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Mohammed Atta, Israeli Moving Companies, Psychic Friends and a Dead Handyman


hollywood-bread-factoryThe Hollywood Bread Building, Florida

A Gumshoe reader, Gary, has alerted us to this post from singer, songwriter and activist David Rovics’s blog — ‘ Songwriters Notebook. His blog is generally stories from the road and ruminations on life, but this post records what his friend, “Michael,” told him. I contacted David, but he could add no more than what he had written, and only he can thus vouch for the credibility of this tale.

Mohamed Atta was in Florida learning to fly. Interestingly one of the last places he was seen (on the 7th or 8th September) was the Shuckum’s Raw Bar & Grill, a restaurant located on Young Circle in downtown Hollywood, Florida — very close to the Hollywood Bread Building, and central to this account. And apparently 12 hours after the attacks, FBI agents showed up at the bar and passed around  photographs of the hijackers.

David writes that he is not involved in researching these type of events, but that it does raise troubling questions.  I have abbreviated David’s introduction, but I have left the retelling of his friend intact. (Introduction by Dee McLachlan)

David Rovics writes:

“…This is something that was recently written up by a friend of mine. I’ll call him Michael… I know him originally through musical circles (and) prefers to remain anonymous if possible, which means in this case that I’m the one vouching for his credibility. So I’ll just say now that Michael is a highly intelligent, gifted, mentally healthy person who wishes harm to no one. He is only putting this information out there because he thinks it seems like the right thing to do.”

mohamed_atta_drivers_licence-1Mohamed Atta

David Rovics’ slightly edited version of what Michael shared with him:

9/11 and the Hollywood Bread Building

With the 15th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States coming up, I decided to write down what I know about what lead up to them. You see, I knew Mohammed Atta.

I should have written this down years ago, but for the first years I feared for my and my family’s lives, and after that had passed, I guess I just wanted to put it behind me. I am sure that after 15 years, I might have some details wrong, but the core story is correct.

The Building

The Hollywood Bread Building is a 10-story building overlooking Young Circle Park, the central park in Hollywood, Florida. It is currently abandoned and according to the papers, there are violent ‘floor turf wars’ being fought inside by the people squatting there.

But in 2001, it was filled with many small businesses, including mine. I could see Young Circle from my 9th floor windows. That’s where Shuckums was (and maybe still is) – the oyster bar where the 9/11 hijackers last got together to have a meal together, before boarding their flights to murder thousands of people. It was first widely reported that this happened on September 10th, but I believe that timeline has been revised. I have made the conscious decision not look up any facts about 9/11 now, for fear that it would influence or shape what I remember.

I worked together with an employee of mine in these offices on the 9th floor – let’s call him Joey (not his real name). As soon as Mohammed Atta was fingered to be the ringleader in the attacks, both Joey and I almost fell out of our seats. “That guy??? We know that guy!”

Joey would hang outside the front door a lot, because he smoked and wasn’t allowed to do it inside the building. So did others from other floors. Atta was a frequent visitor to our building. What’s interesting is who else was renting offices in the building.

The Tenants

There was Moishe and the Israeli ‘social club’ on the 9th floor. They’d come in in the late afternoon and stay until all hours of the night, sitting on couches and making phone calls on the speaker phone in Hebrew. I often worked late, sometimes until midnight, and they’d be there with the door open, assuming that all other tenants were long gone.

Then there was the ‘trucking company.’ They were Americans, in a very small office on the 9th floor that probably rented for about $350 a month back then. They started moving racks of computer servers into that office.

This intrigued me, since we built rack-mounted computers for a living. I was intrigued why a company that was renting a $350 office was moving in what looked like at least $100,000 worth of computer hardware.

And what on Earth could you need that kind of computing power for, if all you were doing was keeping track of a very small fleet of trucks. I asked the guy. He had no comment and ever since that day, they kept their door shut.

And then, there was the ‘moving company.’

These guys also spoke Hebrew. I remember as if it were yesterday. Talking to a young guy who worked for them, outside the door, where they were smoking. I welcomed them to the building and asked what they kind of work they did.

