prisoners & industrial slaves the better

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