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Targetted Individuals and Microwave



By Mary W Maxwell

Yesterday Dee McLachlan wrote about the “Fakebook” thing, in which censors named some of the “hot” websites. They must be not too bright to go around calling our intention to these. I would probably never have discovered, without this assistance, Govtslaves.com. (Wouldn’t it be funny if it were govtslaves.gov?).

“Government slaves” reminded me of the fact that Mary Gregory in New York, a targeted individual whom I trust, wrote about her experience as a government slave.

She is the author of several books on microwave warfare, as well as being a classics scholar! I just revisited a Timeline she wrote. It is from her book the Microwave Experiment. With her permission I incorporated it into by caner book as an appendix.

Mary Gregory was an experimentee while a civil servant, and now is a majorly targeted individual at home.

Please give it a few minutes. I’ve bolded some of the most interesting items. Ms Gregory might strike you as delusional but she has kept detailed records over many years.

From: Mary Efrosini Gregory, “Timeline,” in Microwave Experiment. (Trine Day Press, Walterville, Oregon, 2011).



(RF=radio frequencies; ELF=Extremely low frequency wave)

1887 Tesla creates earthquake in NYC with resonance device.

1940 Resonance causes collapse of Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

1949 Guy Obolensky can deliver a blow with a sonic wave.

1951 A. Sakharov generates EMP without nuclear detonation.

1958 Pat Flanagan invents Neurophone for the deaf. This brain entrainment device moves the brain into any state desired.

1962 Starfish Prime: US creates a new radiation belt 750 miles deep.

1965 Victor Sedletsky tests new weapon directing RF at the body.

1966 Operation Popeye weather control extends Vietnam’s monsoon.

1968 Gordon McDonald says ELF waves impair brain performance; entire population could be attacked and not know it.

1970 Pentagon expresses interest in race- or ethnic-specific weapons.

1971 Biaxial Shock Tester is installed to test anti-ballistic missiles.

1973 Ross Adey conditions cats by bombarding their brains with EM and the learned behavior continues for months afterwards.

____ Rutger Wever alters natural sleep cycles in humans.

1976 At US embassy in Moscow, W Stroessel gets bleeding of eyes.

1978 I am hired as a Customs Aide at JFK Airport, transfer to WTC.

____ Deafening crackles snap against metal cabinets in empty rooms both at JFK and WTC near where I sit, daily.

____ Several co-workers compulsively talk to themselves and smoke. Their compulsivity makes them excellent workers as they scour the minutia of documents to collect every last dollar in duty; they arrive and depart with clockwork precision.

1979 Adey finds that brain tissue irradiated with EMs releases calcium ions that interfere with brain function. EMs cause confusion. He warns of dangers of radiation from mobile phones.

1985 Bernard Eastlund’s application for patent for ionospheric heater says it can generate the power of a N-detonation; do “weather mod,” and “a moving plume could [be] means for focusing a vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the earth.”

____ Tornado wrecks Forest Hills — NYC is not in a tornado belt.

1987  I go on a crash diet. Co-workers form a Weight Watchers Club. We all become suddenly obsessed with the way we look.

1988  Montreal earthquake makes chandeliers sway in Queens, NY.

____ I start looking for food in garbage [dumpsters] to save money.

1989  ELF waves detected before Japan and California earthquakes.

1990 DARPA’s HAARP is built, shoots EM waves into ionosphere. Exhibit X: M.E.Gregory on GS-12 Targets

1991 Senators Tower and Heinz die in plane crashes, 24 hours apart.

1991 US Navy generates nonnuclear EMP bombs in Gulf War.

____ Martin Lenhardt: humans detect ultrasonic sound through the skin, bones, and body liquids, and the saccule in inner ear.

1992  I terminate my electricity [service] at home to save money.

____ Co-worker [We are all GS-12s] compulsively opens and slams cabinets, collects garbage, piles it high, talks without ceasing.

1993 WTC is bombed by sheik who gets his dynamite from FBI.

1994 Bolivia earthquake originates 600 kms beneath earth’s surface.

1995 Air Force project: “Put the Enemy To Sleep/Keep the Enemy from Sleeping.” Acoustics, microwave, and brain wave manipulation are used to alter sleep patterns.

____ Army builds TESS, uses resonance to simulate earthquakes.

____ EMs break up single strands of DNA in brains of rats.

____ Co-worker obsessively rips paper from morning until night.

1996 “Air Force 2025” says ionospheric heaters bring ions together to do more than enhance or disrupt communication: they create torrential rains or extreme drought, wiping out populations.

____ Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) seen to be related to disturbances in calcium homeostasis; in 1973 Adey had found EM made changes in binding of calcium in brains.

____ Two co-workers have suffered severe personality changes since I met them in 1978… hostile, talk to themselves; one is violent.

