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Broomsticks Required to Fight Off “The New Face of Terrorism”


knifeman-attack-4The Broomstick-man (L) and Knife-man (top R) face-off

by Dee McLachlan

If you watched the ABC news on Sunday night, you would have heard the news reader say — while images of the 9-11 attacks played on the screen:

“The prime minister says that the Minto episode has similarities to another attack that happened 15 years ago today.”


15 years ago — two planes caused three buildings to “collapse” — killing about 3,000 people.

In the Minto episode, a young man, apparently suffering from schizophrenia, attacked a neighbour with a knife — and was stopped by another neighbour with a broomstick. How can the prime minister or the ABC compare these events. Please!!! And did the ABC misquote the prime minister?

The report continued, cutting to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who said:

“It’s critical that we continue to respond in as an agile a fashion as our enemies seek to attack us”

Today the papers are plastered with… “The New Face of Terrorism.”

The Minto Affair

This is what we have been told so far:

  • 22-year-old Ihsas Khan stabbed Wayne Greenhalg, 59, on Saturday. They both live in Ohlfsen Road — off Minto Street.
  • A neighbour, Sivei Ah Chong, 43, chased and hit Khan on the back of the head with a broomstick to ward off the attack.
  • Greenhalgh’s wife said Khan had approached them earlier in the day with a Koran in his hand.
  • Khan had come to the attention of police before, but was not on a terrorism watch list.
  • Police had been called on two occasions when Khan abused or threatened people for their non-Islamic behaviour.
  • Khan was also charged with maliciously damaging property when he destroyed an Australian flag in 2013. The matter was dealt with under the Mental Health Act.
  • Khan was not connected to any terror groups.
  • Another resident on Ohlfsen Road said Khan had stood outside her home yelling at her in Arabic.
  • Police said he has serious mental health issues including schizophrenia.
  • Police found an electronic copy of Islamic State’s magazine Dabiq and evidence he had been searching for extremist YouTube videos.
  • Khan (in a police interview) allegedy said that he knew the leader of Islamic State and believed he was justified in killing people to protect and exact revenge for Sunni Muslims.
  • Khan had told police he was inspired by the shooting death of NSW police employee Curtis Cheng and wanted to make a ‘martyr of himself’.
  • The attack came one week after Islamic State called for ‘lone wolf’ attacks on major tourist attractions in Australia.
  • 7 News understands neighbours had contacted the anti-terrorism hotline about Khan in the past.
  • Khan was refused bail in court on Sunday, he has been charged with committing a terrorist act and attempted murder.
  • Khan was once an academically gifted student on the high achievers’ list at Hurlstone Agricultural High School.
  • Another resident said she saw Khan at 1 am pushing a wheel and axle up and down the road continuously a few days ago.
  • Khan had allegedly posted extremist messages in public forums, including “We will never meet Allah on the Day of Judgement without going till [sic] death, torture, slaughter to save our innocent precious Muslimah sister.”
  • The incident happened to be caught on two CCTV cameras from inside and outside a Minto hair salon where the victim sought refuge (here).

The response so far:

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has urged Australian communities to be alert to people whose behaviour has changed and may be “problematic”. Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn said:

“There is an individual who is known to police for some matters and… for whatever reason becomes inspired to act…

“This is the new face of terrorism.”

More Terror-ble Legislation Required — Obviously!

herald-sun-12septHerald Sun splash, 12/9/16

The Australian government plans to introduce even tougher anti-terror laws. The ABC reports today:

“…the Turnbull Government will introduce legislation to allow for control orders to be placed on teenagers as young as 14.

“A separate Bill will keep convicted terrorists in jail even after they have served their sentences if they are deemed to pose an ongoing risk to the community.”

The Bella Vista Affair

Some of you will remember my article entitled, “An Unremarkable Incident And The Passing Of Deplorable Legislation” — on the Bella Vista Affair.

25th September (2014). Thursday morning at 6.30 am. A member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF)… was threatened and assaulted by two men of Middle Eastern appearance while wearing his full uniform at Bella Vista, Sydney. They threatened to cut his throat (Channel Nine News).

ADF personnel are warned to be careful when wearing their uniform in public following the Bella Vista incident.

Later than night Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored, and for whistleblowers, journalists, and bloggers to be jailed for 10 years if they disclose information about a special intelligence operation.

Then… 26th September… the officer/sailor withdraws the assault claim.

A pattern all too familiar.

whackWHACK — Broomstick-man lashes out at psycho knife-man — saving Australia


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  1. We await more information, but not from MSM. We have been caught out too many times before. Remember the Hilton Bombing, Port Arthur, and maybe the Sydney Siege as well as the Hoddle Street shootings.

    As for Malcolm Turnbull’s ridiculous statement he must be as mad as he is crooked.

    • O my Country, So Beautiful and so lost….
      (Come on, everybody, stand up and belt it out):

      Va’, pensiero, sull’ali dorate; / Va, ti posa sui clivi, sui colli,
      ove olezzano tepide e molli / l’aure dolci del suolo natal!
      Del Giordano le rive saluta, /di Sionne le torri atterrate…
      Oh mia Patria sì bella e perduta! / O membranza sì cara e fatal!
      Arpa d’or dei fatidici vati, / perché muta dal salice pendi?
      Le memorie nel petto raccendi, / ci favella del tempo che fu!

