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Are Media Lies Criminal? Part 4: A Whole book about the Marathon FBI Terrorism  


tamarlanDzhokhar (L) and Tamerlan (R)

by Mary W Maxwell

You may recall that Part 1 of this series featured a young writer at The Boston Globe, Eric Moscowitz, who relayed the Danny carjack story. Now it’s the turn of two other Globe writers who produced a book called Long Mile Home. There is no point in me analyzing their dishonesty. Might as well let them persuade you all by themselves.

Here follows a couple of excerpts in which I have bolded phrases of interest. The writers are Scott Helman, and Jenna Russell.  Long Mile Home was published by Penguin/Dutton in 2014.  I can remember when Dutton would not have dreamed of turning out such a product.

[Note: Dzhokhar, also called Jahar, is the younger of two brothers. He was 19 at the time of the 2013 Marathon “bombing.” His brother Tamerlan, 26, was killed in custody. This book is utter fiction, aimed at sustaining the myth of Jahar’s guilt.

Most likely Tamerlan did get ‘radicalized,’ under CIA auspices, but did not buy any pressure cookers, do a carjacking, kill an MIT campus cop, or make bombs. The entire Marathon scene was probably faked, as anyone who reads Jahar’s trial documents will readily see. – MM]

Begin excerpt, page 245-246:

In mining Jahar’s laptop, investigators had found books and a magazine promoting radical interpretations of Islam. The books included Defense of the Muslim Lands. The First Obligation after Iman, and Jihad and the Effects of Intention, which promotes martyrdom. [News from the mining sector]

Jahar had also downloaded one book, with a forward by Anwar al-Awlaki, a New Mexico-born Muslin cleric. Jahar likely [??] watched Awlaki’s influential Internet videos

…Youtube removed clips of Awlaki’s sermons in 2010, after a British student said that watching them inspired her to try to assassinate a member of Parliament – he survived the attack. [Thank God for small mercies.]

By then, US officials viewed Awlaki as a major source of inspiration for militants trying to strike against the United States. [There are no words with which I can react to that.]

The 9-11 Commission found that three of the 9-11 hijackers had met with him. [Which three? Maybe Dee knows.]

Nidal Malik Hasan, a US Army major and psychiatrist, e-mailed extensively with Awlaki before shooting and killing thirteen people and injuring more that thirty at the Fort Hood military base in Texas in 2009.

Umar Farouk Adulmutallab, who confessed to trying to set off explosives hidden in his underwear while on an airliner stayed at Alawki’s house…. Thus when a US drone strike killed Awlaki in Yemen, President Obama called his death “a major blow to Al-Quaeda’s most active operational affiliate.”

[The foregoing is the only page in Long Mile Home that deals with the radicalization of Jahar. Now for some posthumous accusation that Tamerlan may have done some mobster-style murders.]

Page 241-244:  The Waltham slayings had come at a turning point in Tamerlan’s life, his isolation deepening, his views becoming more radical, his family falling apart… Had the killing of Teken, Weissman and Mess been Tamerlan’s first violent strike against America?

Had it been a warm-up of sorts for the Marathon attack and for murdering Sean Collier — the race and the cop both symbols of everything he wasn’t?

When they kidnapped Danny [not] and commandeered his Mercedes, the route they drove took them right past the street where the three men had been slain….the ritualistic array of the bodies suggested these were no ordinary killings.

The authorities began to take a hard look at Ibraghim Todashev who had also trained with Tamerlan at the gym. On May 21 Todashev sat down in his Orlando apartment. The interrogation started at 7.30pm and lasted five hours.

A court filing by federal prosecutors would later confirm [?] that Todashev had asserted Tamerlan’s participation in the murders. When the FBI agent looked away, according to a law enforcement official’s account, Todashev picked up the table and threw it at the agent. [Well you would, wouldn’t you.]

The agent drew his gun and saw Todashev running at him with either a metal pole or a broomstick handle [seriously] …The agent fired more shots, killing him.

On April 22, 2013 while in hospital Jahar communicated a lot by writing [of which there is no record]. He told the interrogators he and his brother considered setting off bombs at the Charles River celebration of the Fourth of July to the music of the Boson Pops.

[The traditional piece for that occasion being John Philip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever type thing.] When the brothers assembled bombs faster than expected they began looking for a place to strike. [Bet they considered Adelaide. Why not?]

They had drawn motivation, Jahar said, from the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and they had acted on their own without assistance from al-Qaeda. [FBI record of this nonsense is on a ‘Form 302’ that contains no direct quotes or audiotape.]

Does anyone recall our Catalan scholar Montse Alarcón Flix saying that media writers are practically putting literary fiction writers out of business?

— Mary W Maxwell looks forward to the day when this sort of stuff is run out of town by Bostonians



  1. “Radical Cleric Al-Awlaki Invited to Private Lunch at Pentagon in Effort to Reach Out to Muslims After 9/11”
    ABC (US)
    “Awlaki admitted meeting with Hazm (Nawaf al-Hazmi) several times, he claimed not to remember any specifics of what they discussed…”
    All vague and sketchy… (including what Al-Awlaki was servedfor lunch)

    • Dee, a side issue about being invited to “the Pentagon.” One may think that means a US government invitation of some sort but, as I learned from Thomas Barnett’s amazing book “The Pentagon’s New Map”, you would be hard pressed to find any military personnel if you walked around the Pentagon campus.

      The main occupants are high tech corporarions. Barnett himself works there for Enterra Solutions, “a cognitive computer company.”