1999 Psyop: X’s are dabbed in dirty liquid all around my office walls.

2001  60,000 white box trucks come to northeastern US after 9/11. [These are now selling cheap on Internet – MM]

2002 Senator Wellstone plane crash. [Congress never reacts — MM]

____ DARPA announces Grand Challenge for auto teams that can get a driverless car to navigate southwestern US.

____ Planes change their descent path to Laguardia to just over my building; indication that Rego Park is now a DARPA test site.

____ I start getting pinpricks to the skin as I sit in my apartment.

____ Co-worker, 39, ages rapidly, looks and dodders like 80-yr old.

2003  Earthquake in Bam, Iran kills 26,271 people and injures 30,000.

____ Air Force spends more than $100 million to investigate beams that can disrupt electrochemical balance of the nervous system.

____ Article: Mobile phone radiation breaks up DNA in rats’ brains.

____ A soft-spoken co-worker metamorphoses into raving lunatic who throws chairs and utters strange, low gurgling sounds.

____ We move into permanent offices, but my section remains unlit for weeks. “Work” is being done in the ceiling.

____ A thud starts to drop on my comforter every night, wakes me.

____ I get the sensation of a powerful wind blowing across my face.

2004 School massacre in Beslan, Russia, occurs during the week of Republican National Convention. The ratings of [incumbent] Bush go up temporarily, as is the case when Americans are scared. Putin consolidates power.

____ DoD offers $1 million prize to first team that can get a driverless car to travel 143 miles from Barstow CA to Nevada.

____ Roof collapses in Paris. Chirac had blocked AWC to Turkey.

____ At Customs, cigarette smoke comes from the air vent directly over my head, but people in other cubicles do not get it.

2005 London Underground bombings occur at stations where Visor Consultants, that trains the FBI at Quantico, is staging mock drills. Visor Director Peter Powers is on the BBC that morning.

____ Helios Flight crashes on 31st anniversary of CIA-sponsored coup in Cyprus; all 121 people on board are killed.

____ Wall collapses on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Pentagon says it can project a plasma or HPM – high powered microwave and see through barriers into buildings; this is being fitted onto unmanned aircraft; it can shut down TV or radio stations; it can stop cars; it can destroy the circuitry in any machine.

____ A pedestrian is killed on Queens Blvd. Cops discover there is no one inside the car. [But doesn’t someone own that car? – MM]

____ I am followed by a helicopter [What does pilot think his job is?]

____ All co-workers get runny nose this winter. Congestion lasts for 2 years. Doctors say it is allergies.

2006 There are roof collapses in Austria and Germany after they oppose Turkish admission to EU. Roof collapses in Russia.

____ Air Force discloses that it is building small aircraft whose hulls, called “smart skins,” delivers stunning blow from a distance.

____ Ohio State announces that radar can image through walls. It distinguishes humans from inanimate objects by the motion of the heartbeat or breathing [as specifically predicted by Orwell].

____ I sit at the foot of my bed and jumbo jet roars overhead; sharp piece of my cranium juts up like a toothpick. [I still have scar.]

____ Radiator breaks in the unoccupied apartment above mine and water falls through my ceiling. My landlord does nothing about it.

Observation: I am becoming incredibly docile, since I live with the aggravation for 3 months before making a change.

____ I move the bed to living room but get electrovolts to the brain.

____ Psyop: A woman takes a seat right next to me in an otherwise empty subway car, stares at me.

____ I get pinpricks to the arms as white box trucks circle the block.

____ A cashier says she started getting pinpricks to her arm recently.

____ Deafening burst of sound explodes next to my ear.

2006 Passenger on the subway, just back from Iraq, shows me an 8-inch gash on the back of his neck; he was hit with friendly fire after he commented on officers having sex with recruits.

2007 Several hundred fires break out simultaneously in Greece between 6pm Friday and 6am Saturday September 1. [Must be] a laser beam is directed down. [Fires are on separate islands!]

____ VA Tech massacre originally 2 gunmen are seen; the cell phone photos that Cho send to the press are perfectly centered, [hence] he did not take them himself.

____ Coworker violently slams his locker and throws objects around his cubicle. People ignore him and their docility is noteworthy.

____ My supervisor agrees to witness cigarette smoke coming from vent but he holds cup of coffee under his nose and says he smells breakfast. [Note: we are paying him high GS-14 salary.]

2008 Cyclone hits breadbasket of Myanmar with surgical precision.

____ Suffering sleep deprivation I’ve suddenly begun to age rapidly.

____ Neighbors across street say their furniture shakes all night; one has red pin pricks all over her body; she hears a scream next to her ear. They both get a thud, wave on blanket, as plane nears.

