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Analysis of 9-11, Part 7: What Really Happened to Bobby McIlvaine’s Son


bob-mcilvaineBob McIlvaine, father of Bobby

by Dee McLachlan

For me there is one person that stands tall in the fight for the truth over the 9-11 official lie — and that is Bob McIlvaine.

When I listen to his speech on YouTube — recorded at the University of Hartford on March 26, 2011 — I was moved by his desire for justice to prevail in regard to the murder of his 26-year old son, Bobby. What an extraordinary journey for a father to have to go through — and he gives us all permission to keep asking the questions.

How Was Bobby Killed?

The official government narrative (the nonsense narrative) claims that a fireball from the plane’s impact descended down the elevators and blew into the lobby. On its way down, the fireball bypassed the skylobbies and damaged only some of the floors on its 93-floor descent. The fireball allegedly also blew out the 72nd and 23rd floor — then found its way to the lobby and killed Bobby McIlvaine who was entering the building.

His body was one of the first to be recovered and taken to the New York City morgue before the building collapsed.

north-tower-hitDid the “fireball” kill Bobby 93 floors below?

The North Tower Elevators

I’ll begin with the elevators. The tower elevators were divided into three sections; each elevator served only one section — except for one maintenance elevator that went from basement to penthouse.

Someone travelling from top to bottom would have had to take three different elevators changing over at the skylobbies on the 44th and 78th floors. Thus, because of this design, the fireball would have to blast into a skylobby, and change elevator shafts on its descent — twice. Not possible. Absurd.

north-tower-elevatorsNorth Tower (one its side) showing the elevator design and skylobbies

You will agree with me that this configuration would have prevented the fireball from descending the many elevators to the lobby 93 floors below — except for the maintenance elevator.

McIlvaine believes this proves that a fireball from the technical elevator was not in the position to have killed his son. So if it wasn’t a fireball, what did kill McIlvaine Jnr?

How was Bobby Really Killed?

After Bob McIlvaine met with the doctor that examined his son’s body, it was confirmed that he had been hit by flying glass from some kind of gigantic blast. Bobby’s face was damaged beyond recognition — with chest lacerations from glass shards, and post-mortem burn marks. The blast also blew Bobby out of his laced shoes.

Let us be clear: He was not killed by burns from a fireball, but rather by a huge blast or explosion in the lobby of the North Tower.

After many years research, Bob McIlvaine says:

“My final summation is that he was walking into the building, and before he got into the building there was a huge explosion, and of course the force of it just threw him back into the open area… He wasn’t hit by a fireball, he was hit by a detonation…

“It (the fireball) blew out the 72nd floor, it blew out the 23rd floor, it blew out the lobby, it blew out all sorts of floors in the basement, and it even destroyed parts of the PATH [rail] station more than 200 feet away. For one fireball to do all that — well, that’s one powerful fireball.”

McIlvaine and his wife, Helen, have written a message for the 15th anniversary of 9/11 that will appear in The Journal of 9/11 Studies and that Bob will read at the two-day “Justice In Focus” conference being held today in NYC.

Cold Case 

It is time to open this cold case.



  1. Dee, the crazy fireball story. who invented that?

    Same writer as the Danny carjacking story perhaps?

    Dee, please make up a word, or term, for “media thinking they can get away with any absurdity if they say it straight-faced”

    • 911 Commission’ report casually mentions it in passing… (and I believe with no explanation)

      “They (NYFD) did know that the explosion had been large enough to send down a fireball that blew out elevators and windows in the lobby and that conditions were so dire that some civilians on upper floors were jumping or falling from
      the building….”

  2. Dee, thanks for this information about the off-set elevators. Hadn’t seen that elsewhere. From what I have read, I believe that both thermate explosives to cut a number of steel uprights was used to weaken the overall structure, along with mini- nukes to bring the whole building down, at the same time pulverising steel and concrete, to hide the method of destruction.

  3. Attention the ABC and Mr Jonathon Faine.
    Mr Faine, during the conversation, err’, sorry, the insulting of Mr Kevin Bracken as recorded in the video commented upon in Dee’s article below and logged, on the Analysis of 911 ……Part 8, you say this to Mr Bracken at the 5.10 mark:
    “…Kevin if I had family who died on that day or in a related incident I would be so angry that you even got to air…” .
    Well, Mr Faine, I trust that you would have some time to listen to a ‘family’, i.e. Bobby’s father in his address in the video in the article above.
    Mr Faine: How about ringing Mr Mcllvaine and telling him that he should not be questioning the circumstances of his son’s death on 911 because it would make you ‘SO ANGRY’ if you were he?
    Need I say any more; ABC management and producers?
    The Australian Broadcasting Commission is a national disgrace, a waste of space and a waste of our billion per year in taxpayer’s money.

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