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Analysis of 9-11, Part 9: Johnston and Rodriguez Should Meet and Compare Notes


article-johnstonHerald Sun spread, 9th September 2016

by Dee McLachlan

This article reflects on two eye-witness accounts of the day. One from the janitor in the North Tower, William Rodriguez — and the other, a foreign correspondent at the time, now editor of the Herald Sun, Damon Johnston.

Damon Johnston

In 2001 Mr Johnston was working as a foreign correspondent in New York, and experienced first-hand the trauma of the “attack” on Manhattan. He later returned to Australia, and was for almost four years at the helm of the Sunday Herald Sun, before being appointed editor of the Herald Sun, in July 2012.

On Friday the 9th September 2016, he reflects on his day in New York in his article “The Saddest Day On Earth“:

“It’s 15 years since I was standing five blocks from the north tower.”

As a journalist, Mr Johnston gives a clear first-hand account of the collapse of the North Tower — but in an unusual way. He writes about orange rim glows, fireball squirts, growling sounds and deep rumbles.

damon-johnstonDamon Johnston

This is an extract of his account:

“As I get out (from a cab), the radio commentator says the south tower has fallen. It’s too big to fall down. Can’t be right. [You’re right] But I look south and I can only see one tower, the north. Smoke is pouring from the top 15 storeys but it is standing…
“I reach the intersection of West Broadway and Chambers… Black smoke is belching from the top and chunks of the skyscraper are breaking off. Below the smoke, an orange rim glows.
“But then I stop. The top 15 or so floors shudder, twist and dislocate. A fireball squirts from the glow. [squibs?]  I can hear a noise like a growl.“Most of the damage appears to be hundreds of metres high. Yet the sound rumbles from deep down. It takes about 10 seconds for 110 storeys to collapse in a grey fountain in front me. I’m five blocks away…
“The ash starts barrelling towards me…  I’m about to be swallowed.” [my emphasis]

I wonder if Mr Johnston has heard about William Rodriguez, and what he experienced that day.

William Rodriguez 

Mr Rodríguez was a janitor at the North Tower of the WTC and had been working in the building for 20 years. He was the only one present that day with a set of the master keys for the stairwells.

On September 11 Mr Rodriguez helped evacuate the injured from the basement levels; rescue people trapped in elevator cars; led firefighters up the stairwells — unlocking doors, and aided in the successful evacuation of countless survivors. He is believed to be the last person to leave the North Tower alive.

william-rodriguez-george-bushWilliam Rodriguez (L) and George W. Bush (R) at the White House

On that fateful morning, Rodriguez and a few co-workers were down in the basement. Suddenly there was an explosion. The blast was so powerful it threw Rodriguez up, clean off the floor. He initially thought the generator below them must have blown up.

He says they heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other. He says this all happened about 7-8 seconds before they heard the plane strike the tower high above.

This is his account (transcript of the video below):

“… I was talking to the supervisor and at 8:46 we hear — BOOM — an explosion so hard that it pushes us upwards in the air. Upwards. And it came out from below us, from the mechanical room that was right below us. And it was so loud and so powerful that all the walls cracked…

” …six to seven seconds after we’re hear a — BAAA — the impact all the way on the top of the building — of the plane. Two different events separated by almost seven seconds…

“…a person comes running into the office saying “explosion, explosion” his hands extended, all the skin pulled from under his armpits, hanging… He was coming at us like a zombie…”

Rodriguez also testified under oath at the closed-door 9/11 Commission hearings that explosions were going off in the basement of the North Tower before the impact of the first plane. He also provided the panel with a list of first-hand witnesses. But the Commission did not include his account.

Rodriguez and Johnston Should Meet

But back to our journalist. I wonder if Mr Johnston has heard of William Rodriguez? And would he interview Rodriguez, and give him a large double page spread — so that the mainstream readers could learn about the many explosions that day.

What a break through would it be, if he met with Rodriguez, compared notes and reported the truth about 9-11 for once.

And Mr Johnston, you are absolutely correct when you write — “It’s too big to fall down (the South Tower). Can’t be right“. Thousands of architects and engineers agree with you.



Photo credits

Johnston - Herald Sun

Rodriguez - www.911tap.org


  1. Sorry Dee, but I have a problem with your article.
    Are you suggesting that a journalist present at 911 on the day, who has now risen to be the EDITOR of the Distinguished (?) Herald Sun newspaper would not have heard of Rodriguez’s account of the explosion/s in the basement prior to the first aircraft impact?
    That could not possibly be!!!! Dee that is rediculous, surely?
    Rodriguez’s account has been around for yonks.
    I heard and his live video presentation in Sydney in early 2008.
    Dee if it is correct: Poor Damon, poor Herald Sun, poor Herald Sun duped readers……………… so sad and so much spent by readers over the years on the paper just for 911 misinformation and BS.
    Oh well, I suppose the HS readers at least get some of the good Melbourne AFL gossip?

  2. I have only one comment to make regarding this latest update regarding 9/11.
    I’m very surprised that Mr. Rodriguez is in fact even still alive, or even still accessable, not disappeared living on some mountain top with squillions in the bank.

  3. LMAO, sound though air, 600 meters per second, sound though steel, 5900 meters per second, hearing and feeling the planes impact first though the steel vibrating is exactly what should have occurred!

    The whole building swayed from the energy of the planes impact!

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