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A Sneak Peek at the Planning of a 1996 Massacre (Satire)



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

How did Australia get to where she is today?  I’ll play-act three scenes here of some 1990s “planning meetings.” The setting for this is a foreign land. I’ll pretend I am the boss, giving out assignments for an event to take place in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996.

1990: “Have a Look at Australia”

Men, we need you to go down there and pick a spot where we can do a disaster. There was already a rehearsal in Melbourne in 1987, so the people have an idea of what these things look like.  Aussies can be a bit hard to arouse. So we’ll try for 50 deaths all on one day in a dramatic setting.

We’ve trained some of the natives to do whatever we need. We might use the island state of Tasmania. Our partners in Tavistock have a 23-year-old child fodder there who could serve as the fall guy. We’ll have to knock off his father — something plausible, maybe suicide by drowning.

The election system for politicians Down Under is controlled by a two-party system of which one party, Labor, has so-called “party discipline.” So we only need to control a few of their leaders, maybe even only one. At the moment a deputy prime minister named Paul Keating looks good.

We can move someone else in if we prefer. There’s almost no political sophistication in the electorate. Oz is a nanny state.

The police are corrupt and that is openly acknowledged at the Wood “Royal Commission” hearings. Deaths in custody are well tolerated; the NGO’s know how to keep the justice sentiment running quietly for as long as necessary. Not to mention the dear old Guardian.

Next Meeting, 1993

Good job, we’ve got our location for the Ozzie thing. On the same day it occurs, there will be a nearby conference for media people from around the world.  CNN is going to be in charge. The theme will have to be “lone madman.” Oz has no experience that would justify any fear of Muslim stuff – so far.

Local point men have organized a horde of surgeons, helicopters, and embalmers. Grief counselors will go in and find out if any locals noticed anything they shouldn’t have noticed.

Some of the casualties are going to be senior citizen tourists from US and Canada, if we can do the action on a boat.

That boy’s father has been dealt with. The boy’s name is Martin B, he’s about 26. He inherited his lady-friend’s money in a well-organized car-crash situation. We’ll get the state legislature down there to create a way to grab that money legally and pass it to our helpers.

Have you made sure to keep the militarization of the police out of the headlines? Good. We’ll add in a hostage-type crisis, since that triggers “federal involvement.” Love it.

Our guys have been in Canberra, the national capital for years. We own quite some real estate in the middle of the country, too, where the Australian public may not set foot. Pretty much like we have in Israel, in Guyana, in Poland and so forth.

Because the boy is in Tavistock’s care, we have several options as to how to deploy him. But the marksman should be one of our own, with some physical feature that resembles Martin B.

I’m going to ask Tavistock to get Martin to grow “long hair” or a handlebar moustache or something memorable. A double of Martin B will be spotted here and there on the day. Gas station, that sort of thing.

After the main action we’ll sequester Martin with “hostages” until we’re ready to terminate him. This hostage trick is brilliant. It builds up all the drama on TV and gives us an excuse for not “going in.” Please make sure all cops are in on the joke.

I think we ought to use a couple of carjackings to make the story complicated. We’ve got 10 witnesses lined up – a cross section of humanity so to speak. They’ve been on the payroll since birth.

Final Arrangements, 1995

The Oz thing is in fairly good order. We’re preceding it with a school shootout in Scotland. The more such dramas the public sees in close succession the easier they adjust to it!

The “tragedy” element will be a community-bonding thing, per the standard formula. No critic will be able to get a word in edgewise, as it will “desecrate the memory of the victims.”

Our “secretary of legal formalities” in Hobart, the capital of Tassie, noticed a problem with coroner’s inquests. So they will amend the law and it won’t come into effect until the coast is clear. And there will be no trial, as the “accused” will be as dead as several doornails.

The current plan is to get our gun-control groupies in place and to have laws drafted for quick implementation. Someone has suggested that any guns to be de-registered be paid for by the government, no matter what condition they’re in. This “buyback” should make a nice sweetener for the less obsessive gun toters.

Tell the media that the usual routine of leaving flowers won’t be used here, since the location of the “tragedy” is one that takes an hour or more to drive to from civilization.

Also tell the networks to show patience and holdback, as we need to keep the shoot-out scene active for about 6 hours. God forbid there’s a Zapruder around the place with a movie camera. If it happens, we zap that Zapruder. “Oh sorry, dear widow, he was caught in a crossfire.”

