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More Cover-up and Catastrophe Over “Vaxxed”


robertdeniroRobert De Niro and his 18 year old autistic son, Elliot

by Dee McLachlan

Vigorous debate is over on certain topics. And vaccination is one of them.

It would not surprise me that one day you will be jailed for 10 years for opposing vaccinations. Laws presently allow journalists to be jailed for 10 years for exposing a secret operation — even if that operation may not be in the National  Interest. So why not just lock up those pesky parents.

Tribecca Film Festival (New York) 

In March this year I wrote about the controversy over the film by Andrew Wakefield:  “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” It was to be shown at Robert De Niro’s prestigious Tribecca Film Festival in New York.  The star of Raging Bull got punched out of the ring by the pro-vax contingent – the film was pulled from the festival’s schedule.

Castlemaine’s Film Festival (Victoria)

Then we read six days ago (20 September): “Banned in NY, controversial anti-vaccine film gets premiere in Castlemaine” (report by Rania Spooner, health reporter from The Age). Rainer wrote:

“Since announcing an upcoming screening of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe“, the organisers of the Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival say they have been hacked and subjected to relentless harassment.

“But unlike Robert De Niro, who cut the film from the Tribeca Film Festival in New York under pressure from scientists and other filmmakers, the Castlemaine festival is standing by Vaxxed…”


It was reported in The Age that David Thrussel said:

“We won’t be intimidated. We have shown controversial films before…”

Well it only took days. Another film festival has been “needled”.

22 September 2016:

Media Release by CLIFF

“Since announcing the premiere…  a campaign of highly co-ordinated abuse and intimidation…  members of the CLIFF (The Castlemaine Local and International Film Festival) team feel personally and professionally threatened. [Wow]

“This is unacceptable… a sad reflection on the state of Australian democracy…”

So the organisers have regretfully pulled the film — for “personal and public safety” reasons.

Wow. One has to wonder what the intimidation consisted of, and whether this was reported to the police and other relevant authorities.

I notice that it did not take long for “Reasonable Hank” to label David Thrussell (CLIFF’s artistic director) as an anti-Semitic, anti-vaccine, Sandy Hook massacre denialist. H also called Andrew Wakefield as a demonstrable fraud and liar. You have to love this grandiose vitriol.

So who is this Hank character? This “person” or entity who claims to have a brain too, plus being addicted to caffeine, has a website seemingly dedicated to provax issues. I wonder who is paying him/her/them?

Robert De Niro Regretful

But back to De Niro. He originally wanted to screen VAXXED at his festival as he has a son that has autism. His son, Elliott, changed overnight following the MMR jab.

And now Dad regrets pulling the film that links the MMR vaccine to autism, and insists that “the movie is something that people should see.”

“Let’s find out the truth” says the age-72 actor.

I have contacted the CLIFF organisers and I hope they will report on what type of intimidation that had to endure. But as part of our investigation into the intimidation, we have an announcement.


Due to controversy created over Vaxxed, Gumshoe is announcing its own film festival. We will be screening Wakefield’s Vaxxed.

A phone number for the “festival” will be announced shortly for all those intending to harass and intimidate. Please note all phone calls will be recorded for “training and quality-assurance purposes.”

One has to be truly suspicious when people and organisations act with such intensity. What is the agenda?




  1. Well done Dee. I hope you able to pull this exercise off, unscathed. Why should arrogant dead beats be allowed to interfere with the education of those that have a brain and want to make educated decisions for themselves and their families.

  2. This episode shows the falseness of Hollywood. For years they have cast Robert De Niro as a real tough guy, but as soon as a tough situation arises in real life, he failed the test.

  3. I firstly read Dee’s article on an i-phone whilst preparing dinner.
    I could not believe that I have apparently been reincarnated from the worlds of Adolf Hitler and that Stalin beast into something similar.
    What happened to reasonable debate and our democracy?
    Now we have vial ‘criminal’ intimidation in a repeat of the brown shirt world, apparently led by some totalitarian and Murdock style control freaks.
    Look up what has been paid out in vaccination damages by the US taxpayers.
    Bugger, dinner is burning.

    • The issue is just one of many that pinpoints the folly of allowing an elite to pass off socially – engineering/systematic impoverishment as “social security”.

      For anyone who has any doubts about the modus operandi of “our” current court-system a “Social Security” appeal is certainly the way to go. There are no fees or related restrictions, there appears to be some sort of process in place, and running into the BRICK WALL takes far less time.

  4. I made the effort to actually look at Wakefield’s (and the 11 other co-author’s) offending paper. The anti-vaxx reputation ascribed to it is actually at odds with the information contained in it and the recommendations that initially arose from said findings were quite innocent on the face of it. The medico-legal implications that arose from the publication of the paper couldn’t be allowed to stand however, and the only way out was to destroy the reputation of the lead author, because the alternative smelled like the world’s biggest class action.

  5. What is the agenda? I guess you’d have to counter in the fact that the system of economic dependency/oppression that’s evolved over the past 40 years or so must be kept rolling at any cost. Quarantine would upset the entire applecart; just imagine! Other clean alternatives might have undesirable side-effects such as self-awareness & personal responsibility.

    What I’d like to know is why the MSM has stopped promoting images of ebola victims and babies whose mothers were bitten by pesticide-mutated mosquitos.

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