The young guy didn’t seem to know what to say. When he started to say something, an older guy shut him up and said “we are moving company.” Then he told the young guy to put out his smoke and come inside with him.

What do these three companies have in common?

Well, on September 12th 2001, they were all gone! Like they were never there. Offices cleaned out and left without a trace.

Johnny Cowboy and the 10th floor

And then there was Johnny Cowboy (not his real name).

Johnny was an interesting fellow. He acted as handyman for the building, and offered car washes to people parking in the lot across the street.

He never said much, but Joey and I saw him all the time and were friendly with him. He looked like a cowboy out of an old Western. While he scowled at most people, he seemed to like us and actually spoke to us sometimes.

The 10th floor had been home to the Psychic Friends Network when I first moved in. Later on, it became a technical school, and then it was empty.

It was different than all of the other floors – you couldn’t get into the floor without a key. It was off-limits to all. But Johnny Cowboy had keys.  And I think he crashed there from time to time, as well. Meaning, Johnny knew everything that went on in the building at all hours.

One day, I came to work and saw fire trucks outside the building. When I got in the elevator, I noticed that a horrible stench had enveloped the whole building.

Turns out someone found Johnny’s decomposing body on the 10th floor. There were strange cops in the building, the kind with suits, sunglasses and earpieces.

I asked what happened.

“Looks like he drank himself to death. They found a bottle next to his body,” a firefighter answered.

Joey and I looked at each other, puzzled.

So I said, “uh, Johnny didn’t drink.”

The cop told us that we don’t want to go around asking too many questions, and told us to move along.

Could Johnny have been a recovering alcoholic and had a relapse? Possible. Could he have seen something in that building at night that he wasn’t supposed to? Possible.


Joey and I struggled for a while after September 11th, whether we should call the FBI and tell them about Atta hanging out with the Israelis. After a few days, we did. They took our numbers. Nobody ever called us back or followed up.

In Conclusion

So there it is, best as I can remember it.

The Israeli social club, the ‘trucking’ firm with the server banks, the Israeli ‘moving company’ whose employees didn’t seem to know what business they were in – all went poof on September 12th.

And Johnny Cowboy, who drank himself to death or saw something he shouldn’t have. One bizarre story, isn’t it?

Memory is a funny thing, and I’m sure I have messed some details up. But I wanted to write it down exactly as I remember it, before comparing notes with Joey or researching on the internet.

A few months after this happened, I closed my company, sold our house and went on a multi-year RV trip with my (now ex-) wife.  I didn’t feel comfortable being able to be easily found.  Not having an address seemed just fine with me.

For at least the first year or two, I fully expected that someone would probably find me and Joey, either victims of unfortunate accidents or more likely, with just a single gunshot wound to the back of our heads.

I didn’t tell anyone about any of this for years, out of fear, but then decided that if someone saw us as a threat, we would have been long gone. In a sea of conspiracy theories, anything is easily discredited. I don’t have a theory – I just know what I saw. I don’t claim to know what it all means.

Joey and I check in with each other every year on 9/11 to cheer at having made it yet another year.

wassa_m_attaMove your mouse over Atta’s face

**Author, David Rovics’ Note:  This is a revised version of my account. The original version that was very briefly published contained references to a murder and law enforcement raids that were connected to the building in question.  It was immediately brought to my attention that my and my partner’s families’ safety could be endangered because of organized crime involvement in these events.  I have decided to take out these parts of the account.  I have no evidence that the deleted events had any connection to the September 11th attacks.**



  1. This is very interesting! I’ll bet there are a lot of people like this who know bits and pieces about events and people related to 9/11 or other false flags. If we could just get them all together safely so that they could compare notes and sort out the details!

    • Those who know sufficient bits and pieces in regard to those responsible for the mass murders on 911 may be located in any intelligence organisation in any country in the world.
      The ex President of Italy, Franseco Corriega ( sp) stated in a press report years ago that the day after 911 all the intelligence agencies knew it was a CIA-MOSSAD job.
      Thus the controlled msm and controlled pollie protection of the murderers and cover up.
      So for our democracy and democratic representation……… all BS.

