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Carroll Quigley and the Australian Insiders, or Insiders’ Puppies


carroll-quigleyProfessor Carroll Quigley

by Phil Hingston

A book was written 50 years ago, by an economics/ history professor by the name of Carroll Quigley. He taught at Georgetown University, in Washington DC. — an old, prestigious, Jesuit University that dates back to 1789.

Quigley was once cited by  President William Jefferson Clinton as “my mentor”. Quigley is said to have been an Insider.  The book was entitled Tragedy & Hope with a sub-title “A History of the World in our Time”. Tragedy & Hope isn’t just a book, it’s a tome, coming in at just over 1300 pages.

Some think that Quigley was given access to “Insider” information, in order to document the history of the “Elite” of the world, and that it was never meant to be made publicly available. (He later found himself unable to get a second edition published.)

The purpose, perhaps, was to document how incredibly ingenious the “Elite” are and how unsufferably stupid “We the Sheeple are, en masse.”

Somehow, thankfully it did go public and on page 324, Quigley wrote a fascinating page, which fairly summarises a major theme of the book:

the powers of financial capitalism (the Elite) had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.

Each central bank…sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence (bribe) cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards (bribes) in the business world.

Very interesting. Nice of them to tell us of their devious plans.

An inquisitive mind may well wonder exactly what is meant by “cooperative politicians”, and as to whether there could truly be any veracity to this proposition? The Revolving Door for “cooperative politicians” in Australia certainly seems to be revolving pretty freely!


Revolving Doors

John Howard “does something” for J.P. Morgan.  Bob Carr “consults” for Macquarie Bank.

Joe Hockey recently took over from Kim Beazley as our US Ambassador.  One wonders which board he’ll eventually be appointed to.  In the meantime, it’s a given that he’ll be more than adequately compensated for attending to this nation’s interests in Washington D.C (sarc).

In the interim, Kim Beazley was recently appointed to the board of Lockheed Martin to which the long suffering Australian taxpayer will be coughing up $24 billion.

I think it’s called “closing the sale”. As to whether we need the jets, who knows. As to whether they work, that’s a different question. Apparently they don’t, as I described in a recent article at Gumshoe.

Prime Ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and NSW Premier Nick Greiner are all on too many corporate boards to even attempt to name.

Wayne Goss (Queensland Labor Premier) is a managing partner of Deloittes in Brisbane. Jeff Kennett, an ex victorian Premier is the Chairman of Beyond Blue.

Ex Prime Minister Julia Gillard (there will never be a carbon tax under a government I lead) is an appointee of various globalist think tanks and institutions and no doubt, well rewarded for her valuable contributions.

She has been awarded an honorary professorship, no less, from the Brookings Institute, a visiting professorship at London’s Kings College, and now has been appointed Chairperson of Ducere, an online higher education institution offering “advanced” courses in business management. (No doubt for very reasonable student fees — sarc).

One may well wonder as to her qualifications in “business management”. Didn’t Australia’s debt skyrocket under her administration and we got exactly what for our hard earned??

Malcolm Turnbull was the CEO of Goldman Sachs in Australia between 1997 and 2001, during which time he amassed a $50 million (some say $300million) fortune.

Michael Baird, premier in NSW, worked at HSBC, a banking giant recently embroiled in U.S. criminal litigation involving the payment of US$1.92 billion fine for its involvement in money laundering for none other than a Mexican drug cartel.  Oops.

The Revolving Door can revolve in both directions, it would seem. And it’s not just “cooperative politicians” receiving plum jobs in the private sector. “Cooperative” senior bureaucrats, like Sean Costello, has received a board appointment to a French company, DCNS.

He was Chief Aide to David Johnston, our Minister of Defense, who stitched the Australian taxpayers up with an obligation to buy some French submarines (built in Australia, jobs, jobs, jobs), This same French company was recently involved in bribery allegations in Malaysia.

Needless to say, our “cooperative politicians” are more than adequately compensated “by subsequent economic rewards in the business world” on top of their generous taxpayer funded pensions and perks.

You are no doubt, beginning to get the picture.

How badly could this litany of Crony-Capitalism, Crony-Socialism and Political/Corporate criminality eventually end, unless arrested?


