An Admission from Aleppo – US is Supporting Al-Nusra

aqinterview-s74 year old Jürgen Todenhöfer interviews Abu al-Ezz, a commander of the al-Qaida branch “Jabhat al-Nusra”.

by Dee McLachlan

It is almost impossible to make sense of the fighting in Syria and Iraq, but it is clear who is funding the conflicts.

Reuters, 26 June 2014:

“President Barack Obama, under pressure from some lawmakers to provide more help to Syria’s opposition, asked the U.S. Congress on Thursday to approve $500 million to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad.”

RT reports, 27 November 2015:

“President Barack Obama has signed the Pentagon funding bill giving $800 million in aid to both “moderate rebels” in Syria and the Kiev regime.”

Robert Ford, who served as the U.S. ambassador to Syria from 2010 to 2014, was a supporter of arming the “moderate” rebels in Syria — but then he changed his mind. He has now spoken out — criticizing the Obama administration for supporting groups allied with terrorist organizations.

Mintpress report, 3 February 2016:

“…While he (Ford) once championed the cause of arming Syrian rebels as a way to topple the presidency of Bashar Assad, he began speaking out against this policy last year. …Ford admitted last year that the groups being armed by the rebels are actually tied to Al-Qaida and Daesh [ISIS or ISIL]”

Let us not forget the destruction of this areas has been in the planning for a long time. Ret. General Wesley Clark said this in an interview in 2007 (describing what he was told while visiting the Pentagon in 200, soon after 9-11):

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” [Video here]

Jürgen Todenhöfer

A recent video, entitled Al-Nusra commander speaks about foreign support in Syria, has surfaced. The interviewer, 74 year old Jürgen Todenhöfer claims it was his seventh trip (with his son Frederic) to report on the civil war in Syria.

On this last trip he conducted an interview with a commander of the al-Qaida branch “Jabhat al-Nusra”. In a stone quarry in Aleppo, Jürgen says Abu al-Ezz reported quite openly about his financiers Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

One commentor, kako kako, on the YouTube link, is labeling the video “fake shameless lies.” Is he also calling Robert Ford a liar I wonder?

Zerohedge and Moon of Alabama have the translated interview. But for those pressed for time, zerohedge has provided this summary of what the Al-Nusra commander said:

  • The group is directly supported by the US
  • They received tanks and other heavy weaponry via Libya and Turkey
  • They’ve got officers and experts from the US, Israel, Turkey inside Aleppo
  • The commanders of IS are led by Western intelligence
  • They are against cease-fires and aid deliveries
  • “The U.S. is on our side”

When you listen to this soldier speak you get the feeling he probably does not understand the controversial nature of his interview.

Meanwhile, the once captive UK journalist John Cantile is still in Mosul.

photo: Frederic Todenhöfer 



  1. USA: the Disposable People

  2. USA: the Disposable People – a very powerful and short 7min video

  3. Christopher Brooks says:

    • Christopher Brooks says:
      • Christopher Brooks says:

        • Christopher Brooks says:

          All of these items I of have tabled here, along with other appropriate supporting information that contradicts our media and Government narrative, should be tabled to our local MP’s, in a form that documents, questions, and calls our servants to account. This can be done with a forward email strategy that builds a tabled documented record and can also include State groups of Senators, allied trusted thinkers in your electorate, selected media, selected academics, and perhaps a coordinating Facebook Page where the process and effort can be publicly collaborated and magnified in effect.
          The effort must be aimed at a point in the front line of the information war that has some vulnerable integrity.
          This relies upon the individual political engineering and information skills of a small number of citizens merging to force integrity vulnerable MP’s to the table, on the record.
          Our system is constituted and ideal for correct social action with accurately qualified information and intelligent explanations, but the essential element is a sufficient number of sufficiently educated constituents to take correct action.
          Very clearly, at this point in time, the enemies of truth and honesty have been clever enough to sow division and error among potentially threatening activists and action to manage the danger to their monopoly.
          It must be conceded that this requires some tedious regular action over time, and the success relies upon others doing the same, who comprehend the increment of association factor in political action.

    • Thanks Christopher.
      The commander is really giving us information that has already been confirmed via other sources anyway.

      • Tobias Schneider references a video (screenshot above) – and that the area has not been under rebel control. But the video says “on the left of the factory is the artillery academy, it’s also controlled by the Islamists — creating a problem with the arguement that Todenhöfer is in Syrian Army territory.
        Anyone with more analysis would be good.

        • Dee, my enemy’s enemy is my friend’s friend’s enemy. Oh wait. Or is he my friend.

          This matter is interesting. if Tobias Schneider is correct — that the interviewee does not pass the smell test — then one has to ask why it was made. Oh God, maybe just to waste our time?

          Can anyone come in on this with new data?

  4. Thank you Dee … and from around 5:18:

    * von Jürgen Todenhöfer: What do you think about the cease fire?

    * Abu Al Ezz: We do not recognise the cease fire.

    * VJT: And you do not want the 40 lorries to bring food and medicine to the eastern part of Aleppo?

    * AAE: We have demands. As long as the regime is positioned along the Castello road, in al-Malah and in the northern areas we will not let those trucks pass. The regime must retreat from all areas in order for us to let the trucks pass.

  5. “Iraq’s finest university.”
    Thank you, Dee. Thank you Mr Cantile.


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