      O simile di Solima ai fati,
      traggi un suono di crudo lamento;
      o t’ispiri il Signore un concento
      che ne infonda al patire virtù!
      al patire virtù!

  2. Dee what a hoot.
    Even more of a hoot, my original first up comment has been ‘glitched’,
    Trying again.
    How the Prime Minister of Australia can claim that the broomstick and knife duel may be equated with 911, has to be the hoot of our times as they he is apparently unable to objectively examine scientific evidence and apply common sense to the reality if the destruction of towers one and two and in particular, building number seven.
    One may presume that is why they are ex-lawyers, typical examples are ex PM Howard, PM Turnbull, foreign minister Julie Bishop and even ‘our’ ABC shock joke, Faine et. al.
    Clearly they demonstrate that they do not have the capacity to apply objective detachment necessary for service on a common sense jury in a criminal trial, being the duty imposed by a court in all criminal hearing trials.
    Now let me now spend time on their msm journo mates and shock joke mates with the gullible skeptic associations and academics providing; aid, comfort and sucour to mass murderers causing terrorism and the Muslim refugee invasion of Europe,
    Some people should be barred from jury service, they do not possess the bottle to do carry out their duty to a court
    for either the prosecution or the defence

  3. This event and how it is being interpreted (by those who believe themselves to be sane) should serve as a worldwide alert to families of those who suffer from medically-manageable mental illness: get your loved one diagnosed and make sure they stay on their meds! Their life may depend on it for new and scarier-than-ever reasons: your own neighbors and fellow countrymen… To those who suffer from medically-manageable mental illness: trust your families who love you and stay on your meds!

  4. Sounds like another gullibility test for the people of Australia. Something happened…but the media and political explanation make my eyes roll.

    • Speculator, I agree that they do gullibility tests all the time. But what if no one fell for it? Like Martin Bryant keeping 21 guns in a grand piano. What if everone laughed. That would still not be problem for the Powers That Be. Because even if we catch onto all their tricks we lack:
      1. a way of uniting with one another (Even on this website most commenters give first name only so we can’t very well meet at the Casbah)
      2. a way of punishing the baddies — since the whole mechanism of society’s punishment has been placed in the care of mindless police. (All police act mindlessly now, correct?)

      So, our condition of powerlessness is really what we should be working on correcting. God, it is so stupid.

      • A condition of powerlessness? Surely that’s exclusive to Turnbull & Co. That’s what happens when you sell your soul to a defeated entity.

        It’s not a matter of punishing the baddies its a matter of acting on the disablement.

        • Berry, let’s say we found courts to be cheating, and imprisoning the innocent. How to approach that? I myself am a one-trick pony — I only think of appealing to the thinking folk, hoping they will see that there’s no reason to put up with this sort of thing, and that it’s in ther interest to stop taking it lying down.

          That’s about all I’m good for. Care to name any methods for “acting on the disablement”? You say we don’t need to punish the baddies. Just think if one of the pollies or judges were strung up — wouldn’t that help? Isn’t that the way humans have been dealing for centuries? Our kids don’t even know that that option exists. I, at least, know that it does.

          • My understanding is that the Western model of law & order was established purely on the basis of maintaining worldly dominion. The drive to follow a Divine form was/is corrupt so corruption was/is inevitable.

            My perception is that said counterfeit model is in it’s death throes. I also think that the cost of personal freedom is coming face to face with the full horror(egregious judgments imprisonments etc)

      • “since the whole mechanism of society’s punishment has been placed in the care of mindless police”

        A point that may or may not be related Mary, is that modern healthcare is very much driven by algorithms with less and less room allowed (yes, allowed) for creative/independent/discretionary thinking. What drives this? Irrational fear of litigation on one hand. It also gives the employing agency an exit strategy should any Nurse or Doctor veer too far from the algorithm and things go pear-shaped, no matter the reason for stepping outside the line. This also fits into the much observed dumbing-down of education as to work within this model one has to suspend ones own judgement and follow the dictates of the hive, and Nurses can be fearfully conformist. If you rise to management level then supporting the model is what keeps you in a job.

        • Paul, fear of litigation is felt at the personal doctor level, but recall Dr Day in 1969 saying the doctor would become a mere employee and technician. It has certainly hapened and must be intentional. I encourage any doctors to develop some pride and stop following this awful trend, Thanks for the info, Paul

      • About the lack of unity in society – towards the end of the video shown below, the following idea is presented: “Not revolution but rebellion”. Revolution requires a certain amount of unity but rebellion is individualistic.

        It’s titled, “15 Years of Deception – 9 /11 Reviewed – We Are Change Rotterdam”

  5. The Khan story sounds like the script from a B-grade Hollywood movie.

    Why didn’t they come right out and give the bad guy the name of “Mahomed”, “Al-Islam”, “Muselman” or “Al-Nazi”? How about “Al-Putin”?

    For the 50% of the population with an IQ above average, this is all ridiculous and insulting theatre. But what about the 50% with a below-average IQ?

      • I noted that the so-called CCTV images were taken from different angles. Either the location had multiple cameras set up, or somebody was ready to photograph the scene. The entire scene appears to have been set up, probably framing or manipulating Khan. Please check whether my findings about the different angles are correct.

        • Absolutely correct Elias. I checked the business — a little home biz on a suburban street. It seemed most odd that that the cameras caught all this… and from the CCTV footage I saw — started conveniently right outside the salon—and ended right inside the salon.

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