Consider Venezuela. A Latin American country with possibly more oil than Saudi Arabia, a year-long growing season and fertile agricultural land. Abundant resources, abundant fertile land, an agreeable climate and a population a bit bigger than ours. Sounds a little like The Land Downunder.

What could possibly go wrong?

Start with a “crony socialist” government, excessive draconian regulation, a burgeoning bureaucracy and price fixing, an oil/resource price collapse, reckless monetary policies by the Central Bank, (money printing and interest rate increases).

Continue with an inflation rate of 1,600 % and the resultant hyper-inflating currency, and of course, endemic government & corporate corruption. The ex-President Hugo Chavez’ daughter is reputed to be worth (has stolen) $4 billion from government coffers.  This state of affairs is currently destroying their economy.

Starvation and desperation is rampant. Dogs, cats, rats and pigeons have long since been devoured by the starving population. The country is heavily indebted with little or no way to repay the $285Billion in foreign debt (82% of GDP).

Venezuela is in a state of total economic collapse, despite its inherent physical attributes and potential to be a thriving paradise.

But what has Venezuela to do with us? What is happening to Venezuela could never happen here. We’re Aussies and we’re way too smart to let that happen.

Don’t look now but it may well be that Australia is currently on the same path as Venezuela (just a little delayed by a few years)

The Reserve Bank of Australia.

We have a Central Bank, monopolizing the creation of credit. That’s bad. The 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto is

“the creation of a central bank in order to facilitate thecentralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

We call it The Reserve Bank of Australia.  Apparently, we’re all living in a “Communist-lite” society.

We as Aussies live daily with government corruption, to wit: Eddy Obeid & Ian Macdonald rigging rezoning laws to enrich themselves to the tune of millions, Craig Thompson and his union credit card “entertainment” expenses.

How about Julia Gillard and the Australian Workers Union affair, the cross-dressing speaker of the Australian Parliament, Peter Slipper, Milton Orkopolous (NSW Labor) still in gaol for providing drugs to kids and molesting them, and the list goes on.

We suffer corruption in many forms, from the perennial Revolving Doors to media propaganda over our involvement in endless wars of aggression, who shot down MH-17 (and it wasn’t the Russians, despite 60 minutes telling us to the contrary), and the big one concerning the events of 9/11.

We are misled by fabricated government statistics extolling the virtues of our bullet-proof economy and saying our markets are stable and “sustainable”. We are reminded that our burgeoning debt is “manageable” and that, as a percentage of GDP, it’s much lower that the rest of the world.

All is well, nothing to see here, move along, pay your taxes.

Indeed, the truth appears that we may well have progressed some considerable distance along the road to becoming Venezuela, and that unwittingly, we have allowed our antipodean paradise to have been steered wildly off course by “cooperative politicians.”

I’m suggesting that it may well be high time, indeed past time for Australians to consider actually holding those elected officials, and their bureaucratic subordinates, to account for their “cooperation“. Failure to do so may well result in later generations regretting our inaction.

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Think about it. Why wouldn’t the same apply to us Downunder?

— Phil Hingston is keeping watch over the nation. He wants you to do the same.



Quigley photo - www.unityofthepolis.com/
Revolving doors - jeremybuckingham.org


  1. Always thought Paul Keating and Hawk were bent, the Australian public as a collective are more or less all culpable, the image of the Australian being verbose and up front the reflection of their leaders show the Australian as inept? of recent I made the mistake to a Australian born and bred here what did she think of Russia being involved in the Syrian war? as usual the response was she waffled on in a meaningless way, when I told her why I thought Russia had its snout in the trough as usual the average Australian knows everything? there pretence’s are little more than behavioural conditioning? the cover up of mass inferiority, they just cannot deal with unknowing?
    We may venture to question why is the finance industry as what the agenda is? I have heard the Jewish conspiracy of when the world is sufficiently destroyed then the true Messiah will arise? the incongruity of what is considered by some the greatest race upon Earth? or is it a cult? however the present regime of the occupation of Israel or Palestine is God seems here to rule by violence, this is all in political correctness of Gods will as frequently expressed in the Old Testament, is how God is wrathful and Gods people seemingly are in perfect unison with American top up funds from America, here we taking a cue from the rise of wealth of the Jewish cult with the Rothschilds coup in the British and French Napoleon war clean up thanks to the British taxpayer and the prudent Rothschild ability to have a insight on the base nature of humans.
    As we see today Turnbull not only made his money in a criminal sense of banking corporation Sachs, and has successfully evaded scrutiny of a docile Australian public of evading tax as Trump has, by investing his questionable horde of money in a over seas tax haven, on expects the reason Labor not bringing up this aspect is Labor also has its horde in tax havens.
    The ultimate quest of finance is to create slavery for the masses, however the planet by the completion of this plan may well be a hollow husk that has deluded the finance corporations in its prize and quest for victory.