____ White box trucks stand double parked in front of my building.

____ I hear musical notes in my head without benefit of the ear.

____ I wake up gasping for air. I hear pellets bouncing off window.

____ A reflection of an “X” in a circle appears on the brick façade of the next building between 9-10am each day.

____ My aluminum tarpaulins are riddled with holes as aircraft hover.

____ A neighbor notices that chemtrails criss-cross the sky. She says every time she sees the chemtrails it rains the next day.

____ A tiny golden spark shoots across the bedroom creating a gash on the bathroom wall on other side and chipping a ceramic tile.

2010  I take 2,000 photos and high def movies of military planes and black helicopters circling my roof.

___ Cars are parked here with signs in the windows that read “ON OFFICIAL US MILITARY BUSINESS.” [cf the Constitution!]

____ Her cat cries in middle of night, hides behind toilet. My neighbor develops a tumor in the lymph nodes of the groin. I notice that the moving waves are targeted towards my armpits and groin.

____ They remove the time and date stamp from my photos.

2011 Wisconsin’s news anchor Sarah Carlson begins talking nonsense during her broadcast; so does Judge Judy in her LA courtroom.

____ My sixth book, Search for Self in Other in Cicero, Ovid, Rousseau,Diderot and Sartre (Peter Lang) is published.


— Mary W Maxwell believes all of the above.



  1. Well, it’s certainly interesting. What I notice universally about self-proclaimed targeted individuals is that they are very good at documenting evidence in favour of being targeted individuals. However, I seldom seeing them trying to affect the targeting in significant ways, or taking steps to measure (with independent verification) the actions they claim are being taken against them.

    If we assume that she is indeed a targeted individual, then whoever is targeting her are doing quite a ham-fisted and sloppy job of it. Subjects under surveillance always change their behaviour, which defeats the purpose of surveillance to determine behaviour.

    Blatantly encouraging the subject to believe they are under surveillance is counterproductive, unless the goal is some kind of gas-lighting.

    • I am on the road and can’t reach for my books but I dont think Ms Gregory is talking about HAARP. She lives in the flight path of JFK airport and the “hits” come from planes.
      Most peole who can write abook about Ovid — and all the fuss that goes with that — are not your basic ding-dongs, eh?

      Note to Dee: Could you replace the HAARP phot with a photo of Gregory book?
      Oh wait, here is a link to her publisher Trine Day wo is also my publisher. trineday.com Never mind, Dee.

      • “She lives in the flight path of JFK airport and the “hits” come from planes.”

        Sorry, I don’t know where I got the HAARP idea from.

        “are not your basic ding-dongs, eh?”

        I don’t think either of us are qualified to assess Ms Gregory’s mental health, if that’s what you mean.

        But what WOULD be productive is to try to measure the things that are obviously strongly affecting her life! Correlating that with the aircraft present at the time, and then perhaps later checking on the details of those aircraft would yield loads of valuable information.

        Another interesting test would be for Ms Gregory to take a hiatus, say to upstate New York. There are places up there where one can go for days without hearing much of anything man-made. There are plenty of locations up in the hills where even cell service is nonexistent. I’m wondering if her outlook would change due to spending some time where it’s very quiet.

        It can certainly be done without spending a lot of money.

  2. Incidentally, the HAARP installation isn’t capable of generating microwaves, or ELF directly with its existing antenna array.

    I’ve studied the antennas shown, and they are only effective for radiating RF between about 3 and 10 Mhz which is between the AM radio bands and CB radio bands. The site documentation agrees with the antenna properties. It’s a narrow-band instrument by nature.

    Certainly low-frequency excitation of possible high-current paths in the ionosphere could generate a very large, very low frequency virtual broadcast antenna made of ions, but assuming ELF affects people, virtually everyone on earth would be affected. This seems counterproductive unless the desired control effects are universal.

    The other problem with claiming HAARP effects is that they would need to coincide with the IRI being in operation, which according to nearby HAMs monitoring the site, is fairly seldom.

    I spose it’s possible that all HAMs (including me?) are “in” on the conspiracy as well.

  3. A omission or the other side of the Atlantic? London’s Tavistock, and the CIA are working from this institute along with MI5, on the MKultra, LSD project to target individuals who are seen as a threat to destabilize society as we know it, the hippies and those whom are deemed to be part of that culture, such as Lennon and the band The Pink Floyed, the individual who was one of the forming members became victims and targeted by establishment either killed physically or destroyed mentally,
    This Institute started as a Foundation for rehabilitation of WW2 service personal and soon after 1945 became a think tank for controlling the masses via corporations, media, finance, psychiatry, politicians and so on.
    The list of conspiracy items seems to me in many cases to be exaggerated to the extent it is difficult to understand the line between truth and fiction? the problem for me is if this book is mingling the facts and what may be considered credible will reflect upon more serious issues of the manipulation of the mind and the masses consciousness? the insanity of the ruling class and the destruction of our planet? in particular the philosophy of money as a prime motive of this destruction that now is all part of a global reality of mass delusion.

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