  2. I know it riles you Mary, but the fact is if you aren’t talking about the Hebrew angle in regards to 911, then you aren’t talking about 911.

  3. Paul, how many times do I have to say it? The maker of all this trouble is a centralized group. David Rockefeller was dealing with the Chinese leaders whilst that country was still allegedly Communist! Whoever arranged 9-11 had to have control of the US military on the day, and the media, and days later the Congress. (Those jerks passed the Patriot Act without reading it, and on October 8, 2001 approved the invasion of Kabul. Jerks!)

    The same overlords apparently run the Satanist groups in Australia – consider how the current Royal Commission refuses to deal with Fiona Barnett’s hot information. They also run genocidal vaccination programs. Ask me about the bonafides of Edward Jenner in 1798.

    Paul, I have no desire to protect any ethnic group. If all the organizers of 9-11 did so from Tel Aviv then I want them arrested now –- and I’ve said that I really wish it were a “foreign” group. The 9-11 victims – basically all of New York – could better get their brain onto the subject if it’s foreign. Nobody seems to have a way of thinking about “World Government.” Too bland?

    Of course I also want the Americans arrested, starting with Cheney. The above article looks fake to me. I can smell the writing style. My guess is that certain agents are assigned to write Jews-did-it type stuff to keep dissidents off balance. After all, if you think you have practically solved everything by identifying the Hebrew angle, you ain’t gonna put much energy into continuing the search, right?

    Will it help us in Oz re the pedophilia thing if we can say that the whole idea of child torture stems back to the Jewish Sabbatean sect of which Eva Franck was an influential member in the US elite? No. Even if it’s true it’s unhelpful to stopping it.

    Just ask Denis Ryan (search Gumshoe for his name). He is a cop in Mildura who hits a brick wall in the police department re pedophiles. Many kids committed suicide over this, just imagine that. Can we as Australians deal with it please instead of waiting for the great breakthrough about “the Hebrew angle.”

    Mossad is a bunch of hit men. So is the mafia. So is – maybe – a certain element in the Port Arthur affair.

    Do we have to let one of our brothers be oppressed in Risdon prison because we can’t come out and say LOCALS DID IT?

    I am not afraid to say Jews did it. There is a photo of Ari Ben Menashe (of Mossad) on the steps of Broad Arrow Café shortly after the shootings. Maybe infiltrators from Israel made the massacre happen for purposes of gun control. Or as a psy-op to scare and weaken all Australians.

    Well, OK. But Damian Bugg and William Cox both knew Martin Bryant was not the culprit. So I claim they acted (in court yet!) as agents of the guilty party. Now then, does it really matter if they acted as agents of Jews, Brits, Yankees, or Seychelles Islanders? I don’t think so. It remains for us to deal with them.

    We can grab Bugg and/or Cox as material witnesses. (That is not a criminal count against them. It is a way of demanding information from them.) Australians can also arrest governors-general or state governors. Only the monarch has legal freedom from arrest.

    When are we going to assist Martin Bryant to set foot outside into the fresh air? Huh?

    • I think one should take this account as just another account. The account refers to people talking Hebrew — and I do not for one believe moment this account is trying to persuade us all to blame 9-11 on the Jews. Why would David Rovics entertain that? I think there is far to much analysis there.

      There is a hidden power using all and sundry to do their work for them (politicians, media, US military, agencies and outside contractors and specialists from everywhere.)

      Compare for instance: When a black guy in Detroit is selling drugs — we don’t say “all black guy sell drugs” and definitely don’t say “only black people are responsible for all drugs”. He’s only the last link in the chain. He got the drugs from someone else… who got it from someone else — who got it from someone in the military — who organised it with the help of a London banker — who helps a NWO family disrupt global society (or whatever).

      So back to the story above… anyone working on the details of transport or interacting with Atta or even demolition are only the LAST LINK of a long chain of command (world / family power structures). So one should not make any assumptions from the above account… but one cannot overlook any accounts either.