    • “The Rothschilds coup in the British and French Napoleon war clean up thanks to the British taxpayer and the prudent Rothschild ability to have a insight on the base nature of humans.”

      Spot on, Eddy (IMHO).

      “As we see today Turnbull not only made his money in a criminal sense of banking corporation Sachs”

      Stricto sensu, Eddy, something is only a “crime” if the law has made it a crime. Can anyone identify his crime?

      “The ultimate quest of finance is to create slavery for the masses, however the planet by the completion of this plan may well be a hollow husk that has deluded the finance corporations in its prize and quest for victory.”

      Yes, and pretty funny when you think of it.
      Question: and which is the least intelligent species of all? (Hint: how many other species have wrecked the planet?)

      Eddy, I don’t think the Jewish conspiracy thing is correct, even if there be a disproportion of Jews in the cabal. And even it were 99% Jewish membership, maybe even if 100%, that wouldn’t make it “Jewish.”

      If all the Jewish matrons in Adelaide formed a club for the improved gardening of roses, would they be doing something Jewish? No.

      Gee, it would be nice if all the Jewish matrons of Oz would form a club to say they distance Jewry and Judaism from the bombing of Gaza.

      Oct 12 is the Day of Atonement. How about it, gals?

  2. My conclusion is that the dementor-type spell can only be broken by way overcoming one’s personal fear of losing that which one doesn’t even own: The choice between pouring precious life-energy into a mortgages/rates/taxes black-hole and calling the bluff is not an easy one.

    • “calling the bluff is not an easy one” Not until you educate and begin to execute, then it gets interesting in “deed”! Unfortunately its generally only those that get stung by this beast (that is all of us) that one has the motivation to investigate with the veracity needed. Its really not a problem until it effect me personally, is the trance state and needs to be broken, the question is how, its like pouring a bucket of cold water on someone that is in a self induced coma, they will lash out at the messenger!

    • Berry, I agree with you that it seems impossible. But it’s not impossible to get a gang orgnized. Persons who want to change the (horrendous) system need to gang up.

      One already existing bunch of ready-made advocates for change is the ecology crowd, the conservation crowd. They naturally want to conserve the earth. Isn’t it the earth that is most suffering from the incursions of the money gang?

      Berry, thanks for your strong voice (in other comments). E.g. your Biblical pick last week. I wonder who the psalmist really was…. How can any individual have had so much insight?

      • Solomon, David & Paul had just as many flaws as you and me; destruction is only wrought when we don’t own up / take responsibility .

        I can’t help but wonder what would happen if there was a mass resistance to the recent hike in say, WA vehicle registrations, but realistically I can’t see anything of the sort on the horizon. It’s really up to every individual to face his/her personal demons.

      • It is interesting that my comment did not show up, as it was not offensive. But i still get (for the first time) others comments sent to me???

          • Once again “we” the true governor (government, NOT GOVERNANCE!) work together to turn the ship “we” have built! I do believe its a “matter” of “our” time!
            Thanks for who allowed my comment too show!!!!

            mADE mANY cOMENTS oN THIS BLOG ISH tRUTH & STILL FIND LOVE FOR AL you human folks!!!

          • Dalia. its like this1 “we” love your energy (your “money”(!! so much is”being” seeen! Ta dalia.

  3. “Gee, it would be nice if all the Jewish matrons of Oz would form a club to say they distance Jewry and Judaism from the bombing of Gaza.”

    I believe there are indeed such Jewish people Mary, and they are denigrated often by their fellow culturalists (religionists? not so much) as self-hating-Jews.

    The NWO love slogans.

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