Follow-up Meeting 20 Years After the Massacre

Well, well, well.  It was quite successful. Actually it turned out in our favor that Martin B escaped the fire – we got to test demonization. In a country like Ozzieland that loves the little guy, and especially the handicapped, there was hardly any show of sympathy.

We had a neighbor say Martin used to sleep with a pig. Nobody even raised an eyebrow over that one. Next time we could try a gorilla.

As expected, the proles never cared what was happening. They are known as “bogans.”  The government is about to have special mandatory vaccination for them in 2016.

There’s a well-educated 12% or maybe even 18% of the population.  They like to watch the BBC-type channel, known as ABC, which is strictly CIA.  We feed them what we need.

ABC’s association with highbrow music makes it unassailable. Clever! Their reporters discussed the 20th anniversary memorial in solemn tones and all went well.

Commercial channels also came to our aid with Sixty Minutes-style “investigations” of the Port Arthur massacre, as it is now called. Rupert Murdoch basically owns the press nationwide. It’s pure garbage, thank God.

It’s pretty astonishing that the legal profession does not give a rat’s arse for the law. Judges are somnambulant. They obey.

We never hear peep out of any of them despite the total screw job on Martin B, which has been ongoing for two decades now. Of course he’s incommunicado to the nth degree. A lady from Adelaide wrote to him recently but we’re going to fix her wagon.

Having To Keep the Cautions in Place

We can never afford to let our guard down. I did observe a bit of dissidence expressed by the smaller political parties.  I also notice a growing use of the word “false flag” applied to Port Arthur, thanks to Youtube’s 9-11 blitz. Nuisance!

Unfortunately an alternative website in Melbourne has caught onto the trick about the “independent DPP.” We may have to take it down.

A chick who is a nightclub singer has scraped together 2300 signatures for an Inquest into Port Arthur. And a couple of older men in the boonies have done amazing research – things we never thought to control. Oh hell, there’s a young rap artist, too.

But then, the authorities have the Power of No, so it should be all right.

Buckingham Palace tells me that someone is asking for a pardon for Martin B. And they’re reaching out to the crown princess of Denmark who comes from, would you believe, Hobart, Tasmania. Not that she will stick up for her people.

The worst thing we have to worry about is the number of victims whose compensation was not exactly generous and who, if they wise up one day, might go ballistic.

Remember Sylvia Meagher?  Some Australians have diligently scrutinized the 800 original statements to Tasmanian police, despite our careful editing thereof. Damn, it’s so tiresome trying to guard against every pesky little upstart.

That reminds me, another potential source of trouble is coppery. We’ve had to deal with a half dozen of them, dispatching the two hottest ones in 1997. Everyone learned a lesson from that, I hope.

Naturally cops are resentful that the feds got onto their turf and pushed them around. Some of them who have kids that yak about conspiracy theory are looking a bit uncomfortable.

With any luck, though, we’ll be able to clamp down with the full police state in the next two years and put paid to any further worry. Of course the “police” will be foreigners, save for a handful of Ozzie-born traitors.

Mostly I think we’ve done a great job since 1993, but sometimes I wonder what for?

— Mary can be visited at maryWmaxwell.com



    • Thank you, Mal.
      I am here in Syd at the moment, on Gumshoe biz but I dassn’t describe it just yet.
      You may recall my first two visits were at The Menzies (concierge city), but funds are a bit stretched so now I do hostels. At the moment am in a 12-bed dorm room. That is my biggest so far but there is a sixteeener somewhere in this building.
      We have six lassies, all Asian; four lads, all British, plus me (whatever I am) and an empty bed. Three of the Brits are referring to one of their own as “The Guiness Book of Records” — as he has been sleeping for 36 hours without moving. (I am beginning to wonder if it is more than just sleep.)
      Can’t wait for the morning when we get cold showers. So character-building.
      Never you mind, if God had wanted us to have hot showers He’d have made hot rain.
      Speaking of which, just before I left Adelaide I took photos of a new cloud formation, V-shaped and very wispy, and the exact same one is here in Sydney.

      Gosh, God gets around.

  1. great post Mary! Makes total sense for Martin’s case, and it could be said for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case also. What wicked people there are, and how powerful they are. It doesn’t seem possible considering that most people in the world truly are good, yet evil seems to win over and over. When will good people overtake the bad? It’s certainly high time.