          • Believe me, Paul I do appreciate your saying that Israel is the organizer. i don’t agree but you have made me look harder at it.

            re Kissinger above, Charlotte Iserbyt — daughter of a Skull and Bones man — says Henry was simultaneously a general in the Soviet army and US Secy of State. She heard that from a defector.

            By the way I have just heard of a persecuted Amrican defecting to Russia. That reeeeally gave me pause.

            Maybe they will make a movie in Moscow entitled “The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming.”

  2. Off topic. I just came across this, from the Sydney Morning Herald online, four days after the siege ended:

    NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said his wife and daughter had been inside the cafe on Monday morning and were shown around the store by its manager Tori Johnson — one of two victims of the siege — and left an hour before the hostage situation began.

    “They came into town with me, they were going to do a bit of Christmas shopping,” Mr Scipione said. “and unbeknownst to me they both decided to slip down into Martin Place and have a look around in the Lindt shop.”

  3. Ah, the lights have just come back on. South Australia was without electricity from 4pm to 11.30 pm. I told a non-conspiratorial friend of mine that I reckoned it was experimental. She said “That’s what I thought, too.”

    Good heavens. The natives are getting restless!

    However, with all the mod cons turned off, you can’t do much with your restlessness. For example, thanks to the computer needing electricity one could not communicate.

    • China has control of Adelaide’s water I believe I read quite some time ago. Probably the dams were getting a bit low. Also the illustrious minister for foreign affairs hasn’t exactly endeared us to them. Just my silly thoughts again.

      • Dear Kevin, whether or not you have a PhD in atmospheric science, I wish to inquire about your “low dams” remark. Do you mean the Chinese (or any other nominee for that matter), are responsible for yesterday’s heavy rain in Adelaide.?

        I assume the power outage has been blamed on the storm. Is that what you are driving at?

        In replying, please do not bring in anything about alien reptiles as we do have some “outer parameters” at Gumshoe. But I don’t consider your comments “silly”! Weather control is an extremely important subject and I’m glad you are not shy about it.

          • I have been meaning to mention that our Dee, our very own editor, is the Oz distributor for a water filter named Kangen which has something to do with Pat Flanagan’s discovery. I will describe Pat on another occasion. I drink the water and it makes me happy.
            Or am I just naturally happy. Either way it’s nice.

  4. OT, but Russia has been officially declared the villain of the peace over MH17. This will be a perfect opportunity to study the media as propaganda vehicle over the coming weeks.

  5. Kevin, I heard years ago that “our” HAARP is in Armidale but I have nothing to back it up. Today I found this excerpt at riseearth.com but the original is only in Russian:

    “The Russian military journalist, Eugene L. Lysanias writes, “In late 1970, the international community entered into an agreement prohibiting the development of geophysical weapons.

    “However, despite the agreement, developments in this area continue under the guise of scientific research. Moreover, their content and purpose remain shrouded in a veil of mystery and scientific speculation.

    “Back in the 1970’s, on one of the U.S. Air Force bases, a facility was established that used Tesla Electromagnetic transmissions of different intensities. Similar experiments were also conducted in Australia (Armidale) and Puerto Rico (Arecibo). In fact, many scientists believe that this is the hidden cause of many [“natural”] disasters.”

    Replying to Paul below: I can’t give you the name of the defector as she is in fear. It is not a famous person. But what a concept, huh?

    • sorry, but no Mary. this website takes you to the latest rancid piece of trash book, (Maximum Harm) written by Michele McPhee. She published many of the untruths and gossip in the marathon case. We found out where she got all her info from, when she was arrested for drunk driving and assaulting an officer last summer, as she fought and shouted to the cops to call” the Colonel” Timothy Alban, her good friend, who was the head of MA state police. Funny after her appearance in court to be charged with these offenses, she went home, and not another word was ever printed about it again. She is a very vicious person.

  6. I guess it is all right now to say who the lady is, as The Boston Globe is carrying a big story. It is the widow of Todashev. I hear on the inner grapevine that she has had FBI on her and had to go back to Russia.

    She has been charged with “lying to the FBI.” Think about that — is it even possible to “lie” to Lying Incorporated?

    This is abuse of the law. Please re-read my article above. (You may have to read it all week because Her Bossness is out of town and Al Haig does not have the password for posting new articles. If necessary we can just keep chatting here.)

    Anyone wishing to read my new book on Inquest pls email me at mary@maryWmaxwell.com and I will send you a PDF.

    • yes, imagine the wife of the man, who the FBI shot in cold blood being indicted for lying. It’s unbelievable, when those she allegedly lied to are murderers and lying psychopaths, yet they harass and indict her. They want her silenced because she knows the truth. She is safe in Russia and hopefully will never step foot in a US prison.
      Robel Phillipos got three years for “lying” to FBI, and for absolutely nothing that would have had any effect on the marathon case at all. What a sick and corrupt “justice” system the US has.

  7. “The long Mile Home” is just a continuation of the propaganda of the rabid media, prosecution team and FBI. The prosecution had to eventually admit (after scores of defense motions wanting the files from the waltham murders) that there was not a single shred of evidence linking Tamerlan or Dzhokhar (or Todashev) to those murders. This was known long before this garbage book was ever published. The media should be held accountable for purposely lying, and spreading damaging propaganda for the gov, which most often ruins lives, or in Dzhokhar’s case, causing his eventual death sentence. They should be in prison along with many prosecutors, judges and gov agencies.

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