      • Dee, I like your analogies, but — as a separate matter — what has Atta to do with the price of eggs (on 9-11)?
        And didn’t you say in a previous article that Atta’s Dad said “Mah boy is alive and well.”

        I see Obongo is veto-ing a Congressional bill that would allow Americans to sue the Saudis for 9-11. We can call that “a distraction.”

        Note to demolition workers who did bad things on 9-11: come to Gumshoe’s bosom; we will advocate amnesty for you if you sing.

        • Suing Saudis for 9-11 – absolute distraction. Yes. They are first layer in the firewall. I’ll put up my onion layers picture up again. The Israeli’s another layer of protection… etc… blaming the military another layer.
          It is kind of irrelevant whether Atta is alive or dead. The official story uses him. We can never really know.
          But yes—like the South African truth trials…yes — “we will advocate amnesty for you if you sing.”

        • Paul, go to maryWmaxwell.com. Click on free download of my cancer book (“Consider the Lilies”). Read the chapter on vax and don’t miss Appendices by Higgins, Wallace, and especially Creighton. You are in for a treat.

          The vax scam was uncovered by late 1890s. And where are we now? In 2016. Geez.
          Paul, come to my house in Adelaide and do some “supervised reading” of Charles Creighton’s old books. He was a genius.

          • I found a remarkable interview with Andre Wakefield recently. That story is extraordinary. The man didn’t do or say any of what we are told he did and said. his paper was innocuous and boring as far as dynamite goes.

          • I’d take you up on that if I wasn’t thousands of miles away. I may even do that one day. You and Dee are very engaging, interesting people.

  4. Yeah, I know….but…Dominic Suter and his movers, Zim shipping & Odigo systems (clear foreknowledge), the fabled dancers, Netanyahu trying not to sound too happy on the day, the nosy art students, airport security, Mossad hijack guru Daniel Lewin on a plane…too much single external group-related representation and anomaly to ignore. If they were all Saudi or Libyan companies and individuals then things would be much different (appears victim/families can now sue unrelated countries). Foot soldiers, more reliable than using Americans for discipline/loyalty reasons? Maybe? Whatever there’s a lot there, and if its a supra-national globalist affair, why are they so fully represented within that? Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg et al. OK, THE JEWS (as a generalized collective) didn’t do it, but Jews (individuals and corporations) were disproportionately represented among those who did it or knew something in advance, it would seem. I’d like to withdraw the observational Hebrew comment, but it leaves too big a hole in the narrative that seems to be the closer to the real one, and as far as I am concerned 911 is the source-code for today’s world. If they all happened to be Iranians it would be shouted from the rooftops.

    If it was joint CIA/Mossad, then I suspect the CIA mostly provided the refreshments and directions, and left the “wet” work to the experts. The CIA would have botched it worse and sooner, even with the best efforts of their operatives in the media. As it was the Mossad mob couldn’t help themselves getting all over-excited like that in the carpark.

  5. The best account I have read on Mohammed Atta and his mates is Daniel Hopsicker’s Welcome to Terrorland. After reading that you will never again believe the BS about devout Muslims who hated our freedoms etc etc.
    The transport angle is also interesting. The New York cops arrested some Israelis in a moving van that tested positive for explosives. After being held for some days they were released and deported back to Israel. Ditto the “dancing Israelis” who filmed the whole destruction of the twin towers from the New Jersey shore. Again, released without charge although they admitted they were there to “film the event”. If that isn’t foreknowledge then I am Siamese cat.
    You may also be interested in the fact that the highly regarded Europhysics News (www.europhysicsnews.org) vol 47 (4) has just published an article by Jones et al that concludes that all three towers were demolished by controlled demolition.
    That won’t be news to most Gumshoe readers but the fact that it is published in a respected mainstream journal is of interest.

  6. Is it just a coincidence that apparently, a few groups of ‘art students’ spent a couple of months living and ‘working’ on the very floors that Dov Zacheim’s drones smashed into on S11 2001?
    To learn more, search for ‘The B thing’ 911 Gelatin
    They even admit to it on Lecture ‘The B thing’ Gelatin.
    If this is real (certainly looks it) it is explosive.

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