    • Dear Ms Dean, Follow the logic. The few bad ones will rise to the top because — by not restraining themselves to obey the rules — they have many advantages.
      So then they (let’s say5%) do bad things to the 95%. Why don’t the 95% react?

      First, because they insist on believing that people are good — so they won’t even face the facts

      Second, because humans are lousy at punishing anyone who has prestige (I think that is a result of the natural need to look up to the group leader).

      Third, because humans are not good at banding together, other than against a foreign enemy. Evolution gave our psyche instincts that were needed in the Pleistocene, but did not give instincts relevant to our present problem.

      Fourth, because our brain automatically calculates our chances as better than they are. Thus we keep thinking that putting up with this horror for another 24 hours will be OK.

      Fifth, because we are no longer in small or identifiable communities. So if a pollie, say, is a traitor to the community, people say “Ah but her real community is the community of Parliament.” Gahd!

      If only they would teach sociobiology in schools.

  2. A well written story and a command of language showing great skill with word smithing, the problem I find with this story is few outside the inner circle of comprehending the meaning would have a problem with what the story means.
    To appeal to a wider audience is risky insofar as becoming popular starts to become a appeal to the lowest common denominator, I suggest we do not mean this extreme, the reference to Tavistock is commendable as I having not come across this reference before on this blog, all the same this reference is unknown to all I know as associates unless I inform them to check out through the IT connection, also other than this becoming another clever bit of info to babble on at dinner parties is incomprehensible.
    Having myself come across this Institute in London by what is called chance, wo0uld never have known about this set up? the fact that RD Laing who wrote Divided Self, becoming head of this Institute in the late 50s, and his eventual entourage of cronies gave some credence to this organization of respectability at least as a front.
    I have wrtten to a few writers of my association with Tavistock and all contacts having become a dead end.
    Considering individuals such as Snowden now in Russia and Julian Assange and a vast number of individuals such as Bobby Fischer, the chess master to name a few whom did not fit into what establishment required as brain controlled now out laws to the system all regarded as criminals and the system as we know it today that means all what the general public considers as a legitimate government is little more than the Mafia on a grand scale offering the population of the world protection in the form of taxation or protection money from those whom we decide are the enemies of the state.

    • Is there a way to say Tavistock without saying Tavistock?

      Don I plead guilty, at Gumshoe, to writing for a group that is already in the know.
      But my books assume no background. Try Prosecution for Treason. Free download.

      In the book about Port Arthur by Dee and myself (also free download) there is an introduction to Tavistock.
      Of course if you look up the oficial website of today’s Tavistock Institute, London, you will get the euphemistic version.

    • I like this website not just for the articles, but the comments too. Thanks.,

      You mention Julian Assange.

      Since I found out he is on the record saying that he is annoyed by people that question the official account of 9/11, I can’t accept him as being a genuine whistle blower by any stretch of the imagination.

      I think his biggest cheer leader, is someone I used to respect as well, John Pilger, his comments regarding 9/11, that he believes it is most plausible that “they” let it happen, are just nonsensical to me, so I’ve crossed him off my xmas card list as well.


  3. Mary, another great piece on Port Arthur, the one thing l discovered from my Facebook page on Free Innocent Martin Bryant is there are people in society that you will never change there minds even when the evidence is overwhelming, there is a side to humanity that likes to prey on the weak, there is very little difference between us and animals

    • Imagine these people trying to get their head around a group sitting around a boardroom table while they planned hijacking 4 planes and organising the drills, the failure of CCTV cameras… warning the media… getting all the stooges to get their story right on “live” TV. Bombs in buildings… and in the Pentagon… then planning all the patriot legislation, the wars…
      “money money money”

    • Martin, I still run into the occasional person that absolutely KNOWS that Lindy Chamberlain killed her baby. In spite of the Royal Commission, all the evidence, the pardon – those people have had their brains fried by the media. You just have to consign them to the wastebasket of humanity, just move on and don’t deal with them. As my grandpappy used to say “don’t engage in a battle of wits, unless you know your opponent is armed.”

      If you think discussing Port Arthur is difficult now, you should have tried it 15 years ago. Gawd, there are some dumb-asses in this world.

      The word is slowly getting out. I was talking to Andrew MacGregor about a year ago and he was pleased that all the work we did so long ago is now begun to bear fruit. I expect at this rate, in another 5 years it will be like the JFK assassination, nobody believes the official story – well, except the above mentioned dumb-asses.

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